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In your post about Viktor you said "Viktor took a massive hit to his reputation in order to save Yuuri's" (by doing the press conference). Can you explain what you meant by this? Yuuri was officially proven innocent by the ISU at this point and people knew it was Yakov (and by default Viktor) who made the accusation so holding a press conference to apolpgize is expected i the situation?

What I meant was was that Viktor could have still been very accusatory to try and protect his own reputation. Like, ‘the circumstances were very suspicious and we confronted him and he didn’t deny it so we had solid ground to accuse him on and we were in the right here’ because technically Yakov did nothing wrong when he accused Yuuri. But that would cast suspicion on Yuuri and even if his innocence was proven it would give more fodder to the conspiracy theorists who would try and prove he actual was doping and Viktor knew how badly they had fucked up so he put all the blame on his side, like ‘we were categorically wrong, there was no way he was doping, this is our fault and we apologize’ to make sure everyone knew that Yuuri was definitely innocent. So basically he didn’t even try and defend himself, he was 100% focused on doing damage control for Yuuri


Has Hollywood changed you over the years? I can’t deny that it’s had an effect, but I think it’s a positive one. Instead of trying to figure out how to play the game, I’ve come to realize that it’s more important to remind myself that I don’t have to win today and I don’t actually have to play at all. Obstacles and hurdles are man-made. I won’t say it’s not useful to self-reflect, but I realize the part of you that’s fueling the self-reflections actually more akin to your ego than to the situation you’re in.

Day Seventy-Three

-The holidays have ended. The store is silent, empty to an extent I had forgotten was possible. I feel a deep sense of tranquility at the presence of short lines and easy shifts.

-My ability to wear jeans to work for the holidays is gone, and with it, my zest for life.

-Today we are on the lookout due to a potential possible stalker-ish type situation. Years of hyper-attentiveness due to extreme anxiety have prepared me for this exact situation. I am ready.

-I find myself covered in an endless coat of glitter from all of the discounted Christmas decorations. I believe I have found the definition of “zen”.

-A woman became angry after having her check denied. She was certain that the stamp on her check had caused it. The stamp was, though, our system denying the check. The jury is still out on this case of Chicken v. Egg, but I hope she will find the truth soon.

-I passed a woman wearing a shirt that read, “Love Is L'Amour.” I am appreciative of such a helpful Rosetta Stone of a shirt.

-I am endlessly baffled by diapers being so expensive when they are little more than disposable poop bags. Some have Disney characters on them. These are the only ones I would be willing to pay full price for. All other lines of diapers have a great deal of explaining to do.

-A woman in her late fifties or early sixties purchased a large bottle of lube and a larger box of condoms. I respect her safety and am proud of her lifestyle.

-I handed a screaming girl a strip of stickers, instantly stopping the screams. The next guess complimented me on my knowledge of children, and how I knew exactly what to do to stop her cries. I am always willing to take compliments from any sources, but I do feel guilty for not explaining to her that the child had been screaming about how badly she wanted stickers.

-A child encountered her reflection in the lane’s mirror and immediately carried out the natural reaction: dancing wildly at herself while cackling maniacally.

-A woman came through my lane wearing a sweatshirt with the phrase, “God Is Good, Y'all” on it. Usually I am not one to pay attention to gospel given to me by strangers, but from such a casual and laid-back hoodie, I think I might give it a shot.


I want to let the fandom grieve, but I have to speak out because I hate the thought that this fandom’s disrespect for Louis’s family may have made this past year any more difficult than it already was. Dan mentioned Freddie in Jay’s obituary. People denying that he is Louis’s son absolutely need to stop. Please. Now is the time to respect what Louis’s family have chosen to share with us, to stop speculating about private matters.

It’s so clear at this point that any secret knowledge people claim to have cannot reflect a true understanding of a private situation, that things we don’t understand probably have explanations that we are not entitled to. But even if you continue to insist that you know the private realities of Louis or any of the boys’ lives, please stop denying that Freddie is Louis’s son. 

