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The moment I started shipping Klance was when

Ha, this is gonna be a little long.

So I was watching Voltron for the first time and on the third episode, I had paused at this exact frame and I was like,

They gonna Lady-and-the-Tramp that shit.

So I kept on playing and they didn’t (spoiler alert), so I kept on watching and after the alarm had started and it was cut back to the guys I NOTICED




AND DON’T EVEN TRY ME WITH THAT “Well maybe it was underneath the f–” NO



So if Hunk didn’t cook spaghetti and they just put that in there just to be funny, they could’ve had Lance slurp an alien-looking spaghetti substitute, BUT NO


Also, for those who are gonna be like “Well, what if there’s an Arusian food that looks like spaghetti?” To which I would say, “But you do agree that it looks like spaghetti, right?”


“Then the animators wanted us to think that it’s spaghetti and if you pair that spaghetti slurp with that screenshot, then you’re gonna make the connection that its a reference to THIS SCENE


Complicated / Bother!Reggie & Jughead

Prompt: Ooh can i request one where the reader has liked jughead for a while and she’s reggie’s sister and bc of him she can’t talk to him but one day betty tells her that jughead likes her and go from there? Idk if you wanna do it, but if you do, please tag me!

A/N: Here it is, hope you will like it even if it isn’t really great. I wrote this very quickly.
English isn’t my first language so I’m sorry if there are any mistakes.

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You were in the student lounge, rolling your eyes at any stupid jokes your brother Reggie and his friends were making when suddenly Archie and his gang entered into the room. No one of the football players focused on them but you kept staring at the tall raven-haired boy with the grey beanie, Jughead. If it was possible, he looked even more beautiful than usual. You have had a crush on him for as long as you could remember but you couldn’t even talk to him cause of your brother who hated him for no reason. Despite it, you were great friend with Betty and she didn’t know you liked Jughead cause then she would probably tell him.
-Hey Suicide Squad!- Reggie started laughing with the others for the nickname while you glared at him. You were really tired of his provocations, but Jughead just glared at him.
-Y/N, are you okay?- one of them asked loudly. Now all the people in the room were looking at you, included him.
-Yeah, I’m fine.- you just walked out of the room as soon as you could, not wanting to stay there a minute more.

-I hate biology.- you moaned while Betty was repeating you the same passage for the third time.
-You can do it.- she said. -You just need to focus.-
-No, I need to stop because if I keep studying I will scream.-
-Okay, five minutes.- she laughed softly. You two have studied for two hours now and you couldn’t concentrate on it anymore, even if tomorrow it would be the test and you didn’t know anything.
-How is going with Archie?- you asked from nowhere to break the silence.
-Oh pretty good, we’re friends again.- Her voice was a little sad on her last sentence but you decided not to investigate. -And what about you?-
-What do you mean?-
-Is there any special guy in your life?- she smirked. -Despite your brother, of course.-
-Oh, not at all.- you blushed, thinking about Jughead even if you weren’t together.
-Oh, please! I want tell anyone.- she pleased me with a puppy face.
-Okay fine but you promised.- You sighted and then smiled before saying it: -I like… Jughead. But you can’t tell the others, especially Reggie because he won’t let me date him… and of course Jughead cause I know he doesn’t like me in that way. We barely speak to each other.-
For all the time Betty had a shocked expression on her face and you were a little scared that maybe she liked Jughead too. But then she smiled and you relaxed a little.
-Y/N, this is fantastic!-
-Which part? The one where my brother hate him or the one where he doesn’t know me?-
-Definitely the one where you like him, because he likes you too!- she yelled happily. You kept looking at her to see if she was lying. You just couldn’t believe that your biggest crush liked you back.
-Tell me you’re not joking.- you whispered.
-I’m not, really. He always talks about you and how he just can’t talk to you cause of Reggie. Today he was really pissed when you left: he were there just because he knew you would be there too!-
Your heart start beating faster and you couldn’t help but smile back. Jughead liked you. But then you thought about Reggie and how disappointed he would be.
-It’s complicated.-
-Y/N,- she took one of my hand -you can’t let Reggie decide for you. You could be happy together, so please do what you want to do and not what people pretend you to.- she smiled sweetly.
-I will.-

