.i wanted to cover as much as i could

i’m so excited i could cry like what is the album gonna be called????????? how many songs is it gonna be??????? what is it gonna sound like??????? is it completely different like did he want to explore a whole new genre????? is it going to be more than one genre???? are they gonna be more upbeat or more slow?????? is he gonna do some more falsettos like in home????? what’s the album cover art gonna be????? what’s his name gonna look like on it?????? WHAT ARE THE LYRICS GONNA BE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IS HE GONNA RIP MY HEART RIGHT OUTTA MY GODDAMN CHEST

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So I saw @thatsthat24 latest video and fell in love with the song from it. So I asked if I could record it, and here we are!

My anthem for the new year :D


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Get that hair out of your face. Let me see. Christ! That is disgusting. No wonder you cover that up. Have you seen it? I mean, have you looked in the mirror? That is gross as hell. I can see your socket. I want to touch it. Oh, come on. Can I touch it? … All jokes aside, you look rad as hell. I wouldn’t cover that shit up. It may not be a hit with the ladies, but I swear to you, no one is gonna screw with you looking like that. No, sir.

i have so much faith in them i don’t even care what happens like no matter WHAT they do it’s going to be gay and excellent and i’m going to be obsessed with it and it’s going to be tailor made for us and make perfect sense and incorporate the foreshadowing and there will be things that we never expected and i JUST!!! WANT!!! TO SEE IT!!!! NOW!!! like ok we’ve covered so much ground of what could possibly be happening that at least some of it MUST be right but they wouldn’t plant enough clues for us to know definitively what’s coming because they hate spoiling surprises all this to say CAN I PLEASE JUST WATCH MORE OF THE SHOW

Inktober #18 - Vampire AU Cherik, as prompted

Some of my favourite relevant fanfics, where at least one is a vampire:

- Vampyr by shizuke
- And the Gunslinger Followed by musical_emjay
- The Beginning by beren
- Dear Neighbor Mine by issabella
- Does Not Ebb by StarkMad
- vampire au ficlets by madneto

Below cut is the first vamp au pic that I refuse(d) to post:

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Auction (RWBY Snippet)

Weiss was about to continue banging her head on her desk when Ruby reached out to stop her.

“Hey, can you stop that?” Ruby grinned. “I like your desk too much for you to dent it.”

Weiss scowled as ominously as she could. Given the circumstances, it wasn’t very ominously at all. “Really? That’s all you have to say?”

“Well… I could talk about how you decided to outbid everyone in the room for dinner with me at a charity fundraiser that you organised, but I kind of figured that you didn’t want to think about that, you know, since you’ve been banging your head on your desk for the past ten minutes.”

The Schnee made a gurgling sound and covered her face with her hands. What had she been thinking? Had she completely lost her mind? The whole thing was a disaster. She’d organised an auction to help raise money for several orphanages in Atlas, and Ruby had gladly signed on to help.

The idea was hardly revolutionary. People would bid for a chance to have dinner with one of several famous huntsmen or huntresses, and that money would go to help the orphanages. It  was something that countless fundraisers had done in the past, and Ruby hadn’t been the only famous person whose evening had been up for auction.

But when the bidding had started, Weiss had lost control of herself. The idea of someone else - anyone else - having dinner with her Ruby had driven everything even remotely resembling common sense out of her mind. She’d outbid a host of other wealthy people, all of whom were devoted fans, in order to secure an evening with her very own girlfriend.

It had taken Winter ten minutes to stop laughing at her.

“You know,” Ruby said, shifting her hands to massage Weiss’s shoulders. “You’re really tense. Since you’ve got me for the evening, why don’t you let me help you out.” Ruby leaned down and nibbled on Weiss’s ear. “Instead of banging your head on your desk, well, you could bang me on your desk.”

Weiss blinked. “Ruby… you have been spending far too much time around Yang.”

The younger woman smirked in a very Yang-like way. “Is that a no, Weiss?”

Weiss stood, hoisted Ruby onto the table, and began to remove Ruby’s clothing. “What do you think? I paid a considerable sum for the pleasure of your company this evening, Ruby, and I intend to get my money’s worth.”

