.i hadn't seen these before


it’s the Fifth Element song that almost nobody can actually fucking sing, like you’re not really supposed to be able to sing from alto –> high F above high C


even if you know nothing about music this is fucking iMPRESSIVE???


holy shit

in the dub the password’s just Pegasus’s own name (bc he’s vain or something idk), but in the sub he’s making a sick joke about Kaiba’s backstory

Okay, but in all your roadtrip fics y’all got to remember something:

Isabel Lovelace

not Doug Eiffel

is the one who asks “Are we there yet?”.

Transcript of images under the cut:

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For if you have or have not seen this video, i’m cracking up it’s so perfect. This is for when you get back from the hiatus ;)

when cis people say stuff like “i can’t see characters as trans or interact with trans headcanons because i can’t connect with it”, it’s a huge red flag… that isn’t a good excuse & it only shows how much you see trans people as “other”


Buster & his natural gags unleashed on the public?