These sad events show how important it is to be respectful of what we are shown, since we have no way of knowing what else might be happening. Jay wasn’t able to share photos of her grandson without being attacked by part of the fandom. Look at the responses she got when she requested a drawing of Freddie. People feel empowered to do that because rejecting what we are told, even about something as extreme as Louis’s own child, is normalized in this fandom. People say these things because they are told people KNOW what is happening behind the scenes. But we obviously don’t know, so we should not talk about these intimate, private situations in a way that encourages this type of invasive, disrespectful, appalling behavior.

Danielle came with Louis to visit his family over Thanksgiving. Even if you somehow can’t fully accept that they are dating, please at the very least accept that she is an important person in Louis’s life. She is not someone he hates. She is not someone who is just forcing him to be seen with her. She’s the person who supports Louis in difficult times. Do not demean her, do not belittle that. Do not assume you know how Louis feels and use it as an excuse to spread hatred and negativity.

I desperately want people to be able to accept that Freddie is Louis’s son. I want it to be as easy as possible for people to do that. I know there’s a lot of confusion about Briana’s pregnancy, and I am happy to point people to information and explanations. However, even if you still have questions, we need to accept that Briana is involved in this private, important part of Louis’s life and that nothing positive will come from stalking (cyber or otherwise), insulting, and encouraging hatred against her. We do not, and should not, know the details of their relationship or their custody arrangement. Co-parenting is complicated and difficult, and fans cannot possibly understand a situation from the outside. People mocked Briana (and Louis) for possibly flying Freddie to the UK in economy class. Now it turns out it was a genuine emergency and that there might be limited infant seating available. Presumably there are also reasons we don’t understand behind the choices about where to swap custody of Freddie or what Freddie is photographed wearing and all of the million other things that Larries have attacked Briana and Louis over.

Even if you do not feel confident that what we see of Louis’s life is the “full story,” even if you think we’re being manipulated, even if you don’t fully believe what we are shown, please do not think you can come up with a version that is more likely to be real. Insisting that Danielle is not Louis’s girlfriend or that Briana is not the mother of Louis’s child can only be based on speculation about what is happening behind the scenes. It should be more clear than ever that we do not have enough information to do that. We can’t insist on some made up version of Louis’s private life. We need to think about if we’re being respectful based on what we are told is happening, because that is all we know.

Just as this fandom is now stepping up to support Louis as best we can in his grief, we should have been there to support him in his joy over the birth of his child, in Jay’s joy over her first grandchild. If you think the things we say can have any positive impact, then you must recognize the risk of our words having a negative impact as well, and the importance of always being as positive and respectful as we can.

I Always Knew [Part 2 of Please, Stay]

Part One is here!!

Imagine: Several months have passed since you and Newt have separated. Once reunited in an unexpected situation, neither of you can deny the feelings that were left behind.  

Word Count: 1574

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Author’s Note: Thank you so much for all the positive feedback for part one, I felt so much pressure with part two, I hope it’s as good as you were all hoping!! Also, thank you guys so so much for reblogging, liking and following me!! 921 followers ???? I’m so overwhelmed, I love each and every one of you!! P.S listen to ‘I Always Knew’ by The Vaccines while reading this, it made me smile and sort of cry. Enjoy x

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let’s hypotize for a second that ‘jealousy thy name is keith’ refers to lance thinking keith is jealous of allura but in reality he likes lance. funny situation that could happen if lance decided to confront keith about it:

l: hey man… i figured out you know

k: *sweating nervously* i have no idea what you’re talking about

l: oh come on….i saw those looks™ i’m telling you i know what’s up

k: *sighing* ok i guess there’s no point in denying it, i was gonna confess someday anyway

l: aww i knew it! now we’re gonna be in competition for this too!

k: ?

l: you know….flirting and stuff

k: *blushing* i’m pretty sure you would always win at that anyways

l: *still completely oblivious* thanks bud! I really appreciate it

keith, before walking away: you know when all of this is over and we come back to earth we should go on a date

lance, turning red and finally realising the mistake: wait what

A note from Lili (lililibird)

Hello, everyone!

I’m not sure where exactly I should be starting; but I do know that I owe you all some explanation.

