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Love and support artists

It actually really frustrates me when I see amazing beautiful art that has fewer notes than some of my posts. Like before I made this blog I’d see artists saying they didn’t have enough notes on things and I sympathised but I didn’t really get it. Now that I have quite a few posts with over 1000 notes it really puts it in perspective.

How is it fair that I can write a single sentence or do a quick two minute edit and get 1k+ notes and an artist who spent hours on a piece of artwork gets only 300? Like if I was an artist I’d be so mad about that!

So I just want to remind people to please reblog art that you enjoy! Likes are great, but reblogs are what really get work out there and enable other people to enjoy it and pass it on even further. And if you can’t reblog for whatever reason (like I don’t really reblog nsfw because I want to keep my blog lower rated) then please do like it or leave a comment on it! Be kind to artists. Love them. They deserve all the goodness we can offer

“Gone in November”

Like Sean, I could talk all day about the topics this game dealt with, having first-hand experience myself, and I even spent 3 hours writing another long, annoying post that kind of explained what my own experience is like (and you’d be right in thinking that I didn’t have the time to do that, but my mind wouldn’t let me stop), but I’ve decided to write this instead.

I related to “Gone in November” a lot (too much), and I think one of the main ideas it was trying to get across was how the mind of someone who is in that depressive, self-destructuve state works. While I didn’t fully understand what exactly the actual story was (I kept getting too distracted by my own thoughts to try to piece together the events chronologically), what stuck out to me and with me was how brutally explicit this game was in showing what it’s like (getting hit by the truck, the knife sounds, etc.).

Games like this I have a love/hate relationship with. I love the fact that they can open people’s minds to things they may have thought they understood and encourage them to learn more and hopefully change their perception of certain topics. They’re informative and moving and work to help bring awareness and remove the stigmatization that mental illness unfortunately has, which I think is great. 

But I hate how much they affect me. I finished watching this video almost 5 hours ago, and I’ve been unable to move since. I tried watching Anxiety Attacks months ago, but had to skip to the end after about 5 seconds of the actual gameplay. I’ve never tried again. It’s great that these games tackle these things, but it sucks that it’s hard for me to experience them the way they intended because of how I am.

It’s nice to know that these games are still being made, and people are willing to treat them with the care they deserve, which leads me to…

How Sean handled the game himself. Bravo. I’ve been around so many people who think that they “get it” and then proceed to offer advice that they would give themselves instead of listening to what I am saying and reacting off of that, so it’s great the way he handles these games and the heavy content they introduce. He acknowledges the fact that he’s going off of what he’s read/heard from other people’s experiences, and I think the best thing anyone can do, especially when they don’t know first-hand, is listen. No, I mean actually listen. There are a lot of “myths” about mental illnesses that go around, and people use them to jump to conclusions about people the second the illness is defined with a word. They don’t let the person talk about it, especially since mental illnesses can manifest themselves in so many different ways depending on the person. You have to, as cliche as it sounds, put yourself in their shoes. Don’t project onto them. It doesn’t help. Learn from what they tell you. Listen. 

I’ve said before that I respect Sean a lot in general and specifically for how he handles things, and, as often as he worries about it, he hasn’t let me down. He describes himself as the “loud, screaming youtuber”, and it always makes me a little sad that he does that honestly. Yes, he also talks about how he wants to make sure he’s seen as a 3-dimensional person and does a great job of doing that by being himself, but I worry sometimes about why he always says those descriptors. I mean, the only one who knows is him, so I can’t speculate, but it’s weird to me because those wouldn’t be the first words I’d use to describe him, and videos like this are part of the reason why I wouldn’t. I’m not good with words, so I can’t explain this concisely, but just…I really appreciate his existence as a human being. 

A New Image.

Komiði sæl og blessuð,

So, as some of you may have noticed, I have messed with my blog’s image a bit. The blog is now called “Saga, Skalds, and Things.” These are the topics that I study and post about most often (with Skalds including things like language and mythology), and so I feel it more accurate reflects what this blog is about.

I have been thinking about this for awhile, actually, since my previous blog title was misleading. Although “The Viking Life” had a much simpler (and honestly better) ring to it, it did not reflect my content very well. I post academic stuff, not sensational material. Honestly, I aim to dismantle those popular images of Vikings, most of the time. Besides, when I started off, I never expected this blog to get as far as it is today.

I know that I do not need to explain myself, since it is my blog. Yet, I still find it respectful to you all to provide my reasoning (as well as a chance for anyone to add their input), because, let’s be honest, this new title feels a bit awkward at first. Feel free to comment ideas or concerns, if you’d like. I am always open to feedback.

Þakka ykkur fyrir.

A lesson in injustice

Nindarhmen wants to help, but has to learn that not everything is fixable with a snap of his fingers.

[A little warning: mention of physical abuse]

[thank you to @ourinquisitorialness for the title <3]

- Master Lavellan, please come to your senses!

Josephine was trying her best to calm a very angered Nindarhmen, who was pacing in front of the fireplace.

He had been to the Emerald Graves to investigate an old temple and had stopped to visit an alienage on the way back, in a little city relatively close to Skyhold. What he saw in the alienage revolted him. He had taken the Inquisition banner from the hands of one of his soldiers and planted it before the doors of the alienage. He and his men had been standing watch until the arrival of Lady Montilyet, who got urgently summoned.

Now Nin and her were both in a richly furnished room, waiting for an audience with the Baron Gardepré.

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