.i sense jealousy


*Your boyfriend pulls you in for a kiss, and Barry clenches his jaw. Cisco watching all of this, like it’s his new favorite soap opera*

*You break the kiss*

Y/N: We have to get going, bye Barry! Bye Cisco!

NEW BF: It was really nice meeting you guys!

*Barry stays silent, unable to lie and say “likewise”. Cisco coughs and covers for him.*

CISCO: Oh, yeah,  it was nice meeting you too! See ya later guys!

*Barry watches you leave hand in hand with your new boyfriend like a sad puppy until your out of sight. Cisco turns to him.*

CISCO: Ooooh, Bartholomew Allen, do I sense jealousy over Y/n’s new hubby?

BARRY: What? *he scratches his head*  Uh, no, no way. I mean, I’m happy for her.

CISCO: Sure you’re happy she’s happy, but be honest. You want her to be happy with you, not some guy with a cheap leather jacket and smooth one-liners, am I right?

BARRY: You don’t know what you’re talking about, man.

*Barry laughs it off, and tries to quickly escape the conversation leaving the same way you and your Boyfriend did a few minutes ago.*

CISCO: You can run, but you can’t lie! I know the truth!!!!


‘  When you all decided to take the trip to the diner late at night you suggested to go to a dog park to spend the day. By the excited barking of the Colonel and the twinkle in the Dean’s eyes Sam couldn’t say no. A dog park is one of the most beautiful places in earth. There is dogs everywhere. And with the excitement of a few stumbling puppy husky, you couldn’t help and ask the owner if you could pet them.

  The Colonel: Still no intention of sniffing butts?

  This question caught Dean’s attention and his eyes travelled from your booty to the Colonel’s eyes. He had a slight smile tingling on his lips.

  Dean: What no!

  The Colonel: I won’t judge you.


  The Colonel: But I can sense your jealousy.

  Dean: What? I’m- I’m not jealous because Y/N decided to give all her attention to couple of idiotic husky-puppies.

  Sam raised his eyebrow before joining to you, leaving the two dogs to bicker.

  The Colonel: Come on! As far as humans go, she is great!

  Dean: I know…

  They both kept on talking and Sam and Y/N were just petting their fourth puppy when they heard Dean yelling.



I was waiting in Starbucks alone and I saw my crush skate up to the curb. He did that thing that lifts the board in the air and failed the first time. It was so cute. I saw a group of maybe middle school girls that were whispering to each other. My crush walked in and he smiled and shook his hair. I then hear one of the girls say, “Woah. Who’s he?” It was really awkward, but I couldn’t blame them. He’s really attractive. He waves and they wave back, but I was waving. He came up to me and sat down.
“Are you a dementor because you just take me breath away.” He chuckled as he said it.
“You don’t even like Harry Potter, but I got one too. If you were a transformer, you’d be Optimus fine.” He laughed whole heartedly and I can sense the jealousy of the group of girls. It was amazing.


“What the hell are you doing?”
“What does it look like?”
“Bad rendition of the macarena..”
“No. You idiot.”
“I’m bringing in some positive energy. You see, ‘cause I have a date tonight–And yes before you confess, I can already sense the jealousy.”

“A date?”
“It’s been so long that you don’t know what that means anymore, huh?”
“Well you see sis, when two people like each other–”

“–I’m gonna cut you.”

Monoamory is weird to me.

How do monoamorous people even function with all that suspicion and jealousy? How can they be so deluded as to think that they - one person - could ever fulfill all the needs of their partner? And are they so insecure that they feel they have to try to be everything for the other person? It sounds so fucking exhausting, I don’t know how they do it.

And how can they have so little capacity for love that they can only love one person romantically at a time (or feel romantic love for just one person at a time)? I’ve always fallen in love left, right, and center; I can’t imagine being like “No I only have feelings for THIS person, and nobody else.”

Gods, if they really only DO have romantic feelings for just one person at a time, no wonder they get jealous. It must feel to them like they’ll never love again if things don’t work out with the one they currently love. What a sad way to live. My sympathies to those poor souls.



BROMANCE IS ALIVE AND WELL BETWEEN LUCAS AND ZAY! I can see why there bestfriends like if you don’t like them together then you lost😂😂 they had some of the funniest scenes! Seriously what is zay and Lucas ship name???

Zay panicking when he gets picked up😂😂😂😂. Lucas trying to save him….😂😂😂😂👌

Riley and Maya cuties who dont leave each other, loved the opening between them!👊

Riley’s little speech about her friends and what she hopes for them😔

Riley still being mad at Lucas had me laughing hhahhq she’s so cute omg!!😂😂😍

I sensed low key jealousy from smarckle the camera hung around her after something was said that made me feel like she sometimes still feels little annoyed by something…

Smarckle and farkle together is always laughs


I noticed that only Maya asked if Riley still liked Lucas but Riley didn’t ask Maya like they usually do..so what’s going on there???

The editing is amazing like whoever is doing it now AMAZING WORK!!!

Still no scene with topanga and Riley…..

I like Cory in the classroom now, feels natural! Also why does he wear his suit jackets at home??? Would you not get changed after work lol…

Aggie and Ava,cuties they are so dam adorable😇😇

I think that’s it from me, short and straight to the point!