So I’m a firm believer in the theory that the 15 Taylors in LWYMMD represent the 15 tracks. in this video we see 14 Taylors lined up and the 15 is hidden in the background which I will get into later. Now if this Theory holds true for each Taylor being a caricature/ personification of each track then it goes to question is it left to right or right to left? i say Left to Right.

now this means that BIKER TAYLOR would be our READY FOR IT gal. which looking her I can see why. she’s opening the album with it and she’s literally gonna give us the ride of our life hence why she’s  a fucking motorcyclist. So buckle up kiddos.

Now we bounce to Track 6 LOOK WHAT YOU MADE ME DO, say hello to RECEIPTS TAYLOR!!! now think about her in this video, we saw her crash and burn with the paparazzi having a field day. Also the end of the video where she says she’s getting receipts to edit later and she literally is the song Lwymmd. like im laughing here cuz bish a genius

SO now at the time this post is being created we are getting Track 8 and our leading lady is MET GALA TAYLOR. she truly is Gorgeous. please dont blockt me for that. anyway on to why im really making this post

track 14, BIRDCAGE TAYLOR, i really feel like this is the song that’s gonna tear our hearts out. think back to LWYMMD and her role in this. she lives in a gilded cage with lavish meals and a pretty swing to sit perched on. Everything at the cost of her freedom, she realizes she’s no better than a pet here with scheduled meals and only being taken out for the entertainment of others. a bird that wings have been clipped. who dreams about breaking free.

now we have track 15 our MYSTERY TAYLOR, she hasn’t given us much to go on with this one. her first appearance was here towards the end. the only one in the end scene without a real role. why? because she’s done playing by everyone else’s rules. she broke out of that gilded cage. look at her placement, standing above the rest and staring defiantly towards the camera. she’s in a position of power here. this is Taylor, not the media’s twisted narrative of her but the actual Taylor. She is closing this album out with a bang. this is why there are no bonus tracks yall because Taylor has said all she has needed to say with this last song. she took back her kingdom keys and now There will be no further explanation. there will just be Reputation.


So I wanted to try different styles! I drew styles of all the people that have inspired me throughout my drawing journey! I had a lot of fun drawing all the different styles. I’m so sorry if I didn’t get your style right it’s just your style is that amazing!!! Here’s all the different amazing people @nastynastytord @dippsticc @scarypeng @whyareyoureyesblack @norwegian-communist @yumyjamy @secret-dating-au-sw @kaoru-doodles @mii-chankai @avikat @nicktoonsunite @pptsy @comixartist @goddessoftheworld @blackberry-soda @96pwp69 @asktordvoice @syjr357 @moho-gotta-gogo @restingjudge @askwormsworld @sinning-again @garoo-ew @mazegohann and the one and only (please don’t go bother him he’s not in the fandom anymore) @princeofmints !!!
Once again I’m so sorry if I messed up you’re style! You all have inspired me so much to keep on going and to try my best in improving my art! I just wanted to say thank you, all of you amazing people for making my happy every single day by making amazing art.

i want flowers, honeyed in the melting dusk, and i want to live on a world with suns that never sleep and glimmering oceans and figs heavy on every tree, i want wings made of brazen petals. place me in the bud of a newborn star and maybe my fingers will prickle with poetry again. 


(Last progress pic until I’m actually wearing the cosplay!)
Cape is done, and the dress is almost completed–I just have to do the applique and beading on the chest, which should be all finished after work today.
The Bulwark Staff is also done, but the venue in Nashville doesn’t allow props, so I will have to leave it for the live show. I’ll be sure to get photos with it, though.

But Who Protects You?

So this piece is inspired by @misterpoofofficial’s beautiful piece of art. It’s a little rushed and I wrote it in a new way (kinda) but hopefully you all enjoy! 

I might come back and change this one but let me know if you guys think it’s okay.

When Keith has asked if he wanted to join him in part of his Blades of Marmora training, he never expected to watch as tears pooled in Keith’s, refusing to look at him. He never thought he would feel his heart breaking into pieces at the confession that had slipped through trembling lips of the one he had loved for so long.

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Inktober days 16, 17, and 18
I was three days behind, so I figured I’d do that thing everyone else is doing: a Bendy Cuphead Boss! Despite having so much trouble coming up with the attacks of the second stage, I’d say that one’s my favorite!

The hot new pitch du jour that studios are circling is an untitled comedy that will be written by Aaron & Jordan Kandell, who worked on Moana. The new pitch has Josh Gad, Luke Evans, and Star Wars’ Daisy Ridley attached and it is expected to land quickly. I’m told the best way to describe it is a character driven comedy that takes an original spin on the superhero genre. - (x)

anonymous asked:

How do u make transparents? I honestly suck at this and Ive been trying to make a transparent crop of fun ghouls face (dont ask snjdjsj) and its been a couple hours (i dont own photoshop,,,)

SKSDDDKKDJ ITS OK ANON sometimes u just….need that crop of fun ghouls face….!!! firealpaca gives an option of having a coloured or transparent background which is hwo i got the mini gees transparent but!! 

(a) there are sites online like pixlr that act like photoshop 


(b) most art programs have an option with the “magic wand” tool thatll let u select what u wanna crop n then u can inverse that selection n erase everything else!

most important thing is that u save as a .png file though bc .jpg doesnt let u have transparent bg!!