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jonghyun: from my perspective i think roo likes my older sister and mom more. i totally understand that, but when guests come over to our house …, i think it’s her way of greeting but i can feel who she likes more and who she likes less. i know puppies have feelings too. out of the people that visit my house frequently there’s a particular manager hyung she likes more than other managers and a particular friend from my middle school she likes more than others. i feel a sense of jealousy, thinking that maybe she likes that manager hyung more than me.

Dream or Reality?

Summary: Dean needs a ride after another late night of drinking, but you’ve had enough. Until he lets a secret slip. 

Pairing: Dean x Reader 

Word Count: 1k it’s a shorty

Warnings: Angst? Swearing (I love the F word and I’m not sorry)

Authors Note: This is complete trash I know but I needed to get something out. Happy to continue to a part two if ya’ll want it. If you want to be tagged in future writings just let me know! xoxo

“You’ve got to be fucking kidding me Dean.”

Rolling over to search the bedside table you check the clock to see its 3 in the morning. You’re not surprised seeing that this has been the same ritual for the last four years. Ever since you decided to spend the rest of your days with the Winchester boys, Dean has leaned on you. You didn’t mind, he was the love of your life, although he would never know that. But every night that you had off from a hunt or impending apocalypse Dean would find himself calling your phone from some dive bar at the edge of town, and it was getting a little annoying.

“Hello?” You sigh, already grabbing your jeans and shirt from off of the floor.

“Y/n iss time to blow!” He sings out, you can hear the smile on his face. His stupid, beautiful, incredibly aggravating face.

“Dean do you mean its time to go or are you finally accepting your sexual attraction to Castiel?” You laugh to yourself, making your way to the bunkers front door. Bugging him and the angel about being madly in love with each other was always one of your favorite things to do.

“I told you once and I’ll tell you again, I don’t want to blow him!” Suddenly sounding a little more sober on the other side of the phone. You grin to yourself, knowing you touched a nerve.

“Yeah yeah whatever you say assface. I’m on my way now.”

You made it to the bar in record time, beating your previous seven minute personal best. Pulling up front you saw him immediately and you could feel your heart beat gaining speed. He looked like a dream, an absolute dream. He was leaning on the side of the building, looking up at the stars. He was wearing the leather jacket you got him for Christmas last year that fitted him perfectly and that pair of jeans that hugged all of the right areas. You wanted nothing more than to hold him, caress him, show him how much you loved him.

“Y/N?” Dean says giving you a questioning look. You didn’t even notice him walking up to the car. too busy stuck in your dream.

“So how was it? Couldn’t convince anyone to come home with you tonight?” You huff, already headed back to the bunker. The more you thought about Dean using you, leaning on you, leading you on every chance he got, was starting to make you angry. I mean you would do anything for this man. You would give everything for him. You would die for him if it ever came to that, which it almost had more times than you could count on one hand.

“Heh am I sensing some jealousy?”  He manages out with a huge ass grin plastered on his face. Knuckles growing white from your grip on the steering wheel you yank the wheel to the right and pull off to the side of the road.

“You know what Dean? You can get out and fucking walk. I’m tired of being woken up at all hours of the night just to come pick your drunk ass up and get nothing but shit in return. I’m not saying I like you and I’m definitely not saying I’m jealous of the dozens of different girls you’ve fucked in the past. I’m just saying you can expect me to be there 24/7 to save you.” You’ve never ever exploded on anyone the way you just had on Dean. But it needed to be done. He needed to know that what he was doing wasn’t right.

“Shhh calm down Y/n. You know I love you now shut up and drive before I throw up in Baby and never let you drive her again.” He says as he closes his eyes, slumping against the window, immediately passing out.

“Dean don’t fucking tell me to shu- wait what did you just say? Dean?” You couldn’t believe your ears. Did he just say he was in love with you or was that just your imagination? Maybe Gabe was fucking with you again or maybe you were still asleep. Neither seemed very possible but there had to be an explanation. You didn’t know if you needed to scream or puke but you decided that you needed to get Dean home safely and figure out what in the hell just happened in the morning when he was sober and you were sure you weren’t dreaming.

Getting out of the car you rush to the other side internally debating wether or not to wake the sleeping hunter. You instantly felt bad for yelling at him, he didn’t deserve that. He looked so peaceful and happy in his sleep, you didn’t want to ruin that by waking him up. But you couldn’t carry him and you didn’t want to risk him puking all over the inside of his prized possession so you open the door and held his sleeping form so he wouldn’t fall out of the car.

