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For you, @drsallysparrow, several months late.

“Georgie,” Fred whispered, arching a brow and digging his elbow into his brother’s ribs as soon as they poured out of Filch’s office. “Have a look.”

“Well then,” George remarked, eyeing the worn piece of parchment in his twin’s hand. “A whole drawer of confiscated items and you thought the blank bit of parchment was probably best?” He reached for it, giving it a skeptical once-over. “For this I wasted a dungbomb?” 

“A dungbomb at the inconvenience of Filch is never a dungbomb wasted,” Fred told him smartly. “Anyway, considering the drawer, there’s obviously more to it. Unlike you,” he added, nudging him. “Who possess nothing beneath your stunningly handsome facade.”

“A handsomeness that I wear better, by the way,” George assured his twin, not looking up. “Hm,” he murmured to himself. “If it were me, I would- ”

He stopped, frowning in thought.

“Oh good,” Fred said, fighting a yawn. “I was hoping you’d come to an abrupt stop.” He leaned against the wall, kicking one leg out to cross it over the other. “Frankly, if it weren’t for your unerring mystery, I’d have run off a long time ago.”

George raised his wand and tapped it against the parchment. “Revelio,” he muttered, and then watched as a series of words began to spread across the page.

No, it said. Don’t feel like it.

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dominant vs. inferior versions of the functions

Dom Si: it makes sense to do what has always worked
Inf Si: *something is slightly abnormal* hahhA aha ahaahaahha kill me

Dom Se: let’s go for a run it will be great! look at the sky! the air in the room feels particularly nice
Inf Se: drugs, sex, food, alcohol   —–give it to me——

Dom Ni: look at what the future holds!
Inf Ni: the end is near, there is no hope for any of us, we are all doomed to oblivion

Dom Ne: the possibilities for what we could imagine are endless! 
Inf Ne: okay but consider this: what if I forget to do my homework what if I fail my classes what if I don’t graduate what if I never find a job what if no one ever loves me what if satan reaches up from the depths of hell and consumes what little is left of my soul what if

Dom Fi: these are my values, they are important to me and I stand by them
Inf Fi: you think I am being a little stubborn? well guess what you can shove a cactus up your ass

Dom Fe: don’t worry, I’ve got your back! I am here to support you
Inf Fe: ah um erm *ahem* hm ah uh there there it’s uuh okay

Dom Ti: logic is a wonderful thing, I bet there is a lot we could do with it!
Inf Ti: oh so you think that I am incorrect about this one thing?? how dare you say that how dare you doubt my knowledge what is wrong with you, no you are the one who makes no sense get out of my sight

Dom Te: we are going to get things done today *gets things done that day*
Inf Te: now you see I have everything planned out and I know exactly how we are going to get this done, but, additionally, I see another possibility: we do nothing

The Arrangement (Part 10: The Gala)

Summary: The gala finally arrives, and Dean is absolutely floored by your dress. An interaction with Samuel leaves Dean fuming, but you calm him down. Dean finally admits his feelings.

Pairing: AU!Dean x Reader

Word Count: 3,300 (hold onto your hats kids it’s a long one)

Warnings: Language, sexual tension, anxiety, mild smuttiness

A/N: It’s here it’s here it’s here it’s here the gala is finally HERE I’m so excited for you guys to read this part!!! It’s long, so settle in! This part is inspired by the song In Case You Didn’t Know, by Brett Young (ohmygod now I’m so nervous to post this aaaaahhhhh)

Need to catch up? Check out the Series Masterlist

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TalesFromRetail: Clumsiest theft attempt ever

About a month ago, I was supervising our store’s slow self checkouts when a girl about 20 years old approached me, my first contact with customers in almost half an hour.

Girl: Excuse me…

Me: *snaps out of daydreaming* Hm? What’s up?

She seemed pretty nervous, like she wasn’t sure exactly what she was asking.

Girl: I was just wondering…. I mean last time we tried to use these… I’m not good with these, you know? So I was wondering if you could like…. *trails off awkwardly*

Me: It’s ok, they can be moody machines sometimes. Whenever you’re ready to check out I can help you with it, ok?

Girl: Ok. Thanks. *walks away*

I did not trust her at all at this point. She came back ~5 minutes later with a dude, 2 cases of cupcakes, and a 2 liter of pop. They walked to a self checkout furthest from me and scanned the 2 liter but didn’t set it down, so it wouldn’t let them proceed. I walked over towards them and let them know they had to set the stuff down after scanning it.

I lingered near them because it was all so sketchy, and after a few seconds of stalling she looked at me and said “we’ll be alright now, but thanks,” clearly asking me to go away. I humored her and went back to my podium but there was no way in hell I was taking my eyes off of them until they were paid up and gone.

As soon as I got to my podium, the guy gave a halfhearted glance around and set a box of cupcakes in a bag, pulled the bag off the rack, and tucked it in a dark corner of the bagging rack out of sight. Of course my handheld and their register were both screaming that there’s weight in the bagging area, but they were still trying to keep scanning as if nothing was wrong and seemed pretty upset it wasn’t working.

So then they called me over to them.

Me: *walks over to them* *without hesitation I pull the hidden cupcakes out of their hiding spot* Looks like you didn’t scan these. Might have missed the barcode or something. *scans the cupcakes and sets them down* You’re good now.

They scanned their other cupcakes then stood and talked for a few minutes. After a few minutes the girl left while the guy lingered and stared at the screen. He finally voided one thing off, then told me he wanted the whole order canceled.

I did so. He reached for the bags and said he’d take them back for me. I told him I’d take care of it, snatched up all the bags before he could grab them, and told him to have a great day. And then he left…

Maybe it was just a distraction for some of their cohorts, who knows, but if not that had to have been the worst attempt at shoplifting I’ve ever witnessed…

By: occipital_spatula

Dangerous Woman

A female unsub kidnaps Spencer as the team is close to catching her and she discovers, slowly and intimately, that she quite likes his company. 

A\N: written in third person because it felt right to have a degree of separation? But the woman is never named, so feel free to imagine yourself :D

Warnings: no smut but suggestive throughout ;) also language


Ohh, she’d done good this time. Really good.

He was sitting in the same chair as the other men before him, wrists cuffed behind him and head hanging low with unconsciousness.

She’d taken the eye-catcher. Not the typical dreamboat who had far too many women who would immediately notice his absence. No, she’d focused on the meekly handsome one with delicate features that she wanted to feel for herself.

She studied the way his hair sat in tendrils that almost wanted to curl, how he was indeed alive from the way his chest rose and fell under his striped dress shirt, she even noted the new scuffs on his shoes from where she struggled to drag him into the room with a smile on her face. That heaviness came from some muscles she was delighted to discover on his lanky frame.

All at once he sharply inhaled and lifted his head, his attention then quickly drawn to her watchful eye. They both stayed quiet as he tested his restraints and once he gave up he spoke.

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All of Me [Suga]

Originally posted by ohbaibeeitsyou

“Babe,” He cooed from the other room.

“I’m coming,” I said as I applied some chapstick before heading out of my bedroom door.

“I’m not rushing you; It’s just that you know how Jin can be.”

“Well, I’m in no rush. I have to be looking perfect,” I walked towards him as he held out my jacket.

“But you are already perfect,” he looked at me lovingly as I put one arm in each hole and then smoothing out the jacket before turning towards him.

“You are quite smooth with your words,” I poked him on the nose as he snaked his arm around my waist, clasping his hands together on my back to secure the position we were in.

“I’m always smooth. Have you just noticed that?” He crinkled his nose as he stared into my eyes, “What was taking you so long?”

