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some wintry spiderbytes… i cant believe blizz hasnt given amelie a nutcracker skin its so obvious?? its right there?? they could just recolor her huntress skin and give her a ballet bun and a big stupid hat??? blizzard come on

How is it this far through December and I still haven’t posted anything about him. This is absurd

But yesss, take a quick sketch !! It’s late for me, but I hope y’all have a great night and December <3

concept: one day, you write a letter to your f/o of choice. it’s full of heart–“no one’s going to read it,” you think, so you pull out all the stops and tell them whatever you wish. the morning after you finish it, it’s gone; in its place is a sealed envelope. inside is a reply letter from your f/o! what do they say? is it typed or handwritten? do you keep swapping correspondence, even if you’re always dimensions apart?

that was really fun

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So, my first works by you were shadows and light verse. And I've tried reading your fae tales, but Augus freaks me out and I kind of hate him. How can I get past this? I adore your writing, and your characters. Also, does the God that made Jack's scarf ever pop back up in faetales? I loved him

Well, you don’t have to get past it! I mean, he’s a villain who has done terrible things (though in the Fae Tales universe, canonically, he never sexually assaulted anyone, but Game Theory isn’t written that way, and also, it doesn’t matter, some people just can’t stand Augus no matter what. Some people also can’t stand Gwyn).

They’re not really meant to be super likeable characters like Jack Frost is. There’s no ‘trick’ to getting past it, I think. For some readers, they wanted to go on a journey with Augus to understand him better, and it worked and they ended up appreciating or respecting his character. For some, it never works. I like dark characters who have done Bad Things getting another chance. Even if you like that, you might not like that specifically about Augus.

Like, he reveals soft elements of his character, but he’s got cruel streak, and he’ll always be a sadist, and he does morally questionable things all the way from Game Theory through The Court of Five Thrones and now into The Ice Plague. He also happens to save people’s lives, offer empathy, and repress but demonstrate guilt over past behaviours.

If you want to try and learn what Augus used to be like, before the SALverse etc. And really want to give it a good try, then might I recommend The Wildness Within? It’s got probably the ‘softest’ Augus (and Ash) we’ve seen so far, and it expresses his true nature the best. A lot of people read it as a comfort fic. It still might not be your jam, but you might like that inroad. And quite a bit of it is written from his perspective, which could help.

But otherwise like, honestly, you don’t have to get behind him and you don’t have to get past it, and maybe you can’t. Some characters just really rub us the wrong way forever, despite all the reasons they shouldn’t. And Augus is someone who doesn’t even have all those reasons, because he does shitty things.

Makara doesn’t make another appearance in Fae Tales, which is actually something of a mercy, since he was slated to die in The Ice Plague. So, yeah, I like to imagine he just keeps hanging out with Jack in the SALverse.


I’d be really curious to know how you go, if you do try The Wildness Within, or something like that! If it doesn’t work out I will completely understand, but if you find a new fic you enjoy / got something out of, that’d be awesome too. In the meantime, don’t pressure yourself. I love when people enjoy Fae Tales, but I really don’t want anyone to force themselves through something that will just feel squicky and gross. <3

Found this story looking through old messages:

Today this little boy came out of the PR movie and he walked down the hall, telling everyone he saw that “Power Rangers is AWESOME” with a big smile on his face. His dad was like the old, stubborn type, and he seemed unamused. But when the reached his wife (who saw a different movie) he goes, “Well…I suppose if the TV shows were more like that…then I guess I’d have to give them a watch”

i hate to say this, but if you guys could throw out some positivity this way, that would be great. i had some experiences / interacted with stimuli yesterday that really set me off with some ptsd flashbacks & talking it out ( with my housemates, even jokingly ) really made it worse. i’m having nightmares & mild disassociation & feeling physically ill ; plus, the holidays are not the best time of year for me as i don’t really have kin in the area… or at all… & while usually i travel to see friends, i can’t afford to this year. so i could use some nice thoughts.

nina xx

“They were so happy back in season 1”

-every fandom ever