So I’m done Motorcity, and it hurts everytime I finish it. So much effort, hard work, and determination went into making it and Disney took it away from them. They can’t get anyone to revive the show because Disney is too stubborn to sell the rights and I.P.

I just wish it lasted longer, but it only got one season. It’s really a shame that it didn’t get more attention. Three petitions were made to try and get disney to do something, but they did nothing.

Motorcity may be over, but it’s far from forgotten. An old animator of the show runs a blog here on tumblr to this day since Motorcity started @peopleofmotorcity 

If you’re thinking about giving Motorcity a chance then don’t hesitate. Look it up and you’ll find it. There’s a little video above, made by the team after the show ended, to show you what you’re in for.


A/N: Okay, so this AU is for @reidoneshots​ 2000 followers challenge and I chose no. 9 Revelations (I know The Big Game was mentioned in no 9 but I decided not to incorporate that because someone else was already writing for both eps as well lmao) 

This is basically the episode Revelations (2x15) with a reader insert & a slight twist, where basically the reader saves Reid from getting drugged and decides to put her life at risk instead. This is a much happier version to the actual episode, believe me. I know when you start reading you’re gonna be like “yeah right,” but truly it’s so much better. I rewatched the episode and so I made sure that all the dialogue was correct. If there’s anything wrong with the dialogue, please tell me!

Word Count: 2,066. Warnings: Angst, Kidnapping, Mentions of Drug use.

“There is not a righteous man on earth who does what is right and never sins. - Ecclesiastes 7:20”

“JJ, look at me,” Emily reasoned with the dazed blonde, she couldn’t fathom what she had done. The hounds lay there lifeless at her doing, her eyes fixed on their bodies before the sound of Emily’s voice snapped her into reality. She hesitantly turned towards her friend. “Where’s Reid?” Emily enunciated clearly, making sure she JJ knew what she was asking. “Oh, uh… we split up, he said he was going to go around back,” at those exact words Morgan bolted out of the dusty barn, his handcuffs in his back pocket shining under the dim light.

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Kinds of people in the True Crime Community

In the true crime community, as in every group of different people, we can recognize many kinds of users. This post is just based about my personal opinions, so don’t feel offended, this is just a joke!

1. The Basic

This user doesn’t still know why he/she is in the true crime community: sometimes the Basic reblogs random gifs of Eric and Dylan, sometimes reblogs random photos. He/she never posts, only reblogs. Randomly.

2. The Horny

This user is usually a teenage girl, often a Columbiner, sometimes a Roofie: she literally drools over Eric and Dylan and she masturbates on Dylann’s bowlcut. Her typical quotes: “OMG Eric’s nose 👀👀“ “DYLAN FUCK ME PLEASE 😩 “ “Do you think Dylann’s dick has a bowlcut?😏“

3. The Info Point

Usually an adult who is still in the true crime community, the I.P. knows everything about every single serial killer on Earth, alive or not. His/her mailbox is always full of questions, and the I.P. is always glad to answer the mails, except for the horny ones (see point 2), such as “do u know Jeffrey Dahmer’s penis size?????”

4. The Living Meme

This user has only a goal in his/her life: memes. Memes about Eric and Dylan, memes about Jeffrey Dahmer’s mannequins obsessions, memes about Ted Bundy: the blog of the L.M. would be totally empty, if the Internet didn’t invent memes.

5. The Daddy/Mommy

In most cases, this user is a 20-year-old man or woman who is loved by everyone: due to his/her age, older than other users’, the Daddy/Mommy has to bear about 70-80 teenagers who claims they are her/his sons and daughters. Typical quotes: “Yes, I’ll be your mommy, and you’ll be my 95° son 🙄….”

6. The GIF King

GIFs are really common and appreciated in the true crime community, but only a few users can do really good ones: they are the GIF Kings. Using unknown programs, these users create amazing GIFs, which will gain more than 3000 notes and will be used in many, many posts. A typical sentence: “Don’t remove my fucking caption, please

7. The *insert name* only

This user isn’t really into true crime, except for a single serial killer/mass shooters, who is literally his/her obsession: on his/her blog you will find only this killer, because this user doesn’t give a shit about the others. When the I.N.O. can’t find something about that killer, he/she reblogs totally random things.

