• <p><b><p></b> <b>Charlie:</b> *@ a meet and greet*<p/><b>Fan:</b> *walks up with crocs on*<p/><b>Charlie:</b> *tears forming in his eyes* oh child no *handing them money* here<p/><b>Fan:</b> wha-<p/><b>Charlie:</b> *voice breaking* please, you need this more than i do<p/></p><p/></p>

Gotham 2016 Issue 5 Late Fall - Men on the Move (x)

Age: 32.
How you know him: He’s got one of those leading-man faces you start seeing everywhere—Next to Normal on Broadway, Grease Live! on Fox, the Les Misérables film.
New York fave: “One spot that I end up at almost every day—this is so lame—is Hu Kitchen. I have some food allergy situations. It’s paleo, organic, glutenfree, and really good.”
What’s next: Better Off Single, in theaters October 7. “It’s a romantic comedy from a guy’s point of view.”
Inspiration: “Hugh Jackman—the way he moves back and forth between stage and screen. In Les Miz, despite having the most to do, he was the nicest person on set. I look to that as an example I want to follow.”

Aaron is part of a Broadway feature in the latest Gotham magazine, currently available for free in its entirety digitally here, and through subscription/eventual single-issue sale here.

For inspiration reasons, here’s a list of actresses over 40 who can probably still kick our asses:

Kelly Hu (Age: 48)

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Linda Hamilton (Age: 60)

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Charlize Theron (Age: 41)

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Gina Torres ( Age: 47)

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Ming-Na Wen (Age: 52)

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Kate Beckinsale (Age: 43)

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Gwyneth Paltrow (Age: 44)

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Milla Jovovich (Age: 41)

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Jada Pinkett Smith (Age: 45)

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Michelle Yeoh (Age: 54)

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Lucy Lawless (Age: 48)

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Regina King (Age: 45)

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Lucy Liu (Age: 47)

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Helen Mirren (Age: 71)

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