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Headcannon where MC refuse to answer any phonecalls or talk to RFA+V+Saeran because she has toothache and don't want to tell them because she had been warned not to eat too much sweets by them. But the gang misunderstood, thinking that MC ignoring them or mad at them??


I didn’t do Jaehee because I think she’d be really calm and understanding, and wait patiently until you eventually tell her—although she’d still be slightly nervous for the entire time until you revealed the truth. 

Same with V (especially V, he would probably just quietly blame himself until your toothache gets better so you can tell him…)

But here you go~!


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Can we get Zen beach date?? It's starting to feel like spring and I'm living for it. Thanks!!



  • This guy LOVES the beach
  • A chance to show off his bod, honestly 
  • Freaks out when he sees your bathing suit
    • “B-Babe the guys will all be looking at you! Are you trying to make me get in a fight with someone?!”
  • Finds a really nice spot close enough to the water to spread your towels and place your umbrella (he can’t be in the sun too much because of his skin, he wants to keep it nice
  • Favorite part is rubbing sun tan lotion on you ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    • “Zen oHMYGAWD I don’t think I need lotion there!” you jump
    • I have to make sure every inch of you is protected, princess”
  • selfies selfies selfies selfies
  • He’s taking so many pics of you laying on your stomach on the blanket tanning
  • Lots of angles to get the best view of your ass and making sure he saves those haha
  • He’s packed food and wine in the cooler
  • Picks you up in his arms and runs you into the water
  • Tosses you around like nothing
  • Lots of make out sessions in the water as he holds you
  • When it starts to get dark you guys hold hands and walk along the shore collecting shells
  • He puts them in a little vase and places it on a shelf in your bedroom so he can remember the date and how much fun you two had
  • Yoosung: Jumin, did you get my email? It's my resume, by the way.
  • Jumin: Yes, I looked it over. Nice work.
  • Yoosung: Thanks, Dad.
  • Yoosung: ... What? Why are you guys staring at me?
  • Zen: You just called Jumin "Dad."
  • Jaehee: You said "thanks Dad."
  • Yoosung: No, I didn't. I said, "thanks man."
  • Jumin: Do you see me as a father figure, Yoosung?
  • Yoosung: No, if anything, I see you as a bother figure 'cause you're always bothering me with my resume.
  • 707: Hey! Show your father some respect!

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can i request rfa reactions to mc having a celebrity crush (not like they'll ever have a chance and they know it)?

Haha, this was a fun one to do. 


  • He hears you talking on the phone with Jaehee
  • You’re getting really animated and squealing while talking about someone
  • When you finally hang up, he asks what happened
  • And you just smile softly
  • “Sorry, I get a little excited when I talk about my celebrity crush.”
  • He gets all blushy and throws an arm around you
  • “Aww, babe. You’re so sweet. Who is it?”
  • He think he’s playing along with some flirtatious joke
  • Then you say a name that is definitely not his
  • He gets super pouty about it
  • Sends you a selfie with every text he sends 
  • “How can Nam Joo-Hyuk be as good looking as me?”


  • You’ve been pretty quiet for a few days
  • Texts came in less and were a bit shorter
  • When he mentions something, you apologize and explain that it was BTS’s comeback
  • You had been lost on social media looking at concept photos
  • When you’re together next, he asks to see them
  • He wants to share in your interests
  • You start fangirling when it comes to Jungkook’s photos
  • He gets super defensive/jealous all of a sudden
  • “What’s so special about him?”
  • You gasp really loud and show him videos of Jungkook singing and dancing
  • He can’t argue with the talent
  • You accidentally catch him learning how to dance a few days later


  • She catches you listening to something else other than Zen’s music
  • You decide to fess up
  • You show her some songs from U-kiss
  • You show her some videos too, admitting to your celeb crush is Kevin
  • She’s quiet for awhile
  • You start stammering apologizing for betraying Zen’s fan club
  • She wordlessly pulls out her phone and opens her pictures
  • She shows you a bunch of photos of Shin Soohyun
  • Fangirl session begins


  • He was just relaxing after coming home from a business trip
  • So, he decided to start the K-drama W since he never got to watch it
  • You come to visit while he’s in the middle of it
  • You get very excited when you see what he’s watching
  • You admit that you have a celeb crush on Lee Jong-Suk
  • He’s silent for a moment
  • Then he points to the screen frozen on Jong-Suk’s character
  • “Him?”
  • You nod. “Yeah, him.”
  • “But, he’s just…but, why?”
  • Elizabeth the 3rd makes it worse when she sits in front of the TV and stares at the screen
  • Jumin is exasperated
  • “Not both of you!”