The next day you were determined to approach Jughead, even if you would go against your big, overprotective and narcissistic brother. You were at your locker and when you saw him with Archie you couldn’t help but stare. And then you started thinking that maybe he didn’t really like you in that way and he would say no to you.
You saw Veronica with Betty who was looking at you with a cheering smile and you felt a little better, so you started walking to him and the ginger-haired boy.
-Hi.- you greeted them while they looked at you with a confused expressions. You have never really spoken to them before if it wasn’t for school stuff. -May I talk with Jughead? Alone…-
Archie tried to hide his smirk. He nodded at me before leaving and walking to the girls.
-Y/N, right?- he asked blushing a little, fixing his adorable beanie.
-Yeah,- you answered a little downcast -I, ehm, I was wondering if you wanted to…-
-Y/N, what are you doing with that creepy vampire?- You heard the voice of your brother down the hallway and your little smile died. He wrapped an arm around your shoulder in a protective way. You rolled your eyes at his gesture.
-Something I should have done before.- you said feeling a little braver and determined.
-What do you mean?- he asked confused. Jughead for all the time hasn’t told a word.
-Jughead, I know we don’t really know each other but I like you and I did it for a long time, so I was wondering if…?-
-Y/N, stop.- Reggie tried to say, but you didn’t care anymore.
-… if you wanted to go on a date with me?- you smiled softly at him. You waited for a reply but he didn’t say anything, just stood there with a shocked face.
-So?- you turned your head to face Reggie, who was looking at Jughead with furious eyes. -Are you going to answer or do I have to punch you?-
-I’d really love to.- Jughead whispered, staring at my big brother.
-Then, I think you should tell her instead of me.-
Jughead turned his face to me and blushed, then he added: -I’ve liked you for as long as I couldn’t remember too and I’d like to go on a date with you.- He smiled at you. Then he spoke again, this time a little scared: -But Reggie won’t be there.-
You laughed at his last sentence.

Remember when I found you chained up down there in the lab? With nobody else left in this warped world, with no hope whatsover to make things right again. But you still kept that look, you still kept that…..DETERMINATION….the one thing that made you survive. That one thing that made them capture you and keep you down here. I destroyed that chain but even today I feel that…you were the one freeing me from my chains. Now it’s all ending…. and only these flowers listen to what I bumble on about here. Even if all ends and starts again, I think they might remember all this for us. Heh, yeah…..yeah I believe it too. Let’s meet up again some day at this place and watch the fake stars together, Frisk.

short cheesy story by me…(….)

gaster!sans original design by @borurou

Assumptions- George Washington X Reader

a/n: so i just remembered that @boss-headcanons loves gwash very very much so i’m writing something v fluffy for boss <3

I entered the building, the soldiers that were escorting me kept glancing over at me, making sure that I was safe.

“I’m okay to take it from here, thank you.” I smiled at them, dismissing them.

“Miss. L/N, with all due respect, President Washington requested that we escort you directly to him so we can make sure you are safe.” The soldier said and I nodded, smiling slightly at the fact that George went to such lengths to protect me.

They walked me up to the room where the cabinet meeting was going to be taking place and one of them walked in and announced my presence while the other stayed with me.

They both left and I walked in and I saw George. I smiled, looking around the crowded room.

“Hello George.” He looked at me smiling slightly but I could tell he was stressed.

I spotted Mr. Jefferson and Mr. Hamilton watching the interaction between me and George. I suppose it was rare for them to see him smile because whenever he did around me, everyone had the exact same reaction.