[SUMMARY: Negan decides to take the video camera home and secretly make a dirty video of Lyla and him having sex. But the next day she catches him masturbating to it, only leading to more sex.]

Smut smut

Negan and Lyla.

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So uhm, I’ve been pondering this design in my mind for a while now. I wanted to draw an alternative outfit for Decans to use for my rp content and I’m kinda happy of how he turned out. He didn’t changed much just changed the hoodie and the top. He’s rarely showing his bones to people since they’re covered of old scars (He’s not ashammed of them more like conscious that people could feel uncomfortable around them. ) but in company of people he trust he tend to open up himself a little more.

He still too lazy to tie his shoes though X’D

Art & Underdecay© @little-noko

naiceliek  asked:

Headcanon MC is a retired super model known in Europe and the Americas, and rfa's (+saerans If possible) reaction? 💗💗🌸

(AAAAaaah~ I had so much fun with this! I hope you like it~ <333)

-He’s always joked that you should be a model you’re so beautiful
-Of course it was always followed by a comment how he didn’t want anyone else to look at you the way he did
-He was cleaning up the house when he found an old magazine and went to take a flip through it
-He had to pause and blink a few times before his brain could process
-Was that his MC on the cover???
-He runs out to the living room, waving the cover over his head
-”Why didn’t you tell me you used to model???”
-You sigh, you knew he’d find out eventually
-You wave him over to come talk about it
-You explain it’s been a long time and assured him no one was seeing you partially nude but him now
-He asks to see some of your old modelling work and tells you you’ve only gotten more beautiful
-It makes you feel so warm since it feels like people only ever say the opposite after a model retires
-Did he just hear that? How could anyone not think you were beautiful?
-He frowns and tells you, that you may be gorgeous but your heart outshines your looks any day
-How fucking sweet is he???
-He never really brings it up again, but he’s even more delicate with complimenting you in the future
-Of course, he’s so happy only he gets to see you now, but, him? dating a super model?? who would have thought???

-He’s been trying to place your face since the day you both met
-It’s not until he finds an old pinup of his that he puts two and two together
-You’d really changed your look and, it’s not like he expected it??
-You both are really able to bond over the experience
-Especially because Zen understands the hardships behind how different people will treat you
-You both talk about how hard it is to try and find people who don’t just like you for your looks or your fame
-It was nice having someone you knew wasn’t judging you for anything superficial 
-You both spent the next hour complimenting each other on things you both only knew about one another
-You signed his pinup for him as well
-He definitely put that somewhere special to bring out on your wedding day
-You both end up doing a little photoshoot together
-It’s actually the most adorable thing
-Of course it was Zen’s idea to do a “couples” shoot together
-You didn’t really take to the idea right away
-But it ended up being so much fun since it was with him
-You both hardly took eyes off one another
-This became something you both did yearly for your anniversary

-You both were out for coffee one evening when someone approached you
-It was absolutely embarrassed and it’d been years since anyone had recognized you
-Jaehee watched in awe as she saw the fan come and go, she’d only even experienced this sort of thing when out with Zen
-She tried her best to not pry but you knew you were caught red handed now
-You explained everything to her and even pulled up a few pictures on your phone
-The light shade of pink across her cheeks was adorable
-Of course she asks if she could see more
-You may just have gained a new leader of your online fan group
-You joke about doing a private modelling session for her
-But she ends up asking if you could teach her 
-She totally wants to take hot cute pictures for you too
-You both spend an evening dressing up around the house and drinking wine
-You may have even sent a few less then safe pictures in the chatroom of you two
-You come home a few weeks later to a note and a special picture of Jaehee just for you~ 

-He always knew you were breathtaking from the moment he saw you
-He loves dressing you up just for him, somedays he can’t stand the idea of anyone else setting eyes on you
-He’s put you in one of his favourite outfits as you’re both headed to dinner with his father who’s yet to meet you
-Of course he knows who you are
-He’s an old man and we all know his tastes
-Jumin almost grabs your wrist and drags you out of there top speed when he sees the way his dad is looking at you
-He excuses himself from the table and asks to speak with you
-You explain you used to model and you can almost see the anger in Jumin’s eyes that other men have laid eyes on you 
-Even though you reassure him it was quite awhile ago, it rubs him the wrong way
-It doesn’t take him long to ask to see some of the pictures 
-He can’t help but think you look gorgeous
-Oh no he recognizes the one that Zen has 
-Luckily he doesn’t put where he’s seen it before together 
-He tells you how much gorgeous you’ve gotten and how he’s glad no one ever has gotten to see you how you are now
-He definitely left marks all over you that night