8. The Activist

Usually a proud lesbian/gay/… who is also interested in true crime, this user tries to change the world, and his/her blog could seem “normal”, with Pride Flags and Black Lives Matter drawings, if it wasn’t for the b&w picture of Jeffrey Dahmer as a background.

9. The Polemic

This user hates almost everyone, and he/she can argue about every single post: he could seem a dictator, because the Polemic does not accept other people’s opinions very often. Famous quotes: “Hybristophilia sucks!!” “13 victims at Columbine!!” “Fuck this shit, I’m out!”

10. The Wavering

The most common kind of user: the Wavering is a mix of the other kinds of people. He/she can be an Activist and a GIF King at the same time, or a Mommy and a Polemic. Only one thing is certain: this user is never sure about himself.

Feel free to tag yourself^^


I’m in love with a boy
With skin like ivory,
Hair like the night,
And eyes like stars,
I’m in love with a boy
With legs like trees,
Fingers like branches,
And a touch like raindrops,
I’m in love with a boy
With a deep voice,
That cracks when he laughs,
And calms down when he sings,
I’m in love with a boy
Without double eyelids,
With the softest kiss,
And the most beautiful mind.

- I.P.


26th February 2017

Happy Sunday 🤗✨ For some reason I absolutely love Sundays because I get majority of my work done.

Today, I took to the floor because I was tired of sitting on my desk and worked on Intellectual Property, reviewed some I.P documents, cases and tried to work on some problem questions. I’m quite satisfied with the rate at which I’m working 😊

Home is something that happens to other people

Home is a moving target
That’s the fatal flaw
You gave your all to reach it.
But it wasn’t there any more.

Home was a bunch of happy memories
Lost dreams of success
Maybe it was just at the top of the page
Or simply an I.P. address.

Home is where the heart is
But your heart could never stay still
It’s never led you back home yet
And maybe it never will

Precautions to take to avoid being doxxed:

(mentioned this before, but after what just happened to @ummquestion, I’m gonna make another post)

-Don’t give out your full name and age at the same time. Even if you have a really ordinary name, your age added onto that might make it really easy for people to find more of your personal information. Don’t even give out your full name if you really want to stay safe. There are directories where people can find out exactly where you (and your family) live just by searching both. A lot of the times they have phone numbers too. 

-If anyone sends you a suspicious link, don’t click on it. It could be one of those ip grabbers where someone can obtain your I.P address and then use that to get your location.

-Don’t link photos directly from your social media accounts (that probably contain really personal info like Facebook). Someone could use this to do a reverse image search of some sorts. I never ever post pictures I post on Facebook or other social media on here for this reason. 

-And if you can try not to post other social media with any sort of personal info on here. I keep this website completely separate from those.

-IP address blockers. 

I probably sound paranoid, but some people on here are really crafty when it comes to doxxing. You don’t wanna risk someone possibly putting you danger or ruining your life cause something you posted on the internet made them mad. 


I saw it in the movies and on tv
Kids in their twenties in great apartments
Going to parties and making new friends
Getting pretty haircuts and wearing cute jeans
Drinking coffee in the morning and wine late at night
But I guess they forgot to tell me
That life is nothing like that
Because I don’t live in a great appartment
I don’t go to parties and I don’t easily make friends
Hell, I don’t even know which haircut suits my face
And none of my jeans fit me properly
And coffee makes me too nervous and I prefer beer
And I’m tired all the time 

- I.P.


I’m powering through the requests! I’m sleep deprived but that doesn’t matter when there’s Hamilton drawings to finish

An anon asked about Hamilton lock screen wallpapers, and I think that would be so much fun to draw! So if you’re interested i could do a few drawings smartphone/iPhone size if you have a favorite scene, character or just want me to re scale a drawing message me and i’ll get to it. Also thinking about setting up a society 6 account, if any of you want my drawings on a throw pillow or mug or object of your choice

List of the 70 Most Useful Websites on the Internet (by Johnny Weber)