Some things in my life recently have been…very difficult for me to process. Like a lot of you, I used Tumblr as an escape from the everyday. Recently though, I took it much too far.

A few weeks ago, my dad passed away. It was unexpected and has - without a doubt - been the hardest thing I’ve ever gone through in my life. My life has thankfully had a definitive lack of tragedies, and I honestly haven’t had to learn to deal with loss that hurts more than losing a childhood pet.

I used Tumblr, not as a way to cope or talk about my feelings; but as a way to pretend it had never happened. Lililibird never stopped having a dad, but I did. It became a very unhealthy situation, as you can imagine. I used this blog as a way to deny the loss in my life; and I (very much so) became addicted to just…existing within Tumblr. A moment of clarity tonight made me realize how horribly unhealthy it was.

So I deleted the blog before I had a chance to rethink it. (I also removed my Fanfiction, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram.) I had been considering cutting ties with the ‘fandom life’ for nearly two months at this point, and I have no healthy desire (beyond friendships formed) to stay.

I do not plan on returning. I had a crazy amount of fun finding my way within this fandom, and meeting some of the best people to (probably) ever exist. I am thankful for each and every one of you, and every second that was spent turning this community into another home for myself. Tumblr and Fanfiction were  the entirety of my high school social life for years after I left the public schooling system. There were many days and even weeks where the only people I spoke to were via this site. For that, I am forever grateful.

I cannot express how much this experience on this site has truly changed me. Before the Percy Jackson fandom, I was a completely different person. This blog has genuinely shaped me in ways I cannot even comprehend. I really want to thank you all for that, for making my attempts to be a better person successful; and it was largely due to the positivity I received on this very site.

My sincerest apologies to those who I selfishly abandoned all at once. It honestly had nothing to do with any of you - if I could have you as friends in my day-to-day life, I’d take you without a doubt. (I am also sorry to @riptidescap whom I promised to beta a story for yesterday, and to the @pjoawards2k16 staff who now have three nomination slots to fill up.)

I wish I was in a place where I could have prepared myself for my account deletion, and sent each one of you a personal message like you deserved. However, I know for a fact I would have never left. I know, I’m a coward - but I know I’m not taking much from your lives by leaving; and hope that, if you’re angry with me, you can forgive me for leaving so abruptly.

I’d also just like to say that I will be okay. I’m not suicidal, I’m not dealing with any depression besides grief, I haven’t acted out in any ways but this one, and I have a great and loving support system within my family as I move forward from this.

Thank you all so much for making this time so precious to me. Thank you to @percyyoulittleshit, for giving me the opportunity for this closure. Thank you to @bananannabeth for being the best wife any sixteen year old straight girl could ever ask for. Thank you to @son-of-rome, @blackjacktheboss, @falloutpercy, @somethingmorecreative1, @scriptorsapiens, @zoenightstars, @ishelmascarinas, @maireep, @cinderdrilla @hamabee and @ofswordsandpens for quite literally being the best friends and fandom tour guides I could have ever asked for. I’m sure I’ll think of plenty AUs in the future that I’ll wish I could tell you about!

IMPORTANT NOTE: For the rest of you, thank you for caring about me in a way I never thought possible. However, please do not bother my friends on this site for information about me. They know just as much as you do, and I’d like for my exit from the fandom to be as quiet and painless as possible for all of us.

I wish you all the very best. Remember that I adore you all and hope that you achieve everything you’ve ever dreamed of as time goes on! I hope I brought even the slightest bit of happiness to your lives with my blog! Stay amazing and thrive, lovelies!

But, for once, I’m not looking back;

Delilah (AKA lililibird)

Has Hollywood changed you over the years?

“I can’t deny that it’s had an effect, but I think it’s a positive one. Instead of trying to figure out how to play the game, I’ve come to realize that it’s more important to remind myself that I don’t have to win today and I don’t actually have to play at all. Obstacles and hurdles are man-made. I won’t say it’s not useful to self-reflect, but I realize the part of you that’s fueling the self-reflections actually more akin to your ego than to the situation you’re in.”