-Of course he found the pictures during the background check
-He honestly was waiting for the perfect moment to send an old picture of you in the chat 
-But after awhile liked being the only one who knew about them
-You didn’t know he knew until you catch sight of a folder on his computer
-”MC Model photos-do not open
-You frown and exclaim loudly about how he knew this whole time
-And worse he had saved every picture he could find???
-He just laughs and says it was research materiel
-He can see you’re upset so he pulls you between his legs as he sits on his chair and pulls you into a big hug, nuzzling into your chest
-”You’re much more beautiful now, and now, you’re miiiiiiine”
-You can’t help but smile and roll your eyes 
-He chuckles and says how you wish you could pull off a maid outfit like him 
-You both definitely get dressed up and hound the chat about who’s prettier
-Was there any question that they’d side with you?
-Though…Zen seemed to have missed the memo again
-Once again calling dear Saeyoung a hot maid

-Saeyoung was definitely the one who first showed him the pictures of you
-Teased him with “I have sexy pictures of MC you’ve never seen~”
-You can imagine the confusion and slight annoyance mixed with some jealousy on his face
-Little did he know, not just Saeyoung, but lots of other people had seen these pictures
-When you get home he immediately asks why Saeyoung has these pictures
-Now you’re confused as well lol
-You blush and get incredibly embarrassed when you find out they’re your modelling photos
-This poor boy is only more confused to why you’re so flustered
-You explain it to him and you can still see the annoyance 
-”But I’m the only one who get to see you like that now, right? No one else?”
-You reassure him and give him some lovely kisses
-Casually will flip through magazines now and again to see if there are any old pictures of you slotted in anywhere
-He totally blushes if there is one
-Kinda wants to run around the stores and tell people thats his s/o right there
-After a few days weeks he asks Saeyoung for the pictures
-I’m sure you can imagine the smug grin on Saeyoung’s face
-And the grumpy one on Saeran’s
-You end up taking a few ~special~ new pictures just for Saeran
-He feels so special to have them and keeps them close to him

Of Mine

I said be gentle, for my bones
grew thick with weight of words
unsaid. Volumes we wrote,
dust on shelves. Voluminous
and needful. Every page a day;
every day a reckoning. Dancing, then
no dancing. We could not dance
when we could not stand; could not stand
when we could not bend.

I said be gentle, because pushpins
in maps. Where we’ve been, where we want
to go. How far we’ve come. How much
like soundtracks we are, crafting mood
to cover silence. Paper tears
and fabric frays, and we. We wait
for something good and new and better
to move us along.

I said be gentle, not knowing how
many pages were left. Not wanting
the story to end. Those volumes
I stuffed with bookmarks to measure
our losses. This I’ll keep, and this
I’ll keep, and this, and this,
and this. Images of impossible
times. Us heart-led, headlong and
lusty through thickets.

I said be gentle, as I struggled
with the weight of empty swelling
through my veins. Chapters
I didn’t want to write, scenes of
reluctance. Remorse. A seeming lack
of choice. An unwillingness to
react. A desire to hold onto the future
that existed only in my mind,
flawed and idealistic as all
promises are.

I said be gentle, understanding
the tendency to break clean and hard,
leaving no dangling threads. You didn’t.