“Hello dearest.” He smiled, his eyes tired. I felt myself smile. “I’m glad you are here. Hamilton and Jefferson are quite exhausting.”

“Is there anyway I could help?” I asked him and he looked at me. I wrapped my arms around his neck and I pulled him down gently to kiss him softly. I felt him smile and he pulled away gently.

“I don’t want you stressed and I doubt anyone could do anything
to stop those two.” He sighed and I grabbed his hand, squeezing it and he squeezed it back. He kept smiling until one of his officers told him that he should start.

I took my seat and I watched him announce the meeting.

Mr. Jefferson started his argument. I frowned as I started listening to his argument and I knew that it wouldn’t matter if Hamilton’s argument was better than Jefferson’s because I knew that Hamilton would have to convince Madison in order to get the votes.

And although Hamilton’s argument was good, I knew it wouldn’t convince them.

“Turn around, I’ll show you were my shoe fits.” Hamilton finished and I looked at George, pained at how tired he looked.

“Madison, Jefferson take a walk. Hamilton, take a walk. We will reconvine after a brief recess. Hamilton, a word.” He said and he walked off with Alexander. Jefferson and Madison headed over to me.

“I couldn’t help but notice that you seem to have an effect on President Washington.” Jefferson smiled. “I don’t believe we’ve met before. I’m Thomas Jefferson, this is my friend James Madison and you are?”

“Y/N. It’s nice to meet you Mr. Jefferson and you Mr. Madison.”

“I’m sorry you had to hear Mr. Hamilton complain.” Jefferson said, giving me a charming smile.

“You must admit that he had a good argument.” I argued
respectably. He nodded.

“You’re correct but you must know that don’t matter.”

“Mr. Madison is the only one who can convince the south and get Mr. Hamilton the votes he so wants.” I remarked and he nodded.

“I see my boss wishes to talk to you. I hope to talk to you again, Miss.” Mr. Jefferson told me. He walked away and Mr. Madison offered me a wave before walking away as well. I turned around to see George and Mr. Hamilton.

“I see you have met Madison and Jefferson. I hope they have not led you to make too bad of opinions of me.” Mr. Hamilton joked and I shook my head.

“I’ve made my own assumptions based on the cabinet battle.” I told him and George smiled a bit.

“Cabinet battle?” He asked, questioning my choice of words.

“It seemed more of a battle more than a meeting. And before you make assumptions about me Mr. Hamilton, I was a nurse in the war so I have seen my fair share of battles.” I told him, seeing Hamilton open his mouth.

“May I ask what these assumptions are?”

“You have trouble holding with your temper but all of your words are wisely chosen. You’re intelligent and you know it but you aren’t exactly cocky. Just over confident.”

“You’re exactly correct. And may I make an assumption about you two?” He asked, a mischievous glint in his eyes. Me and George exchanged glances.

“If you must, Hamilton.” George said and his hand found its way into mine.

“I think that you two are in love with each other.”

“You’d be right in that assumption then, Hamilton.” George said quietly, smiling.

I’m on warrior mode. 

Still working on my exam to get into medical school in Italy, I’ve been getting great scores on the online simulator and the admission test is in 16 days but why being prepared when you can be well-prepared

This is my last shot, I’m risking a lot by putting aside ALL my french classes to work on this. This year I grew up a lot, living far away from home and asking myself so many questions about who I am and what I should do with my life (it’s part of the process of growing up I guess) and among all the things I learned one very important lesson : when you set a goal you have to stick to it and make some very hard decisions sometimes. It wasn’t easy for me to decide to give up on my french classes: I knew that if I kept working on them I would had to lose another year for sure before getting into medical school here (the process is MUCH MORE complicated than this) and even by doing so I didn’t even know if I was going to make it. The only way to start my medical studies next year was to get into medical school in Italy. I had to give up on many many dreams and expectations I had about my future, but now I feel I made the right decision. I’m very close to get it (not yet guys! but close) and now I don’t care about anything else: this is my goal, my life, and I won’t let anyone come in my way. 

