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hi! i'm about a year late, but i was wondering if you could do an analysis of she is? i've heard people (including key) address that the lyrics (thick eyebrows, small eyes, pouty lips) seem to describe key but I wanted to hear your thoughts?

Hello! A year late is never too late within this fandom! I don’t think I’ve ever analyzed a song, so we’ll see where this takes me. 

I’ll start with the second verse, although Jonghyun uses ‘she’ in the majority of his songs, I’ve always thought that he does this because it’s what is socially acceptable in Korea. With that said, let’s ease our way into the second verse. “She Is” happens to be one of Jonghyun’s more “as it is” songs; it’s simple and cute and refreshing, depicting the beginnings of a relationship or having a crush.

Oh sweet love

Quietly sitting in front of a softly lit candle (we all know Jonghyun enjoy’s his candles)

Oh sweet love

Quietly locking eyes with you, just looking at you drives me crazy

And we all know how he likes to stare at Kibum 1000% of the time. 

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Oh She is, I like your small eyes, the way you look at me
Oh She is, I like your thick eyebrows
Oh She is, I like your slightly pouting lips
Oh She is, I like it like that

Now this is the verse you were talking about and the verse Jongkey teased each other with

Although Kibum brings it up as a joke, Jonghyun doesn’’t just brush it off, instead he laughs and even pushes Kibum to do more. Maybe it was in the script, but the way he touched the back of Kibum’s neck and giggled/laughed was genuine. 

I don’t care how we might seem to others

THIS. That verse speaks so much about them and it implies a lot as well. Although throughout the beginning of their career they might’ve done fanservice because their company asked, but as the years progressed their actions become more real and natural. So this line speaks a lot to Jongkey and their view towards the public.

(Cool) I like how you act coy
(Relationship) I like it like that

I’m just going to add this line because to me it exemplifies a portion of Kibum’s character when it comes to Jonghyun; teasing him, joking with him, etc. And I think this picture from this era pretty much sums up this song. (and the enterity of their relationship tbh) Jonghyun’s discarded photocard, the intimate hug I MEAN, what more do I have to say?

Don’t be flustered (Woo woo woo)
This is natural 

Once again this applies to my previous thoughts on the current status of their relationship.

And with that being said I’ll end my analysis here, because this song is very simple and as it appears on the surface, and I think that’s what Jonghyun was going for, so each person reading them can come away with their own opinion. Thanks for the ask and I’ll get around to answering the others I have ^^

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This is possibly the most larry song I've ever heard. And I'm in no way a larrie. What the fuck is harry doing? How did he not know how this song was going to be taken. A lot of his songs will get taken that way because larries larry, but this was so overt. It sounds like a goodbye song though, I'm not sure how larries could take it any other way.

Who gives a shit what they think? Not Harry!

I just read the lyrics and I immediately thought it sounded like a song about him and Gemma - funny how our interpretations differ :)

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I think the worst theory I've heard about who Bmblb is about is someone saying that they think it's about Taiyang and Yang's father-daughter relationship. Yikes... with lyrics like "the thought of your kiss sends my soul into bliss" and talking about falling in love the entire song...

Yang’s bike is gonna kill Taiyang in his sleep if he’s not careful. 

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Hi :) since I love your blog and the way you deal with and interpret things, I wanted to ask you what you think about the song being named Kiwi. I don't believe Harry would just choose a random name for any of his songs so I believe it is supposed to give some additional information. I haven't heard the song yet but from what I've gathered from the lyrics it really doesn’t seem to make sense to connect it to the fruit, so I looked up the bird and found that it's a very unusual species (1)

It’s very shy and only active at night and therefore humans only ever hear their chirps, it’s endangered because it’s been hunted a lot, can’t fly and mates for life. So maybe just maybe Harry is supposed to be like a Kiwi in his metaphor? I would really appreciate your thoughts about this idea! (2)

Harry as a shy bird… I kind of like that! I’ll keep this interpretation in mind when I listen to the song. Thank you so much for suggesting it.