© 2017 by Jennifer R.R. Mueller

facts about the signs: punk- edition

libra: they wanna fuck you until you wanna fuck them

aquarius: retain more information on EVERYTHING than other signs, but needs extreme focus when relaying that information 2 others, otherwise they sound like a crazy person

taurus: self-obsessed but riddled with guilt at the fact so it makes them extremely likable again

capricorn: automatically in touch with god but absolutely oblivious to it

leo: most creatively magical but our skin is covered in a thousand buttons that say “self-destruct” 

scorpio: automatic witch even if u didn’t wanna be one. dangerous and powerful. their tears could literally destroy the magnetic field on earth + open supermassive black holes

cancer: cry baby

pisces: they aren’t “in touch with god” they literally are god embodied and they can speak 2 spirits even if they really fucking don’t wanna and it squicks them out

gemini: best liars, when i catch a gemini lying i just smile because their hustle is excellent. they have so much love but you probably don’t want it.

sagittarius: natural seer and calmest of the bunch, but inside the house that is their head there is a fire, a person drowning, an angry king and and an aggressive dog who won’t stop following

aries: wants to sign up to a gang but doesn’t want to get blood on their sweat pants

virgo: doesn’t speak 2 anyone where are they they are hidden ppl

Jealous (Bad Boy!Yoongi)

Plot: #015: “All I want is you.” + #016: “I could never leave you, I love you too much!” with bad boy!Yoongi

Word Count: 526

A/N: so this just sounded really really cute to me and I had to do it bc I just love anything father!BTS and combining it with my second favorite AU (bad boy) is like how can I not so the original post for bad boy!Yoongi is right here and all of the father related posts are right here

Your boyfriend was the perfect example of not judging a book by its cover. He had his fair share of tattoos, piercings here and there. His hair was black, he always wore heavy combat boots. But behind the motorcycle and the reputation he’d made for himself was a sweetheart who did everything he possibly could to provide for his daughter, to be able to go out and randomly buy her toys or candy just because it’d caught her eye. He was rarely away from her, if he wasn’t at work, he was with her and if it was possible for him to bring her to work, she would be right by his side the entire day and night.

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Title: RWBY: Yang Xiao Long

1 - Cover

So (almost) every year on November 8 I draw Yang from RWBY for a few reasons. One of the reasons are to see how much I progressed over the year.
The other reason is uh… Well… I like the character.
(Just as much as Ruby and the rest of the characters!)

Just like last year I wanted to see how much my style has grown over the years. I could once again safely say “I really did get better at drawing.”

Oh I also Added Cinder Fall as a small bonus. She has an eyepatch and even before that she covered one of her eyes with her hair. I’m not saying I’m a person who just likes that style. I’m saying that I’m a person who ALSO likes that style. also I can’t forget that she has REALLY nice hair (even when cut short).

cocky, i got called that a lot. i didn’t take offence to it, i know i did it to cover up the never ending insecurities. people also told me i was funny, i liked that one better. i liked knowing i could make people smile, make them laugh. sometimes i got cute or pretty, got told i had nice style. that was always nice, but empty. occasionally i got told i was too much, but i always preferred that to not enough. there was one word missing in the list used to describe me, yours. all i wanted to be called was yours, but more than anything i wanted to call you mine.
—  name calling

Working on the Beverly Holes virtual set.  This is the back half of the “skeleton in a chair” shot.  We go through the door and out into the streets of what was once Beverly Hills.  The final shot will be about a minute long, and includes a third piece I can’t shoot until I get the cockroach puppet.

As a general rule, I’m not a fan of flying cameras.  But since this shot is bringing you into the world and introducing you to one of our main characters, I wanted to do something special.  And maddeningly complex.  Because I’m dumb like dat.  

I couldn’t figure out a good way to get the shot I wanted with practical effects.  The camera has to cover too much distance, and in my driveway, I couldn’t get low enough to the ground to be eye-level with the hands coming up (seen here as a placeholder).  So I filmed the background buildings in my living room so I could lock down the scale, and planned to use camera tracking to weld the other elements into the scene. 

Unfortunately, the camera tracking kept slipping midway through the shot, and it looked really not okay.  I decided to scrap the live action footage but keep the live action camera move data.  So now I have a 1/32 scale hand-held “drone” camera move through a 100% virtual set.  The third picture shows a side view of the  set.  The universal axis is tilted slightly for some reason, which makes snapping pieces together less fun than it should be

The set itself is the equivalent of a Photoshop matte painting, but in 3D.  Not CG-3D, but sort of like a house made of paper cutouts.  This is a fat, fat shot with lots of pieces and lots more to come.  Fortunately for me, it’s probably the most complex effects shot in the film.  I’m sure I’ll regret saying that at some point.