It’s been two months since I’m on warrior mode, and seeing the results coming is so fu**ing satisfying.

I will win.

5,000th post

I’ve missed every other thousandth post. So here it is, finally. My five-thousandth post. I even wrote a ficlet for it. 

Also, since this is my 5,000 post I want to do something special for all my followers. 
Reblog this post. I will be gifting five short fics (5k or less) based on a prompt you send me when I pick the five winners on Tuesday the 20th.

Send me a ficlet prompt to my ask box! I will fill them until the 20th! If it makes it easier, you can send 3-5 emjoi’s with a ship and I will fill it. 

Now here is my ficlet! Let it be noted that in this, the “monster” is a harmless monster which explains why they aren’t worried. 

He continued to hear it. It came from the closet. He hid under his blanket and with the flashlight that he kept by his bed. “It’s okay. It’s nothing. Monsters aren’t real. It is okay.”

*Scratch, scratch*

He whimpered. “It can’t be real.”

*scratch, scratch, scratch*

“It’s not real, it’s not real, it’s not real.” He chanted as he peeked from under his blanket.

*scratch, scratch* The closet door creaked open and he jumped from his bed running towards the door, “DADDY!! PAPA!!!”

He tried to hold the tears back, Mark at school said boys didn’t cry. He was going to try not to cry. He heard heavy footsteps on the stairs and coming down the hall. He pulled the door open and jumped out, running right into his Daddy’s legs. He looked up into green eyes the same color as his and burst out crying.

“Oh, Seth, what’s wrong?” He reached down and picked up the boy, flashlight clattering to the ground, he saw the blue eyes of his Papa behind his Daddy.

He sniffed and wiped his eyes on the soft worn cotton of his Daddy’s shirt, “I know it can’t be real but.. But…” his little lip trembled before continuing, “I think there’s a monster in my closet.”

He felt his Daddy stiffen below him and his Papa’s deep voice, “Dean.” It was a warning, the same tone that Papa used when he was doing something that he wasn’t suppose to and was about to get in trouble. His Daddy nodded. “Yeah, I know, Cas.”

He pulled the boy from his chest and looked at him and offered him a small smile, “Hey. Listen little buddy, Papa and I have to talk to you okay, would you like some hot chocolate?” He nodded. Soon they found themselves down stairs in the living room Seth had the small mug his Papa made for him filled with chocolate goodness as he sat on the couch next listening carefully.

“There is something that we need to tell you, son. Before you came and blessed our lives, we- we had a special job. We use to hunt monsters. Bad ones.” he said.

“Bad ones? Aren’t all monsters bad, Daddy?” he asked.

Dean hesitated, so Cas began, “Some aren’t, sweetheart. You know our friend, Garth?” he asked.

“You mean uncle Garth?” Seth asked.

Dean rolled his eyes, “Yes, your uncle Garth.”

“What about him?”

“See, son, uncle Garth isn’t,” Cas traded looks with Dean who nodded, “he isn’t human. He is one of the good ones in the world of supernatural.” When their son gave them a confused look Dean went to explain further.

“See Seth, Papa and I use to hunt the bad monsters out there to keep kids safe.” He said.

Seth got a serious look on his face and nodded, the seriousness of which was broken because of the little foam mustache on his lip. He accepted it like he did all things his parents told him, without question, as an undeniable truth.

“Alright little man, finish that chocolate and we’ll get you back up there and show you how to keep the monsters out okay?” Dean said.

Once Seth’s teeth were brushed once more they found themselves with a bag of salt and chalk standing in front of the closet door. Seth stood there and watched as his Daddy drew a circle with a bunch of crazy symbols and lines on the floor. He looked up to see his Papa with a marker writing in Enochian on the door and casing. Once they were done, his Daddy took the salt and spilled a line of it across the door and his Papa whispered something and touched the Enochian on the door before he could read the words his Papa wrote they all lit up a bright blue and then disappeared.

