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Hiii! (I hope I’m doing this right because Tumblr doesn’t really agree with me) A few days ago I asked you if you had any pictures where I could see rbb’s colours clearly because I wanted to try and crochet him annnnnd here it is! :) thought I’d share it because I’m really proud of him even though it’s obviously pretty different 😳  thank you for the help! xx



Justlex With Reserved!Justin and Forward!Alex

Request: i love the idea of justlex with touchstarved!justin who’s scared to initiate contact or ask for hugs etc bc of his home life. so alex gives him lots of hugs and cuddles and holds his hand n stuff. and justin just gets so happy and smiley. (headcannons if you want? not necessary tho, just wanted to share a thought:) )

A/N: Looooove this, thanks for requesting!

Warnings: Horribly family.

Justlex With Reserved!Justin and Forward!Alex…

  • Justin was not at all used to receiving affection

  • He loved it

  • But he never got it

  • And he’d learnt long ago not to ask for it

  • So when he and Alex started dating he was a little distant- still just staying in their lane of a friendly presence around each other

  • He wanted nothing more than to hold Alex’s hand in the halls

  • And pull him into a hug every five seconds of the day

  • But he held off, not knowing if Alex would like that

  • Meanwhile Alex went home every day and stared at his ceiling, wondering why Justin hadn’t made any move on him yet- not even a little kiss

  • He thought it was something he’d done

  • Worst of all, he worried that it was a sign that this was nothing but a joke- Justin playing him for the amusement of his friends

  • A week later Alex confronted him about it, and he had not been prepared to Justin to actually cry when Alex asked if he even wanted to be with him

  • When Justin went to comfort him but faltered before he touched him everything in Alex’s mind clicked

  • Justin had no idea how to initiate any of this

  • It broke Alex’s heart, and he instantly pulled Justin into the tightest hug in the world, the other boy sobbing on his shoulder

  • Alex felt stupid for not realising it earlier, and vowed to make it easier for Justin to just crave affection from Alex when he wanted to

  • Alex would hold his hand in the halls, and wrap an arm around his waist when they stopped to get something from one of their lockers

  • When it was lunch and they were outside Alex would always have Justin locked in a hug with him, and he made sure to tell Justin just how much he liked when Justin was so close

  • When they were alone together Alex would wrap Justin around in his arms and pull him into his lap, cradling him and giving him gentle kisses

  • Another couple weeks passed without a kiss, but Alex didn’t mind anymore, Justin had stopped being so uncomfortable when Alex held him, and just let himself receive the affection

  • It was once it’s started getting cold, and the boys were huddled together for warmth that Justin finally kissed Alex, tilting his head up and just shyly catching the corner of Alex’s lips before he hid his face again, it wasn’t a proper kiss, but Alex was happy with it

  • After that Alex knew that Justin was okay with kissing, so he was always pecking Justin’s lips lightly to assure the boy he was there

  • Eventually Justin’s confidence started to surface, and Alex learnt his little ways of asking for affection, like Justin fingers on his forearm when he wanted a hug, or the way he stared at Alex’s lips when he wanted a kiss

  • Justin would just melt into his arms like a needy child, and Alex loved it. He’d always wrap his arms around Justin and leave gentle kisses over his face, it was their favourite pastime

  • And Justin didn’t mind showing his vulnerability to Alex. He was at his happiest when he was curled into Alex’s chest, his head in the side of Alex’s neck while they both just enjoyed being in that moment with each other


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Hey mimi :} i am new to ARMY fandom and i ship jikook <3 do u know any blogs i can follow with jikook? thank you beforehand :}

Hello there and welcome to the fandom ^^ <3

Originally posted by jikookized

I also want to thank all the owners of these blogs as they work suuuuuper hard to create and share content on a daily. You all make my day ILY <3

White "fans" of latinx characters be like

You guys I looooove [insert char name for latina, sexualized ‘papi’ for latino] sm, I want them to [spins wheel of violent actions] step on me and literally crush me to death with their sexiness!! I bet that [spins wheel of cultural identities they think are interchangeable] Spanish person loves to eat [spins wheel of the 5 Mexican foods they know] tacos and listens to [insert Gasolina, the only song in Spanish they know, apparently] all the time while [spins wheel of latinx pain to joke about] running from their mom’s chancla and [insert deportation because it’s SO original and hilarious]!!!!!

[Shares whitewashed content bc “THE LIGHTING!”; shares content where chars, especially darker skinned ones, are stereotypes; argues that latinx ppl can’t also be black and that afrolatinx hcs are as bad as whitewashing; is called out for being racist but decides to talk over latinxs instead and claim that even if their racism is in fact racism, it’s only diet racism lite and doesn’t affect the real world AT ALL, and that latinx fans are only overreacting in their hateful little circlejerks]

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Hello! I'm in love with your mer-Todoroki piece! He looks absolutely stunning. I wanted to know if it would be okay to use your art as a basis for a fic I'm writing on AO3 (with credit to you of course!!), or if that wouldn't be something you would be comfortable with. Thank you so much for sharing your amazing skills with the internet <3

Hello! Yes, you can use it :) I have no problems with these things! Just remember, when you finish your fic you must link me to it! Because I’d looooove to read it!! ❤︎ Good luck with writing! ❤︎

Weekend Readings

Mostly TFW recs - but some weeks others might sneak in there. It is a semi weekly thing. I won’t have as much time each week and those weeks I focus on my own writing.

