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The Contest-Part 14

To celebrate Supernatural’s 15th season, the producers have decided to hold a contest to cast an unknown in a recurring role as Sam’s rumored love interest.  They are doing open casting calls all over the country.  Your best friend Nikki wants to go and she drags you along.

A/N: My inspiration for Nikki is the one and only red, @oriona75.  So I am actually telling two stories here, Jared and Readers, and Sam and Gemini’s.  It flips back and forth, so try and keep up! :)

Characters: Jared Padalecki, Reader, Best friend Nikki(OC) Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins, Mark Sheppard, PA Emily (OC) Cliff, Other Supernatural cast and crew

 Part 1 (all parts are linked)

After what felt like an eternity of waiting, the doctor finally came out to speak to Ryan.  “Emily did great.  We’ll need to keep her for a few days for observation since we had to do an emergency C-section, but she will be fine I think.”

“And the baby?” Ryan asked.

“Your son is fine.  Nice healthy set of lungs.  Emily is in post-op and the baby is getting checked out by the pediatrician.  You will be able to see them both shortly.”

“What are you naming him?” Jared asked.

“Dylan James.” Ryan told him.  There were tears in his eyes as he tried to hold it together.

We stayed with Ryan until he was allowed to go and see Emily.   I gave him my cell number and asked him to give it to Emily to call when she was feeling up to it.  Nikki and I hugged him and Jared shook his hand.  “Thanks for everything.” He said as he followed the nurse out of the room.

Jared was driving the three of us back to our apartments when Nikki spoke. “Why don’t you tweet something, Y/N?  Most of the crew follows you on Twitter, that way everyone will know whats going on.”  

Y/F/N  Y/L/N                                                                                                          @GeminigiraffeRN

Please join me in welcoming the newest member of the SPN family, Dylan James.  Mom Emily is doing great! We love you Em!

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Hey guys! So this is a post about my experience meeting MonstaX in Singapore! I’m going to be posting gifs and all that so I apologise in advance for the very long post! THERE ARE SOME THAT ARE SAVE-WORTHY! Enjoy reading!


I would like to start this post off from the very beginning which is of course, me welcoming the boys at the airport. I didn’t get to sleep the entire night because I got home late and saw no point in sleeping since their flight landed really early so I was pretty much exhausted. When I got to the airport, I managed to find a nice spot right in front of the doors they were coming out from thanks to this nice girl who let me stand beside her. Can I just say how proud I am of Monbebes because while waiting, we were greeting the people coming out of the luggage section with nice words like “good morning” and “have a nice day”. 

Anyway, the boys came out late and according to some people who came out, they were having a drink at Starbucks and chilling in the lounge. (I can’t confirm this information because I wasn’t in there obviously.) The wait was worth it of course! 

Minhyuk came out first with a bright smile on his face, waving to the fans waiting outside. Changkyun followed behind with his earphones plugged in and unfortunately, didn’t pay my side much attention. Wonho was the third to exit and took the fan gift my friend prepared before giving me a high five (to the best of his ability because he was holding something). Kihyun and Jooheon followed them and waved to all of us. Shownu then exited and he gave me a high five so I was real excited about getting two high fives in less than a minute! Hyungwon was the last to come out but he was being real adorable and waving to us all!


When I arrived at the venue, there were so many things happening and it really hit me that I was about to see my boys in person. People were handing out freebies, giving out banners for fan projects and selling merchandise. Let’s just say that I went home with a bag full of things… Anyway, I entered the hall and got to my seat, which wasn’t a great one because it was a last minute ticket a fan site couldn’t use but I’m still grateful.

The show started off with a bang and even though this is a MonstaX focused post, I’d like to commend Sistar for their stunning vocals and amazing performance quality. 

Fan site master Here, My dear sat beside me and I was helping her look out for guards while she took photos. She was thankful so she gave me this cute Hyungwon card and also tweeted me! 

When the boys came out, I was just sitting there and feeling very happy and thankful. As someone who has been following them since the start of ‘No Mercy’, I was so happy to be able to watch and listen to them in person. I’m grateful that I’m given this opportunity to walk them through this journey filled with tears, laughter and success so I got really emotional. 

Near the last few songs, fans started rushing to the front so I made my way there too. I was lucky enough to get a spot right at the front so I was in the first row! The amazing things start happening here and I’ll just be listing down the moments that happened!

1) Kihyun occasionally rapping to Jooheon’s part in ‘Rush’ and being adorable.

2) Shownu jumping off the stage to interact with fans and body waving to get to where I am. 

When we made eye contact, I thought he was just going to keep walking but he tilted his head to the side and did that thing with his eyebrows.

Then leaning closer to me to give a high five/handshake thing. HE WAS SO CLOSE I SWEAR I COULD SEE HIS SWEAT. 

3) Changkyun and Jooheon stopping in front of where I was to give people high fives! The former was holding onto a girl’s hand while performing and I’m so happy for her omg.

3) Wonho came over to where I was! 

I also got lucky because my boy noticed me.


4) Here’s a gif of our boys performing ‘Rush’ 

5) Jooheon being hot and ruining lives.  

6) Minhyuk being adorable, crossing his arms and moving side to side + Jooheon ruining lives part two.

5) Wonho killing us all during ‘Hero’ 

6) Minhyuk not following the choreography and falling backwards instead of forward. He’s such a cute lil bean help us all. 

7) Shownu because I like Shownu 

8) More of ‘Hero’ 

9) ‘Hero’ dance break!

10) The moment I made eye contact with Changkyun, I pulled a funny face at him and I’m proud of how much of a derp I can be because it made him laugh. I actually made Changkyun laugh guys asdfghjkl

11) Being caught in the act by Joohoney so he laughed at me as well and gave me a small wave pft. I WANT TO FIGHT THEM BOTH I’M MAD MHM

12) Grandpa Changkyun’s delayed reaction (poor bub must be tired) + Jooheon’s heart!

13) Minhyuk the cutest shooting hearts at the fans! 

14) Wonho feeling bad for stealing my heart so he’s sending one back :”)

15) The boys sitting at the edge of the stage for a group photo!

I’m the one in the choker! I’m so sorry I look like a turd hahaha


Okay so I had this genius plan where I made a box disguised as a fan board, put my phone in it and placed it on my head. The following gifs are from the video I managed to film. I’m generally chill with idols so this video was actually really stable. 


He was already waiting for me before I finished my high five with Bora so imagine how surprised I was to look him in the eyes. I told him “Thank you for being born.” To that, he smiled and thanked me twice! He also wiggled my hands when we linked fingers and that was absolutely adorable. 