His parents turned to him and smiled. “You will be safe now, Seth.” As he spoke they all heard the shuffle of feet. “Wha’s going on? You guys are loud.” They all turned to see Claire standing just in the door squinting at all of them.

“Umm..” She opened her eyes and took in the salt, the symbols, and Seth still holding a flashlight. “Do I need my-”

“No, Claire.” Cas said.

“There’s a monster in my closet!” Seth was a little too happy to announce that to his surrogate sister.

Claire looked from Dean to Cas, “It will be alright, Cas put a containment spell on the closet. We can figure it out tomorrow. Nothing will get through that door, in or out,” Dean told her.

She nodded, trusting her not-quite-parents to protect the little man, the closest to a brother she ever had, who holds the biggest part of her heart. “You gonna stay in here tonight? It would be safe,” she asked Seth.

He blinked up at her. “Will you stay with me?” He gave her the biggest puppy dog look he could, not even Sam would be able to surpass him, and they all knew she would.

“Okay lil’ bug, kiss Daddy and Papa and we’ll crawl into bed.” She smiled down at him.

Seth scrambled over to kiss his parents. They both tucked him in and watched Claire crawl into bed with him and gave them a look that said “GO, I’ve got this.” They both smiled and shut the door behind them. Before they walked down the hall to their own room they heard Claire tell Seth, “Don’t worry lil’ bug, you’ll never be safer than with them as your parents and me as your sister.” Cas smiled wide at the misty look in Dean’s eyes, took his hand and led them down to their own bedroom.

First thing first, I love this cover SO much. Starting from the top we have Sanji and Luffy, their faces both show the struggles they’re facing in the arc. Sanji’s head is slightly bowed, he was ready to give up and sacrifice himself for the sake of his loved ones (nothing new for him, really). Luffy always keeps his head up, optimism never left him, not even when Sanji hit him, not even when he watched him walk away from him and Nami - he kept believing in his friend, he was determined to at least make sure he’d be safe, even if he wouldn’t go back to the crew.

But let’s go further down, shall we?

Here they are, the Vinsmoke family! Most of us (if not all of us) were expecting a family composed of five blond members, but as usual Oda’s coloring always take an unexpected turn! And let me tell you… I love them! I absolutely love the fact that he assigned to every Vinsmoke kid a different color! 

Of course on OP and anime in general, we are used to seeing bright colored hair even on humans, but I feel like this is different. Reiju, Ichiji, Niji and Yonji are clearly not human, they are genetically modified and giving them crazy colored hair as opposed to Sanji’s blond hair sets a crucial difference. Judge’s hair is blond, too, and I think it is only fair to think that probably Sora was blond too, and Sanji, who was the only one of the quadruplets to not have any genetic mod, is blond. 

I love all this, seriously! It makes so much sense, at least it does to me!

also let’s talk about Yonji’s green hair *COUGH* more reason for Sanji to be irritated by Zoro’s green hair *COUGH*

Lok Headcanon

Okay, here goes- 

I think Asami Sato is (possibly) a descendant of June the bounty hunter from ATLA. 

I mean, 

It could just be a coincidence

Since they are both beautiful women, wearing make-up, have well-kept hair, and have a red/black/dark color scheme (also, totally beautiful lips) 

But I’m kinda thinking…

They could be related somehow? The Wiki confirms that both women have Earth Kingdom heritage, and if we look at their characters- Asami and June are fierce as all get-out. 

One of them rides a shirshu, the other can drive practically anything. And both of them know how to use weapons without needing bending. 

Also… Did I mention beautiful? 


So… anyone else agree or disagree? 


WTH I FORGOT I MADE THESE A LONG TIME AGO. WHy do I forget to post things I make??? I was originally gonna do ALL eve/servamp pairs. But I got tired….. maybe someday. Although my art style has changed quite a bit since then…. 