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sh00shpaps  asked:

If you were a nightmare demon, what colour would your eyes be? And what colour would your gashes be (if you would've had them)? Just wondering ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

what a cool question!! i think everyone should draw themselves as a nightmare demon WAIT that makes no sense since you can p much look…the exact same…damn those shapeshifters

I would want….hm….either gold or violet eyes. ah damn wouldnt it be cool if you could have both im not even talking heterochromia im talking about vilet eyes with gold right around the pupil YEAH LETS MAKE THAT CANON haha

Gashes dont really differ in color tho haha the location can be different though!! and the amount of gashes ranging from a single gash to multiple gashes!! 

i dont think i would have gashes tho haha those are only for the strongest NMDs and i am a very weak girl ;A; 

Originally posted by laynce

anonymous asked:

Hey guys! Can I get a scenario of GOM noticing that Kuroko is now slightly taller than Akashi ? Thanks !

Midorima had been the first to notice, having observed the two of them from afar. It was subtle at first, not something anyone would notice right away, but he couldn’t deny the fact that Kuroko had definitely grown a few more centimeters since the last time they’d all seen him. Upon closer inspection, when he’d finally approached the two of them, it was clear to him that Kuroko had definitely outgrown the title as the shortest member of the Generation of Miracles.

Murasakibara had been the second to notice, though it had been a little harder for him to figure out. Being so much taller than all of them, he hadn’t realized the difference until he’d placed his hand over Kuroko’s head in that normal fashion of greeting.

“Oh, Kuro-chin,” he mumbled, though he didn’t say much after that. He may have been slower on the uptake, but he wasn’t stupid.

Then there were the other two.

“Kurokocchi, you’ve gotten taller!” Kise was marveling at the revelation, trying his best to hug his friend close.

Kuroko was still rather good at evading his old teammate, stepping to the side to avoid the physical contact. “You don’t need to point that out,” he murmured. It wasn’t out of humbleness though; it was for something far more important that neither Kise or Aomine seemed to catch onto until it was too late.

“Of course he did,” Aomine scoffed, rolling his eyes at what he deemed as the blonde’s idiocy. “It was that or Akashi just got shorter.”

The silence that prevailed after that comment was more deafening than any scream that could have come after Aomine realized his mistake. Wide eyed and with a sheepish smile, he looked back warily at his old captain. His hands were up, palms out in a defensive nature like he already knew what was about to happen.

“I didn’t mean that,” he said, hoping it would be enough to suffice.

It never was. “Hm, then I wonder what you really meant,” Akashi said, voice low but menacing. “You wouldn’t mind explaining that to me, right Daiki?”

Your Heart Is Filled With Wanderlust

Rating: PG

Ships: Kidge/Pieth/Keidge, Pidge/Keith (Mostly Platonic)

Fic Summary:

“They sat for a while, passing the food between them, saying nothing. Pidge stared at the stars, feeling that powerful longing tugging at her gut. The earth below her felt small, like a stepping stone, barely anchoring her to its surface. She wanted to push off, but forces stronger than gravity kept pulling her back and holding her down. She could almost see the light of the small town she called home, the off-white glow on the horizon of houses and stores seemed to be her whole world now. Everything that mattered held in the confines of a desert mountain range on a small blue dot floating through space.”


The desert was quiet. Of course, most places were in the middle of the night, but as the clock ticked closer to 1am the crickets and cicadas silenced their cries, and even the lone coyotes and wolves ceased their howling. The air fell still, no longer shaking through the dry branches and grass. Perfect silence.

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Victims of Choice

Back at it again. I’ve been watching The Fall and it is one of the greatest shows I have ever watched - if you haven’t seen it, you’re truly missing out. Anywho, I was very inspired to work with a slightly similar story idea. This is a semi-normal life Negan AU kind of thing. Also, this is an alternating perspective piece so if that isn’t your thing, ye be warned. You can find this and any of my other works on my AO3 page. Please feel free to leave me feedback, as I’m always trying to get better at all of this.

tags: @negans-network

Summary: After a night of interesting activity, single dad Negan finally takes the next step when his long time babysitter on her 18th birthday. (Wow, I’m so bad at summaries. It’s sort of amazing that I can’t explain my own writing. Sigh.) 
Word Count: 5380…facepalm. I have no morals.
Warnings: Murder, Barely legal sex, unprotected sex, vaginal sex, oral sex, vaginal fingering, some language.


“Negan, sorry I’m running late. I was in the city when you called and it was a disaster on 95. Where’s my favorite little monster?” A small, dark haired girl came running down the hall and jumped into your arms, squealing and giggling when you began blowing raspberries against her exposed stomach.

Negan kicked the door closed once you’d stepped in and dropped off your belongings on the coat hanger. You’d been working for him since his daughter Chloe was born the week after your thirteenth birthday, having gotten the job because your father worked with him at the local high school. Negan had been working as a counselor at the school for five years when your father moved the two of you to Alexandria to accept a position. The woman who brought Chloe into the world left before the two even got the chance to meet, having chosen to leave Negan as the sole parent the day she discovered she was pregnant. She and Negan had decided that although they had made a terrible couple, Negan would be an amazing parent to their daughter, so she relinquished her rights and gave her daughter what she thought would be the best life that could be provided for her. 

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safe and sound (1/1)

posting this here because @a-miiraculer requested it

BUT BASICALLY the story is that while i was flailing for an idea for @bullysquadess‘s exchange gift, i came across this lovely little ficlet, and started wondering what the scene after hawkmoth’s defeat might look like

so i asked and got permission from @a-miiraculer to write a sequel /o/

(this may be one of the fluffiest things i’ve ever written, be warned :D)

bless both @mirthaculous and @bullysquadess for betaing (LMAO BULLY STILL PsYCHE orz;;; ), especially mirth who did a ton of flow/pacing things and especially bully, who beta’d her own gift like a champ :’D

this fic is a direct continuation to this oneshot

Gabriel Agreste, world-renowned fashion icon, was Hawkmoth.

It was every newspaper headline, the feature of every half-hour newscast, the subject of countless social media debates: Hawkmoth had been uncovered, and imprisoned, and he was Gabriel Agreste.

It was always accompanied by the same clip, too: Gabriel, stiff and silent, bowing his head out of necessity alone as the authorities guided him into a cop car, hands bound and suit impeccable, reporters crushing in from every side. Ladybug stood by watching the tableau, with Chat Noir nowhere to be seen.

Ladybug hated it.

She hated it with every fiber of her being, and it wasn’t even her family that was being taken away.

(That was the other half of the news: poor young Adrien Agreste, left all alone in the world without a soul, what with mommy dead and daddy in jail, and oh no, whatever will he do now?

Ladybug supposed he’d hand the company off to the next most qualified person, collect his trust fund, and use it to get that masters in physics he always wanted. Not everything about this situation was doom and gloom.)

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Dance with devils, vol.4 Natsumezaka Shiki.

Finally I did it! It’s a hard time for me at the school now, so it took me forever.

This tracks were provided by @violet-sin. Thanks to her I heard Shiki’s sweet voice again~

Yet I want to say sorry. I translated 5 and 6 tracks while having a temperature. The 5 is fine but 6 I need to search for mistakes. I hope it will be readable.

Track 1. The miracle in it’s bad display

How was this tea? Good? *you nod* Is that so? I’m very glad to hear it. I finally understood how to make tea. But it’s still a new feeling to me, because it’s different from the time when I was fallen angel. I getting shocked everytime while trying human food. I have The same body as a human, the same ability (means he has no ability like an ordinary human), the same life, the same heart. Everyday is full of happiness because I got to love you. I lived alone, without a place I can call “home”. Yet now I live with you at the same place. I don’t have wings to fly to the sky nor the devil’s power, but I’m happy that I chose to live with you. Haha, it’s good that you have the same feeling as I do. I really became a human, right. I chose the path where we can walk together. But…Hey, if I didn’t become human, what would you do? If I would be like the fallen angel, breaking everything, making you suffer, even this me…would you loved me like this too? *nod* Really? I could have broken you. In the most terrifying way. Even like that? No, I just wanted to ask. It’s late now. You have to go to sleep. I’ll wash the tea set. Yeah, go ahead. I’ll have a little walk outside. Yes, Good night.


