.i have seen all of these before but always without a source

Bad Moon Arising || Bonnie & Adriel

When her coworkers had asked Adriel if she could close the shop so they could leave early to attend some movie premiere, the witch graciously agreed. She had some business to finish up and would have to stay later anyway, so it wasn’t any extra burden. It was as she was organizing her powders when Adriel heard something that made her stop her work altogether.

A scream.

Adriel rushed to the front of the store, and without thinking, she opened the door and tried to find the source of the screaming – believing it to be someone in need of help. She only took two steps outside of Rootlet before her eyes caught sight of a scene that made her stomach drop.

Figures donned in all black, some wearing masks and almost all carrying a deadly weapon. They could be seen smashing windows and knocking down doors. In the distance, the darkening sky was illuminated by the unmistakable orange light that a fire offered. A single word popped into her mind, hunters. The girl had never dealt with them before, but heard stories of what they could do to people like her. Citizens were running to find a haven, and Adriel quickly found the door to her shop and escaped through it.

The witch ran to the back of the store, her hands rushing to find the ingredients she needed for a protection seal. She quickly brought everything to the front, her mind only able to concentrate on the ritual before her.

A banging on the locked door startled her. Was she too late? The witch looked up through the glass windows and, instead of seeing a menacing black figure, she found a girl with raven hair casting scared glances around her. Adriel worked hastily to open the door and let the stranger in before closing it back up again. After the door was locked, she turned to the girl.

“Are you alright? You nearly gave me a heart attack, but at least you made it before I sealed this place.”