.i love him so much omg

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omg okay so i love your blog so much and your v headcanons everytime you guys headcanon him i cry bc its so great ahh can i ask you for just any general v headcanons or v and mc headcanons bc happiness on v is my favorite thing tysm!!

A/N: i LiVe FoR v Hc’S AAAAAAAAAAAA (also thanks 626 for your contribution of like 7 points sorry not sorry i took all the ideas) ~Admin 404


-He’s the type of guy to have those cute little DIY string thingies that holds up photos strung around his house

-Also the type of guy to have those random, brightly coloured, porcelain animal figurines in his house

-His closet is actually really monochromatic??? Like he’s a bright person already, he doesn’t need to have bright clothes as well


-Everyone thinks he’s so sweet 24/7 but he’s actually pretty sassy and lowkey sarcastic if he’s being himself

-Complete pacifist UNLESS you intend to hurt the ones closest to him, then he gets pretty scary

-Tries to take selfies with his sister but they come out terrible and she makes fun of him for it

-Also tries to selfie with you and you send the funniest ones to his sister (again, makes fun of him)

-Has so many of his mum’s art pieces hanging in his house!!

-Animals love him!!! That’s why he has such great pictures of them on his camera!

-Sort of unorganized; he has a full drawer full of SD cards but none of them are labeled so he has no idea what’s on them unless he plugs them in

-You have to help him pick out his outfits sometimes because he’S SO BAD AT IT, V YOU CAN’T WEAR CAMO AND STRIPES WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU


-Closet nerd, he loves Lord of the Rings, the scENERY, MC, IT’S BEAUTIFUL

-Once got stuck in a tree trying to scare you and you needed to call Jumin to come help him down. Vowed not to try and scare you from then on

-Has a TON of ugly sweaters and literally thinks they’re the cutest things ever

-Likes to try ANY cute DIY food video he comes across (buT V WE CAN’T EAT ALL OF THIS)

- this little nerd will leave you sweet notes all over the house!!! He thinks you make the cutest faces when you find them <3

- he has this really cute silly side to him that he only shows to you???

- like he’ll smack your forehead randomly and act like it wasn’t him at all but he bursts out laughing bc your glare is far from threatening

- his laugh is like heaven

- He puts eyes on literally every food item in your refrigerator as a prank but it’s actually really cute because he draws faces on them too

- Sooo many dumb jokes and you hate and love them all

- “What kind of bagel can fly? A plain bagel”

- sometimes u wanna kill him

- He signs up for every class that can make him “a better version of himself” smh this guy is trying to better himself??? Who does he think is

- art classes, photography classes, fitness classes, cooking classes, litERALLY EVERYTHING

- he drags you with him because he loves u <3

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Omg yeah me too... i feel like his eyebrows give him so much character, and they make him look like hes always pitying someone and overall make him more creepy looking and i love that?

Yea! At first I thought he intentionally slanted his eyebrows like / \ to look superior or something but no, poor guy was literally born with the face of an asshole.

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Okay so I accidentally fell into hs hell and (totally definitely accidentally) became mildly obsessed with Dave. I remembered you drew some hs stuff which resulted in me possibly going through your entire Dave Strider tag and I just gotta say the way you draw him makes me so happy and then I hAD to see the little Hamilton ref in one of your works and.... yeah I seem to have lost my heart. Sorry for the long ask omg I just love everything about this ; v ;

cant believe its 2017 and people still havent turned homestuck into a taboo subject yet. BUT IM GLAD YOU R ENJOYING THE GAYEST WEBCOMIC OF THE CENTURY!!! 

thank you very much im glad you like how i draw dave!!! omfg the hamilton thing i think was based off like a textpost about theatre crews that i found really funny ahahaha 

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How do you know so much information about Jungkook? I am amazed! Are you a korean army? If that is the case, you are really lucky! Anyway i love your blog! I wish there is a blog like yours about V and the others members! Thank tou for being such a Kooki stan, i feel proud! And just to know, are you a boy or a girl? Because i feel you are a girl since i am a girl too! But i saw one of yor post saying you were a banana! I am lost! So thank you fot such a nice blog.

Hey there ❤ Thank so much for loving my blog 💕💕💕 I’m flattered to think that you assumed I know lots of stuff of jungkook omg 🙊🙊 I mean l always try my best to remain updated about him 💛💛💛 I follow lots of jungkook’s fanaccounts who actually go the fansigns and events, and they usually post what happens in there. I’m not a k-army , in fact I wish I could see BTS irl at least once in my life lol 😂😂 I’m a girl too ❤❤❤ MY name is Hana ^^ and the Banana thing loll it’s a little inside joke that grew out of proportion on my blog lol I like calling myself a banana , because one of my friend used to call me Hana Banana Flofana lol and when I noticed jungkook being obsessed over “banana kick” (some snack) , I low key decided to turn this into an alias lol 😂😂😂

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hhhhh i love your art style!!! if people knew about juke then id ask you to draw him but he's like barely known on tumblr ;-;

Omg ahaha thank you so much for enjoying my trash, buddy! ;^)
Well, there are many jukes, I have no idea who you’re talking about but I sure have nothing against requests!! Just need to find time for making them :,) ((and maybe a ref if I don’t know them idfk))

newt scamander is me
  • believes the real monsters are humans 
  • loves animals far more than people and would die for them 
  • would happily destroy a shop to retrieve an animal and keep it safe 
  • accidental favouritism but loves all equally 
  • awkward but able 
  • proudly shows off hogwarts house 
  • defends hogwarts over other wizarding schools
  • wears the same outfit repeatedly
  • will curl up in bed and pout when upset