The wind feels good. But it can’t brighten my mood up. Even though I’m so happy… I wonder why. Something deep inside my chest is not right. I don’t have to worry about anything. Why? Ha… The God after this clouds probably knows the answer? Hey, why am I feeling so uneasy? What will calm this feeling down?…just joking. There is no way I could hear an answer. *ding* Hm? The sky is lighting up! Ha? This is…!


*Shiki comes closer to you while you’re sleeping*

(A.N. I think I need to say that in the previous dialogs his voice was sweet and caring. In this it’s his usual voice)

Hey, wake up! It’s morning. If you won’t wake up, should I strangle you? *instant wake up* Uh, it’s such a pity that you woke up… Hey, I wanted to see your face when you run out of the oxygen. Mm? Your lips are parted. It seems that you have something to say. I can see fear and confusion in your eyes. It makes me excited! Last night didn’t you notice? Dazzling bright light had fallen. I was taken with this light. And when I opened my eyes, my state had returned. Yes, my wings and magic didn’t come back, but you’re right. I returned to the self I was before. It’s goood, your desperate voice in the morning… So good! Hey, can I break you? Don’t worry, I’ll break you very gently. You’re my precious lover after all. Hm, I can’t? That’s a problem. It’s the display of my love~ It will be bad if you don’t accept it. Not you, but me… Are you interested? It became interesting. When I was swept away by the light, I heard a voice. “It’s your curse”. Yes, it’s all God’s doing. It’s the curse when if I won’t be loved, I die. In other words, if you love me, I will live. So no matter what happens, no matter what I will do to you, love me properly. If you won’t do it, I’ll die~ Right?

Track 2. Interesting afterschool time

I was excited because of the curse, but nothing happened since yesterday. Eeh? This is soooo boring. Instead of turning down the curse let’s enjoy our current situation. Ahh, I wonder how the curse feels. Is it so painful that I can’t breath? Or is it a pain like my body being cut? Just imagining that makes me excited! Yet it’s kinda disappointing that nothing changed. It’s so boring to wait… If here was Lowen (Roen) I could have tainted him~ It could be so fun to hear his desperate voice~ Aah, making fun of Mage and being hit by him after must me pleasant too~ Oh, I know! In my current state the holy water can harm me! Maybe I should try and make your older brother angry~? Hm, “I can’t do it”? But making fun of your brother is so interesting~ Well, I think it’s better to do something more interesting. Your lesson is starting soon, right? So, see you after it then~ *walks away*


Ahh~ You came! You knew that I will be in the Art club’s room. Yes, I was drawing this painting all morning. Artist club has no lessons today, so I was here alone. Come here, I’ll show you my piece~ This is the painting I have drawn. It’s the self-portrait. Fufu, it’s not bad being praised~ I think I draw it good too. Especially this black wings! I like them~ But…it’s not finished yet. Now I can finish it! *takes out knife* My past self had returned and the scratching in my chest can’t disappear. I want to break something, I want to be broken, I can’t do anything about it! Only with this feeling I drew this painting. I’ll finish this painting by cutting it with this knife! *you stopped him* Oooh? You’re stopping me now? But you might be surprised seeing me cutting this painting~ Haaaa~ I was scolded~ It seems that you can’t love my this self? I knew it… *tu-dam in Shiki’s chest* Grhh! *falls down* Haa…ha… Hahaha… So this is the curse, huh? The curse is activated, it’s like my insides are being taken out. It’s so painful that I can’t breath~ Ha..ha.. Your pale face is so good~ I’m enjoying my situation in which I don’t know if I would live or die…This is the best thing ever! What? You want to save me? Then I want you to finish this painting instead of me, because if you will love me, the curse calm down. You’ll help me, right? Ha…ha… Huh? What? I wanted you to cut this canvas… And you are going to draw… Well, this is for the best. Your back while you’re drawing isn’t bad… Moreover, here, if I do this we can draw together. I will hold your hand, let’s draw together like this. Ha… Don’t be embarrassed. Just by touching your hand I can feel the pain inside me calming down. Let me cuddle you like this. *he is hugging you* Haha, even your ears are red now. Good color~ Oh, right! Color me in the painting red too. It’s okay~ It’s a pleasure for me to be broken by you. You have been resisting for a long time already. Finally my pain gone but you want me to struggle again? Hm…Then I’ll leave it to you. Draw a thing that I will love. Of course I can hug you until you’re finished, right? No, I won’t let you go. Here, you better move your hands~ *you start drawing* Heee~ You use gentle color~ It doesn’t suite me at all. But… This is you love’s color. Fufu, not bad~ Hm? What’s up? You can’t stop drawing despite what I’m doing to you. *kissed your ear* Haa, cute voice! You can’t run away from me. You’re poor thing, but you’re so cute~ Even you’re neck is red now. Hey, show me your face. You’re eyes are wet~ I’ll comfort you. *kissed your eye* You are exciting me when you are embarrassed. Just looking in your eyes makes my chest burn. I don’t care about the painting anymore, I just want to break YOU now~ He? You already finished? What a pity. Hm? This is… You gave a bouquet of light flowers to the black fallen angel. It’s in your habit. Well, it’s good. It looks like the curse is down~ Yes~ I guess it’s because your embarrassed self helped me. Is that so? When the curse is killing me, the best way to take it down is to see you all red! I see~ This is going to be interesting. Help me next time, okay? Fufu~

Track 3. Blinded on the street

We bought goods for the house, so now our shopping is over. You’re not leaving my side even on the weekend. You’re so worried about me getting into the troubles? Is that so~ I’m so happy to always have you by my side~ Bu~ut I can’t help but wonder now… What will happen if I disappear from your sight? Will you desperately search for me? Running all over the town, struggling for air, eyes wet~ It can be good, too. Fufu, scary face~ I won’t do anything strange, don’t worry. But, there is no point in blaming only me. If i won’t feel your love, I die. You’ll prove that you love me, right? Hmmm, what shall I do? Yees, well, first of all….


Ahh, you’ve done changing? It suits you so much! This cat’s ears and a tail. This shop is inserting, right. There even were devil’s wings, do you want to try it on? Why, you ask? That’s obvious, isn’t it? I want to enjoy myself by looking at your embarrassed face. They fit you so well. Let’s walk like this through the city~ Ah, there’s even a chain! Should I wear it on your neck? Fufu~ You’re resisting.


Here, say “Aaah” Hm, you won’t eat? I bought this huge parfait, you must it it~ I can’t eat it alone. Unfortunately everything became as it was before. I don’t think human’s food tasty anymore, so only you can eat it. Moreover, you can feel love through it, right? Here, make your choice. Aaah~ Fufu, your cheeks are red. If you eat it all, what happens?