This lil ball of sunshine smiled so brightly I forgot I was indoors and not out in the sun. I said to him “Your voice is amazing!” (rough translation because that’s what I intended to say? I said “좋다요”) I think Kihyun got shy because he was just looking down and smiling? HIS DIMPLES MADE AN APPEARANCE AND I THINK I DIED THREE TIMES. 


This angel was all smiles when I got to him and I told him “Minhyuk, please be happy!” He’s always the bright one of the group and I really hope that my angel will never get hurt. 


I’m real mad at the fact that my phone decided to fail on me when I reached Changkyun? When he leaned closer to high five me, I automatically bowed my head but my phone fell so I ended up saying “Thank you I.M- oh shit ugh”. My friend took a video from afar and you can see him looking at me all weird. (I have people who told me that they watched the video more than ten times and still laugh at what I said fuck.)


Okay, this boy is just adorable from head to toe. He gave me his cute/surprised face that he uses during aegyo when he saw me?I think he noticed my camera so I said “Jooheon?” He leaned closer to me and went “What?” So i pointed to the box on my head and said “Camera” before giving him a sneaky smile. He then stared at me incredulously and gestured at it before repeating “CamERA?” IT WAS HILARIOUS I’M STILL LAUGHING.


I think he overheard my conversation with Jooheon so you can see him looking at my camera and smiling before moving his attention to me. We were just kind of looking at each other and I went “bye” so he said “bye” as well pft. Put two awkward kids together and this is what you get.


Last but not least, we have Shownu! I planned to say to him “My dream is to dance with you one day” but I couldn’t say it anD I’M STILL HELLA SALTY ABOUT THIS OKAY. The guard at the end was suspicious and was going to question me so I was like fuck. In the end, we just did our high five, linked our fingers quickly and I said “love you, thank you!” before running off. In the video my friend took, you could see the guard at the end try to grab at me but I ran off so quick Usain Bolt would be jealous. I’m still sad that I couldn’t get a clearer shot with Shownu and to tell him what I intended to say but being able to interact with him is already amazing in itself. 


The last part of the fan meet was a photo taking session! They increased the number of people for the photo from 20 to 30 people so you can imagine how slim the chances were to sit in front of one of them. I wasn’t all that lucky so I was a row in front of them. However, I did make the most of the last moments with them. I thanked all of them for coming as I made my way to my spot because they must be tired and all that. I then waved to Wonho and my baby waved back! Jooheon was beside him so I did the “1+1=gwiyomi” thing and we did weird aegyo shit together before I turned around, laughing. My pose was of me kissing my Wonho fan (I’m the biggest loser around). When we finished taking the photo, they waved us all goodbye and that’s the end!

LASTLY, I’d just like to say that meeting and interacting with them is such an amazing experience that I will never forget. I sincerely hope that all Monbebes out there will get their chance to listen and see them in person. They are wonderful people, friendly, sweet and talented, so I’m very thankful. I met lots of great people during that day and I’m thankful to MonstaX for helping with that as well. If you made it all the way to this point, I’d just like to say thank you and a huge good luck because I want everyone to be able to meet these angels and leave with a smile on their faces. 

rae out 

(if you’d like to chat or anything just slip into my ask box or find me on my twitter @ jeonlights)

Hot For Teacher - Ian Thomas/Alison Crush (Master Theory)

Some of you were unsure of our Hot For Teacher being about Ian Thomas so here’s what we’ve gathered that indicates he is the one she wrote about in her diary entry and that he could be the starting point of the whole ordeal/master plan of A.

Ali wrote ‘Hot for Teacher’ when she spotted Ian interviewing for a teaching position at Rosewood High. In the 4.24 'A is for Answers’ we spotted his resume in the top right hand corner of Ian’s laptop.

This also goes with another clue that we mentioned in our 4.15 recap post:

Alison wanted to learn to use the field hockey stick to preferably get Ian’s attention. The one thing we aren’t sure about is if the flashback was before or after the Ian and Spencer kiss. We are thinking that since she saw him interviewing then she possibly had some idea of what position he was applying for. Which could have sparked her sudden interest in field hockey, meaning the above scene could have taken place before the Ian and Spencer kiss.

If that is the case, then this would explain why Ali was a bit pissed when she spotted her crush kissing her BFF. Also, it clears up what Ian meant when he told Spencer 'see you on the field.’ He could’ve received the coach position during this time since Spencer mentioned that she and Ian “had a moment, early in the summer before Ali went missing” (1.10). Meaning, if Ali hadn’t disappeared he would have started his new job at Rosewood High the beginning of their Sophmore year.

After spotting the kiss, Ali would by any means taunt Spencer until she tell Melissa about the kiss. But sadly it didn’t go down that way. Spencer threatened Ali that she would 'tell everyone the truth about the Jenna Thing’ which is what pissed Ali off even more. Not only did her BFF steal her crush, but she also heard her crush say “she doesn’t mean anything to me” when she and Ian were at Hilton head.

I don’t know if you guys have ever seen the Alicia Silverstone movie The Crush (1993), I think the Ali, Ian, Spencer, and Melissa thing is pretty similar to that movie.

External image

A journalist becomes the unwanted center of attention for a 14-year-old girl whom proceeds to sabotage his life after he refuses her sexual advances. Read More about the movie HERE. I also posted the video link for you guys to view the trailer.

I believe that Ian’s remark pushed her over the deep end and she basically snapped in the worst way, seeking revenge in the cruelest way possible. Ali was in love with an older guy and apparently she wanted to be loved back. If you guys remember in (1.18), Ian told Spencer that “Ali was a psycho stalker, who wouldn’t take no for an answer.” Meaning he was telling the truth. Also, this lead to the newspaper the girls found in 2.23, Labor Day Events for Philadelphia, Brookhaven, and Rosewood…a trail of Ali’s events after she left Ian in Hilton Head.

  1. Her first stop was to make sure Spencer’s threat never surface (the truth about the Jenna Thing), and that was to keep Jenna Marshall quiet with the blackmail. (Philadelphia - Jenna)

  2. Meeting with -A (Mona) her tormentor and possibly settling on a deal that will make both girls happy. I want to point out one more thing with this flashback, a lot of you claim that Mona was lying, I don’t think she was, Mona even told Spencer in 2.25 that Ali was “spying on a guy she had a crush on.” Spencer confirmed she was seeing Ian that summer. If so, when Mona saw Ali in Brookhaven Ali was indeed spying on someone, my guess is it was Ian and Spencer.  (Brookhaven - Mona

  3. Hiding the videos in a storage unit in Rosewood as a way to make sure her two new BFF's  (Jenna and Mona) stay on her team. (More on this towards the end) Ali also wanted to give Spencer one last chance to tell Melissa about her and Ian but Spencer wasn’t backing down which meant Ali had reason to give up on her friends because evidently the girls were on Spencer’s side as stated by Spence during the argument. (Rosewood - Spencer, Ian, & Melissa)

AlI was calling Beach Hottie or Board Shorts obsessively all summer, I seriously think the guy she was calling was Beach Hottie, who I believe was Ian Thomas.