Kiss Land

Matt Murdock x Reader

Summary: Matt Murdock was an insanely great kisser. And he absolutely loved to put his lips to use. 
Genre: Romance/fluff
Rating: T
Warnings: Swearings, minor character death (just a mention), implied sexy times
1,752 words

Notes: While I finish the requests I have in my askbox, I decided to post this Matty one because I’m on his mood. <3 Just a silly one-shot without all his Daredevil drama (sort of). And also because I rewatched the kiss scene between Claire and Matt. Too many times. For my own good. Remember that italic parts are flashbacks. SO…I hope you enjoy it! ^_^

If there was something in your life that you just couldn’t deny, was that being Matt Murdock’s girlfriend had its fair amount of perks. 

In an overall, you were always safe, knowing he’d step up into the situation whenever something could happen. Sometimes it had some downfalls, but his senses were another great thing since he’d always know when and how to help you when you needed. 

And the list could go on and on, but there was one little thing that you completely loved the most and would always drive you crazy:

Matt Murdock was an insanely great kisser. 

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Venus Houses

1st- I know my identity when looking for a relationship. I won’t be happy if I change for someone. Support me by encouraging my natural talents and personality traits.

 2nd- I know my worth when looking for a relationship. I won’t be happy if I settle for someone. Support me by reminding me that I am of value to you.

 3rd- I know my voice when looking for a relationship. I won’t be happy if I’m silenced or unheard. Support me by encouraging me to share my opinion and listening to what I have to say.

 4th- I know my place of comfort when looking for a relationship. I won’t be happy if I am forced into new situations or taken from my place of comfort. Support me by letting me rest and knowing when I need to decompress.

 5th- I know what makes me happy when looking for a relationship. I won’t be happy if I am denied fun and creative outlets. Support me by doing spontaneous activities and ensuring that work is countered with play.

 6th- I know how to be helpful when looking for a relationship. I won’t be happy if my acts of service go unnoticed or if my willingness to help is exploited. Support me by being grateful for my small acts and returning the favor when I am overwhelmed.

7th- I know I want a dedicated partnership when looking for a relationship. I won’t be happy if you don’t see me as an equal or if you don’t value our relationship. Support me by being dedicated to the two of us; plan dates and ensure lots of quality time.

8th- I know I want to be important when looking for a relationship and that I will give the relationship my all. I won’t be happy if you don’t openly dedicate your whole self to us. Support me with acts of love such as passionate morning kisses and by showing me that this relationship has a future, even if it’s just by having a toothbrush at each of our houses.

9th- I know I want to expand and explore myself when looking for a relationship. I won’t be happy if you are stagnant and controlling. Support me by encouraging me to do more, learn more, and go to more places. Better yet, do all of this with me. 

10th- I know I want tradition and security when looking for a relationship. I won’t be happy if you don’t act like you take our relationship seriously. Support me by encouraging my goals and being my number-one “cheer-leader” and let me do the same for you. 

11th- I know I want to be part of something bigger when looking for a relationship. I won’t be happy if you keep me secluded from my friends, family, and the community. Support me by hosting big gatherings, joining community efforts, and befriending people that are important to me. 

12th- I know that I don’t know what I want when looking for a relationship. I won’t be happy if you dictate the relationship or leave me wondering what we are. Support me by helping me discover what I like and why we’re strong. Help me recognize my ability to love and I will do the same for you.

Snk 88 thoughts: The 5 stages of grief

Mikasa in Snk 88 reminds me of the 5 stages of grief introduced by Elisabeth Kübler-Ross:

Knowing that Eren and Armin are going to face their inevitable death as young men, Mikasa’s first reaction is denial.

According to the model, the 5 stages of grief are:

Mikasa has already tried to deny the situation of “Ymir’s 13 years Curse”. I’m curious about how she’s going to deal with it in the future. I’m going to write my thoughts here, noted the stages are not arranged in order:


Mikasa does not want to believe the curse is true, or she’s going to think that a titan shifter may actually live longer than 13 years.


Knowing that she can’t change anything despite having physical strength, Mikasa becomes so helpless and overwhelmed.