Ah~ It was fun! Are you tired? You look exhausted. Fufu~ You don’t have to push yourself. You really care about me, huh… *hugs you* It’s okay. Even if someone looking at us, feeling others attention is so pleasant. Hey, kiss me now. Mm, it’s not hard. You should just kiss me. I suddenly didn’t feel your love. What happened? Why did you stop? We are lovers, you don’t have to hold back. Well, in this situation you’re so embarrassed that you can’t do it, huh. *tu-dam in Shiki’s chest* Grh! Again! Again my body is being cut inside! Hhufgt! Ha.. You don’t have to worry. It’s just I don’t have much of your love. But I will die at this rate… Huh? You finally decided? Even though it would be better to just dump me… Do you really kiss me? Fufu~ You’re red. Your body is trembling. Is it so embarrassing? Grh… Just looking at you makes me feel good. You should do it faster, in that case, it won’t bother you so much. Staying like this makes other people look at us suspiciously. *you kiss him* Ha.. You did a good job. It seems that thanks to that I feel much better than before. But it’s not enough. You don’t have to move, just let me do what I want. No, don’t push me away. I can lose my life in that case. Stay still. You’re cheeks are hot. Your neck too, ears are hot too. At this rate other people will not understand us, so I can steal some of your warm. *kissed your cheek* Here too *kissed your ear* Fufu~ Probably it was the opposite~ We’re dating so it’s nothing strange. Moreover, isn’t it yours bad for ignoring me? Ha…This disgraced face makes me so excited! And, even now you aren’t leaving me, huh. Mm? Yes, the curse calmed down. The power of love surely is something. What? You’re feeling down? I got everything what I wanted from you, so we can now head back home. Hm? Who are you? Do you want something from us? Ah, I see. These men saw us all lovey-dovey with each other and now they are angry~ Stalking others is not good~ *someone hit the wall* Wow, fufu~ it’s not a good use for you legs~ Hit wall, you poor thing~ So, if you want to hit something, I want you to hit me~ * Shiki no!* Buut I will receive a punch in the human form for the first time! What will happen to me? Ha.. Just thinking about it makes me excited! Will it leave a scar like the holy water did? Or I will be tied up, hit by others, cut by them~ Everything is good! *men are scared* Oh, what happened? Where are you going? Don’t leave, do it! You’re pissed of me, right? Here, hit me! Make me feel pain with all your strength! Come! Come!! *men scared af and running away* What? They ran away with pale faces… I thought they would do something bad to me. Kinda disappointing. Mm? What happened? Why are you sitting on the ground? If you are so tired, should I carry you? Don’t hold out~ Fufu~            

Track 4. I can’t be saved by my savior

Today you are hanging out with me again~ No matter where I go, I can spot you. But you’re tired of doing it everyday, right? Didn’t you get tired of me already? You’re strange. I’m making you do things you don’t want to, but even so you don’t leave my side. Yes, if the curse win, I loose my life~ Only your love can save me. But even so, don’t you want to dump and leave me? Is that so… As I thought you are strange because even now you love me.


Grhh! *you run to help him* Huuuh! Ha…ha.. It’s..you.. As always your head is good. You quickly understood that I’m in the Art club’s room. Ha…ha… Your breath is unstable.. Don’t tell me you were afraid of not seeing me beside you and ran through the city to find me.. Haha… I’m glad you came. It was my fault. I didn’t expect the curse to be activated here. Hey, come closer. Let me hug you. *hugs you* Ha…ha…It became less painful. You don’t have to do anything now. Just stay like this for a while. Haha, don’t be so surprised. I receive your love in this situation as well. Ha… Your embarrassed face and wet eyes are good, but now I’m not in the right mood. I didn’t think that you would come. I didn’t disappear on purpose. I just didn’t know that I would be taken down by the curse. I couldn’t breath, it was painful. All I though was “I will die soon” Alone, in the big Art club’s room, my strength would leave me… Yeah, you came. You always with me, but.. Hey, I’m so happy that you came..the pain in ,y chest…I wonder why it still there. Even before the curse I couldn’t clear my feelings. Even though I’m loved so much, as much I’m feeling the happiness, the anxiety inside is growing up. The more you do for me, the more I’m drowning in this feeling. What have I done? I’m fine now. Pain is gone. It’s okay now. Hm…I’m sorry I just disappeared. I wanted to see this painting so bad. The face of this fallen angel I drew, we saw it together, right. Back then when I was fallen angel I drew here often. When I reborn as a human I didn’t see it. But I wanted to. Angles with pure white wings..and only one drawing, fallen angel. An angel with black wings. With no place for him, not being loved from anybody, but someone who loved that fallen angel appeared. She gave his black wings light colors, she was kind. It was a lucky day for him. It’s right, but… Ha.. Hey, let’s go on a date? There is a place I want to visit with you. Will you come with me?

Track 5. I’m begging for separation

The wind is strong~ It’s so hard to walk in darkness. We can fall from here if we don’t be careful~ It’s a good date place, isn’t it? The tip outside the Tokyo Tower~ Usually it’s very dangerous to go outside, but yet I opened it~ Don’t be so scared, I won’t be able to hold myself. And the true entertainment begins now~ Let’s feel the thrill together. There is no any fence, so if you don’t balance it will be your end. Haha~ It’s only starting~ Hey, it’s so cool! The car’s lights are like bean pies! (A.N. Not quite sure what he said) If I do one more step backwards, I die. Let’s try? You come here too. What happened? This is our date, so it’s not interesting If we don’t do it together. Come here to me~ Plus, if you push me… *pain in his chest again* Grh! Look, it began. I can feel the pain of the curse. No, don’t hurry, you might fall. Come here carefully. *you do* Yes, good girl. Here, let me hug you. Hey, it became okay as I touched you. Your heart is racing. I can understand it, cause if you miss your step, we will die. Your body is trembling too. Fufu~ My chest is becoming warm. Even in this situation you’re trying for my sake. Hey, let’s fall together like this? But don’t you think it will be the best thrill you can ever experience? It’s the thing I couldn’t try when I had my wings. *wind blows* Haha, but we can’t stay still because of the strong wind. My foot can slip~ Fufu~ Your trembling became worse. Poor thing~ Its because you followed someone like me. Do you regret your choice? I love your restraining self, but you can’t lie to your true self. It doesn’t matter what humans say, their hearts are what matters. I know because I saw it when I was fallen angel. It’s alright. If you can’t stand me, you can tell me. Moreover, it would be very pleasant. You really are stubborn. Making fun of you, making you do things you don’t want to, you don’t leave me. You’re very kind. But you know, this is the reason I’m getting scared. Loving someone is really scary. When I think about the time I lose you, I become irritated. I love feeling thrilled, but this one is terrifying, painful, it’s becoming painful to live. No matter how you loved me, the irritation in my heart didn’t calm down. So that night I called God. “Why can’t I get rid of my anxiety?” Of course, I wasn’t waiting for an answer. But my voice reached the sky. And then I was swiped away. In that bright light was a voice “Why don’t you test it?” Until you believe in love, I will test you. But I did my bad testing you. My punishment for that I will accept it, if it is the rules. So I returned to when I was fallen angel. Didn’t know what love is, the form, when I didn’t know anything other than breaking things. If in my that state I believe in your feelings, I thought that this anxiety will disappear. Yes, that’s right. The curse was a lie. I just receiving a punishment for testing you. The pain that cut my whole body. Me in the past would be happy to receive it, but deep in my heart I can’t enjoy this. The happiness and anxiety from being loved, because of them making me suffer. No matter how I test, no matter how you accept me, the anxiety isn’t gone. But, since you have appeared in the Art’s club room I thought that I want to test you one more time. Last thing I want to try. *hold you closer* Hey, this is the last wish. Will you fall with me? Hm, I see. It’s okay. I thought you will reject it. No, I wanted you to reject it. I wanted you to reject it. (A.N. Sentences are close in their meaning) Why, I wonder. It could have been better to accept it. Thinking of being hated. I understand. I’m not hated. You rejected it, because you wanted me to live. I know. I knew it. You are strange and too kind. Only you are caring for someone like me. But, I’m sorry, because I tested you with such a cruel thing like death. *he came to the edge* I need to receive my punishment. *thunder in the background* The sky’s judgement. *something hit Shiki* Aaaargh! Ha.. *was about to fall dawn but you hold his hand* I thought that I would fell like this. No, let my hand go. *Shiki no* At this rate you too will fall. Haaa, in this situation who the hell will say “I won’t let you go even if I fall with you”. I’m so sorry for being happy in this situation. I always was scared, when I supposed to be happy, that someday you will leave me. When I thought about it, I became so scared. So I thought it would be better to become hated by you. You have never left me. Why? Was it so hard to believe? Hah? This is the human? I see… If you are human, it’s an obvious thing. This is an evidence that I lived as a human. *strong wind blows* Aaarg! No! This wind… Let my hand go! You will fall with me! Aaarg! *you are falling together* Hold on to me! I won’t let you go, I promise. God, I understand now, this girl loves me. She is by my side no matter what happened. I believe now! There is no meaning in testing her! So, so save her, please! *The curse will disappear now* Hah? This light? Eh? Wings? I fly now… Hah, hold me tighter. *they are on the ground and his wings disappeared* Hah… Disappeared… Were we save? Is that so.. We are save! *hugs you* I’m very glad. I’m glad I didn’t hurt you. I’m sorry for dragging you in this. I’m sorry for doubting your feelings. Yes, thank you. This light and white wings… We were saved by God. I’m not scared anymore. This anxiety in me is gone now. I felt bad when I loved you and you loved me back. But this is living like a human, right? And I believe that you loved me always. Yes, me too, I will never leave you. I won’t doubt you. I’m going to love you always. Sorry for doing this to you and thank you. 