Feel free to tag me in your stuff - I won’t promise I will find time to read it all but I will do my best.

List is under the cut cause I apparantly have been reading way too much for my own good this week ;)

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Wanted to share this FABULOUS crochet creation with the world!!! Created by Natasha Callaway (and shared with her permission). I looooove graphgans and I LOVE to share them as so many people don’t seem to realize the possibilty of crochet. THIS IS CROCHETED!!!! To put this into perspective, it was made with Hobby Lobby I Love This Yarn. The yarn itself costed about $80-100 and took many many MANY hours, officially took a month to create (this project is 4.5'x5.5’, my 1.5'x3.25’ much-simpler-design-project took 16 hours of crochet, then the addition hour or two of weaving ends. Color changes add so much time in these graphs so this would take forever). I saw this and really wanted to share with everyone so you can see that crochet is more than simple scarves and socks and whatever else is stereotypical “my grandma made me this” that people think of when they picture crochet. I love making scarves, don’t get me wrong (obsessed with hairpin lace right now), but crochet has so many different possibilities and is truly a form of art.


Here’s my hyper woof, Luna! We got her from an animal shelter when she was about 2 years old and she’s going on 8 this year even though she still acts like a puppy. Unlike other huskies, Luna doesn’t talk that much (unless she wants to go outside). Brushing her fur is a pain in the butt because she hates sitting still for too long. She is terrified of thunderstorms, moving water, fireworks, and bath time and she will tinkle when she gets too scared (the poor baby)! She loooooves getting belly rubs and meeting new people and dogs around the neighborhood. I usually can’t walk her unless I sit my longboard like a sled and just let her walk me!

She is too cute! Her expression in the last photo reminds me so much of my River. Ah thank you for sharing her. :D

Drugstore Perfume

Pairing: Sam x reader

Song: Drugstore Perfume - Gerard Way

Request: I looooove, your fics so far! Wondering if I could make a simple request? Reader meets Sam on a train because they both need a table for research (reader is a scientist or something though!) They end up having to share, fluffy cuteness please! :P xxx

Words: 1391

Warnings: swearing.

Key: y/h/t - your home town. Y/h/c - your home country. Y/s/n - your surname.

A/N: do you want a part 2 for this? I really feel like that would be fitting… Please let me know :) x

Your name: submit What is this?