I recall episode 4.02, Spencer told Hanna and Aria that “I’m guessing Ali called Beach Hottie-” Hanna quickly corrected her saying “Board Shorts” Review the trailer I posted above and you will see how Alicia Silverstone, who played Dorian, called Nick obsessively. We believe this is exactly how Ali was calling Ian from Georgia that summer.

The summer in Cape May, also unlocks even more secrets from that summer.

Alison’s obsession with Ian possibly traveled to the shores of Cape May where Melissa (who CeCe claimed to have took the picture) and possibly Ian spent their last moments before she finally broke it off . The Cape May visit took place before Ian and Ali were in Hilton Head, as it was earlier in the summer. Therefore, when Ali told CeCe that she was pregnant (3.17) she could have been lying all along to get some sort of sympathy from CeCe and make it seem as though the guy would kill her. Melissa broke up with Ian after finding out he could have gotten some other girl pregnant.

There’s a strong possibility that Ali has had a trail of crushes with older guys and the mysterious deaths of Ian, Garret, and Wilden were all crushes ending in a gruesome way.

Ever notice how all of the liars boyfriend’s were involved with Ali first.

Notice the tweet from Bryan Holdman. Now with Paige, we aren’t sure of a crush with her but if Ali did have one she was possibly unsure of her sexuality and therefore hated Paige because she was into Emily. We all know how Emily is Ali’s favorite. She could have plotted to expose Paige as a way for her to stop looking at Emily with “goo goo eyes”. W e posted the blog entry here.

Therefore, we are not backing off our Ali killed Ian theory, because we seriously believe she killed him. Our original theories below :

Retracing the Events at the Bell Tower - Did Ali Kill Ian?

We’ve been trying to figure out what exactly happened to Ian Thomas as well as, why Noel Kahn was in the finale.

The Bell Tower:

1. She hit her head and never woke up …

During the struggle between Spencer and Ian at the Bell Tower, Ian recites a possible suicide note for Spencer as he proceeds to unsuccessfully push her from the tower. He also mention this:

And the letter, the one I wrote on your computer won’t answer all of the questions but, it’ll answer enough.

At this moment we learn that Ian had Spencer’s suicide planned out.

2. What are you doing here …

As Spencer was dangling from the tower, a black hoodie walks up and Ian instantly recognizes this person. His shocking response was none other than “What are you doing here?” The widening of his eyes showed that he was shocked/surprised to see this person. In the 4B finale this hooded person was revealed as being Alison DiLaurentis.

The girl thought to be dead during this particular scene but, Ian’s reaction wasn’t that of a person seeing a ghost but more of a person he hadn’t seen in a while (if that makes sense). His reaction wasn’t shocking enough for a person who was seeing someone who was presumed dead, which made us wonder if he knew Ali wasn’t dead.

As hooded Ali knocked Ian off the tower, she quickly walks away to get out of sight.

3. You did what you had to do …

As the liars try to comfort Spencer, Ian is left dangling in the ropes; a rope around his neck and one underneath his arm. You have to wonder how he managed to untangle himself when he could have easily been hung to death from the ropes. This is impossible to do for a person hanging at the feet he was, also we reviewed the screen cap of his body hanging and noticed that the ropes were carefully knotted in certain spots and there was a main rope leading out and away from where he was hanging. We believe this is how he was pulled down and we question Ali’s story.

Ali said that she was waiting in the back and that she saw him, “he was still alive.” If Ian wasn’t dead and was just unconscious, then who pulled him down? Besides the Liars, Ali confirmed she was there at the scene, Mona claimed in 4.01 that “I didn’t push Ian from the Bell Tower. I wish I knew who did,” and Noel Kahn was in the crowd. Therefore, we figured that Ali and Noel Kahn could have worked together during this time to pull Ian down from the ropes and put him in a car out back.

We’re suspecting Ali and Noel because he had to have served some sort of purpose to what happened at the Bell Tower especially since he was seen standing in the crowd that night. In the finale he was the one who was helping her so it’s possible he knew about her being alive for some time. Also, Ali had a few reasons to kill Ian; a broken heart from Hilton Head, the risk of him telling others that she’s alive.

4. He’s been dead over a week …

Ian was dead longer than a week, this was mentioned by Melissa. If Ian was dead longer than a week than we assume that after his body was taken from the Bell Tower Ali and Noel decided to make it look like a suicide. We also suspect Ali because she wore the black hoodie that night at the Bell Tower and Ian could have very well been dead after falling into the ropes, but he was shot in the head to make it seem like a suicide.

The person who murdered him was seen in 2.04 putting Ian’s phone into Spencer’s bag. Remember this is the same person who was texting Melissa and asking for drugs. We still believe this to be Ali because who would want to see Melissa hurt more than Ali.

  1. Melissa was threatening Ali during the summer of her disappearance and she followed Ali and Ian to Hilton Head.
  2. Melissa told Ian that “if he saw Ali again someone would get hurt.” That sounded like fighting words to me, so “game on b-tch!”
  3. Ian said he was just “killing time until something better came along” - she was young and this was probably her first crush so to hear those words was very upsetting.

5. I killed Alison …

The suicide note. We decided to review Ian’s suicide note:

I killed Alison. I lost my temper because she knew too much. But there’s only so much you can bury. It won’t be that easy, but I know how to get rid of the pain. I can’t run from the law. Com and find me.

After reading this letter we matched it up with some things from what we saw in the season finale and this is what helped us with this theory that Ali could have possibly killed Ian (please click the link above for the photos). Because she didn’t deny or say if she did or didn’t, no one bothered to ask.

A list of things to think about as to why Ali is the number one suspect:

  • Ali wore the black hoodie
  • Ali’s stories doesn’t match up with Mona’s, they share some of the same events but are slightly different. Who do you believe?
  • Ali told Hanna “the four of them combined remember more about that night than they think they do.” Meaning the girls memory from that night is still gone and have yet to surface. Therefore, could Ali’s story be the truth are a lie?

Ali is Black Veil

Did Ali kill Ian - Part 2 (Better Explanation)

To break down our Bell Tower theory so that it is not confusing for you guys because I know a lot of you said you were confused :)

The story Ali told the liars in the finale could have been half truth and half lies. Remember Ali told Hanna that they “remember more about that night than they think they do.”