“Psst Dean we’re home it’s time to wake up.” You whisper in his ear, taking the chance to lightly touch the side of his face, rousing him awake.

“Mmmm Y/n you’re so beautiful.. How did Chuck make something so beautiful?” Dean slurs out, slowly making his way out of the car he leans on you either too drunk or too tired to make it by himself. But you didn’t mind.

“I dunno Dean why don’t you ask him next time you see him?” You laugh knowing his words are probably empty, the liquor taking over. “Now lets get you to bed okay?”

You make it to his room five minutes and two falls later. You tuck him into his blanket and leave a glass of water and two aspirin on the table, knowing he’ll appreciate it in the morning.

You stand in his doorway for a minute, taking in his soft features and small snores coming from his sleeping vessel.

You don’t sleep that night, too many thoughts running through your head. Dean could never be in love with someone like you. Your beauty lacking and your personality boring. You knew you were no where near being good enough for someone like Dean. He was the most beautiful human being to ever be created, inside and out. He was kind, and good hearted, and sure he had his demons but they didn’t define him. You knew he hated himself, but you cherished him. He was a dream, he was your whole universe. But he never said he was in love with you, who said he loved you. Loving someone and being in love with someone are two very different things.

If only you had known that you were his sun, his moon, and all of his stars.

Married Life

A Wattpad request. I do not own Jon or Davos. They belong to George R.R.Martin. 

Warnings: brief mentions of jealousy. Fluff

Pairings: Jon Snow x wife!reader, Davos Seaworth. 

Originally posted by winterfellskingdom

When Jon left for the Wall, you didn’t think you’d ever see him again. When your father had traveled to the Wall at the urging of the Lord Commander, you went with him. When you saw Jon, you had to fight the urge to hug him to you. After his victory over Ramsay Bolton at Winterfell, you couldn’t fight it anymore. You literally jumped for joy, right into Jon’s arms.

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anonymous asked:

Lotor would probably get punched by Shiro tho. Cuz "touch my wife and die you piece of intergalactic sHIT"

He would tho please let it happen i would actually physically disintegrate if lotor made a move on allura and i sensed a hint of jealousy in shiro Lord help me

77. Veronica Lodge x Fem!Reader

Originally posted by riverdalegifs

Request: a veronica imagine where the reader hits on her everyday but veronica say no but when the reader stops and is becoming close friends with betty veronica gets jealous and kisses the reader

Word Count: 1, 331

Pairings: Veronica x Reader, Betty x Reader (platonic, but romantic if u squint),

Veronica x Jughead (platonic)

a/n: Hey guys! This is my first imagine on this blog as the new co-writer, my name is Emily, but I hope you guys enjoy this! Let me know, i always enjoy feedback :)))

    She was so cute. And Funny. And so different than anything else I had ever seen in Riverdale, something good. You had been friends with her for months, needing to know the girl in the black cloak. Who were you thinking about? Oh, the one and only Veronica Lodge, of course. That girl had you under her spell since the day you saw her walk into Pop’s and anyone that saw you two together could tell, but it was also well known the infamous V didn’t feel the same way.

Not for lack of trying on your part either, you had spent extra hours on your makeup trying to impress her, jumped at chances to be around her whenever you could, and god knows how many times you had tried to ask the girl out, but it always ended the same way with you dejectedly walking away and her going back to doing whatever it was she was doing just as perfectly as before as if she didn’t have a care in the world.

But the thing was she did, Veronica did care very much in fact. Everything you did, all the flirting and flouncing around, trying everything you could to win the girl’s heart had made her fall hard for you. She was absolutely head over heels for you. Jug, the only person that knew about Veronica’s crush simply because he figured it out himself, insisted V tell you about her “disgustingly adorable” feelings especially since she, and everyone else in Riverdale, knew that you were infatuated with her. But she couldn’t come out, she was the new girl in town. The new girl in an old, small, and judgemental (from what she had heard from her mother and seen so far) town. Being out as a bisexual girl in New York was one thing, but in Riverdale? That was an entirely different situation.

“Hey V, you look amazing as usual,” you say as you approach the ‘breakfast club’ of Riverdale with a smile so blindingly bright it could rival the sun, or at least that’s what Veronica thought.

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Obvious - Dean Winchester x Reader

Title: Obvious 

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Word Count: 1,126

Warnings: None

Prompt: I’d love a fic where Dean has a huge crush on reader and when she starts getting flirty with Cas then he acts all jealous and just hugs her when she won’t shut up about his obvious jealousy!