Mikasa may eventually direct her anger at Ymir Fritz, who made a deal with the “Devil of All Earth” in order to obtain the titan power—the victims are not only Eren, Armin but the entire Eldian race, who are subjected to be “cursed” by chance (the titan power lottery), being hated and persecuted by other humans on the continent. 

Instead of talking the stage of Acceptance, there’s a stage I would like to talk *cough* headcanon about


What if Mikasa decides to go to find that “Devil of All Earth” by herself and stop the cursed history?

I’ve heard some readers have suggested the warriors want to eradicate every Eldian out of the world in order to cut the “paths” connected between the Eldians and the Coordinate that it can stop the “titan power lottery” and eventually get rid of the curse of the 9 titan powers. Some people have also suggested combining the 9 titan powers into 1 (aka one titan shifter devouring the other 8 shifters) and crystallize himself to block the “paths”.

My opinion is, if Ymir Fritz could contact that “Devil of All Earth” and signed the contract around 1800 years ago, does it mean the Devil, or the “orgin of all organic material” (or some sorts of legendary creature? Aliens? Eh?) is actually dwelling on Earth, or living underground?

Can someone just go to find the “Devil of All Earth” and ask it to terminate the contract of obtaining the titan power?

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Forgive my crazy headcanon…

Anon Request: Friends with benefits falling in love with Hanzo, Reaper and McCree @-@?

Anon Request: Friends with benefits that sort of casually becomes more to the point that someone else is like “you guys are basically married” your choice of hero but I think McCree or Tracer would be best for this?

This turned into being more of a reactions/headcanon situation because I ended up doing four characters in all. I hope you like it, anon! If you have any questions, message me.


• For Hanzo, it was easier to deny his feelings and have a sexual relationship with you. He was afraid of losing you like he had lost his brother, so he enters the situation with a heavy heart.

• He tried to fight his feelings, but the nights he spent so close to you only strengthened them until he realized he was falling in love with you.

• When this happens, he ignores you for quite some time, afraid of what will happen if he continues this relationship. Even then, he can’t stop thinking about you every second of the day.

• Others will probably notice this, especially when he starts to mess up in training. It is then that his teammates will do everything in their power to get you back to him. To them, the both of you are perfect together.

• After some time, Hanzo will come to your room and confess his feelings to you, not expecting you to feel the same. If you do, his entire world will change. He will smile wide and spin you around, or he’ll just stare at you with disbelief in his eyes.

• It may take a bit for him to get used to calling you his S/O, but he’ll love it when he does. He’ll say it too much to be honest.


• The Edgelord will deny those feelings the moment they start. He will suppress them each night he visits you, telling himself that he was simply lying to himself.

• That only makes it worse.

• He starts to think about how nice it will be to wake up with you at his side. At times, others will catch him watching you with great intensity.

• Don’t expect him to just confess with a grand gesture. It’ll probably happen by mistake.

• He’ll say it at a random time, or he’ll call you something in his native tongue that you don’t quite understand. He won’t realize it until much later when you come up to him and ask if he meant to say it.

• He’ll probably run off after that and leave you alone for a while. When he does return, it takes some time for him to actually accept his feelings for you, and it takes even longer for him to act the way he should around you.


• When this cowboy realizes his feelings for you, he starts to call you sweet names while in public. You wouldn’t think much of it because he tends to flirt with everyone.

• However, others will notice. He stops flirting with the other teammates and focuses all of his attention on you. He’ll be near you at all times, eating with you and trying to strike up a conversation.

• McCree will also bring you little gifts every few days. It’s usually a flower or some chocolate, but he tries to make it seem like it came from the heart.

• Others will more than likely comment on your strange relationship with the cowboy. Even though you haven’t confirmed anything with him on what the both of you were, everyone else had their assumptions.

• A bet might be made with the team to see how long it takes for McCree to officially ask you out.

• It takes a week and some building up of courage. Winston ends up winning the bet out of everyone (he probably cheated).


• It’s so obvious that Tracer likes you that even you notice. After that, you start to do things that imply you want something more.

• It might take her some time to notice. However, the other teammates will probably help you in doing so. They considered the both of you already dating, especially with how much time you spend with Tracer. You’re basically attached at the hip with her.