What we were implying with the Bell Tower theory was that Ali was setting up Spencer and the other liars because they can’t seem to remember what exactly happened the night of her disappearance. The four liars can’t remember that they were the ones who tried to kill Ali and buried her alive. They only have bits and pieces from what actually happened that night.

Ali only told the liars in the 4B finale ‘A is for Answers’ that her own mother did it because she realize that the girls still don’t remember. 

Noel have been helping Ali this whole time and the night of the Bell Tower incident the ropes were set up for Spencer (probably) but Ali realizes she does not want Spencer dead but perhaps to continue torturing her that’s when she emerges to knock Ian from the Bell Tower.

She and Noel pulled Ian’s body down from the ropes and placed his body in the trunk of a car out back. That is why we see Noel appear out of the blue in the crowd the night of the incident.

After Spencer pawned Melissa’s wedding ring, Ali/A paid to get it back out and gave the guy a horse shoe which was missing from the barn that Ian’s body was found in. The horse shoe was a symbolization of Spencer and all of her races won from horseback riding.

Ali shot Ian in the head in that barn to make it look like it was a suicide but she composed the letter out of the texts and messages that she’d sent the liars. The messages were clues relating to the night that she disappeared.

Also, Ian’s suicide note were all texts from - -A, meaning that - -A was Ali and the other -A was Mona.

Ali was setting the girls up and torturing them because they tried to kill her. We broke down Ian’s suicide note here but we will explain what it means:

I killed Alison - meant that the four liars attempted to kill Alison that night, either by shovel, or rock, or field hockey stick.

I lost  my temper because she knew too much - This meant that Ali knew too many secrets about the liars and were using these secrets against them. The liars were fed up with her bullying them so they decided to take action the night of the slumber party.

But there’s only so much you can bury - Meant that although the liars thought that by killing Ali (who isn’t dead) would free them of her and exposing their secrets they were wrong because although you buried the secrets, they will eventually emerge.

It won’t be that easy, - This meant that although Ali was young and manipulative she wasn’t dumb, she knew that one day the girls would turn on her, so she planned for Grunwald to show up that night and rescue her.

But I know how to get rid of the pain. - Meant that Ali had a plan of revenge and although and she would use an unexpected person (Mona) to help plan out her revenge against the girls.

I can’t run from the law - This meant that Ali knew that one day she will be discovered as not dead, and she will face the consequences.

Come and find me - This meant that Ali was still in charge of the liars and although their secrets were thought to be buried with the she-devil, she was more alive than ever. Therefore, seek me out.


Back to the theory:

Ali was texting Melissa from Ian’s phone because she was the one with his body, and this was a way for her to get back at Melissa for what she said at Hilton Head.

She decided that after they discovered Ian’s body that she would frame Spencer by placing the phone into Spencer’s bag and call when she and Melissa were together.

This goes into play with Ali telling Spencer to tell Melissa about her and Ian but Spencer couldn’t/wouldn’t do it.

We don’t know if this is the route the writers are taking but we love making theories and we really enjoy piecing together plot holes, so this theory was really fun to work on :)

Ali wAs sleeping at the KAhn’s!!!!!

Ali was sleeping at the Kahn’s during the same time that Maya was. Also, this would explain the whole “Maya Knew” thing. Maya knew about Ali being alive, not that Nate was in town like we were told.

Therefore, if Maya knew Ali was alive Maya perhaps, knew that Ali was the one who was torturing the girls.

Another thing to justify that Ali was involved is that we believe she was the one who was looking through Maya’s bag and took the pills from Maya’s bag. We believe she has been drugging the liars which explains their prolonged memory  loss. This is why the girls can’t seem to remember what exactly happened the night of Ali’s disappearance.

This also explains why A was seen looking at Emily’s picture as she was.

I have so much more to add to this, . . but first I need sleep, I’ve been working on this since yesterday.

wonderful you came by [part 4]

Summary: Caitlin and Barry meet in the most unexpected of places. College AU, Part 4. [Read Part 1Part 2, Part 3, or read on ff.net]

Notes: Hi I AM SO SO SORRY FOR THE LONG WAIT! I had a ton of requirements, so I didn’t have the headspace to plan this fic. Anyway, here’s a long update to make up for it. Hope you enjoy.

Rating: T for innuendo


After the alcove incident with Barry, Caitlin returned to their dorm room. She tried to dispel memories of their interaction by outlining the lecture she was to give Felicity about not getting her mother worked up with fanciful speculations on her non-existent love life. She supposed that withholding the most recent information on her interactions with Barry would be wise, at least until Felicity’s matchmaking itch faded.

But then, that was as unlikely as sprouting another head, and it really was too much to hope that Felicity would never uncover the latest developments. In fact Caitlin wasn’t ten minutes back in their room when Felicity discovered the jacket.

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The truth around Fluttering India

So fluttering India has started already and it seems alright. BUT, one thing disturbed me a lot and that was the portrayal of the kpop scene in India. tbh,i was disheartened to see suho and minho roaming around the gateway of India inquiring people if they knew what kpop was. Well, fellas guess what INDIA does know bout it and our idols would have noticed dat too if the fans were not restricted and allowed to meet them. what u see is  one girl meeting the idols,what i recall is fans crying in distance bec. they were restricted. AND to hell with the reports saying India has only 300 fans.more like 300,300 fans.props to the girl justifying that Mumbai alone has 2000+ kpoppers.

The following is an open letter from the admins of indian kpop fanclub. I found it on soompi comments uploaded by user boice22 -

Feb 5, 2015

Hi guys! This is the true story of what happened at the airport! Please try and spread it!!

From the admins of India Korea Friends, Mumbai (IKFM)

For the record, we are an independent group of a little more than 300 members. (that is Mumbai, Maharashtra, and neighboring states)

There is lot of conjecture going around about what happened at the airport relating to the arrival of KYULINE.
Here is our account of the matter.
When we found out about Kyuline first coming to India to shoot for Fluttering India, we all were very excited. And when it was announced that they were going to be in our very own Mumbai, we went crazy. A few sites reported they would arrive on 5th, and a few 2nd of Feb.
So we started planning fan projects. We made this page for that very purpose. We didn’t have much time to plan anything.
And then we got the news that the PD did not want us to be there at the airport to welcome the idols. That we couldn’t give them gifts, that if we saw them shooting, we should just behave like we did not know who they were. Yes we were told to stay away from the airport. The message was passed on to almost every Indian kpop fan pages through various sources. It was said that the production team is here to shoot for Fluttering India and the shooting process would be disrupted if fans were on the scene. And that if they saw fans on the scene they would stop the shooting and move on to another location.
For a fandom that has waited for years to be acknowledged on the world Kpop map, this was the most devastating news for fans all over the country. However we decided to be patient as we were hoping this is just the start of Kpop stars coming to India. We did not know the concept of the show, but seeing the description on the various websites, it was said the idols would interact with the locals. Aren’t we locals?
A couple of days before they actually arrived there was lots of misinformation going around about the idols flight details. There was even a post by another fan page K-pop India Fans quote “The Idols will be arriving in Aurangabad airport… The flight from Incheon to Aurangabad takes about 6hrs n 57 mins… We wish the Boiz safe and pleasant flight… And may their stay in India be enjoyable and memorable.”