Oh yeah heres a bonus Shamrock who got separated from his group. lol. 

I rushed on him. Fear faces are fun. 

My (Fake) Boyfriend. Tenth Doctor One-Shot.

Title: My (Fake) Boyfriend.

Pairing: Female Reader x 10.

Prompt: Anon:  10×reader,its xmas&y/ns parents always ask where her bf is so when she goes 2 there house 4 xmas she takes the doc as her fake bf. 2 make it convincing they have 2 kiss. After visiting was done & they were in the T.A.R.D.I.S the doc kisses her again.

Triggers: None.

Enjoy :3

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Well I still can’t make adequate clothing from scratch, BUT I do enjoy taking pre-existing scraps of clothing and sewing them together to make new things lol. Here’s two shirts I made today~ (OwO;)/

You are PERFECT Just the way you are

Summary: Reader is tall and has bigger hips than others, she also feels very self-conscious about almost everything and then there’s just one day she had been teased and had rude comments thrown at her and her dad’s come and find her crying. Then they get back at the rude people and make the reader feel better.

Characters: Reader, Alec Lightwood(Papa), Magnus Bane(Da), Mrs. Hawkster, Cindy Hawkster and her friends

Fandom: Shadowhunters

Word Count: 776

Weirdling: @archer-whovian-violinist

Originally posted by dailymalec

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Sorry for the personal post, but does anyone here have trouble with non-fiction personal writing, like diaries (even if you write fiction like I do all the time)?

I’ve never kept a diary because while I love writing fiction it’s always felt to me like (beyond the risk of others finding your journal) writing down any dark thoughts I have will make them permanent somehow, that the best way to deal with negative emotions is to give them as little headspace as you can and move away from them as fast as you can. 

But I’ve been under a lot of stress lately and I’m starting to wonder if maybe journaling would help?

Has anyone else had a similar experience, being reluctant to journal/write a diary, and trying it anyway? What did you think?

tinyrussianchild  asked:

to mun: Hello! I'm new to cosplaying and such and I was wondering if you have any tips for a beginner?

((Eehm well, first rule of cosplaying is always: have fun! and make sure that it stays fun! Don’t feel forced to cosplay. 

In my experience that was harder than it sounds. I kept comparing myself with other Germany cosplayers and I felt that mine was just crap compared to them. I’ve learnt however, that I should not see it that way. I look back at my cosplay from 2 years ago and I am literally amazed by my progress. So here’s another tip: don’t compare yourself with others all the time. Don’t make a competition out of it. This takes some discipline as I’ve noticed. I still do it and I see other Germany cosplayers as competition. But don’t let it be your main objective! Remember to always look at YOUR progress. Some friendly competition can be healthy and it’s always good to look for ways to improve if you’re not satisfied. And of course you can look up to other cosplayers! :) 

This also applies for making cosplay or buying it. As a beginner you don’t normally have the skill to make a cosplay, that is something you learn. So it’s totally okay to buy a cosplay, don’t listen to those people, who say “Cosplayers who buy cosplay aren’t real cosplayers” cause that is bullshit. Cosplay-making is a skill you learn and some have already reached a higher level. (I myself suck at making cosplay, but I don#t care. I’m still having tons of fun.)

Another tip on these two matters: Ask more experienced cosplayer for help while making a cosplay or looking for ways to improve. I’ve done that too and it really did help me out! 

Same goes for staying in character. It depends on the character you’re cosplaying I guess, sometimes it’s easy or sometimes it’s not. You can ask cosplayers of the same character for tips on how to stay in character. For me staying in character as 2p!Germany was easy, since he’s closer to my personality than my other German noodle Germany. I’m glad to see tho that I made a lot of progress with that too in the span of 2 years. So another tip: staying in character takes it’s time to learn. I guess this is mostly relevant if you have an ask blog or want to be in a panel or something. (Trust me, half the time on conventions I’m totally OOC). 