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“Hey Dean, uh where is Sam?” you frowned taking a look around you as you were able to spot only Dean there, sulking as he really liked to do lately.

“Supply run.” he grumbled clicking furiously on his computer, fact that made you raise an eyebrow.

“Then why didn’t you ask me if I wanted something?” you blinked, sitting next to Castiel as Dean still kept a clenched jaw and stared at his computer screen.

“Would have, if you two weren’t so busy. So we thought it would be better to not interrupt.” he huffed looking up at you and particularly Castiel. Although you could really call it a glare more than anything else.

“Interrupt what?” Castiel frowned and you shrugged at him.

“I don’t know.” you mumbled glancing at Dean who was angrily taking a sip of his beer “It’s not like we were having sex. Only heavily making out.” and of course he choked on it. You had such a hard time keeping a snicker in when he gave you that look of disbelief, his eyes wide in total shock.

“Easy tiger.” you giggled “I am just kidding… sort of.” you mumbled as he gave you a hard look.

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Sweet Pea [Hogwarts!Jungkook]

Summary: It wasn’t a good idea at all to tease Jungkook. Not good at all when he turns you into a cat, and when you accidentally give him a boner. 

Gryffindor!Jungkook, featuring other BTS members.

Genre: Fluff (I think)

Words: 1.9 k

Originally posted by kookie-bts

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*Your boyfriend pulls you in for a kiss, and Barry clenches his jaw. Cisco watching all of this, like it’s his new favorite soap opera*

*You break the kiss*

Y/N: We have to get going, bye Barry! Bye Cisco!

NEW BF: It was really nice meeting you guys!

*Barry stays silent, unable to lie and say “likewise”. Cisco coughs and covers for him.*

CISCO: Oh, yeah,  it was nice meeting you too! See ya later guys!

*Barry watches you leave hand in hand with your new boyfriend like a sad puppy until your out of sight. Cisco turns to him.*

CISCO: Ooooh, Bartholomew Allen, do I sense jealousy over Y/n’s new hubby?

BARRY: What? *he scratches his head*  Uh, no, no way. I mean, I’m happy for her.

CISCO: Sure you’re happy she’s happy, but be honest. You want her to be happy with you, not some guy with a cheap leather jacket and smooth one-liners, am I right?

BARRY: You don’t know what you’re talking about, man.

*Barry laughs it off, and tries to quickly escape the conversation leaving the same way you and your Boyfriend did a few minutes ago.*

CISCO: You can run, but you can’t lie! I know the truth!!!!

Does The Joker love Harley?

My opinion on Harley and The Joker relationship.

Many people think that The Joker only wants Harley as a toy, or as someone to torment for his own amusement but I have a different opinion.

So the thing is, Harley was created by Paul Dini, for the Batman: The Animated Series, and later incorporated to the comic series because she was very well received.

So, let’s take a look at the original Harley as she is presented on Batman: The Animated Series. 

A psychiatrist with ambition and an interest for twisted minds. In my opinion this isn’t a romantic interest at first, it’s more of a knowledge interest, to know why psychos behave the way the do, and this isn’t a weird thing, many people are interested in that kind of stuff, because it’s of human nature to be curious and to try to understand those who are different from us. Normal people despise those who are different because of fear, it’s a normal human reaction. However, some folks are drawn to that because they want to understand why they do the things they do.

So having that in mind, Dr. Harleen Quinzel, seems like a normal scientific mind, who is interested in knowing everything posible, that’s the way scientific minds work, they are curious.

So Harley (let’s just call her like that, it’s easier to write) wants to interview some of the twisted minds that are caged on Arkham, and when she first sees The Joker, something from him is so interesting that she feels drawn to him. The thing is, that I don’t believe it’s a romantic interest from the beginning, it is known that psychos are also very charming. They’ve learned that they need to act, and hide their natural thoughts to not be considered dangerous, that’s why you have so many people that end up doing something wrong and people don’t even understand why because they seemed so norma,l and the thing that they’ve done is so evil that it’s impossible to understand why.
The why, is that they have that natural ability to lie, and part of being charming is knowing what to say, so The Joker is very charming, and charming people have some energy that you are drawn to, however, I don’t believe The Joker is a psycho (I will explain it later) let’s continue on Harley.