1. netflixroulette.net — Find something random to watch on Netflix.
2. pintsinthesun.co.uk — Find somewhere to drink a pint in the sun.
3. gfycat.com — Upload your gifs.
4. youconvertit.com — Convert documents.
5. ninite.com — Download all the free software you want at the same time.
6. squirt.io — Speed read the web one word at a time.
7. shouldiremoveit.com — Find out which applications you should remove from your computer.
8. avoidhumans.com — Find places to go in public that are not crowded.
9. keybr.com — Practice your touch typing.
10. oldversion.com — Get old versions of software.
11. readability-score.com — Find out how readable text is.
12. deadmansswitch.net — Have emails sent when you die.
13. mint.com — Budget your money.
14. roadtrippers.com — Plan your route with the best lodging and attractions.
15. duckduckgo.com — A search engine that is not following you.
16. padmapper.com — Maps out possible apartments/homes that fit your criteria.
17. zillow.com — Another great source for finding your next home.
18. printfriendly.com — Make any webpage print friendly.
19. printwhatyoulike.com — Print precisely what you want from any webpage.
20. privnote.com — Write a note to someone that will self-destruct after they read it.
21. freecycle.org — A network of people giving away free stuff in their towns.
22. couchsurfing.org — Crash on someone’s couch anywhere in the world.
23. recipepuppy.com — Search for recipes based on the ingredients you have.
24. pipl.com — A search engine for finding people.
25. charitynavigator.org — Evaluates various charities.
26. newsmap.jp — Popular news headlines.
27. radioreference.com — Listen to radio channels across the nation.
28. jimmyr.com — Link aggregator.
29. wolframalpha.com — A computational knowledge engine.
30. heavens-above.com — Follow satellites and constellations.
31. whatismyip.com — Figure out you I.P. address.
32. spreeder.com — Improve reading speed and comprehension.
33. simplynoise.com — Listen to white noise.
34. camelcamelcamel.com — Tracks prices for any product.
35. ptable.com — An interactive periodic table.
36. retailmenot.com — Find coupons for just about anything.
37. searchtempest.com — Search all of craigslist with one search.
38. join.me — Peek in on somebody’s computer screen.
39. thistothat.com — Find out the best way to glue this to that.
40. woorank.com — Find out what your website is missing, how you can improve it, and how to make Google recognize it better.
41. scribblemaps.com — Draw on maps then share them with friends.
42. mailvu.com — Video email.
43. rhymer.com — Online rhyming dictionary.
44. homestyler.com — Design your dream home.
45. wetransfer.com — An easy way to send big files.
46. pastebin.com — A place to paste text.
47. idlekeyboard.com — Make it sound like you are hard at work.
48. dropbox.com — Backup your sensitive document online.
49. seatguru.com — Find out where the best seats are on your plane flight.
50. unlistmy.info — Find out which websites store data about you, and tell them to unlist your info.
51. twofoods.com — Compare two foods..
52. gasbuddy.com — Find local gas prices.
53. sleepyti.me — Plan out your sleep schedule better.
54. ripetrack.com — Find out when certain fruits are ripe .
55. compassionpit.com — Talk out your problems with others, or help others yourself.
56. paperbackswap.com — Swap books with others.
57. swole.me — Plan out your meals better.
58. weatherspark.com — A graphical look at the weather.
59. network-tools.com — Various network tools.
60. amazon.com — The best place to buy things online.
61. writecheck.com — Correct grammar and check for plagiarism.
62. wakerupper.com — Send yourself a wake-up call.
63. pcpartpicker.com — Plan out your next PC build.
64. nophonetrees.com — Talk to an actual person instead of a machine when you call customer service.
65. loads.in — Find out how long it takes websites to load.
66. calorieking.com — Find nutrition information on various foods.
67. manualslib.com — A database of PDF manuals for various products.
68. eatthismuch.com — Create meal plans to meet your nutrition targets.
69. keepmeout.com — Lock yourself out of time wasting websites.
70. glassdoor.com — Research what it is like to work with certain companies.

when someone sends u a fucked up message on a fake fb profile talking shit about ur relationship and you reply with nothing but a link to an article detailing “How to Mind your Own Business and Find Peace” but the link is also encrypted to track their i.p. address when they click it because youre not only a petty bitch but a petty tech friendly bitch. :) 


I guess I forgot what it’s like to be a kid,
When I was younger I thought I’d never grow up,
I thought I’d be like Peter Pan,
Flying to Nederland late at night,
And playing with lost boys,
Running around and chasing my dreams,
And I’m still silly and make a lot of jokes,
I make funny faces and laugh too hard,
I don’t care what people think about me,
But I’m also worrying about school,
Even though I just got accepted into a uni,
And I’m worrying about the size of my jeans,
Even though I’m underweight,
I don’t like the way my hair falls,
But I also don’t feel like cutting it,
I have a closet full of clothes,
But I never know what to wear,
I feel alone yet I don’t want new friends,
I don’t feel like keeping everything in anymore,
But I also don’t want to talk to anyone,
I want someone to fall in love me ridiculously deeply,
But I’m also afraid someone will fall out of love with me,
I can’t sleep at night,
Yet I’m tired all the time,
And I’m nothing like Peter.

