📢📢  U P D A T E S S S ~ so the first week back at uni has been fun! 🏘 Ate fairy bread (which is actually the best food combination on earth and I pity those who live inevitably miserable and meaningless lives without it), took rushed selfies in the new Arts building 🙆🏼 (yay for Arts kids finally getting some funding!!), kicked off the new semester by getting a head start on readings! I have to say, I’m loving the classes I’ve chosen so far 🙏🏻

I’m feeling super happy this week, and I feel like next week is going to be even better because my boyfriend is coming home, I’ll be more organised, nerdy class discussion sessions start back, I’m getting my hurr did… Basically, I’m chuffed!! 

Hope you all are feeling fan-damn-tastic; and if not, I have a surprise coming up in the next few weeks, so there’s that to look forward to! [it may or not start with ‘g’ and end in 'iveaway’ … 😁 ] 

• All my abundant and everlasting love, Mon xxx

How can you say that the writers don’t care about a character when they have given them everything they ever wanted. Maya is happy she is a fierce Amazon warrior. She is getting a father that loves her and will never leave. Her mother is happy. She has a bunch of people who care about her. Lucas is still in her life, they’re still friends, she’s still going to call him huckleberry, she’s still going to hu hurr in his face. And who knows what’s going to happen In the long game… Maybe josh and her will be together… Maybe her and Lucas do get together. Maybe Rucas stays together, maybe other people come along. But right now from what I can tell, all the characters we love and care about are happy.

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Generic Kazuma boyfriend headcanons?

Kazuma boyfriend headcanons:

- G O D what a nerd he looks all ‘cool’ and 'collected’ normally, but I swear to jesus you hold his hand and he’s sweating like a sinner in church

- do you watch osomatsu-san ?? Okay imagine Choromatsu in a relationship that’s this guy (hurr hurr I love choro sm)

- He never forgets an important date. To be honest, he probably goes OVERBOARD with 'important’ dates, like 'ah! _____! This day 7 months ago was when we first held hands!’

- very reserved when it comes to PDA

- not too much into the PDA but hoo boi does he love cuddling at home especially if you have a squishy tum (๑・v・๑)

- has to plan every date perfectly so he doesn’t mess up– you’d have to teach him to be less stressed about this sort of stuff lmao

- he’s really bony and stiff so tbh his hugs wouldn’t be the comfiest but w/e

- he’s so sweet date him pls he needs it

Let’s talk about the way they’re smiling at each other

Let’s talk about her hand on his cheek

Let’s talk about the way Lucas tilts his chin up when Maya leans in to kiss him.

Let’s talk about how he closes his eyes, ready to enjoy the moment

I mean, let’s just talk about this beautiful scene

(It was pretty hot too right!)

(also, not my gif)

“It’s one minute to midnight and I’m glad you’re standing here.” I JUST CAN’T LOSE HOPE

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Riley (to Maya): You’re me
Maya: I’m you?
Everyone: You’re Riley
Maya: Wait what if I actually am…
Riley: Ja. So do you REALLY like Lucas?
Maya: I dunno who I am anymore.


Lucas: But I also laugh when Maya ha-hurr’s me and calls me ‘huckleberry’ 50 times a day

Lucas again: But then there was Maya. And that campfire. 

Also Lucas: Except…it was Maya who pushed her. It was Maya who did that for Riley because that’s who Maya is. 

Lucas (to Katy): I care about your daughter very much.

Lucas to Katy again: Maya loves to make fun of me, but then in Texas, she doesn’t want to see me get hurt. She gets those feelings from someone, Ms. Hart. And from what I’ve heard, it isn’t her father. You are a wonderful mother.

Lucas one more time: Deep down Maya is beautiful.


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I 100% think that Neah is bluffing a lot of things to try and get Link away from him. While Neah says he “hates” humans, and even Cross admits they were forcibly kinda pushed into working with each other, that still leaves the open end of Past!Allen. I honestly don’t think Neah is “murder-hurr-durr” towards people, but rather wants them to stay away so others wont’ get hurt.

We’ll see though. But in all honesty Neah reminds me of a hissing cat trying to scare away some random person.

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do you think that lucas may only like maya because he feels bad for her?

He likes Maya because it makes him laugh when she calls him Huckleberry and ha-hurrs him. He likes Maya because of the way they talked at the campfire (and that near kiss too, no doubt). He likes Maya because she’s the sort of person who does things for her best friend. He likes Maya because she was worried about him in Texas. He likes Maya because he thinks she’s beautiful on the inside.

All of that is explicit, undeniable canon. Lucas does not like Maya because he “feels bad for her.”