We got the news on 1st Feb 2015 afternoon, that the idols were arriving anytime that night or morning. By then we were getting questions from everywhere whether we would be going to welcome them or not. The younger members wanted to go. There were fans from out of town who were waiting for confirmation so they could come to Mumbai. By evening an international fan had tweeted that Kyuline had left from Seoul on their way to Mumbai. We arrived at the airport from 9p.m onwards. By then an international fan had tweeted that Kyuline had left from Seoul on their way to Mumbai.
The kids checked the arrivals screen every half an hour. Somewhere close to the morning, a fan from Singapore tweeted that they are at Changi airport. We then knew they were going to arrive around 11.a.m on 2nd feb 2015.
At the time of arrival, there were 20 fans, including fans that are not in our fangroup. There were hardly any flights arriving so there wasn’t much crowd at the airport. We stood at the barricade. We weren’t noisy. The kids had their camera’s out. That’s when the PD walked around behind us, saw us, called us to her, and said we could not be there. We were being asked to leave.
With all due respect, the PD was not rude to us. There were 2 interpreters present. One a Korean lady who was very cooperative, and an Indian man who was very rude. The Pd spoke in Korean and this was being translated by the interpreters. We assured the Pd that the kids would not disrupt the shoot. We asked the kids to put away their cameras and anything else they had to show they were kpop fans, and they complied. One of the fans was wearing a KyuHyun Tshirt. The Indian male interpreter, very rudely pointed to her, and said “That Tshirt, that will not do. Take off the tshirt. All of you take off the Tshirts.” Those were his exact words. Did he expect us to roam around topless? This was when the fans anger started to rise. And some started arguing with them. We calmed them down. We were then asked to delete the posts on our page where we informed our fans that the PD did not want us to come to the airport. And also not to post any pictures of the arrivals, till after they left the country. We were also informed that there could be an opportunity to meet the idols at the time of departure and that we would be informed about it.
Then we were told to spread around the barricade and not look like fans but pretend we were waiting for someone. We did as told. There were Korean security guys roaming behind us. Some did peer over our shoulder to look if we were filming with our phones. But they did not ask to check our phones, nor did they check our bags as reported by some sites. We wouldn’t have let that happen. They were very decent and did not even speak to us.
KYuline stepped out of the doors. Choi Minho looked around with disbelief. His expression showed he was wondering as to where the fans were. The others too looked like they didn’t expect this. They walked out to the exit towards the car park and that was the last we seen of them. Most of the fans broke down crying.
We read that the PD said that we met with the idols and got autographs. That is an absolute lie. We did not get to within 20 feet of them. The fans who met them were not a part of our group at the airport and they met them at restaurants around the city. Their posts are all over twitter.

Later in the day, when one of our members posted on her own timeline on facebook to vent out her frustration about the event, someone took a screenshot and put it up on social media sites, and it went viral. The contents of her post was used out of context and misinterpreted. She never said our phones or bags were checked. “The crew was looking into our phones to see if we had the cameras on or not.” By that she meant they were looking over our shoulders.
This is an absolute honest account of what went on at the airport.
We decided to shut down this page because it was pointless to have a fan project page if there was not going to be any.
We are back to clarify what happened as the rumours are getting out of hand and this incident is being blown out of proportion.
We haven’t been asked by anyone to make this post. We are doing this of our own accord to set the record straight.


ALRIGHT. Clearly, we’ve all seen the accusations of Mark taking advantage of someone. If not, read it here and here. Hopefully, you get just as mad as did. Not at Mark, of course, but at the girl who’s playing victim. Now, watch as we break down step by step.

‘It was summer of last year and he tweeted about himself getting a snapchat, along with a few other youtubers. I, giddy with excitement, snapchatted him for proof it was him. He replied with a silly selfie and I was on cloud nine all day but too shy to send anything else.’

Too shy is the keyword here. The next part reads:

'Night came and he tweeted about the lack of boob pics he received on snapchat. I caught a wave of confidence and snapchatted him, asking if he wanted to do a “shirtless trade”. He replied with a stern face that said “Okay but no screenshots!”’

This is already becoming less believable. You couldn’t send selfies but boob pics you have no trouble sending? Flawed logic right there. Plus, if he 'replied’ just to you, it’s already a false statement. From what I can tell, he replies to people in multitude, aka multiple people at once. So if he did 'reply’ other people would have received it. He wouldn’t make an exception for one person. NEXT!

’I sent him one or two topless photos and he replied smiling, saying “Wow, you’re beautiful.” He sent me a picture of a dark set, saying “Can’t send one- filming rn”. So I continued to send him photos I deemed sexy enough. I was enraptured by him and desperate to continue my hold of his attention. He replied twice, one with a smirk, encouraging me to “keep bugging him” and one asking for “full frontal”. Soon, though, he stopped reading my snaps or replying. I stayed up too late waiting for his reply and the next morning, he tweeted he deleted his SnapChat.’

Yet again with the 'he only replied to me’ crap. Which is rlly the only thing to pull out of that statement. 'He replied to me and only me’ seems to be a constant theme. And if he’s 'filming rn’ then how is he replying to the snaps? Flawed logic at it’s finest.

’I was confused, heartbroken, but determined to gain his approval again. I waited patiently for him to snapchat again, sending my own photos every now and then, desperate, but I never got a reply. I even spoke to a friend of his and fellow YouTuber about it over SnapChat a month later. He told me that his friend probably knew he made a mistake and would come around eventually. It never happened. I never got an apology, let along another hint he knew I was alive. Until a few weeks ago.’

So now we have another mysterious Youtuber who who she 'snapchatted’ with. Who is this person? Idk. And neither does she. Because he probs doesn’t exist. And an apology for what, hun? There’s nothing to apologize for!