  • He would’ve been okay if it was someone from a K-pop group
  • Or even a Korean actor
  • But the fact that you admitted you had a celebrity crush on Benedict Cumberbatch rubbed him the wrong way
  • You blurted it out when you both were watching Sherlock
  • He turns it off and turns to you seriously
  • “Is it because he’s smart? Because I’m smart.”
  • You admit it’s part of it, but it’s also due to the accent
  • You know he speaks English fluently
  • And you’ve heard his American accent, which was near perfect
  • But then he opens his mouth
  • “Harr-ee Pottah!”
  • It was horrible and you both knew it 

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whispers how about the rfa + saeran and v at a party (like 2 years) after everything reacting to an mc that "for the sake of the party" went on stage to sing to change it up a bit and tHE SONG SHE SINGS IS THE FULL VERSION OF #MYSTERIOUS MESSENGER BECAUSE "its been a while since i joined so i wrote this to commemorate the times i've spent in the rfa" it seems adorable okay








RFA+V+Saeran How Often They’d Want Sex

Does not count multiple sessions (。•̀ᴗ-)✧

He’s a college student so he still has all those hormones and years of sexual frustration. He would want it often, but he would also have to battle with his worries of if he was good enough, if it was bothering you, if you thought he was just using you for sex. But, once some of those worries were clear, a lot of the times cuddle sessions would end up as heavy petting- The two of you spooning, him pulling you close and planting a few kisses on your cheek, neck, maybe a little nip or two, his hands sliding to your hips. He wouldn’t go further than that unless you prompted him to by a little happy sigh or taking his hands and guiding him on where to touch.
 3-4 times a week.

He’s such a huge romantic, and usually his ways of showing how much he loves you ‘accidentally’ leads to sex. He tries not to have it always lead to sex- He’s worried he’ll somehow be too rough and hurt you, but the way his voice deepens, the way his loving expression starts to head a bit more sexual…

(I mean, he does use his ‘Godlike built’ body to his advantage at times)

Most of the time he’s very loving- A bit heavy, but still loving, giving you lots of praise. And even though he would love to be strong and have sex only when you prompted it, there are times he gives in and initiates it himself because he just can’t contain how amazing you are to him- Looks, personality, everything.

4 times a week.

He’s still learning and experimenting with sex, and due to his nature, he would want to learn and try everything he was interested in. Since he can’t fit all of that into one or two sessions, it would have to be multiple sessions. He also just loves feeling the two of you connected in such a way, something that he hasn’t experienced with anyone else before, and he’s addicted.

Since he’s head over heels with you, wanting to give you everything he can, sometimes he settles on showing his love through sex- rough or gentle- with a long and lazy cuddling session afterwards.

However, after long business trips, it’s usually one of the first few things he wants to do when he gets home, since he just wants to feel you against him again. (Especially if you sent him teasing texts.)

4-5 times a week.

Seven loves lazily cuddling hanging out, only for it to turn into something heated. You two are watching a movie while snuggling? He’s going to have his hands dip lower and lower until the movie is quickly forgotten.

Lazy handjobs on the couch? Lazy morning sex? Wants everything. He loves you so much, and he wants you to be able to at least feel a bit of how happy you make him, even if he mainly shows it through sex.
Would take no as an answer, would also just finger you/give you oral rather than focus on him or just the both of you. 

Most of the time sex happens because he can’t stop running his hands over your body- You feel so good, you feel so warm, so safe.
5-6 times a week.

Jaehee has had sex before, so it’s not like she’s clueless or nervous about it. She mainly just enjoys having someone she can connect to and having someone who actually loves her and supports her for who she is.

The cafe keeps the both of you busy most of the time, but during sex she usually likes being on the receiving end. Usually she prefers cuddling.

1-2 times a week (Mainly depending on what you’re feeling like).
Like Jaehee, he doesn’t care too much about the sexual side of your relationship. He doesn’t hate sex, not at all, he just loves focusing on all other aspects of the relationship. He needs all the positive emotions, especially after everything he’s been through, the security cuddles and loving dates.

When the two of you do have sex, it’s rarely rough, and it’s more gentle and filled with murmurs of his love for you and kisses.

1-2 times a week (Mainly depending on what you’re feeling like).

He loves sex. It’s obvious when the two of you do it for the first time, that it isn’t his first time by a long shot. He loves it rough, but there are quite a few times where he’s very loving and gentle, thankful for you to come into his life and forgive him for all he’s done.

Even though he loves it rough, he would never push you into having sex. As much as he initiates it over cuddles, you preparing to make dinner, you coming out of the shower- Once you tell him no he’ll automatically stop.

Otherwise, once you get started, there is no ‘one’ session. Sometimes one night you guys will fuck once, and the next morning as soon as you’re both away, you’re groping and moaning into each other.

