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Your Meredith is wonderful! Can I hope that you will draw her with Orsino, please?

Ok, so maybe that line of argument wasn’t her strongest.

And I miss you. It’s silly because you aren’t mine to miss but I miss your stupid jokes and bright smile. And I miss you grabbing my hand when we’re out and kissing my hair at the end of the night. So I go to bed most nights thinking of you and I wonder, I wonder if somewhere thousands of miles away, you’re missing me too.
—  Letters to you (6-30-2015)
I have the purest intentions and the deepest love when it comes to you.

-Can you say the same for all of your past, present, and future lovers?


since Canada Day is tomorrow and Independence Day is on Saturday, I thought now would be a good time to remind you all that if you’re planning to celebrate with fireworks, be mindful and respectful of any animals or PTSD sufferers (especially veterans) in the area where you intend to set off the fireworks. also, I’m all for you guys partying your little hearts out, but please be safe and don’t you dare get behind the steering wheel if you’ve been drinking at all.


all my love to anyone who can figure out why i think this image is so clever. BUT ANYWAY, this blog is, has, and will continue to completely exceed my expectations. i am humbled and crippled with gratitude every single day when i log on and watch you all. whether we write together or not, i see you and i experience the roller coaster that is navigating tumblr on a day to day basis with you all by my side. i’m honored that you share your talent with me, and for those of you who i am privileged to speak to with any frequency  –  i’m so beyond grateful that you choose to share your opinions and stupid memes and painful headcanons with me, and allow me to share a few of my own in return. i’ve had this blog for well over a year now, and i’ve been on tumblr for over three, and i’m constantly astounded by the kindness that i’m shown. this is a seriously small list of people that i’ve collected who are near and dear to my heart. no one is left out intentionally, these are just blogs that i’ve spoken to, wrote with, and have genuinely just come to adore over time, whether it be days, weeks, months or years. i love you all and i appreciate that you’ve chosen to follow me and allow my shenanigans to wreak havoc on your dashes. you’ll never know quite how much you mean to me, but hopefully you’ll remember that i adore you.

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You and I happened so fast I couldn’t stop myself from falling for you I lost self control but that doesn’t matter since you are what completes me, you make me whole.
—  Nari, I believe true love and soulmates #4

What’s with you and the black wigs?

Only Lovers Left Alive interview at TIFF 2013