It’s got a ways to go.  I’m just finishing blocking out the big shapes, and then it’s on to detail, blending everything together, and a whole bunch of hands.  

Am I the only one who is deeply hurt by Philip Shea?

Yes, I mean, the two boys need to be protected. 

But just looking at what Philip has been doing, I just can’t help myself. He is literally forced to keep his emotions inside to protect Lukas. Tommy mistreated him at school but yet he was still very much concerned about Tommy’s safety. Even though Philip likes Lukas af he never complains about meeting secretly with Lukas. And then the whole “What do you want me to say? I’ll say whatever you want” thing was no jokes. He could literally say anything to cover the fact that he and Lukas met up in the cabin so that Lukas wouldn’t get criticized by other people. And yes, I know that Lukas is very scared and anxious and confused so he didn’t really know what to do with Philip, what to tell Philip and how to treat Philip right. So he randomly gets angry and violent towards Philip, not only once, and yet Philip never says a words about that. Philip is even mature enough to take care of Lukas. He asks if Lukas is okay, he says there is nothing wrong to be weak and cry for a moment. He keeps encouraging Lukas and tries to make Lukas feel better. And if I’m not mistaking, in the next episode, episode 4, when Helen asks Philip if he has anything that he hasn’t told them, probably he will come out and say he’s gay just to protect Lukas, AGAIN. He is loyal and kind enough to keep his words. Even though he is also scared, nervous, even lost, he tries to control his emotions because he “has to be cool for the people he loves.” Philip is the exact kind of friend everyone needs, or wishes to have one, in their lives. TELL ME I AM NOT THE ONLY ONE WHO CONSTANTLY CRIES OVER PHILIP AND REALLY WANTS TO GIVE HIM A HUG SAYING HIS EMOTIONS ARE IMPORTANT AND THEY NEED TO BE EXPRESSED AND APPRECIATED TOO!!!

sirenja-and-the-stag  asked:

For the prompt list - Hannigram + 58) “You don’t have to say anything.” - Thank you!!

“I can’t let you leave.”

Lightning flashed and painted patterns on Will’s face from where rain slammed against the storm door. He turned and let his hand fall away from the cool glass. He’d face much worse in Louisiana. He furrowed his brow and frowned.

“I’ve driven through worse.”

“Ah yes,” Hannibal leaned against the wall in the entrance a smirk visible on his lips, “your forays into storming chasing, I imagine?”

Will’s lips twitched and his nostrils flared, but he said nothing to correct him. Hannibal was trying to get under his skin. Like a tick, he wanted some reaction, some sharp words. He just shrugged and walked passed Hannibal to retrieve his coat from the hook by Hannibal. “I’ll be fine.”

Hannibal’s hand covered Will’s before it could yank his jacket free. There was no power behind it, it was nothing more than a touch to pause him. Will’s jaw tightened, but he released his jacket and looked up. He did not move his hand though.

“Will, just because you’ve driven through worse does not mean you should. Frankly, if something were to happen to you, I wouldn’t forgive myself. I am sorry to have come off crass before.” His eyes were a soft darkness and he pressed his lips together. Shame and guilt. Will felt anger surge up at himself. He was always on such guard. Had Hannibal just been joking with him, not being malicious. He sighed.

He always mistrusted, always believed the worst, even when it came to people he’d come to trust—or at least he thought. His lips parted to speak, but Hannibal’s hand moved. It came to his cheek, the warmth of his palm settling against his skin.

Hannibal tapped a finger against his temple and shook his head. Will smiled and left his jacket on the hook.  “I’ll cook then,” he said and squeezed Hannibal’s free hand before stepping away and disappearing down the hall to the kitchen. Hannibal followed.