5-6 times a week.

  • Seven: How long have you been sleeping with Jumin?
  • Zen: That's disgusting. And wrong. I don’t even get– why would– I've never had sex with anyone, anywhere. It's none of your- you have- the nerve, the audacity. Jumin is my fellow RFA member, technically. And he is terrible, face-wise. And how- how- do I know, frankly, that you're not sleeping with him? Maybe you are. Maybe you’re trying to throw me off? Hmm check and mate.

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Hey~! I reaaally love your writing and I was wondering if you could do a hc for rfa (+v and saeran if you want to) reacting to mc being sick and what would they do about. Like a small sickness like a cough or running nose cx

You woke up, thHello, lovely! Krys here! Thank you so much for the lovely compliments! I’m so sorry that this has taken so long! I’m not even going to sugar-coat it… Klc and I have been a little on the lazier side for the past few… weeks? So, please forgive us for this! I hope you like this! Now, these are all illnesses that I consider very minor because I’ve gotten them several times in the course of my life and have lived through them haha. They’re not major or anything, and the worst is probably the flu, and even that isn’t too bad. You just kinda feel bad for a few days, but that’s it.


  • Let’s get this straight
  • Zen never gets sick
  • He’s a healing monster, what are you talking about?
  • So, when MC gets sick, he doesn’t know what to do for the life of him.
  • His first thought would be to take you to the doctor’s
  • But you insist that you’re fine
  • No
  • He insists that something has to be done about it
  • He admires that you want to just push through it
  • But he asks you not to follow in his footsteps and try to tough it out
  • He honestly doesn’t even know what the severity of your sore throat could be
  • He never gets sore throats or anything
  • And he takes such good care of his voice that this has never really occurred to him
  • So you insist on showing him what to do when you get sick like this
  • So he gets in the car and you drive
  • To the corner store
  • Honestly like a Walgreen’s or CVS or something
  • And pick up some night time cold meds and cough drops
  • And he’s astounded
  • Like
  • Is it really not that bad?
  • I mean
  • I never get that, so I don’t know
  • And you just say that you’re probably gonna have to rest for a day or so
  • And so the babying ensues
  • Literally, wouldn’t let you get out of bed


  • He’s a college student
  • So he knows what it’s like to not take proper care of your body
  • I mean, before you moved in with him, he had a steady diet of ramyun and all sorts of junk foods and chips
  • So, when you were studying for midterms and not eating properly, piled on top of you being stressed out of your mind, it wasn’t a surprise to him that you developed a bit of a cold
  • And of course, being you, you decided to power through it
  • I mean, this was college, for God’s sake
  • If you didn’t pay off your student debts, your children would have to
  • So a cold was no excuse to miss classes and tests in your mind
  • Yoosung, on the other hand, saw what you were doing
  • Or, more like, heard
  • He could hear you awake, coughing and sneezing, while he was playing video games to relieve stress from his own studies
  • So he took a break to check on you
  • And when he found you holding a tissue to your face as you frantically highlighted and underlined text on the papers in front of you, he knew he had to do something about it
  • Whether you wanted it or not, he was going to help you
  • So he promptly picked you up out of your chair and you were so surprised
  • You didn’t hear him come in, you were so focused
  • He was surprised too, he’s not that strong tbh. But you were like a feather to him so it’s k
  • Even though you protested, he put you on the bed and told you not to move an inch
  • So eventually you just accepted your defeat and fell asleep
  • After what felt like forever, you woke up to the smell of chicken soup
  • You could see Yoosung walking in with a tray of it and some water as well as a bit of cold medicine
  • You asked him what time it was, and when he said the next day, you freaked out
  • But he insisted that you take a sick day
  • Originally, you were against it
  • But if you were treated like a princess all day like this, you wouldn’t mind


  • This man had access to all the best doctors and medicine that money could buy
  • Because, in fact, he could buy them
  • So when you began to develop the signs of the flu, not a necessarily deadly virus for someone your age, he didn’t even bat an eye
  • Not because he didn’t care, though
  • He cared a lot
  • More than most people would care about someone having the flu tbh
  • But because he knew that this could be resolved with the snap of his fingers
  • So you didn’t even have to complain about the stuffiness or anything before he called the doctor
  • He would gladly take any days off for you, but when he took a whole two weeks off so he could take care of you, you weren’t the only one saying it was unnecessary
  • You could practically hear Jaehee filling up another coffee cup already
  • But he wouldn’t be deterred
  • Just because he had a personal chef to make food for him at any hour he needed, didn’t mean he couldn’t cook
  • You wanted anything, he would make it for you as fast as possible
  • Chicken soup?
  • Done.
  • Mac and Cheese?
  • Okay, here ya go.
  • Seriously, you could ask him for an entire creme brulee and he would have it there before you could blink an eye
  • And of course, though you were sick, cuddles were absolutely not off the table
  • You didn’t really mind, but you were still contagious
  • You really didn’t want him to get sick because of you, but Jumin didn’t care if he got sick or not
  • He just wanted to make the most out of this time off with you
  • So, a few days later, when he started to exhibit the same symptoms, you were not at all surprised


