.i think you get a medal for that

what if the total entries of countries w 2 and 3 spots goes over the spots allotted to worlds? does it come out of the nebelhorn allotment?

that…is a good question. i don’t think the ISU document covers that case…but i would assume yes, there would be fewer spots at nebelhorn.

Wow, Yu/Zhang are in top four after the sp. Do you think Xiaoyu can win her first world medal?

she invented solo pairs, anything is possible!! (serious answer: yeah, maybe, depends on the free skates though)

is boyang implying that he.. eats… dog food ?

just don’t question boyang

evgenia is going to win this and i just want the ladies’ event to get over. cant wait for zagitova to enter seniors. uvu

…ok i honestly can’t tell if you’re being serious or not

Hello! What does solo pairs mean?

the discipline that xiaoyu competes in, as well as any other skaters who can throw and lift themselves without a partner because their partners suck :)))

Omg this Victor cellphone stand they just announced:

It literally says ‘love and life’ and it’s of the shot where he says he’s gonna marry Yuuri yeah I’ll be needing this in my life.

Here’s the rest of the set btw:

(will definitely buy this one too AHHHHH gorgeous boy)

(Skate Canada victory pose. You can see the medal!)

I don’t think this exact shot or line ever actually happens lol.

Otabek and Yurio fans, you’re finally getting merch. Look how cute this is!!

I hate.. any glorification of war, but I think there is something very sweet about animals getting medals for doing a great job. I especially love it when they get to retire to comfy, non-demanding lives after their service.  In WWII, 32 out of the 53 medals issued to animals went to pigeons. They’re so helpful and brave, its a tragedy we think so little of pigeons now!

Look at this dashing picture I found of GI Joe! He flew 20 miles in 20 minutes, and saved a thousand people from a bombing in Italy. He retired alongside other pigeon heroes and lived a long life of 18 years!

… Gallantry!

Another good pigeon war story is that of Kaiser, who became the most famous jailbird — he was originally a German bird who became a prisoner-of-war after he was caught by Americans. Upon capture he was drafted into a breeding program and sired over 100 children for America’s side. He died at 33 (that is a ridiculously long life for a pigeon - almost unbelievable. An extremely healthy bird!) making him the only pigeon to serve in both world wars.

my silver medal.

victor [answering his phone]: yuuri, you know i’m at practice and how yakov gets when-

yuuri [on the phone]: i’m wearing my silver medal, victor

victor [smirking]: oh, yeah? well, i still don’t feel like kissing-

yuuri [whispering]: only my silver medal


yakov and yurio [screaming]: WHERE YOU THINK YOU’RE GOING?!

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Since Victor has signature gold blades, will you give Yuuri his own unique blades too? Like beautiful jet black blades with star-like glitter that reminds you of the night sky that Phichit gave him after his first medal. I think it will suits his character in Victor's side, with the whole seductive playboy impression going on in his head lol. Yuuri would also look absolutely ridiculously handsome in that too. I hope it's not an unreasonable request and I won't be mad if you can't include that :D

Yuuri doesn’t really think enough of himself to get unique blades. But once he and Viktor get together Viktor does try and convince him to get gold blades so they match


This is CrankGameplays’ darker half. @justwritingscibbles and I are stanning this. But personally I would think that Gear’s body would obviously be part robot and I think his eyes would be very silver. He would have a partial robot face, like maybe his right eye is medal and it glows a dull red color. Gear would have a hole in his chest, so you can look at his mechanic heart pumping and there would be a soft ticking every time it pumped. I feel like he would probably have a twitch and it would progressively get worse the angrier he got. I also feel like his jaw would lock up and click every time he spoke because Gears get stuck sometimes. He’s probably really sensitive but covers it up with anger. He would probably be into all things technology, sometimes literally. His laugh would sound mechanical but with a hint of Ethan’s laugh as well. Whenever Ethan converts to Gear, it would start with the hole in his chest forming and mechanical wires coming out and taking over his form??? He’d also be a very good, sexy, smooth talker. Like it makes him all the more enticing? Idk guys. I just… GearGamplays.