’Roll around to present time, I have an amazing boyfriend. One evening, before I took a shower, I decided to send him a topless photo. My snapchat friends list was short and, by combination of distraction and my slippery thumb, I sent the snapchat to the wrong person. I didn’t realize until a bit later when I saw my boyfriend hadn’t replied. I looked and felt my heart stop. The Let’s Player had been accidentally sent my photo. And it had been seen. I started in shock for a few seconds until something else came up- the symbol of a screenshot.’

Need I even say something about this? You take a pic, somehow send it to Mark even tho he deleted his Snapchat, so he wouldn’t even be listed in those contacts unless you added him again. Hmmm. Suspicious much? And there’s no proof that he screenshotted the image. Don’t you think that you would at least try and have evidence to back up your claim? No? Wow okay.

’I panicked. I quickly sent a few snaps, asking why he had screenshot it. He replied with a disgusted face, saying “I didn’t, you weird person.” I was sobbing by now as I tried to apologize and find out what the fuck had just happen but my snapchats were no longer being read or replied to once again. Every inch of me felt disgusting and I shook with the anger that I had possibly upset a role model of mine. Flashbacks of the summer this first happened punched me in the gut and I frantically got in touch with my boyfriend. I cried all night. Nothing comforted me.’

*sigh* Really? He replied with 'you weird person’? Do you REALIZE how unbelievable that is? Gosh. It’s not even remotely true anymore. Nothing even happened! You 'sent nudes’, he 'replied’, he stopped 'replying’, and then you somehow send more images of yourself and he keeps the image and called you 'weird’. I’m sorry, but this doesn’t add up in the least! Yet AGAIN with the 'replied to only me’ thing and all. How long do you expect people to believe that? And this is the only other evidence she has besides 'sent’ emails:

It’s not like it’s even directed towards her. Like, that’s saying this was meant for me because I sent him those pics. Yet again, people will do ANYTHING to shit on famous people. And why on Earth would you take the initiative to send boob pics to someone anyways? He was joking around!

TL;DR: Long story short, it’s a made up story you shouldn’t believe or support because there’s so many flaws to the story. Please don’t let this change your view on Mark. He doesn’t deserve this kind of bullshit. He deserves happiness. This has happened before and it’ll happen again. Just remember; the Mark described here is the Mark we know and admire. And that’s the important part. So don’t let her fool you! Poor Mark’ll probably have to make an announcement dismissing (or confirming on a rare occasion) the accusations. 

Support the one who made you happy countless times and believes in you 100% and not the one who you don’t know.

Nashville Night Two: As told by Morgan September 26, 2015
  • The Events of the Taylor Swift Concert: Day of the show, we woke up anxious. Let me backtrack, Sinead had surprised Hannah and I by buying us all PIT TICKETS, however the tickets were from Craigslist. Until we had the tickets in hand, we thought they must be real because Sinead had spoken with the seller (Sierra) plenty of times and gotten all of the lady’s bank information to complete the transaction. When Sierra, if that’s even her real name, first mailed the tickets to my house in Flagstaff they got “lost in the mail” and so she said she would get Ticketmaster to reissue them so she could forward them to us and we could print them at home. We printed them out and the font looked sort of funky, but for the most part, we let it slide. Once we were actually in Nashville waiting all day in the line for pit, our faith in the tickets began to dwindle. We desperately asked other people in line if they thought our tickets looked real and most people shrugged, but one girl insisted they were not real tickets. She was certain because all of the barcodes on the tickets were exactly the same. The only way to find out if the tickets were legit or not was to scan them at the venue entry, which would happen right before the show. The wait was torture. Finally, six o’clock rolled around and the nervous jitters turned into panic as Sinead stepped forward to get her ticket scanned. “INVALID, NO ENTRY”, flashed across the screen. Sinead stood in shock, not sure what to say and the woman checking tickets told her she had to go to will call to get it sorted out. Sinead said she had to wait for her friends so they let her step to the side while they scanned the rest of our tickets. Miraculously, as Sinead was posted up behind the scanner, they started to put a wristband on her. Our tickets also scanned as invalid but we pointed to Sinead and said we were with her. The woman peered at us and then apparently gave up completely because she said, “whatever, just go”. Hannah and I burst out into a nervous and uncontrollable cackling fit as they put wristbands on us. Hannah was the last one to be banded and as she took off running after the rest of us she overheard the security say “well we let them in we can’t kick them out now”.
  • We skidded to a stop in the left pit completely breathless and in shock that we had gotten into the pit with fake tickets. We were some of the first to make it to the pit, so we secured a spot right up against the front barrier. I reached out and my fingers brushed the stage, Taylor Swift was going to sweat on us!!!!!! We continued to spaz out and completely lose our minds over the luck we’d had. Are we real? Probably no. We got out a few of the Ericasicles and then we met a very nice security guard named Kevin. We begged Kevin to tell us who Taylor’s special guests were going to be and he confirmed that it was Mick Jagger and Leona Louis!!! We saw Abigail walk from backstage towards the sound booth and we peed ourselves. Word got out about the Ericasicles backstage and random crew members were coming out to take pictures with us because of our shirts and because Erica’s face on a stick is a hot commodity! David Cook, Taylor’s keyboardist, saw our tweets and came into the pit to give us a hug and get an Ericasicle for himself. He told us Erica is the busiest person of anyone backstage but he would try to get her to come say hi to us. A couple of Taylor’s dancers who normally take selfies with the whole pit saw our Ericasicles from the other side of the pit and came to talk to us about it after we yelled at them that we wanted to have a sidebar. They took photos of the front and backs of our shirts. Everyone wanted a piece of Erica! The lights went dark signaling the start of Vance Joy’s set. Once Vance saw how the Ericasicles danced gracefully through the air and how we knew all the words to his songs, he was obsessed with us. He kept singing to us and laughing at how barbaric we danced. The cameraman put us on the big screen at least four times during Vance’s set. He was a MASSIVE fan of the Ericasicles. He even took one and put it in his headband so that Erica was sticking up into the air. The cameraman also filmed a close-up of an Ericasicle, which he put on the big screen for quite a long period! We were all getting tweets from random people saying things like, “I’m up in the 300s and all I can see is the Ericasicles dancing in the front row”. Haim’s set was a blast! The pounding rock and roll got us pumped for Taylor and the sisters were making faces at us! Before Taylor’s set, we passed out the remaining Ericasicles to various other fans in the pit so that they could wave them proudly at Taylor.
  • Taylor’s entrance was completely overwhelming and awe-inspiring. To see her walk out of the stage and stand less than ten feet in front of us… I was real close to fainting. Our souls left our bodies and I lost all control of my limbs. Everyone on stage was getting a kick out of the Ericasicles. During IKYWT, The dancers have to act all serious but when they would crawl up to the edge of the stage all fierce they couldn’t keep a straight face because of the Ericasicles. Taylor spent so much time over on our side of the stage and all the dancers on our side LOVED US. Paul, Taylor’s guitarist, was right in front of us whenever Taylor was down on the catwalk and I think he wants to adopt me. During IKYWT, Paul and I were singing to each other, it was lit! Paul had to throw us about 38 guitar picks before we each got one because we couldn’t catch at all! When Taylor brought out Leona Lewis tears formed in my eyes at the real blessing that happened right in that moment. When Taylor was walking back towards the stage on the catwalk I made a weird face at her and frantically waved my arms around and she made the same face back!!! This woman is my soul mate!!!!! The whole show only got more emotional when Taylor sang Fifteen and dedicated it to Abigail. Hannah was an ugly mess, it was fantastic! Sinead and I sobbed puddles of tears during Clean and Taylor’s speech talked about how it’s not fair that people who don’t know you can be so mean and judgmental. She asked us all to keep living enthusiastic lives and to never be afraid of looking uncool. Okay what happened when Mick Jagger came out needs no explanation to be honest. I think the power of Taylor plus Mick Jagger created a beam of light that shone into outer space probably. At the end of their song, Taylor did a mic drop and that’s why she’s an icon. We could nearly touch Taylor’s poofy dress while she was at the alien-space piano and she could hear us yelling compliments at the back of her head! Throughout the whole show, we had a small window right in front of us and we could see Taylor below the stage! During OOTW Taylor mouthed “HEY BABE” at Sinead who abruptly began shaking and burst into tears! When Taylor was crouched preparing for Shake It Off, we could see her outfit and I yelled “YOU LOOK GOOD IN GREEN”, Taylor started laughing and that’s why I’m a dead man! Amos ran over to us while Taylor was singing Shake It Off and he took my Ericasicle! He stuck it behind the strings of his bass and played the rest of the song with the Ericasicle cutely tucked in his instrument! When Taylor was running off the stage she waved to us and said “BYE GUYS”. And that’s why I’m crying while I type this! ERICA found time in her busy life to come near the pit and wave excitedly at all of us for a moment!! Love that woman! Ragged-looking Ericasicles littered the floor of the pit once everyone had filed out, what a wild success! After the show we all went outside the venue and one of the security guards manning the back door asked if he could take a photo of our shirts! His name was Steve and he took a few Ericasicles too.
  • The fact that we could feel the wind when the dancers would move in front of us, see every SINGLE wrinkle on Mick Jagger’s face, and get a tan from the Shake It Off fireworks is all proof that last night could not have been real and Taylor Swift cannot be human. My voice is completely gone and Nashville night two was the most memorable night of my whole life. The night we danced like we knew our lives would never be the same.
Preference #10 - How he tells the fans you two are dating