Also very important: You can cosplay whoever you want. Don’t listen to others, who say “You’re too short/fat/tall etc for this character”. This is also the case if the character doesn’t fit your personality. You are free to cosplay your favourite character, even if they’re a super grumpy one and you’re a really happy person (or the other way around). 

I’m sorry for the long rant! But I hope this helps you to get started.))

Agh, damn it. I was gonna write a short Zen fic with some magic in it, but I kept on getting all these ideas, and well. You guys can expect another multi-chaptered Zen fic from me, ahah. OTL I like the idea too much to not share. It…will most probably have nsfw, but again, I like the idea too much to not share here, so what I might do is separate the nsfw parts into their own separate chapters so that the story can still make sense whether or not you read those.
Ahhh, I wanna share my ideas so badly, but no, I wanna keep them a surprise for now. ;;


Here are some photos mom took yesterday! First, I greeted everyone sitting around the play space, and thanked them all for coming to see me. Then I went to make some friends, but they were really pushy and kept putting their nose in places it shouldn’t be! So I claimed a space under the bridge and protected smaller buns from being pushed around. And I made a couple good friends to hang with! Mom and Dad were very pleased. But I’m glad to be home.

Sodapop and Steve’s First Kiss...

Originally posted by foitaodoce

“I love you” Sodapop whispered awkwardly, he rubbed the back of his neck in discomfort. The words tasted like lemons as they escaped from his lips,,, they felt wrong. Heck, he knew it was wrong… but being with Steve felt so damn right. 

“I love you too Soda.”Steve smiled, wrapping his arms around the movie star handsome man in front of him. “I hate keeping this a secret, heck, if the boys found out…” 

“Shh, let’s not think of them right now. Let’s just think of us,,, there’s no one else here except the two of us…” Sodapop leaned in, giving Steve a small, kind smile. 

He kept staring into Steve’s eye, taking extra caution to make sure that this is what he did want so he wouldn’t feel at all pressured into this. 

“You can kiss me Soda, I’m not going to bite you” Steve teased, closing the gap immediately, pressing his lips to Sodapop’s. 

Electricity ran throughout the air, fireworks were lit behind the eyes of Sodapop as he graped onto his lover for dear life, wishing that this moment would never end… the moment where for once he wasn’t pretending to be someone he damn well knew he wasn’t.


Favorite Shoujo manga pairing: HakYona. 

Let me be honest here, I shipped them from episode one till chapter 128. But what kept me from switching pairing is the development of their relationship. At first he was the “annoying” bodyguard in the eyes of Yona, he was in her way, always making fun of her. But he also proves to her HOW FREAKING LOYAL HE IS, by immediately defending her against SooWon and his attackers. He fights for her, takes the fall for her, gives up his name and family, goes through hell for her. Defends her, follows her everywhere, doesn’t even give up on his love when he thinks she hasn’t forgotten about Soowon (spoilers she loves Hak too). He is the ultimate good guy, bragging about his princess when she manages to shoot her arrow! I just can’t express how PERFECT HAK IS. He is pushy and teases her but when she needs space he freaking respects it and just sulks in his own corner like a cute little kid. HAK is PATIENT, was stuck in a one-sided love for almost a decade and still he is THERE. He never gave up! 


Now YONA, Yona is my ultimate female protagonist bias in a shoujo manga. She doesn’t just sit there crying for ages, she moves on and decides to fight from like the first few episode when she was in the water tribe. She could have decided to give up and live as a member of the water tribe with Mundok but no she follows Hak. She starts to get attached to him, she is concerned when he meets Soowon again. She SIDES with HAK. She forgets about Soowon, her father’s killer and decides that HAK is the one who deserves her attention AND I CANT express how much I thank the author for making that decision. We see a more shy Yona around Hak, she is conscious of him. AND NOTHING IS RUSHED! Everything is developing slowly!