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have you heard about/listened to 'the adventure zone'? it's a podcast. I think it's something you'd like, esp if you like lots of characters creating a found family and complex but awesome relationships between those characters. I'd also love to see your interpretation of the characters if you do get into it.

i actually just started listening to taz recently! i do like both of those things and i also hear it has canon girlfriends later on which im all about!! im not very far in (like.. halfway thru rockport limited? i think) and i havent really decided on designs for the boys yet, but heres number one regulator of my heart killian

Me: *thinks about the in the heights movie and all of the hype I’m giving it despite the fact that it most likely won’t feature any of the cast members that caused me to fall in love with such a production, the fact that it’s still a few years away so I have no idea if I’d still even like in the heights by the time it comes around, the ridiculously high standards I have for the cast especially in casting an all poc cast being my number one want (something Hollywood’s been notorious in withholding), the fear of adding foreign plot points or even worse SUBTRACTING important plot points, the fear of somehow removing women from the narrative, the fear of watering down such a beautiful story in general*

Me: *cries*

I’m bored so here’s some general tv production stuff. I’ve been wanting to post these concepts in a meta but decided to give them mostly their own post.

We’ll round the ratio for the hourly screentime to 1 even though most network TV dramas are 42 minutes. Producers of tv networks usually like a lot of coverage and shot variety so there’s more control and they can adjust timing. When I took film/tv production classes in 2012 or so, I was taught that networks budget about 18-20 hours of footage to 1 hour(rounded) of screen time. Looking around now, that seems to still be about right from what I could find. If anything, it might be more footage because pretty much everyone uses digital now and digital is cheaper than film by a lot. I’ve heard of 40:1 but I don’t think that’s normal. It is a thing though.

Typical projected filming with actors is about 12-16 hours a day for tv. I don’t know what the schedule is for all tv, but SPN apparently films for 8 or so days an episode. 

Below are the 6 cardinal rules of editing and how much each one is supposed to matter in the cutting room. These were taught to me in school using the book: In the Blink of an Eye by Walter Murch. The first 3 are pretty obvious, the last 3 are more technical:

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Chiiiilll ooout Thomas, yah look pretty cool, and cute. If yah don't wanna be seen that way all yah've gotta do is lay low for a short while. You'll be fine my dude

Tom:  Yea̛h̴̕,̵͞ ͟yo҉̸u͏’͟͏r͢͝e̶ ̸̀p̵͝͡r͡͡ob̨́a̶͞͠b̨̛҉l̕ý҉ ̀r͜i͞g̡͜͟h҉̢t҉͞.͟ ̵̡I̶ ̀n͏͡ee͠d t̀͞o̵̢̨ ̡҉g͝e҉t̨͝ ̵ò҉̷u̢͠t̀͢ ́of̧ ͟͝t̀́͟he ̵h̶̴a̸l̷l̸҉̵ẁá̷̕y̸͠ ̨̛b͘҉e͏f͘҉or̛̀͘e ̵̶śo̵m̸̧e͜o̷͝ńe͘ ̢̛͞a̧̕cţu̧al͠͏l̷҉y̨ ̧͝s͞e͏̨e͏̡s̴͜ ̸́҉m̵̸e͡.͢͏

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idk dudes i really don’t care what the new video is and i don’t think its going to be a “Coming Out video xD” bc i don’t think that seems like their style ?? i feel like its going to be an announcement about them working on a new project or smth for us / at the same time what on earth does it take for y'all to shut the h*ck up about ph*n  …….. when will y'all be happy with the fact that they already do so much for us and realize that we have No Right to tell them to “come out already” or dictate how they should live their lives ???

i feel like a lot of people forget that dnp are real people that can be affected by what we say and despite the fact that they joke about not having emotions and all that smooth jazz it would be stupid to say that they don’t care how we react to the things they produce. if they’ve been hinting at a big thing in their lives they Want us to be hyped about it and they know everyones going to jump to conclusions so they must be worried that nothing they do will make their fans as satisfied as a #phanisreallolzor video :// think about it ……. this has happened So Many times in the past where dnp bring up something that’ll be happening in the future and y'all don’t stop whining abt it unless its a c*ming o*t v*deo :/ just ….. take a couple of seconds and Acknowledge all the things they’ve done for us so far and treat them well, because these boys deserve that.