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When do you think Niall or Liam would likely to drop their single before or after Harry's album release?

I’m low key positive that Niall’s is going to drop tomorrow, or MAYBE next week. He did too much yesterday for it not to happen soon. He also has a show on the 12th (I think it’s the 12th) so I’m guessing he’s going to have a new song out before then.

I have no damn idea about Liam. I think it’s going to be after Harry’s album though. Maybe end of May/early June. I’m not sure when that Ryan interview happened, but we’ve seen him still in the studio the last couple weeks, so I’m guessing he’s still working on it. And I’m glad he’s getting all the time in the world to do it unlike they had with 1d albums but I’m impatient dammit (but I’m also overwhelmed with all the new stuff between these boys and my other favorites, so it’s probably better, for my sanity, that he’s waiting a bit 😃)

Boueibu Character Interview (Part 8 of 8)

From the Love Making mook.

Yumoto | En | Atsushi | Io | Ryuu | Kinshirou | Ibushi | Akoya

♡Gero Akoya♡

It’s a privilege to be able to interview the ever beautiful Gero-san.
Would you call me by ‘Akoya-san’? Don’t call me by my last name.

May I ask why is that?
It just has to be that way. The way my last name sounds doesn’t have a beautiful ring to it. Don’t make me say things like this please~. Can we finish this interview soon? I want to return to the student council room to have/try the new things Arima-san bought.

Then we’ll begin immediately. Please tell us the secrets to your beauty.
I refuse. Even if I told commoners like you, you wouldn’t be able to copy it anyway so it’s kind of pointless.

I understand that but… (I still hope you’ll tell us)
Well.. Then I guess for starters, always think that you’re beautiful? Try copying starting from that spirit.

Okay! So, what do you usually do at home?
I like to relax comfortably while burning aroma candles. Play some beautiful songs, and if there were macarons as well that’d be perfect ♪

What do you wear to sleep?
That goes without saying –a silk gown ♥ I sleep on a canopy bed.

What kind of music do you like?
Hymnal or piano concertos. They are beautiful –it suits me right?

What are some other things that you like?
I relatively like doing crossword puzzles I guess. It’s good for killing time! Working the brain is the best way to reduce calories so it also becomes a form of diet.

Everything is related to beauty huh. Are you in the student council for the purpose of beauty too?
Working side by side with president Kusatsu and Arima-san whom are both beautiful and overflowing with elegance is very stimulating/exciting.

I haven’t really seen you working at all but…
Working hard but not being seen doing so has a certain amount of beauty to it too.

Then, what are you not good with?
Nameko and namako. Both of them are really unsightly to the eyes. I hate everything that’s not beautiful. It’d be good if they were all just removed from this world! While at that, I wouldn’t mind if Boueibu is removed as well though.

*sweats* Thank you for today!

With that, it concludes the character interviews from the mook \o/
Thank you for being patient and I hope you enjoyed every bit of it as much as I enjoyed translating them ^^