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What are your feelings towards Encyclopedia Dramatica?

Super edgy. It’s literally only useful for catching up on internet drama if you can ignore how it’s written. All the random pages are just “Hurr durr look at how offensive this is are you triggered yet :^))))” try-hard stuff, and that really doesn’t interest me.

I see KiwiFarms in a similar way. That can be just as edgy and try-hard, but at least if there’s drama described there, they’re pretty decent at archiving sources, so you can pretty much ignore the vast majority of the commentary and look at the links yourself.

It came up on Itunes, this morning, so I just have to state that every second of the song, “A Night To Remember”, from High School Musical 3: Senior Year, hurts me. 

Please understand that this is a subjective opinion, but… this song is so bad

It assaults the listener with:

- Some truly obnoxious vocals from the girls, Vanessa/Gabriella, in particular. 

- The antiquated and frankly, sexist (and I don’t use that word lightly) notion that the girls have been “waiting all their lives” for a school dance. 

- The guys not knowing what a corsage is, because “hurr, men don’t know about that stuff!”

- “Where’s my shaver? I look like a waiter!

- The guys retracting their reluctance to engage in this entire affair as soon as they see their dates, because they’ve made a sudden switch to total horndogs and think they’re going to score. “It’s gonna be a night- OH YEAH!- to remember- THAT’S FOR SURE!” 

- Whatever is going on during that disco breakdown. 

- “Where’s my shaver? I look like a waiter!” Just. Why? 


And, I’ve touched on this, before, I’m sure, but it warrants another mention. The sequence the song is attached to in the film proper creates some curious conundrums… or plot holes. 

Several scenes prior, Sharpay instructed Ryan to essentially seduce Kelsi in order to obtain the sheet music for the number Kelsi was penning for Troy and Gabriella. Ryan makes no move to follow through on this instruction… YET, either Kelsi, herself, or Ms. Darbus, opted to pair Ryan and Kelsi up for the prom number in the musical before Ryan actually decides to take Kelsi to the prom, in “real life”. Remember, the spring musical is supposed to be reflecting the characters’ actual senior year. They’re meant to be playing themselves. “Real life” Ryan and Kelsi have shown absolutely no romantic interest in each other that would lead to them being paired up as dates for the prom in the show. 

It could be that I’m remembering this wrong, but I recall the theatrical version of the film switching the order of the “Just Wanna Be With You” duet between Ryan and Kelsi that segues into Troy and Gabriella’s rehearsal, with the prom number, which would have made a touch more sense, sequentially. But, a deleted scene shows Ryan approaching Kelsi under Sharpay’s orders after rehearsal for the prom number, and Kelsi setting up their music room “date”, then, so… I don’t even know. 

Kelsi writes every single guy in the senior class, sans, Ryan, stopping mid-prom, to ogle her upon her arrival. 

There’s also the issue of a prom number featuring the entire cast of the musical, complete with full and intensive choreography, being apparently axed for a diluted version of the same song that serves to glorify Sharpay. 

But, that’s another concern for another post. 

look I love whales but baleen plates are the worst thing ever. Like I know they’re functional but I hate looking at them.

hurr hurr I’m a baleen whale I’m gonna evolve a fucking hairbrush in my mouth instead of having teeth like a normal person so I can eat a bunch of the smallest animals in the fucking world at once despite being the largest thing alive

Mermaid or galaxy hair?✨

This was from last year in February! (2-20-2016)
Lipstick used: 💄
A gradation/blend of Ruby Kisses Matte Lipstick in Blue Lagoon (RMLS21) and Lavenderism (RMLS20).
Lip gloss: Claire’s Lip Gloss in Watermelon 💄