So her being interested in criminal minds, and having a criminal that is so charming, she is drawn to interview The Joker, and I believe The Joker sees in her, the opportunity to fool this woman just for fun and to get himself free of Arkham, because he doesn’t give a shit about her, so he plays his cards well and has Harley very interested in him. (I know some versions have The Joker to strangle her and some other things, but I’m talking about the Batman: The Animated Series version, which I believe is the one that must be canon for Harley’s story of how she met Joker, however other versions have changed that, but for me the beggining is the same, a woman who is interested and drawn to criminal minds and The Joker taken advantage of that)

So Harley has many sessions with The Joker, he being his charming self, getting her to be comfortable with him, to trust him by reading her and that is very easy for someone like him, he notices very quick (because smart people are very good at reading people) that she has some issues that she’s not over with, and he guesses (the same way psychics do) that it’s something with her family, so he invents a story, to make her feel understood, and for her to feel compassion towards him.

From the beginning the only purpose of The Joker is to play with her, but when he tells her a joke, she laughs. And that’s something new for him, however, he doesn’t give it any importance, it stays in the subconscious. And he keeps on playing her, but for Harley that ticks something, how can a man that damaged, can be so happy and funny and can keep on. So she realises she is falling in love with him and her sweetheart is suffering in there. Just as The Joker planned, this woman is now in love with him and will do anything for him, he has won, he has a new toy that will die for him. However he isn’t conscient of how dangerous she is, and for him too.

So here we have a Harley that because she loves The Joker, helps him escape various times from Arkham as Dr. Harleen Quinzel, to only receive him back, beaten by Batman, so for Harley that man hurt her angel, so Batman is a bad man (bdm tss) and The Joker encourages her hatred towards Batman in their sessions making her believe that Batman is the reason of him being like that. So for Harley’s mind, if Batman is erased, her angel is cured and they can have a happy life. Here is where she starts having no sense, because she is a psychiatrist and she knows inside that it can’t be Batman’s fault, but she is so blinded by her unconditional and crazy love for The Joker that she is going insane and she isn’t even realising it.

So in the tv series, her story is presented like that, but with no more info. However in the comic, based on the tv show we get some more info about Harley. 

So the info the comic gives us, is that Harley presents herself as Harley Quinn to The Joker, when The Joker needs her the most. His deal with The Penguin is about to go ploof and he has no clue of if, but Harley appears and kicks their asses. So The Joker recognizes her and tells her “That she has fled from Arkham, to join his circus” and he seems very happy about it, but I believe is more of a “Wow I didn’t expect that” happy, than romantic happy “Like omg you saved my life, you are great”.

So that’s how Harley and The Joker met as their criminal personalities.

In summary as I said, I believe The Joker had no feelings for her, and that she was only something that could be of use for him, but as you watch the tv show, you see that The Joker, keeps Harley around, he kicks her, but when she’s not there he misses her (because the “house” is messy and he can’t find his socks) but he misses her, and I believe that inside him, something is changed.

Now, the part where Harley is constantly abused by The Joker isn’t ok, and I don’t like Harley being abused like that, and mistreated. 

However, I believe that The Joker does that because he inconciously knows that Harley tickled something inside him and he doesn’t like that, because it makes him weak.

And I’m not inventing anything as he says this in the comic where he wants to flee Harley on a rocketship.

It seems like he says that in a joking way, but as we say in my country, behind every joke, the truth is hiding. So what I’m trying to say is that The Joker purposely says that in a joking manner as a coping mechanism, because he is really afraid because those feelings are true.

And if you take a look at The Joker’s return on “The New 52 - Suicide Squad” You can see that Harley has a fling with Deadshot, and when The Joker returns, he mentions this in a way to make Harley feel guilty, I can sense jealousy here. And some pages later Amanda Waller has the answer:

So as abusive as their relationship is, I don’t condone it, but they are both villains, and they are both insane, and The Joker has some insane ways to show love, but I believe he loves her, and he needs her. Harley is the only one that can understand him and it goes the same way around. 

I don’t support their violence against each other, but again this is a comic book, it’s fantasy. 

And it’s stated later by Amanda too, that because Harley has a new life, The Joker is aware that he has lost Harley, and that he has hope to bring her back. In what way? To make her fall in acid, that to us normal people is insane, but why The Joker feels the need to do this to her? Because he is desperate and doesn’t know how to bring her back. He has never had normal boyfriend behavior, but neither did Harley.

Can they live separate? Yes

Can they go on with their lifes? Yes

Will they ever be over their relationship? I don’t believe so.

