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Team Lads are off to find more news again!

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Crimson Typhoon (Pt 6)

Notice to staff: 

Please do not use hang clotheslines and/or wet laundry from Jaegers before outdoor calibration tests, and then use the Thundercloud Formation to “expedite the drying process”. The PPDC will not be held responsible for any more collisions between two or more watercraft blinded by surprise under garments. 

If it is the case that any laundry machine is out of service, please inform Custodial at the earliest convenience. That said, the machines /have been having issues today; Custodial has informed me the problem will be resolved by the weekend. 

Best regards,
- Xiong Li-hua, Marshal of the Hong Kong Shatterdome

Confidential to Team Crimson Typhoon: Rangers Wei Cheung, Jin, and Hu are responsible for your laundry and are banned from the hanger for the next week, effective immediately. Should any of you have any textiles in need of laundering, please deliver them to the Rangers quarters. 


Depremi hissedip sokağa dökülen insanlar, depremin şokunu henüz atlatamamışken, yağmurun yağmasıyla korkuyla kaçtıkları evlerine giriyor tekrar. Bense pencereden izleyip “çok saçma. ya hu tanrım gerçekten çok saçma. evet evet saçma.” diyerek atarlanıyorum.
Yani önce depremle milleti sokağa dök sonra yağmurla milleti evine gönderagsga ya tanrım yeminle senin allahın yok, kurguya bakar mısınagfac

Another painting by Henri Toulouse-Lautrec: At the Moulin Rouge: Two Women Dancing from 1892.

Lautrec was bedazzled by France’s counterculture, and was particularly fascinated with his clowness friend Cha-U-Kao’s openness as a lesbian woman. Above is a painting the artist did of Kao and another woman waltzing together (I’m guessing Kao is the one on the right, but I’m not sure).

Among the many pieces Lautrec created about lesbians, I think this is the best. It surpasses history’s fetishism and religious admonishment of homosexuality and depicts a romance with tenderness and honesty. The pair are the focus of the painting, but aren’t treated in a way that ostracizes them from the many other anonymous denizens behind them. Their embrace literally conjoins the two together by their similarly-hued dresses, and look like they’re just having a pleasant time.

My favorite part of Lautrec’s work is the way that he could look beyond the shock of Parisian nightlife and find the real people behind all the flashy costumes and performances. I hope to always remember to maintain the humanity of the humans I draw in a similar way.

ifj. Farkas Gyula digitális diáriuma
A kedves közönség főként matematika- és fizikaórán történt vicces történeteket olvashat oldalamon, de -- nem lévén kockafejű -- olvashat botanikai és csillagászati témájú bejegyzéseket is. Az itt leírt történetek humorát és kiváló stílusát garantálja a 2008-ban elnyert Arany Farmermellény díj.

Úristen, emlékszik még valaki erre a blogra?

Most valahogy eszembe jutott, és sajnálattal konstatáltam, hogy ifj. Farkas Gyula okleveles fizikus mérnök (MSc) 2011 óta nem közölt újabb vicces történetet. :(

My gma was telling me about how she’s always baffled over how I got such big boobs because no one else in the family has boobs like mine except for my great grandma Winchester and I go, “Winchester hu? I guess you could say my boobs are.. Supernatural.” (She had no idea what I was talking about btw.)

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Izaiah looked at the tiny person who’d punched his face. She was so small he didn’t even feel it. Bouncing the three inch toy in hus hand up and diwn he started snickering. “How’d you get in my house?”