Track 6 is coming tomorrow.

I hope you will enjoy it ><

Random HC #16 (Continuation of #4 - #15)


The sandwiches aren’t so bad. They don’t even taste that ‘healthy’, if Robbie is all honest. But the taste is only slightly mattering at the moment. What is far more important to the villain is the way, Sportacus is watching him eat. The hero even removed the salad and the slices of cucumber from the sandwiches, to make sure, he would actually eat and like them. And then he sat down at the edge of the bed and Robbie could swear, he saw the hero hold his breath during his first two bites. But the moment, it became clear to him that Robbie neither started complaining nor got sick again, a bright smile settled on his face. And Robbie could also swear, this smile is becoming slightly brighter, still. Once, he’s finished the first sandwich, he titles his head and can barely hide his own smile “What are you looking at, Stalkercus, hm?!”
“Oh! I’m sorry, Robbie!” the hero blushes heavily with embarrassment “I didn’t mean to…”
“No, it’s okay!” assures Robbie quickly, blushing as well, and mumbles “…I was just wondering…whether you actually are as happy about me eating, as you look?…”
“You bet, I am!” Sportacus smiles again and, very carefully, rests a hand on the villain’s arm, his voice lowers a little and becomes more serious now “…I was really scared for you, Robbie… I really don’t know what…” he interrupts himself and forces another smile instead “But you’ll be okay! I’m sure about this! And I’ll take care of it!”
“…I suppose, this isn’t meant to sound like a threat, is it?!” the villain smirks. He just can’t help himself right now. The way, Sportacus was and still is looking at him, simply started a strange feeling in his stomach again. But a complete different one this time. It’s a very light tickle… But maybe, that’s just caused by the sandwich!?… Anyway, it feels much nicer than before and he’s slightly relieved. The hero laughs “No, it is not! Oh, and neither is this… Water!” he catches the flying bottle without looking at it and smiles gently, holding it to Robbie “…Please?…”
“Okay, do you HAVE to do this all the time?! Seriously, Sportaflop, someone could get hurt by all these things always flying around!” Robbie crosses his arms again and narrows his eyes “And if I actually stay longer, like you want me to, then this ‘someone’ is most likely going to be ME! Not to mention that I always get a small heart attack, when you suddenly start yelling like this!”
“I’m sorry,” Sportacus really doesn’t want the other to become all sad and negative again, so he smiles apologetically “I’ll try not to do this anymore. I promise.”
“Hm… At least…give me a warning before, okay?…” for some reason, Robbie really doesn’t want to see Sportacus sad or even concerned at the moment, so he hesitatingly takes the offered bottle and struggles with the cap for a few seconds, before urging himself to take a small sip, his eyes never leaving Sportacus’ during this. His gentle, warm, blue eyes simply soothe him, each time, he locks his own with them and he is afraid to lose this comfort again… He doesn’t really notice how long he’s already taking sip after sip, when the hero suddenly chuckles softly, almost absently. Robbie holds in his move to raise the bottle again and quirks an eyebrow “What’s so funny?”
“Nothing,” Sportacus is still smiling brightly, without taking his eyes off of the other, watching how his black, tousled, natural hair is falling into the villain’s face now, that all this gel, Robbie usually uses to slick it back, is gone, probably mostly washed away by sweat by now, or smeared over the pillows. Despite his still tired eyes, the dried in tear streaks on his face, and his, still with fever, flushed red cheeks, he simply looks incredibly cute… “…It’s just…” the hero smiles and blushes again “…You look so beautiful…”
Robbie chokes on the last sip, he just took and starts coughing violently. “Robbie!” Sportacus reacts quickly, helps him to lean forward and pats his back with enough force to help him get rid of the water in his lungs again. Robbie takes a long time to recover and when his coughing finally has eased again, a heavy silence sets in, both men still a little shocked. “…Why…” when the villain speaks up again, there are still tears in his eyes. Whether they’re ‘just’ from coughing, the hero can’t tell. “…What did you mean?…” he searches Sportacus’ eyes again, but the relief and the relaxation in his own is gone now. “…Well, you, of course!…” Sportacus blushes a little again, but he keeps caressing Robbie’s back with his hand, rubbing soothing, slow circles in his tensed muscles “I know you still feel quite bad… You’re still running a fever, after all! But… I just noticed, I’ve never before seen your hair this natural and I… I just wanted you to know that I really like it! It fits you. It’s not that strict. It’s cute and soft… Just like…you…” his voice has gotten lower at the end and he giggles nervously now “I’m sorry! I just… I just wanted to say that you look good, although you’re…sick… But I’m…not sure anymore, whether this is any kind of…relief, or… I’m sorry,” he shakes his head “Maybe that’s the lack of sleep…”
“…Maybe…” Robbie smiles weakly and hands the bottle back “…But it’s…pretty nice of you, to say this, though…”
“I shocked you so bad, I nearly killed you…”
“Well, I guess, that was more my mistake than yours, Sportaflop,” he chuckles “After all, I’m the reason, you’re getting no sleep tonight, right? Sorry for that by the way…”
“I already told you, I’d do this for you at any time!” Sportacus gently grabs Robbie’s hand with his free one and squeezes it. He’s incredibly happy that the other hasn’t winced anymore at his touch, after he assured him that he would never hurt him. But when he feels Robbie’s hot, damp skin beneath his fingers, he becomes concerned again “You’re still far from being well again… How do you feel?”
Robbie looks at him for a few seconds, because it still isn’t easy for him to accept the fact that Sportacus actually cares so much and wants him to feel good again. “…I’m cold…” he lowers his eyes and tries to focus on Sportacus’ comforting hands. “That’s what I thought…” Sportacus struggles shortly with himself, but then he asks very carefully and softly “…Robbie, I really don’t want to make you feel uncomfortable… But could you please take off your clothes? They’re not particularly good for keeping you warm, nor are they comfortable. And in case the cramps in your stomach should return, I can’t examine you probably when you’re wearing them…” The villain winces and blinks a few times in utter confusion, before stammering “B-But…what…shall I w-wear then? I can’t stay here in nothing but my underwear!”
“No, no, of course not!” Sportacus smiles soothingly, glad that the other takes his plead with relative calmness, despite his fear, then he withdraws his hands to stand up and flip to one of the closets again, returning with a blue pajama “It should fit you. Okay, it may be a little too short in the legs, but otherwise…”
Robbie, who felt like crying, once the soothing hands disappeared, now furrows his brows and tries to find his usual voice again “Not quite my color… These are yours? Strange. I thought, you sleep in your costume…”
“I do.”
“Then why have a pajama?”
“I…haven’t always been doing it like this…”
“Hm… Then I hope you got a second one, because this suit of yours actually is quite hard to lean on and since we’re probably falling asleep on your bed again, together, I don’t want to wake up with bruises because of this!” he’s completely surprised by his own words. But he’s tired. And he just understood that he would not be able to sleep again, without Sportacus comforting him, like he did before…
Sportacus however feels a happy tingle of excitement in his stomach. Does that mean, Robbie is actually ASKING him to cuddle him now?! Finally accepting not only food, water and help, but even the urgently needed physical contact?! He’s so happy, he nearly starts crying. But instead, he smiles warmly and nods “Yes, I have a second one.”
“Well then…” Robbie blushes furiously again but reaches out to take the clothes “Go and change in the corner or something, please, while I try to change myself while sitting…”
“You sure, you won’t need my help? You’re still very weak…”
“Yes, I know. But…I’ll call​ you, if I need your help, okay?” Robbie smiles soothingly, gently running his fingers over the smooth, soft cloth in his hands “I’ll be fine.”
“…All right…” still worried and slightly hesitating, Sportacus nods slowly, before turning around to get the second pajama and change at the opposite end of the airship, facing the wall. He can barely believe that Robbie suddenly gave in to every single one of his suggestions and advices so quickly, after having so much trouble to do so much as even trust Sportacus enough to let him touch and help him. But maybe, he finally understood that Sportacus actually likes and cares about him. That he’s worth being loved and cared about. That Sportacus…would do anything for him… The hero furrows his brows in surprise, when he senses that the tingle in his stomach becomes stronger, whenever he thinks about Robbie and the way, he just held on to his hand for a moment when Sportacus tried to withdraw it. It has just been a few seconds, but that was long enough to make clear, that he didn’t want the hero to go… And…Sportacus himself, actually had to force himself to get up at this moment, as well and only managed, because he knew that he’d return to his patient within a blink again… It felt…just strange to let go of Robbie’s hand… Unnatural, almost… Sportacus looks down at his own hand for a moment. Is it possible… He hears the thud even before his crystal goes off and twirls around with a terrified yell on his lips “ROBBIE!”