- I.P.

can i get a thread where your muse reads books to myunghan because he can’t read them himself and then he finds a baby book he actually can read and wakes your muse up at 3am to read it to them thanks.


‘The Trinity’ Pay Tribute to George Michael

“It’s a blue Christmas without you George Michael Thank you for your soulful music and open heart”

(Christy Turlington)

“Too much loss. May you R .I.P George Michael the man with the Golden Angelic voice . Freedom 90 was an honor”

(Naomi Campbell)

“I am beyond heartbroken and devastated by another tragic loss. R.I.P. dearest Georgy.”

(Linda Evangelista)



Recently I have received tons of messages from journalists, or researchers, or students writing dissertations, asking me for my time so they can ask me lots of intrusive questions about sex work. I work with 2 sex worker led organisations in the UK and we get a LOT of media requests. There’s something that everyone who is approached needs to consider.

1. Where is the money?
Any legitimate journalist, researcher or even student will have a budget with which they can conduct research. Ever noticed how psychology trials always offer reward in the form of money or gift cards? If their research is professional, then whoever is funding it will take into account that most people do not work for free and that research is not a charitable cause for which people should be expected to give up their time. Compensation should be mentioned straight up; the last interview request I received said “£150 compensation” right in the first paragraph. 
 Remember what our job is - we sell our time. Our time has a value, and they should respect that.

2. What are they trying to prove?
I’ve seen so many people fall into the trap of agreeing to an interview with someone who thinks sex work should be criminalised, all because they thought they’d be able to change their minds. It never works! You go in there ready to talk about how decrim is the way to make things safer, and they keep asking “have you ever been assaulted?” and try to make an example out of you. Many researchers don’t actually care what you have to say. If you don’t say things they agree with, they will paint you as delusional or suffering from PTSD.

3. What sort of things do they publish?
Is this journalist looking to tell the real stories of sex workers? Or are they posting things to cater to people’s morbid curiosity? 
One article that recently made me livid was an article exposing SAAFE, a website indy escorts use to warn others about dangerous clients. Posting about the website put us all in danger, as it had previously been under the radar for most clients; now men knew and could search for themselves and then change any identifying details that linked them to assault (usernames, phone numbers, message copy). The author wasn’t even trying to make a point about how dangerous things are for us and how things could be improved (Decrim!), rather their articles include such gems as “ The ‘mistress hunters’ who try to split up cheating spouses and lovers “ and “ Millennials using pre-nups to 'protect money they haven’t made yet'” i.e they were posting intimate details of people’s lives in order to provide some light entertainment from someone on their commute home
You have to remember, journalists make money from our lives. If you’re not at least making a cut, what is in it for you?

4. Can they guarantee anonymity?
When they say “totally anonymous” they very rarely mean it. Totally anonymous is using a throwaway Skype and I.P address, voice changer and mask. Journalists are often going to see your face, hear your voice. Even if you’re relatively unknown, people rarely forget a face. Imagine if you become a spoiled girlfriend to someone significant, or your acting/singing career takes off, or you do so well in your job that you become a public figure? 
I’m pretty significant in politics already; what if I were to become Prime Minister? Yeah, they said they’d keep it a secret. But what is better for their career? Keeping a source anonymous or writing an expose on the new Prime Minister?
Get your anonymity in writing. Have it signed. Stipulate that your name, age, birthday, location, appearance, or any information that could lead to your identification will not be released to anybody under any circumstances. Reiterate that you will press charges. If they compromise your secrecy, break them.


I liked your smile and your eyes
I liked your hair and your shoes
And the way you always
Used to wear colorful socks
But I hated your hands
And the fact they touched me
When I didn’t want to
And the fact you believed
You had something to say
About me
And the way you thought
You could make decisions for me
And that made me realize
That no matter how many things
I liked about you,
I could never love you

- I.P.