  • You were always the one who tried to get him to live a healthy lifestyle
  • Tried to get him to eat better, get enough sleep, the works
  • So you thought maybe you could get him to follow along by setting the example
  • So when you began to develop various symptoms that all added up to a throat infection, he begins to use it as an excuse to not eat healthily.
  • “C’mon babe, just eat the salad with me. Please~?”
  • “Nope, the last time you ate healthily like that you got sick.”
  • “That’s, uh, not how it works, and I’m still sick.”
  • “And you still expect me to eat that? And share the same fork! How dare you? Are you trying to poison me, MC?”
  • You weren’t so sick that you didn’t see the humour in his words, but you were also pretty tired and just needed to sleep it off
  • It hurt a bit to talk, and Seven could see that, so he definitely went a bit easier on you and complied
  • You, on the other hand, hurt too much to eat solid foods, so you settled for a fruit smoothie.
  • After that, he took you to bed and stayed with you until you fell asleep
  • After all, you weren’t contagious, so it wasn’t too much of an issue
  • Other than the fact that he was procrastinating working, everything was fine
  • You woke up, though, to the smell of food
  • And it wasn’t just Seven experimenting with microwaving foods that should NOT be microwaved, again
  • It was actual food
  • Like, actual, edible food, that people actually ate
  • Let alone, healthy?
  • Who was this, and what have they done with your boyfriend?
  • So, when he came in with the food, that looked spectacular, mind you, you were very grateful
  • Especially if you didn’t have to cook for yourself when you were sick
  • He was an amazing boyfriend, very caring
  • But he was not very handy in the kitchen
  • Let’s just put it at that


  • He felt bad that he couldn’t do much for you
  • It’s not like he could just will you better
  • He wasn’t Jesus or anything
  • Having strep throat was definitely hard on you, and he could tell
  • So he tried his best to provide whatever you needed whenever you needed it
  • That included food, water, tissues, or the meds that your doctor prescribed for you
  • But for most of the days that you were sick, you guys just flopped onto the couch and listened to music or watched movies(with his new sight wowowow)
  • Even though he couldn’t do much for you, he wanted you to be feeling as comfortable as possible while you were unwell
  • So if you wanted ice cream, he would get you ice cream
  • He was really just too good to you to be completely honest
  • He cares for you so much it’s insane
  • You could probably step on him and he would apologise
  • So on the days when it was particularly bad and you were throwing up, he was right there with you holding your hair back and soothing you
  • Boyfriend goals can I get an amen
  • Haha haha I’m single if that wasn’t obvious
  • One day on his way back from work, he picked you up some ice cream sandwiches, and though your throat was sore as ever and you couldn’t talk very well, you thanked him as much as you could
  • So, he watched you devour them as you both pigged out on pizza and watched old Stephen King movies
  • Misery was his personal favourite


  • Being sick was not a new subject for him
  • He was a very sickly child and ended up with all sorts of illnesses all the time
  • Thankfully, he grew out of it by the time he got older
  • So, when you came down with a nasty case of bronchitis, he basically slapped on the medical mask and gloves
  • Despite his initial cold appearance and personality, you were one of the only people he could actual tolerate
  • So he didn’t want you to be sick, especially since he knew exactly how it felt and how awful it was
  • My poor son give him love and affection
  • So he took you to the doctor, though he already knew what the treatment was going to be
  • He just wanted a second opinion
  • So when they gave you some meds and an inhaler if things got particularly bad, he wasn’t very surprised
  • Kid probably would’ve ended up a doctor if he could’ve
  • When you went home, he told you to go straight to bed to get some rest
  • Even though you protested, you eventually conceded and went along with it
  • He went off on a tangent about how ‘laughter is the best medicine is a lie and sleep is the true healer’ or whatever
  • You kinda stopped listening
  • Not that you weren’t interested
  • It was really interesting and nice to see him get all passionate about something
  • But you never really thought it would be about your wellbeing
  • You got a glimpse of how caring Saeran could truly be
  • Even if you were romantically involved with him, it wasn’t something that you got to see too often
  • So that was really nice
  • You were sure to thank him as soon as you got better
  • But of course, he just shrugged it off and said it was nothing