ad astra per aspera (a rough road leads to the stars)

@flange5 is terrible because she likes to send me headcanons for headcanons:

Because I am terrible, I’m imagining Tony buying Steve a star every year after he gets out of the ice. Even during the CW. Even after he ‘dies.’ He actually does it twice the year of the brain delete because, well, he doesn’t remember the first time. 

He doesn’t tell Steve. Ever. Especially now that Steve will barely speak to him after the incursions and everything else. But he just can’t help himself. It still feels like such a great metaphor, you know? The perfect light he can’t touch but which is all the better for that. There’s something almost therapeutic about putting Steve’s name, variations of it, his epithets, nicknames, even the stupid things the baddies called him in fights years ago, on the stars. 

Steve actually finds out when it comes up on an astronomy show as a bit of trivia. Even though Tony’s been doing it anonymously, and the show doesn’t say who it was, floating the idea of maybe a fan club or something, when they call him to ask for a comment, he knows immediately, and he doesn’t even know what he says. It must be vaguely acceptable, because they go away.

Your choice where it goes from there, whether Steve at first gets mad and sees it as an attempt to manipulate or buy his way, or if he recognizes it, or if he just misses his friend. 

Or buys him a star and sees if Tony notices. 

I have this total vision of them sending messages in a bottle via stars, neither of them admitting that this is them tentatively rebuilding their friendship. Meanwhile, a few astronomers are following it on twitter, not knowing who is having this epic conversation, but completely shipping it. 

Eventually, they actually have to meet bc heroing, and it’s harder, but they are able to do it.

And later they can literally tell people, should they choose, that (hee) their relationship is written in the stars.

It literally brought tears to my eyes and so I just had to try writing SOMETHING for it. 

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Yoongi 3:

Your alarm went off right as your mom screamed telling you to wake up “Honey. First day of school!” she was too cheerful this early in the morning. You groaned looking at your phone. It was 7 am which meant you had an hour to get dressed, because walking to your school took no longer than 15 minutes. After showering, you decided to flat iron your hair. You had defined curls which you always flat ironed. Yoongi never saw your natural curls. Everyone used to comment how beautiful they are but you preferred straight hair because straight hair made you look less innocent and sexier. You quickly threw on your skinny jeans, white ruffled top, and pink heels. Thank goodness this school has no dress code.

Walking out of the room you were met with your mother’s voice “honey, let me give you a ride” she offered. “No thanks mom, I’ll walk” you said grabbing your purse. “You look so cute” she commented. You spin for her acting like a model “I don’t think the heels are a good idea” she said “Bye mom” you walked out “Y/N let me give you a ride, what if you get lost. You’ve only been to that school once.” She yelled out “Its fine mom, Love you!” you said closing the door behind you.


Walking out you felt the breeze. Today seems like such a beautiful day, the sun looked bright and the sky was the prettiest shade of blue. You remembered the route to your school consisted of some turns here and there but generally you had to walk straight ahead. Somehow the street did not seem familiar at all and no matter how many turns you made you found yourself getting further and further from your destination “Fuck” you cursed to yourself. You could have sworn you knew the right way. You decided to just turn around and retrace your steps. As you quickly turned your body you came in contact with someone “uh! Fuck” you cursed as you felt the force push you towards the floor. Luckily he was quick enough to grab your body. His grip was rather strong. Looking up, you tried to make out who he was but your heart nearly stopped. YOONGI. He quickly let go of you as he took a step back to create some distance. He looked different. Hotter. His hair was wet and falling down his forehead, his outfit gave him a bad boy demeanor. He looked at you up and down, closely examining your outfit or body- who knows. He looked at your face closely before his eyes scanned your lips. You looked away. You swore you could have heard a low chuckle “What?” you asked annoyed “I didn’t say anything” he said with a smirk. You suddenly remembered how mad you were at him “Fuck off” you said walking away. As you walked away you turned around to give him one last glance. But you found him still standing there staring at you. Before he turned and continued in his direction.

Your thoughts were now filled by him. You were getting more frustrated the longer you walked. Your feet were hurting and you knew you were like an hour late to school. After many turns you suddenly saw a familiar building. Finally! You nearly ran to it. Once you walked inside, the front desk gave you your schedule. “Welcome to first day. Let me take you to your second period. You’re a bit late” she said as she walked you up the stairs. “I got lost” you said scanning the walls and students roaming the hall. “Here it is. Have a good day” she said “Thanks” you replied as you opened the door. Walking in you tried to scan the room for a seat in the back. “Hello, new student?” the teacher asked. “Yes” you said walking towards him “Introduce yourself to the class please” he said. He looked kind of goofy. “Hello, I am Y/N” you said before bowing. “Hello!” some students said back. You could tell some guys were a little too eager. “Nice to meet you, and I am Mr. Andrew. Y/N please take a seat next to Suga” the teacher said as he pointed towards a guy. Looking towards it your mouth instantly dropped. “Who?” you said “Suga raise your hand so she can see you” he instructed to which you saw Yoongi look up before lazily raising his hand. You nearly gave him a death glare. He lied. So many thoughts were running through your head as you took a seat next to him. He had beats around his neck. You tried your hardest to ignore him and not even glance his way. You were raging inside. “Class, since this is literature we are going to be writing a lot in here. But don’t worry it won’t be boring. What you write in here will be used for your benefit in your specified department” Mr. Andrew said writing on the wall. “Take one and pass it around” he instructed the class. Once the sheet came your way you nearly snatched it out of Yoongi’s hands. He just glanced at you. “Fucking liar” you mumbled to which he glanced your way for a little longer. The whole class period consisted of him sneaking looks here and there “Why do you keep staring at me?” you finally asked. He ignored you.