Signs as my Favorite Lyrics Ever!!
  • Aries: "Honey, all the movements you're starting to make, See me crumble and fall on my face, And I know the mistakes that I've made, See it all disappear without trace." -Coldplay
  • Taurus: "And you stood tall, now you will fall, don't break the spell of a life spent trying to do well." -Sia
  • Gemini: "This is the start, of where it all ends. They used to shout my name, now they're whispering it." -Lorde
  • Cancer: "And then that word grew louder, and louder until it was a battle cry." -Some Narnia Movie
  • Leo: "I don't wanna be alone forever, Maybe we can see the world together, I don't wanna be alone forever, But I can be tonight, tonight." -Lady Gaga
  • Virgo: "And as the floods move in, and your body starts to sink, I was the last thing on your mind, I know you better than you think." -Ellie Goulding
  • Libra: "But the tigers come at night, With their voices soft as thunder, As they tear your hope apart, As they turn your dream to shame." -Les Mis
  • Scorpio: "Kiss me on the mouth and set me free... But please don't bite." -Troye Sivan
  • Sagittarius: "Are you lost or incomplete? do you feel like a puzzle you can't find your missing piece?" -Coldplay
  • Capricorn: "Where is love? Does it fall from skies above?Is it underneath the willow tree, That I've been dreaming of? -Oliver the Musical
  • Aquarius: "Crawling back to you, ever thought of calling when you've had a few, cause I always do." -Arctic Monkeys
  • Pisces: "When the leader of the bad guys sang, something soft and soaked in pain, I heard the echo from his secret hideaway." -Twenty One Pilots

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Hi Asya I'm sweating over the thought of joshlerellion like Jon bellion is dom top all the way help

this is canon

12 Stones {Sentence Starters}
  • "The disguise you hide behind won't save you now."
  • "The mask you're wearing is hardly you."
  • "You’ve given me so many things that I've never had."
  • "How can I love if I hate all of you?"
  • "I know that I've been wrong, but I'm begging you!"
  • "I never meant to be your favorite enemy. I didn't want it this way."
  • "How did you get here and when did it start?"
  • "I'm sorry for needing you to carry me."
  • "You say you love me, then burn me again!"
  • "It's safe to say there's gonna be a price to pay."
  • "Won’t you leave me for just one day?"
  • "I don't believe that this world can't be saved."
  • "The lies you're preaching are nothing new."
  • "Is there a cure for your sickness, have you no heart?"
  • "I fell for something beautiful that turned into a lie."
  • "I don’t know where to go from here."
  • "I'm not scared to face this world on my own."
  • "I gave my everything to you, you left me here to die!"
  • "You’re the reason I always give in."
  • "Searching through my reasons to fight the tide again."
  • "Never, never, never, never, never do this again!"
  • "It takes a fight to see who you're supposed to be."
  • "I don't believe men are born to be killers."
  • "You're scared of the truth, I'm tired of the lies."
  • "Everything I thought was you, was a lie."
  • "I haven't heard your voice in quite some time."
  • "I won't bleed for you anymore. I've moved on."
  • "I was never meant to be with you."


  • the obvious one- harry was 16 when he and louis met
  • ‘a long way from the playground’ aka we all know that zayn was head over heels for liam from the very beginning and so was liam- just that he didn’t realize it until a while later, so they were playing around each other which i think is what this lyric is- they’ve made it a long way from the times when they wouldn’t admit they’re feelings for each other.
  • 'long before we both thought the same thing’ again, zayn was the first one head over heels for liam- while liam was still blind for some reason and didn’t see that his true love was right in front of him- so from the very beggining, zayn was the first to realize he was in love with liam, while it took a bit of time for liam to catch up
  • 'that these arms were made for holding you’ yeah idk this could apply to both but yeah y'all know how ziam are always holding each other it’s like they can’t survive without wrapping their arms around each other not even giving a fuck that they’re in public- so idk larry might do it too behind closed doors but since i’ve seen ziam do it about 304830 times that’s the first thing i thought of when i heard the lyrics
  • and idk this isn’t a valid point but the whole song just sounds more ziam than larry idk don’t hate me
Muke Conversation #1
  • Michael: Hey Luke, I thought of better lyrics for the chorus of End Up Here.
  • Luke: Um okay...
  • Michael: *clears throat* How did we end up fucking in the first place?
  • Luke: I think I've heard enough.
  • Michael: You said I had a huge boner.
  • Luke: No no no, just stop I don't want to hear the rest.
  • Michael: What was that, you want to hear the rest?
  • Luke: NO!

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I WANT TO KNOW WHAT HIS NECK SAYS "Try ????" try hard??? i've heard rumours the writing actually had to do with JBH and now i'm fuckin nerovus this music vid will destroy me

I’m still convinced it’s lyrics to Catch Fire 

and they probably did two birds with one stone and filmed two music videos at once lmao. Yknow like how we thought the dogs were gonna be in the SKH video but it was in Hey Everybody hmmmm or they just actually always get naked and paint each other during parties