• Even when you do try to make her realize your feelings, she thinks you’re just lying to her. Well, she does until you flat-out tell her the truth that you’re sick of pretending like you don’t care about her and that this is nothing but a stress-reliever for the both of you.

• She’ll get flustered and speaks quite quickly, forcing you to get her to talk much slower. When she does calm down, Tracer explains her feelings for you, not realizing that you knew from the moment you started this relationship with her.

• Some of the teammates were shocked when they found out the two of you weren’t already dating. They had assumed you were just keeping it a secret from them.

World’s Okayest Behavior Strategies

I work at a Community Day School (AKA: where you go if you’ve been kicked out of school) and we deal with negative behaviors on the daily, hourly, and seconds in between. It’s our bread and butter. 

Maybe you’ve got a kid in your classroom this year with behaviors much more extreme than you’re used to dealing with. Here’s a short list of phrases/strategies I use in common situations we experience with the majority of our population that you might want to try out. 

1. When a student is refusing work. “You’ll be earning (recess/table points/incentive) as soon as I see you give that serious effort.” This gets partnered with a planned ignore and works really well if you have a “must do” system in your room- You get ___ if you finish your work, and you’re denied ____ when you don’t and instead work to catch up. 

I don’t give the negative behavior much attention because it doesn’t really effect me. It’s going to suck for the kid if they don’t figure it out, so I can give true empathy for them when their classwork strike doesn’t pan out the way they’re hoping. 

The phrase serious effort also gives you an out for when you see their attitude make a 180. YOU get to decide what the expectations for success in the classroom are, not them.

2. When a student is disrespecting me in front of the class: “Your opinion matters to me and I’d love to have a conversation with you about how you’re feeling. Let me know when you’re ready to respectfully talk.” A lot of times the students are so worked up that they can’t hear all that, so I’ll use: “Let me know when you’re ready to tell me what you need,” or even, “Tell me what you need.” They’ll scream, “I am!!! You’re not listening!!!” and I’ll say, “Let me know when you’re to calmly tell me what you need.” 9/10 times this works. The other 1/10 usually escelates to the next bit….

3. When a student crumples up work/throws a tantrum: “Let me know when you’re wanting to be a part of our classroom,… Students who are a part of this classroom go the cafeteria for lunch,…Students who are a part of the classroom use their words,..Please join us and be a part of the classroom.”

I’ve had kids hear this and use it as an invitation to destroy most of my classroom, throw chairs, or ruin other people’s items just to get a reaction. The initial statement only works if you’re 100% ready to do a planned ignore for continuing negative behavior, but you know where the line is to intervene. I try to kindly tell me students what the line is if they get close and what I would do at that point: “If you throw that chair, then I’ll have to call an officer. What do you need?” 

I absolutely love my job. That being said, I go through these phrases on the daily and it becomes tiring especially as I use these phrases over and over again. One thing that helps me stay fresh in the moment and give authentic empathy to these type of situations is to remember something I was once told: Each student wakes up in the morning wanting to be loved. While love is giving boundaries, love is also listening. There is a reason for their behavior, and it’s not their fault that you haven’t figured it out yet. Their trauma and experiences should shine like a badge of courage when you witness a student meltdown, because there’s nothing braver than fighting for protecting yourself. That’s what most of them are doing in these moments of destruction and defiance: Staying alive. 

One last strategy we use at Community Day School: Know your limits, know theirs, ask for help. 

This is my new step brother Jake. His mother recently married my father, much to his dismay. Jake was very much a city boy, so the idea of moving to live on my father’s ranch was his worst nightmare. 

I could handle his constant moaning, but what I couldn’t stand was the way he talked down to my father and I, he thought that we were less educated because we lived in a ranch instead of an apartment in the city. What aggravated me further was how large of a homophobe he was, it was surprising, I always thought that people who lived in the city were more accepting, but I guess I was stereotyping him as much as he was stereotyping me. Despite his many flaws, there was no denying that fact that he was incredibly attractive, which made the situation even more intolerable.