 “Suga? Have you see rap monster?” a girl turned her head towards him “No” he said not bothering to even look up at her. Rude. “Hm… Suga” you said feeling his name roll out your mouth, he looked up at you “What a nice name. I wonder who TF is Yoongi?” you said staring into his eyes “Don’t call me that” he said seeming serious “Yoongi? But isn’t that your name? Or did you fucking lie about that too” you said wanting to piss him off even more “Don’t call me Yoongi again. I am not joking” he said nearly slamming his books down. “YOONGI!” You screamed out his name to which people turned to face you with eyebrows raised. You could tell he was mad but you didn’t give a fuck. Suddenly, Yoongi pulled you out of the class. “What tf is your problem!?” he yelled “You’re a fucking liar! That’s my problem” you yelled back “Get over me already, it’s pathetic” he said causing your jaw to drop. ”I am over you. I feel nothing for a lying bastard” you shot back before entering the class.

You went through your core classes – writing and science- and to your surprise Yoongi was in them both. Fuck. You sat furthest away from him. In each class you noticed there was Yoongi and these other boys who girls never took their eyes off of. Apparently they were friends because they constantly joked around. They were all so handsome.

In science class you saw a girl who was rather too friendly with him. “Yoongi, look what I wrote” she said showing him. Did she just call him…Yoongi? You were questioning so many things. So he let her call him that but not me? If anyone was desperate it was her, she was being so clingy especially on the first day. “Ugh!” you groaned loudly but she didn’t notice. But you think Yoongi did.

“Yoongi, I need to speak to you privately” she whispered into his ears as she stood up to walk out. While she walked out you saw her shorten her skirt. You rolled your eyes. Did she say speak? Yeah right. He waited about 5 minutes before he stepped outside of the class. You couldn’t help but feel jealous. You tried to ignore them. But once you noticed that they had been missing for nearly 15 minutes you started feeling anxious. What did she want? You decided to walk out and pretend to use the bathroom. As you walked down the hallway you suddenly heard voices “Baby what’s wrong? You’ve been out of it all day?” you heard her voice. You followed it to discover the noise coming from a closet “Nothing, I’m just sleepy” Yoongi said. Baby? Did she just call him baby? You wanted to slap the shit out of her. But why tf did you even care. You didn’t own him.

After a couple of seconds, you heard something that you dreaded the most “Yoongi, fuck me already” she whispered and your stomach nearly turned “Not now Yoona” he said. “Please I can’t wait” she begged. You heard kisses and not long after she was whimpering. You felt sick listening to him touch her but you couldn’t find it in yourself to move away. “Uhh right there. Deeper!” she moaned “Ughh fuck this feels good” Yoongi let out, to which you felt your eyes water. He was fucking someone else so easily without protesting or anything. Fucking asshole. “You feel so tight and your boobs are perfect. Don’t worry about me fucking other whores, I will never again” he groaned. Whores? Your tears fell down your cheeks. “Ugh mhh yes, keep your dick only for me.” she said. Suddenly you stormed out pissed. You entered the bathroom and washed your face. Right as you were about to step out you heard the bell ring. How long were you in the bathroom for? You decided to stop in front of the lockers. You were staring into space. Your heart really hurt. People were passing by. You spotted Yoongi walking from afar with her and you did something you would later question. “Hey” you said looking at a hot random boy passing you by “Hey” he said looking at you up and down, checking you out. “Kiss me” you whispered. He looked at you for a while as if it was too good to be true before he pulled you into him. He was attempting the romantic kiss but you went for a full makeout session. You hadn’t noticed that you were kissing for so long that a teacher had to tell you guys to break it up “Detention!” he yelled handing both of  you a slip of paper. You looked to your side and saw Yoongi staring at you. You pretended not to see him. The boy ripped up his slip of paper and winked at you before walking away “She’s so fucking hot” you heard him say to himself as he passed by Yoongi.

 It was lunch time now. But you had detention for the shit you just pulled. Great. You looked back at the spot where Yoongi was standing but he was no longer there. Why did you even care? You shook your head from the thought of him before walking to your class to grab your purse. The room was empty when you walked in. Grabbing your stuff you spotted Yoongi walk in. You didn’t even glance his way as you stormed past him. But you could tell he was glaring at you.

Good thing the detention room was down the hall so you didn’t have to do much looking to find it. You stopped to get some water. When you looked up you saw Yoongi staring at you as he entered the detention room. Is he fucking serious!?

You walked in hoping to find many students but it was just you, him and another teacher. The other boy didn’t even show up. You had to sit quietly without saying anything. The teacher who was supervising had to go to a meeting so he advised you guys to remain in the room or have the consequence of a weeklong detention. As soon as he stepped out Yoongi placed his beats on his ears ignoring your existence. Why the fuck was he even here for? You were pissed but you had to remind yourself to calm down. You stared at the ceiling for a while before you saw him eyeing your shoes again. “What the fuck do you want?” you asked but he was busy listening to music to hear you. You heard him chuckle which made you rage. Standing up, you walked towards him. You grabbed his beats before slamming them on his table “What’s so funny!?” you asked brushing your hair off your shoulders “Who tf do you think you are to touch my shit!?” he yelled making you flinch. Why was he suddenly so angry? “Control your bitchy attitude” he said shooting a look. You felt like that was directed at something else. “Bitchy?” you asked raising your eyebrows. You reached for his headset but he was quicker than you. “Wow, you just can’t fucking chill? Can you?” he said causing you to nearly want to slap him “I just asked what was so funny? You keep eyeing my shoes” you stated. “Maybe you should ask yourself, walking around in heels begging strangers to fuck you” he said causing your jaw to drop. You were speechless. You wanted to say something but words got caught in your throat. You heard him chuckle “Your plan didn’t quite work. Next time I recommend you take him to a private room rather than the middle of the hall way” he said smirking. “Oh you must be an expert at doing shit in abandoned places and private rooms huh?” you shot back. “Not before you” he said and you fought everything in your bones not to slap him “Well, I guess you’re welcome. It’s sad your sex life is shitty” you spat trying to act like his words didn’t hurt you before walking out.

 That was it. You were done with him. You went to hide in the bathroom and cry. He was turning you into his weak bitch. You never cried because of a boy. You pulled yourself together and walked out trying to go curse him but when you came back in the room he was gone.