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Am I the only who noticed that Yuuri did NOT straddle Victor in ep12 after the medal ceremony? Because if you look closely at Yuuri's skates in that scene, they were aligned side-by-side which I think impossible if Yuuri was actually straddling him.

so like. youre not entirely wrong?

during the “be my coach” convo, he isnt

but in the overview shot, he is

he probs readjusted? ive been in both of those positions w someone before, and the first gets real uncomfortable real fast, esps for a hug :0

(thanks to @caramelcheese for pulling up these screencaps!!)


I’m a flipflopper between crazy extrovert you would be embarrassed to hang out with due to complete lack of shame/tact/awareness and introvert you have to haul bodily out of blankets and feed and remind them they’re part of the human race. I have no inbetween. I think it can be hard on my friends, but I do love them and anyone who bothers to say hi to me, knowing they can either get instant replies or replies a week later when they’ve forgotten about what they said. Sorry guys. Sorry <3 *shamefaced*

Moral of the story: don’t be afraid to message me. I will always (eventually) message back and I love anyone with the courage to say hi. Also cookies.

I’m a true ENFP ambivert haha.

Two more years of:

“No matter what, we’re together.  And no matter what, I love you.”

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Flawless technique and breathtaking innovation.

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Being in it together, even when it gets hard.

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“Get away from my girl”

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Neck kisses

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The look

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The dating question

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Lips grazing, never touching.

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Melting the ice with their chemistry

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bbs being dorks

And two more years to celebrate with you beautiful people here on Tumblr.  Because even if it’s not sunshine and gold medals, it’s two years that we didn’t think we would ever get from them.

Love y’all, @balletfever89 @canadianplatonics @sleeping-bee @887thsymphony @virtuetomoir @luvtessascott and @adventuresoftheplatonics!

I really hate that subset of people on here who think they’re heroes or deserve medals cause they like ‘bigger women’ or 'chubby guys’ when it’s always the same performative stuff - the women they love are always the same hyper feminine 40s pin ups and the men are always the burly muscular lumberjack beard twats

Don’t get me wrong, this stuff IS attractive, but you don’t get a medal for liking people for filling hyper performative niches

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Do you think with the new buff/debuff limit set to +/- 7, on top of the attack being able to be raised to +3, medals will be too OP?

someone datamined and there’s guilt symbols for tiers 6-8 so i’m honestly Worried for power creeping in general lmao

i mean tbh i’ve been worried for a while, kh2 kairi illustrated really broke the game in a way - medal costs are just getting higher and higher and if you at least have a friend kh2ri it’s getting harder to keep up.

i kind of just throw my hands up in the air and go ‘eh’, i’ve been unable to keep up with harder stuff like high score events since…they were introduced but after anniversary i’ve been able to play most content, even as an f2p.

anyway idk where i was going with this…yeah new buff/debuff limits + awakening abilities are gonna change the game in a big way, but things for me here at like the bottom prolly aren’t gonna change that much in the long run? i don’t know.

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i get objective time golden medal every fucking game and thos rare moments when i play genji i just... sit on payload like an IDIOT not enjoying my life. but i put i need healing on mouse wheel and i think im improving

You’re well on your way to becoming a Pro Genji!

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Personally I think it was dumb that Ashton gave up her scholarship to UF but whatever not my life

i dont think she wanted/was able to compete NCAA tho (the inability bc of the training and competing every weekend and her knees and back not being able to stand up to it, i think she said???) i mean shes not gonna make much money as a pro gymnast unless she goes to world cup events and only does bars and does well enough there to win medals, but idk how long shes planning on doing that??? if she is at all?? who knows, maybe she just wasnt even interested in getting a college degree at all, maybe she’ll just grow up and become a coach, you dont need a kinesiology degree or anything like that to be a coach which is what i assume every ncaa gymnast who is a kinesio major is planning on doing

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Is it crazy that I see a younger Tessa and Scott in the US junior team of Christina Carreira and Anthony Ponomarenko? At such a young age, I could say they're gonna be the team to beat. They have massive potential and have great chemistry. I was watching the small medal ceremony at Junior Worlds and lemme tell ya, she gets the giggles the same way Tessa does. It's cute... Young love 😍

I think it’s sweet you see this. 😊