After a month of living together and having to deal with him complain the whole time, our parents announced they were going to be going away for a week on a delayed honeymoon. The idea of having to spend a week alone with Jake would have been horrible if it wasn’t for the trick I had up my sleeve. He may have thought I was stupid but little did he know that I was incredibly good with hypnosis, a skill I had the full intention of using on our week alone.

In the weeks leading up to our parents leaving, I had been planting triggers into his subconscious via his iPod that he always fell asleep listening to. The day that our parents left was when I started my plan. That night Jake was watching TV when a gay couple appeared on the show he was watching and he started muttering some homophobic slurs, that’s when I decided it was time. With a few words I had him sitting on the chair with a blank expression in a hypnotic state. Seeing him sitting there looking so completely blank listening to every word I said was oddly satisfying. 

He had always complained about his sleeping arrangements, claiming the animals in the barn had better beds. So I decided that if he thought that the animals had it so much better that he could be one for the night. I took him outside and convinced him that he wasn’t human, but was in fact a pig, and as such must sleep with the rest of the animals. He dropped to all fours and started snorting and making cliche pig noises. I got great satisfaction seeing him crawling around in the pig pen with the other animals snorting around rolling around in mud. He seemed to be enjoying it so much that I decided to leave him there the rest of the night, perhaps he would get a better nights sleep in the comfort of the animals beds.

The next morning I went out to see him covered in mud still acting like a pig. As satisfying as it was seeing him like this, I decided it was time for the next stage of my plan. I snapped him temporarily out of the hypnosis, the confusion on his face was hilarious. He obviously had no idea what was going on, but apparently knew enough to blame me, he started swearing at me before storming off to clean himself off. While he was in the shower, I went and got my supplies. When he got out of the shower he found his normal clothes missing, and had been replaced with a pair of blue jeans and a cowboy hat.

It wasn’t long until he had hunted me down in the barn, swearing at me and saying all kinds of insults, but he was wearing the jeans and was holding onto the cowboy hat so at least that had worked. I quickly reactivated his hypnotic state. I told him that when he puts on the cowboy hat, his personality will completely change. No longer will he be a city boy, but he will be a full on cow boy or at least whatever stereotype of a cow boy he had in his mind. With a click of my fingers he put on the hat and suddenly everything about him changed. He leaned back on the barrel behind him, showing off his body.

I have to admit, he looked incredibly hot. I had also added a little extra to the hypnosis. I had told him that not only was he now a cowboy but he was also a gay cowboy. The signs of this quickly started to appear. He started to undo the button on his jeans and started revealing the calvin kleins he was wearing underneath, the calvin klein underwear looked a little out of place with the cowboy look, but I thought it actually looked pretty hot.

I felt the erection in my pants start to grow as I saw him standing there showing off his underwear and his bulge. He started to walk over to me and then all of a sudden he grabbed the erection in my pants. He gave me a smirk and told me that perhaps we should go somewhere more private to fix the problem in my pants. I had to stop myself from laughing because he was talking with a cliche cowboy accent, a far cry from his normal way of talking.

Needless to say I didn’t refuse his offer. It wasn’t long until he had his jeans off entirely and was lying down inviting me over to join him.

Seeing him like this made a flood of guilt hit me, as much of a jerk as he was, I still felt a little bad removing his free will and essentially turning him into my sex slave. It was at that moment that I noticed the cowboy hat had fallen off his head, I convinced myself that the fact that he was still acting like a gay cowboy with the hat off meant that somewhere deep down he actually liked it. In reality I knew that he was still under my hypnosis and that the real Jake would be killing me right now if he knew what I was doing, but convincing myself otherwise helped to alleviate the guilt. 

I joined him on the makeshift bed and started to feel him up, running my hands over his ripped body and abs, before making my way down to his underwear. I started to rub his penis, and heard the moans coming from his mouth, that was all the convincing I needed for my brain to go out the window and for my penis to take over. For a straight guy who was a massive homophobe, he was incredibly good at gay sex. We spent the rest of the day making out and having sex.

The next morning I was contemplating whether I should snap him out of the hypnosis or not. He seemed so much happier this way that I decided to leave him this way for the rest of the week, we had a lot of fun, and a lot of sex.