Too Much

James Madison x Reader

Note: I am so sorry this took so long to get done, I’ve been trying to write it for days and all I’ve been able to do is write a few lines and then stop so hopefully this helps you! Also I picked Madison because I’ve never written him before and I wanted to give him a shot

Request: @sweaterkitty-fluff asked: Could you possibly write a Madison or Hamilton x reader fic where they are trying to calm down an S/O that is stressing over finals so much that they just suddenly breakdown. I am heaving a rough pre-finals week, thanks ily

AU: Modern

Word Count: 928

Originally posted by imayhavepunchedhim-itsablursir

Your desk is covered in every textbook you own, all of them open on different pages but you haven’t been able to concentrate on a single word for at least the past hour. Every time you attempt to focus on one subject, one textbook, you find yourself reading the same sentence over and over.

A week, you have a week until finals start and you feel like there is absolutely no way in hell you will be able to remember everything you need to know before then. There is just too much information to know and all of a sudden it feels like you’ve forgotten everything you’ve learned in your classes.

You can feel the way you’re working yourself up, feel the way you’re getting more anxious by the minute but there is nothing you can do to stop it as it washes over you. You can feel the tears welling up behind your eyes and the panic that is churning in your stomach becoming worse and worse by the second.

When someone knocks on your bedroom door you don’t realize that it takes almost four knocks for it to register and for you to finally call out to them.

“Come in” You don’t look up from your books as you hear the door open and close behind someone. You try your best to bury your panic as you stare down at your books so whoever it is doesn’t see you like this.

“Hey Y/N, you wanted to study calculus right?” you’re slightly shocked to hear James’s voice as you’d forgotten that you had called him the night before and asked him to help you out.

He’s always been so much better at calc than you, always understood it quicker than you can ever manage to grasp it and has never had a problem with coming by

“Right, yeah. Thanks for coming” you mumble, not looking up at him.

“Um Y/N are you okay?” hearing the concern in his voice you glance up at him, tears burning in your eyes.

“I can’t do this James” you mutter before the tears come crashing down your cheeks.

He quickly drops his bag to the ground and pulls you into a hug, rubbing you back soothingly as you sob into his shirt. “It’s all too much! There’s too much to know I can’t memorize it all by next week” you manage to get out as you cry into him.

He pulls you away from him so he can look at you. “Of course you’ll be able to remember it all. You just need to take a break and then get back to it, come on”

Taking you by the hand James leads you out of you room and downstairs to the kitchen where he stops briefly to pour two glasses of water. He doesn’t speak as he leads you out the back door and to the back steps where the two of you sit down.

“James what are we doing out here?” You ask. He shakes his head and hands you a glass of water.

“Drink. Then talk” he says, sipping from his own glass.

The cold water soothes your throat as it goes down and the fresh air you breathe into your lungs helps calm you until the sense of panic is gone from your stomach.

“How did you know this would help?” You asks softly, too tired after your panic to try to speak any louder.

“I do this when everything seems too much. It helps clear my head, even if I just sit here for a few minutes before heading back in and get back to work. It makes everything seem clearer” he explains.

You move to sit beside him and rest your head against his shoulder. “Thank you Jamie” you mutter and he smiles.

“Not a problem. Now come on, let’s get back to it. I promise that you’ll start to remember what you need to know”

And he was right, as soon as the two of you made it back to your bedroom and he started talking you through the work, explaining how to do it and why it’s done that way, everything suddenly felt so much easier.

The two of you sat together, squashed at your one person desk, working on the theories and formulas you’ll need for your final for hours not realizing the time.

“Do you realize we’ve been doing this for three hours?” James asks suddenly, sitting back in his chair and frowning at his watch.

“Three hours? No way it’s been more like one maybe one and a half?” You ask but as you glance over at his watch your frown grows to match his. “Oh shit, I learnt more in three hours than I did all day” you mutter.

James stands up and starts packing his books back into his bag.

“I have to get home or I’ll be late for dinner, are you going to be okay?” He asks.

“Hm? Oh yeah I’ll be okay, you really calmed me down earlier and if I start to freak out again I’ll do what you told me” you assure him and he smiles.

You stand up, move over to where he stands by the door and press a kiss to his cheek. “Thank you James”

“It’s no problem, if you need me again just call me okay? If I can’t come over I can at least try to calm you down through the phone” he explains before he opens the door and you follow him out of your room.