Because they belong together, and they lack something if the other one isn’t around, because they are meant to stay together, because I believe that if Harley makes him really believe that he’s lost her, he will do everything to bring her back.

Black and White

Imagine you’re a Winchester, Sam and Deans sister to be exact, and over the years you’ve developed feelings for Cas. However, when Meg shows back up into the picture things start to shift onto an uneven ground.

Cas x Reader -some x Meg x brothers!Winchesters

Warnings: Just a few swear words here and there

A/N: words I italicized without being in quotations are readers thought. So there may be more Meg x Reader goin’ on than Cas x Reader but I hope you guys like still.  (Not my photo/gif)

Originally posted by natalieslusarek

    It was yet another day of Winchester family problems. A break? What’s that? Seems like every time you guys finish a case another problem pops up. Angels, Demons, some other thing, didn’t matter. There was always something going on. Never a dull day that’s for sure. You, your two knucklehead brothers and Cas had just left the bunker to go find some food.

    “I don’t care how far we have to drive, I refuse to eat anything from these crap food places around here,” your older brother Dean was on a hunt for fresh pie and kickass burgers what else was new? .

    “I think the gas gauge may beg to differ,” Sammy was shotgun, like always. He would never get bored of pointing out obvious things like his just to get under D’s skin.

    Dean grunted like an irritated dad who had o take care of a mischievous kid and  whipped into the station. Cas, who was in the back seat with you, seemed just as annoyed as your brother about having to stop to refuel.

    “I will never grow to enjoy any vehicle transportation of any sort,” he rolled his eyes while puffing out air. Yep, he was defiantly annoyed.

    “You seemed to enjoy your Pimp car,” you chuckled lightly under your breath.

    “That  wasn’t a car, I don’t know what the hell it was but,” Dean stopped to look at Cas as he climbed out of he drivers seat, “definitely not a car,”

    The Angels face look both confused and mad. “I’m going to go ask the owner of this establishment about food places,” leaving just you and Sammy in he car.

    “When are you going to tell him Y/N?” your younger bother turned around and placed his arm over the seat, giving you one of his “serious helping talk” faces.

   “Who exactly am I telling something to?” you sighed out, guess the irritation was able to be caught by others.

   “Don’t get me wrong, it’s cute watching you step on eggshells around him. But it’s kind of…old,”

    “Thanks, you’re really helping. If it’s getting old, the don’t watch,” he always tried to help you, but you didn’t want to hear it.

     “You should just tell him, it’s Cas,”

    “Exactly, it's Cas. What if he doesn’t feel the same and it ruins our friendship?” you looked down “I can’t loose him,”

    Sam grabbed your hand, “I know," .

    Dean walked out of the gas station, behind him followed Cas and- Meg? What the hell was she doing here? Son of a bitch. You hopped out of the backseat, Sam followed you, worried you might do something reckless.

    "What the hell is she doing here?” you couldn’t stand her, for obvious reasons.

    “Nice to see you again too. Been taking good care of my Unicorn?” Meg was close to Cas, too close. She had the biggest smirk on her face and all you could think about was smacking it off.

    “He’s not yours. One kiss and you think you own him,” you kept walking forward, one fist balled up.

    “It’s a lot more than you’ve ever gotten, I sense a little jealousy,” her head was tilted to the side, the same sick smile on her face. “Seems like no guy you’ve met wants to have you around. Cas, your dead daddy. Hell! Your own brothers left you before,” you reached into Cas’s coat pocket and grabbed his blade.

    “Y/N, put it down,"Cas had an arm out protecting Meg from you. Your brothers had their guns drawn, couldn’t kill Meg but it could slow her down if she decided to act.

    "You’re defending her?! After all she’s done to us?” you held the blade firmly, looking at the confused Angel with the same confusion in your eyes.

    “I’m not defending anybody. But I won’t let you kill her,” he took a small step towards you, “just like I wouldn’t let her kill you,”

    You looked into his eyes, furrowing your brows. “You care for her….don’t you?”

    “Yes, once I did. In a way that I now care for you,” his entire face was calm, you easily forgetting your surroundings, melting into the touch of his hand that was on yours holding his blade still.

    “Unbelieveable. She bats her eyes and throws a fit and gets what she wants,” Meg  was standing behind Cas still, only now she was mad.

    “Shut up, Meg,” Dean and Sam had said while going behind her and motioning her towards a direction away from you and Cas, giving you both sometime alone.