Harry: Wearing his sleeveless lumberjack shirt and his ray bans while walking and enjoying the weather, Harry stopped to take a picture with a fan, which quickly turned into a crowd that was now mobbing him. Smiling at the fans comments one of them suddenly asked about you, one question leading to many more making Harry chuckle and show off his dimples. So how’s Y/N? Is she here? The fans teased him, Harry smiled and looked up handling a signed shirt and answered. She is very good thank you, um yeah she’s with the boys right now he said smiling goofily, accent extra thick. The fans started smiling mischievously at Harry and making silly jokes and faces at him by how he acted when you were mentioned, until one of them spoke loudly Are you two dating Harold? The majority of the fans started to laugh some of them taking their cell phones and cameras out to film Harry’s reaction. He closed his eyes laughing softly with the crowd before clearing his throat. You gained some laughs over here didn’t you? He said in a funny tone, gaining more laughs from the fans, Um actually… he started off We are dating, yeah we are dating for about, 3 months now Harry admitted, looking to his left remembering when you two have started dating and then looking back to the girl. Aww many of them cooed making Harry blush a bit. Yeah she’s my lady now he said before laughing with the fans. Well, now I have to go, bye bye Harry said starting to leave and waving. Bye Harry! ,Bye, Say hi to Y/N! The fans yelled. Looking at the ground and fixing his hair Harry responded, I will! He said before he entered to the hotel. Hours later GIFS, pictures and videos of Harry telling you two are dating were all over Internet.

Liam: The boys were being interviewed for an event and this time Liam, next to Louis were up for the questions. Everyone knew something between you and Liam was going on; always together, being very intimate with each other and many times acting way to affectionate with each other, it only needed for one of you to confirm it. After talking with Louis the interviewer handed the microphone to Liam. So tell me Liam, are there any special ladies in your life right now? Are you dating a special girl, maybe Y/N? Louis laughed while showing a surprised look before patting Liam in the back. Liam popped his eyes out in surprise looking straight to the camera before laughing at his own expression. He decided it was time to confirm your relationship and spoke up. About that I just wanted to say that yeah in fact we are dating Liam said smiling widely to the interviewer. For how ma- but before she could finish her sentence Louis interrupted. Well finally Liam it was about time you know mate? He said relieved and making fun of Liam who was still smiling remembering how happy he is with you.  The interviewer’s laugh woke Liam up to answer Louis. Oh shut up Lou, Liam said playfully looking at his mate. Sorry what were you saying? Oh right, how many months have you been dating so far? She asked. We’ve been happily dating for four months now, he said proudly. Oh Liam you sound really in love with Y/N just look how your eyes sparkle when were are talking about her the interviewer said in awe. Well the best of wishes for the two of you, Thanks he smiled. Enjoy the night guys she said. Thank you they said in sync, waving as they made their way to the venue.

Niall: Photos, videos, twits and other things suggested that what you and Niall had was more than a beautiful friendship, it was so clear and obvious to everyone else you two held a relationship but neither of you had confirmed it. The boys had just arrived to another city to perform but before going to the sound check you and Niall decided to spend a little time together and get some fresh air. As usual, a group of fans was waiting behind the bars so Niall taking you with him, decided to approach to them just to take photos with them and sign their things. You stayed a bit back while Niall took his time talking and taking pictures with the fans when they decided to ask him if the two of you were dating. The girls started to cheer and laugh along with Niall’s loud laugh, he looked back at you and dragged you by the hand towards him.  Umm hii you said kind of confused, Niall what are you doing? You said laughing confused at the blonde boy. I just though babe, I’m gonna make it official. We are dating, so I’m no longer single Niall said proudly, his ocean blue eyes piercing your gaze, he turned to see the group of girls just to notice they were all in awe filming and listening to him. Small crinkles formed around your eyes as a wide and beautiful smile appeared on your face, Niall smiled back and placed a sweet kiss on your lips, making the fans cheer. After giving his last autograph he took your hand and retook your journey.