When it came to be the end of the week and our parents were coming back, I was torn. I had actually come to really like the new Jake, not only did I get to have my way with his hot body, but he was far more likeable this way. He helped out around the ranch, things like animal shit didn’t faze him anymore and he no longer complained about missing city life and I hadn’t heard a homophobic comment all week. He was a better person this way, and I think I was beginning to like him a lot more than just a little.

That’s when I made the decision to make the change permanent. By the time our parents got back, the new Jake was so deeply ingrained in him I don’t think I could have changed him back if I wanted. My Dad was pretty happy with the new Jake, they seemed to get along a lot better than they ever did before. Surprisingly both our parents were pretty accepting of our new relationship and didn’t seem to have any issue believing that all of Jake’s homophobic comments were just him struggling with his sexuality.

So now I have an amazing boyfriend who is incredibly hot, kind and has a thing for dressing up as a cowboy, which is something that doesn’t bother me in the slightest. Everything turned out for the better, and even though the old Jake is completely gone now, I think he’s much happier for it, I haven’t heard him complain once since the hypnosis. And unsurprisingly, I haven’t been complaining either.

Autistic Person: (doesn’t talk to people)

Allistic Person: Well, it’s your own fault that you have no friends. You don’t talk to people. And you must be freely choosing not to talk to people, because it’s impossible for someone to not know how to talk to people. Talking to people comes natural to me, so I wildly assume that it comes natural to everyone.

Autistic Person: (talks to someone this one time)

Allistic Person: See? You can talk to people. You have friends. You were lying every time that you said you struggled in social situations. For the next three years, if you say that you struggle in social situations, I will use this one conversation you had as an excuse to deny your experiences.

I personally believe that something is wrong in the whole situation with Denis. I think that he is probably going through something we don't know. There’s just something that doesn’t add up. We should not give Denis hate for this situation. Yes, it is horrible to have this happen and its devastating but I truly believe there is something behind it that we may never know. So please no hate, towards Denis, towards Danny, and just please show respect. There are always things we aren’t aware of and I believe we need to respect people’s privacy. Love, Respect, and Support is all we should be giving to the boys of Asking Alexandria. <3

act I, scene V
  • Romeo: ♫ Look around your world, pretty baby, is it everything you'd hoped it'd be? Look into your heart, pretty baby, is it aching with some nameless need? I don't think I have ever seen a soul so in despair; so if you want to talk the night through, guess who will be there? So don't try to deny it, pretty baby, you've been down so long you can hardly see. The wrong guy, the wrong situation; the right time to roll to me. ♫
  • Juliet: dude we JUST met

@rebelbaze not everyone uses the split attraction model. Next thing you’ll be saying kids can only identify as “biromantic” or “homoromantic” 😒

And literally fuck off. Many kids crushes involve sexual attraction. Mine did. I am aro, have always been aro, and my attraction as a child was always exclusively sexual. I am also hypersexual. Hypersexual kids exist and ignoring them and denying their existence isn’t cool. Many kids’ sexual attraction is what LEADS to them being easily taken advantage of by predators (like with me,) and refusing to acknowledge it literally endangers and creates a further more dangerous environment for kids who are like how I was, because your pigheaded stubborn insistence about it means you’ll never work on protecting children from those specific situations. Stop pretending to care about CSA victims.


Tbh one thing I’m looking forward to and hoping they do in Girl Meets World is have Farkle blow up emotionally. I want to see how Farkle acts when put in a situation where he either has his heart broken or can’t take being denied any longer. I would love to see if Corey Fogelmanis can push himself and show a real heart breaking moment using Farkles character. Whether it involves Smackle, Lucas, Maya, Riley, or anyone else doesn’t matter to me.

i am not “beating a dead horse” when you are still lying about me and denying anything you have done. this is the first time he has admitted he was manipulative towards me, in past discourse with him you can clearly see he says my claims about him manipulating me are false and im just lying and making it up. his story changes every time, he still has me blocked so i cant interact with him, this horse is not dead yet. when you do not try to fix or solve the situation that is still going on, the horse fucking stays alive.