Feeling like Hermione Grainger in the first Harry Potter book, you scuttled along the corridor of the train anxiously, searching for a free compartment with a table for you to put your laptop on. Even when travelling, you had to think about work and do work. Although you had an utter hatred for the idea, you weren’t given much of a choice. 
On the verge of giving up, you reached the very last compartment. It was made for three like all the other ones, but the absolute giant of a man inside it easily made it look much smaller than it was. 
From what you could tell, he was 6’4”. He had quite a bulky figure due to lots of muscle, and he was gorgeous. 
In consequence, you were nervous as you gingerly slid the door open and asked him if you could join him. “This is the only… Remotely free one” you gave the stranger an awkward smile but he nodded and gave you a kind smile.
“Oh, it’s no trouble, really. Come sit down.” He motioned to the space beside him. Upon sitting on it, you discovered it wasn’t the most comfortable of all seats. This was gonna be a great overnight journey.
It being a nighttrain, there were beds available in the next carriage. You couldn’t afford them, however, coming from humble beginnings and still a long way away from humble… Endings.
It was going to be a long journey.
“I’m Sam Winchester, by the way” Sam cast a glance in your direction to support his words.
“Ah, I’m y/n y/s/n. Pleased to meet you, Sam.” You tried to sound as relaxed as possible. “What are you smirking at?” You spotted the smug grin on your new acquiantance’s face and called him out on it.
Sam shook his head in wonder. “Nothing, it’s just… Your accent. It’s really… Cool to listen to.” Evidently, he was trying to play it cool, too.
“Well, thank you! I’m from y/h/t, y/h/c. Lived there my whole life. Until now, that is! Kansas is going to be my new home soon.”
“Really? That’s where I live. Not exactly the place to live out the ‘American Dream’, though… Why there?” His brow furrowed as he spoke.
“Oh, I, uh… I heard you were gonna be there.” You laughed a little and he joined in. Oh God, I’m so cringey and he’s so good looking. This is not going well. 
“Hah! Good one” Sam admitted. “But really?” He inquired after a pause. 
You attempted to beat around the bush but not leave too much out of your story. “My dad, erm… My dad does a very dangerous job. He hunts things… Things that hurt people. Don’t get me wrong, I know he saves lives and ultimately, he does good, but… I wanted something different for myself. So, I basically got on a plane, then that was pretty much all my money gone, so I got on a train. I just needed to get away, really. I just finished the science of sport at uni and I don’t know what the hell to do with it, so I’ve been writing this thing. It’s gotta be for a deadline, though, so I’m just feeling as much pressure as I did back when I was at uni in the day and being with my dad at night. And as if that wasn’t enough, I’ve got nowhere to stay. It’s crappy, really. I know I didn’t really think this through properly, but it’s better than arguing with my dad all the time.” When you stopped talking, you noticed Sam was gazing at you. The corners of his mouth were turned up a little and his eyes had an immediate fondness in them. 
“Anyway, I’m sorry about that- I mean, I’ve been told I talk too fast and I ramble too much and-“
“My dad was like that.” Sam told you softly. “I get it. And don’t worry, I like the way you talk.” He reassured you, his mini speech full of feeling.
“Oh, well… I don’t want to ruin your mood. Let’s get on with our work, shall we?” You suggested, having forgotten your initial plan of asking him about his own life.
After setting your laptop up, what seemed like 5 hours but was probably more like 2 was spent in silence. The dischord-like sound of your determined, furious, fast typing collided with the smooth sound of Sam’s mouse on his keyboard clicking or scrolling every now and then.
“We should take a break before my eyes burn up or fall out of their sockets” your voice seemed dry in a way, having not been used for a while.
“Agreed” your new friend concurred. 
Simultaneously, the two of you pushed the screens of your laptops down so in their place you were staring at the wall of the compartment you were in.
“I’m sorry, I just need to, uh…” You trailed off but fished your bag out from under the table, that being enough of a gesture. You shifted up on the seat so you could place your bag on it beside you, there being no more room on the little table. You dug around in your duffel bag, and cursed, slumping back in the seat when you couldn’t find the thing you haf been searching for.
“What was that you’re missing?” Sam was willing to help you and the thought made you smile, breaking your mood of exasperation for a moment. The smile flickered over your face, not remaining there for long enough for Sam to fully register it. His eyes didn’t stop staring at your lips afterwards, though.
“I’ve got no makeup with me so I look like shit and I’ve forgotten my big pillow. I can’t get comfortable and sleep without it.” You let out a sigh at the end of your complaint.
“Y/n, don’t get stressed out over this. In my opinion, you look fine. No, you look… You look beautiful.” Sam sounded scared to say this, which confirmed that the statement he made was genuine and honest.
You looked up at Sam. You felt unable to believe him. 
Why would a guy like that ever say that to me?
“Sam, thank you. I don’t think anyone’s called me that in a long time. Years, probably.” Uncontrollably, tears welled up in your eyes as you said that. 
I’ve been so alone. I barely know this guy, and he makes me… Not want to be alone. I’m a mess…
“That seems criminal” Sam gave you a gentle but light look. 
“Oh, shh” you chuckled. Afterwards, you looked at your watch. 11:11pm.
I wish this guy was a part of my future and not just some randomer on a train.
You had made a habit of making an 11:11 wish every night, having never experienced a good or lucky time, essentially. 
“Tell me something, Sam” your voice sounded slightly drowsy. Your consciousness of the time had allowed your exhaustion to hit you.
“Why were you so far away from home by yourself?” 
“Well,” Sam began, instinctively knowing he could trust you. You didn’t process his explanation as he continued, though - his voice was soothing. So much so, in fact, that it was sending you to sleep. 
Subconsciously (literally), you slipped into a comfier position. You were already pressed up against Sam at the side. Neither of you had made an attempt to separate you after you needed to squeeze up whilst looking in your bag. You dozed off with your head on Sam’s chest, your arm around his waist so the train didn’t jolt you. 
Sam’s arm fitted around you, and his hand gently rode up your shirt a little. He placed a hand on the skin of your stomach, slowly rubbing circles into it. His other hand slipped into your one that wasn’t around his body. He gripped it, but not tight enough for it to feel aggressive or tense.
“I hope I’m a good pillow” he mumbled into your hair, kissing it afterwards.
You heard him speak and it woke you up. You didn’t mind too much. 
“Now I’m glad I didn’t bring my own, let’s just say that” you replied.
“You awake? I need to ask you something.” Sam asked in a quiet tone.
You grunted in response, still tired.
“I know I barely know you and this is really out of the blue, but y/n…”
“Mmhmm?” You asked groggily, fidgeting a little and nuzzling your head into his chest more.
“Come stay with me?”

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Hey made another fan video! What a crazy week it's been! Made video and posted it to Vimeo. I have a youtube channel (Tessa Scott) but due to copyright I had to post it there. The link is in the description. Wanted to share the link but can't through Tumblr. Would you mind sharing it? It's called Ellie Goulding: Falling for You [Tessa and Scott] Hope you enjoy!

Omg looooove. This song has been getting passed around in relation to them so I’m sure many will love this.