Zayn: Feet intertwined and chests inches apart, grabbing your hand Zayn was telling you stories, making you laughed and sharing thoughts with you. Your time together could’ve been enjoyed more if both of your phones could’ve stop buzzing all the time. So yeah and I told her that and- Zayn started before his phone buzzed, his big hazel eyes founding yours. You looked at him and sighed playfully, it was like the 50th time by now. Zayn’s toned and inked torso twirled towards the night stand, where he grabbed his phone to see what was happening. You stood up from your spot and headed to the bathroom but first stopped where he lay, your delicate hand caressed his rib cage before planting a loving kiss on his lips, teasing him a bit before going to the bathroom. Zayn smiled at your gesture as you closed the bathroom door, his eyes adjusted to the shiny screen of his phone reading the numerous twitter and other medias mentioning you and him being in a relationship or the chance of you two being in one. You came out of the bathroom saw Zayn talking to his phone but at the time you realized it, you had already cross and appeared on the video. There she is he said turning to see you Babe come over here he said stretching his hand. His arms held you by the waist as her proceeded. So yeah guys like I was saying, there are many rumours and stuff saying we are dating… Zayn stopped and looked at you smiling, you closed your eyes and slowly leaned in for a kiss, which he gladly accepted and enjoyed. You broke the kiss remembering how thousands of people were watching and laughing, you hide your face in Zayn’s neck. I just wanted to clarify we are dating, and that proves it he said between laughs playing with your hair. That was everything I wanted to say, so bye guys Zayn said waving and finally ending with the twittcam. Zayn’s twittcam made the fans remember old times and fill the place with cute moments of both of you.  

Louis: You and Louis felt so happy and complimented each other, your relationship felt so real and pure you just couldn’t be hide it from the media, so when the two of you were convinced enough, he decided to make it official. Louis posted a couple Polaroid pictures in Twitter: one in which your legs held onto Louis waist his arms holding you and sharing a passionate kiss. The other picture was you two simply smiling and him grabbing you by the waist along with the caption: Have an announcement to make, o this beautiful lady @Y/T/N and me are dating! Just wanted to make it official, best five months ever, I love you! Louis’ tweet made Twitter explode that afternoon, millions of fans retwit it, the news was all over social medias and now the world new you were Louis’ and he was yours. Of course there were some people who disagreed and didn’t approved your relationship at all, instead they hated it, but above all those things at the end a relationship is formed by two people who love each other, no more. You couldn’t be any happier with anyone and you were glad he felt the same way with you, you knew dating him could be hard, but neither of you were willing to separate from each other. You saw Louis’ twitt and rapidly looked at him smiling in awe, you left your phone in the couch and threw yourself over him, planting kisses all over his face. I love you more you said taking air, your legs around his chest. His arms hold you tight by your bum when he smiled, knowing you have read the twitt. 

 Hope you like it :) I aslo make personal imagines and take requests xxxxx

Meryl and Maks stuff..... (submitted to me)

Just want to give you a heads up on tonight’s interview with Karen Drew.  There is a snippet on the website and from the looks of it, she is going to deny any romantic involvement.  (Remember, it was done after she spent 5 days with him in CA).   I don’t watch Channel 4 news regularly but I have seen her segments before and they can be choppy and sort of pasted together.  The website might be tricky because it constantly reloads.  I have never watched a live feed on it.  The 11PM news is only on until 11:35.  I don’t think it will be very long.  It will definitely be posted on the website by Friday if you miss it.  I don’t think they will talk about anything other than Michigan stuff on the Live in the D show next Tuesday morning.  It will be about the Thanksgiving Day Parade.  Usually, a man (Guy Gordon) does the show with Karen Drew.  But, the tweet we saw stated Meryl would be co-hosting.  Speaking of this weekend, I totally forgot about the black tie event regarding the Thanksgiving Day Parade.  It is called the Hob Nobble Gobble and is a big deal.  So, of course, the Grand Marshals will be in attendance.  I can confirm that it is tomorrow, Friday night. 

While I appreciate all the info from the skating event last night, (At first, tbh, when I saw the name aunt-pat, I got a sinking feeling our Patsy was making shit up under a pseudonym until I saw the pic – sorry!)  I feel she didn’t get the entire story and who really ever will?  And, there were things she stated that she could not talk about.  The only people that I feel know are Val and Charlie and maybe Nicole.  The rest of the fam are definitely shippers.   Do I believe they love each other?  Yes, with every fiber of their being.  Why do you think Maks has been trying to clean up the impression of himself in the media.  Do I think they are trying to make it work for the future?  Yes, or they wouldn’t be scheduling events together in April 2015.  I always go back to “actions” (like the DWTS premiere-you don’t act like that and not feel anything two months later), to “she is a big part of my life now and vice versa” (interview that he tweeted as a good one), to “I will be watching the Notebook on Valentine’s Day”(Eva Mendes on Ellen when talking rumors of a breakup with Ryan Gosling, while pregnant with his child – remember Maks respects the relationship they have). 

What I don’t like now are the comments that he is broke and that is why he is renting out his huge home.  I don’t think any of those Chmerkovskiy men are ill-prepared.  They are all hard workers and planners.  It is time for Val to get his own place.  It is time for them to have their own personal lives.  Do I think he is moving permanently to CA – no.  MAYBE he has gigs coming up in NYC proper.  MAYBE they are guest hosting on a show like Kelly & Michael.  MAYBE they are creating a foundation together.   It won’t always be about her and Charlie.  They both stated they have projects they are working on together.  I think we better be prepared for a long wait.  Both of them definitely did not see this coming and no one can expect them to change their directions/dreams on a dime.  It takes time. 

Finally, I would like to add my opinion regarding the jewelry.  She is not going to tell anyone it is a ring from Maks…..or a necklace from Maks.  That would open up a big can of worms.  Since my Dad is dead, I asked an older gentleman that I know about the ring.  I showed him the ring in passing and immediately he stated that that was an engagement ring.  He stated that is not something a father would give a daughter.  So, I asked my boys about the key necklace.  Both of them stated their girlfriends have been asking for them. “It is so romantic for us to get one because then we would have the keys to your heart” is what they said.  Geez, it is a good thing I really like these girls.  My husband agreed he would never buy one for a daughter. 

One more thing…..it was in the paper this weekend that the Michigan football team could actually go to the Potato Bowl.  I am not kidding!  Anon Sue


Thanks Anon Sue, I pretty much agree with you 100%. 

Potato Bowl!?!?