The hallway was packed and it was almost time for fourth period. Walking in you were surprised at the amount of students. All the senior students were told to gather in the gym. Teachers would call out students and inspect them for the rest of the day to see who would be in what department. There were four departments- Theater, Music, Dance, and triple threat. Triple threat which was a combination of all three was very difficult to get in. You were inspected by a young male who was very handsome. A lot of students looked up to him and some girls even dreamt of sleeping with him. His name was Park Jimin. You heard a couple of things about him from random classmates. Apparently he was in the triple threat department, and a senior like you. He is already in a famous boy band and is very advanced in dancing and singing, so he was chosen to teach a class and inspect students this year. He called your name and he told you to come into a private room where students perform their talent. “Hi, I am Park Jimin” he said smiling at you “I’m Y/N” You smiled back. “So…ahah” he laughed looking at your heels. “Sorry I didn’t think it through” you said trying not to get frustrated at how everyone was judging you for wearing heels “No, I like them. I was just thinking it will be hard to perform in them.” He said. You remained silent so he continued “So what’s your talent?” he asked “I can sing and dance. I like rapping but I don’t think I would call myself talented. And I started acting since I was 10” you said causing him to raise his eyebrows. “Wow, triple threat huh?” he said causing you to chuckle. As you were about to ask him a question another man walked in. He was an elderly “Y/N, this is Mr. J, he is the real inspector. He’s very talented and has a lot to offer us” Jimin said before you bowed “Hello Mr. J” you greeted him but he didn’t say anything back “So what are you going to be performing” he asked as he walked to sit down on the chair. “I will…um” You tried to think of what to do “She can perform for every category” Jimin offered and you nodded. You performed for all three categories and throughout your performances Mr.J never smiled not once. But Jimin on the other hand thought you were very talented “Ok, that would be all I need to see. Go back to the gym” Mr.J said causing you to wonder what you did wrong. You bowed at both of them before walking out. Jimin had to go pick the next student so he walked with you to the gym “That was the best performance I’ve seen so far today and like ever” he said causing you to smile. He was really sweet. “Thank you” you said cheerfully suddenly feeling good from his kind words. “Mr.J is a hard criticizer. Wherever you end up, your beyond talented” Jimin said causing you to smile “Oh no, your giving me words of encouragement. That must mean I fucked up” you said causing him to laugh “No, no” he said shaking his head. “You were good ,trust me. You deserve to debut solo”. “Did you want to debut solo” you asked “No, I love my members. They’re my family” he said with a huge grin. “How were you able to debut without finishing high school yet?”. “Mr. J saw potential in us” he replied “Don’t laugh at me. But I’ve never heard of your band” you said causing him to chuckle. “I can tell. That’s why I like you” he said “You know what, how about you meet me after school and I will take you to where we practice. So you can see us live” he offered “Really? Ok!” you said surprised at his offer. He opened the gym door letting you in before waving at you. As you waved back people stared. They were either curious or jealous. Sitting down you bumped into a girl “Oh sorry” she apologized “No, it’s my fault” you said. You both sat down not saying anything for a good 30 minutes before she started moving around too much “You’re really bored, aren’t you?” you asked “Bored!? I am so nervous. He will inspect me and uhhh I am too nervous” she said in a fangirl tone “Who?” you laughed “Taehyung!…I mean V” she said correcting herself. “Who is he?” you asked causing her to nearly have a fit “Who is he!?” she screamed before hitting you “Ouch”. “Have you been living under a rock” she asked “He is in BTS! And he is so cute! And my crush” she said whispering the last part as if it was a hidden secret. “Your obsessed” You said laughing “I really like him, but he has never noticed me” she said sounding sad. “How does he look like? I can make him notice you”. She nearly had another fit. She was so cute and innocent. You were drawn to her. She reminded you of your old self. “I am starting to really like you. Oh, I am Sara by the way” she said. “I’m Y/N”. Suddenly Yoongi and that girl from earlier walked in together followed by a couple of other students. “I can’t fucking stand him” your mood suddenly changed “Ahah why?” she asked laughing “Just because” you said “That’s Suga” she told you. “Why do some people call him Yoongi?” you asked “Because that’s his real name. Suga is his stage name” she informed you as if she knew everything about everyone “Stage name? I’m not following” you said “He’s kind of…um intimidating to people. So everyone he trusts and knows can call him Yoongi and everyone else has to call him Suga. Which is his name in BTS” she said causing your head to snap towards her “He’s in a band!?” you said suddenly remembering your first encounter with him when he told you not to let anyone know he was in the park. And you thought he was being conceded. “So who is she?” You asked suddenly wondering so much about his life “That’s Yoona, his girlfriend”. You chuckled “Yeah right” you mumbled. Yoongi doesn’t have girlfriends. Maybe fuck buddies but that’s about it. “He’s a rapper” she said and after that you blocked her voice out getting trapped in your thoughts. Only people close to him and those he trusts can know his real name? Wtf does that mean? You thought. He told you his name the first day you met. So…

You stayed in the gym for the rest of the day because everyone had to be judged. Once it was dismissal time. Sara said bye to you and you waved at her. “Tomorrow they will tell us what department we’re in. I’m so nervous. But Taehyung talked and smiled at me today” she said walking away with a big smile on her face “I mean V!” she screamed causing you to Laugh. She was something special.


As you picked up your bag Jimin came walking towards you “Hey, you ready?” he said causing you to jump “Oh god!” you screamed as he laughed.

His practice room was a couple of blocks away from the school located at a huge building “Wow you practice…here” you said in awe “Yeah” he said swiping his card to get in. How fancy was that. “What happens when one member gets too drunk?” you asked “We have a bell to ring and a camera to show us who it is” he said “Nice”. Once you entered you came in contact with a tall man “That’s rap monster, he’s the leader” he introduced you to him “Hyung, no girls now. We need to practice in a little bit” he said acting like a leader. “But nice to meet you, I’m rap monster.” He said smiling “Hi. I’m Y/N” you said bowing.  “Where are the boys?” Jimin asked “I’m not sure. I texted them telling them to get their asses here” rap monster replied. You sat down in their living room as you waited with the two boys. Their lounge was really big. “Let’s watch TV” rap monster said. After 30 minutes and you heard unfamiliar voices “Man! Today was long!” one guy screamed out “We had to inspect so many people. I think I’ve seen enough performances for today” another complained as they made their way towards the lounge. “There were so many pretty girls with nice bodies though”. They stopped talking once they saw you “ We have a Guest! And she’s a Girl! Wow Hi!” one boy said cheerfully “I’m J-Hope” he introduced himself. “And Im Taehyung” another boy said shooting you his smile. Wait. So that’s who Sara was talking about? “Nice to meet you both, I’m Y/N” you said “Are you here for one of the boys?” one asked “She’s here to watch us perform.” Jimin said and you nodded “Who’s your bias?” Jhope asked smiling cutely “Its me” Taehyung said doing his peace sign. You liked them. “I don’t know any of you guys so I’m not sure” you said laughing.

“She’s never heard of us” Jimin said and they all look at each other. “Wow”.

 “Hyung, some of the boys can’t make it” Taehyung suddenly said reading a text from his phone. The leader groaned “Let’s start without them”. They all headed towards the stairs. “This is our practice room” Jimin informed you. Entering the room you felt inspired to begin to dance. It was bright and it had so many mirrors on the walls. The boys stretched and conversed with you. Then they stared dancing to their song “Blood, sweat, and tears”. They were amazing. Especially Jimin, V, and J-hope. Your favorite was Jimin’s dancing. “Wow! You guys are incredible.” You would complement them throughout the song making funny remarks “Its ok rap monster, don’t give up. Dancing is in your blood just push though the struggle” you would joke getting a glare from him and laughs from the other guys. “She is honestly the best to have here” Taehyung commented. “Hey guys, I really need to use the bathroom” you stated. “Down the hall” J-hope said sweaty and out of breath. You left the dance room and walked down the hall. As you made a turn you came in contact with a bunch of rooms. You entered one accidently. Looking around you suddenly got weird flashbacks. Something was strange about this room. You couldn’t put your fingers on it but strangely you felt like you’ve been here before. Suddenly you heard footsteps approaching. You did the only thing that came to your head. Run in the closet. As you slowly closed it and hid in the corner you saw someone enter. “uhh” he groaned as he sat on the bed. You tried to look through the cracks to figure out who he was but it was difficult. He stood up from his bed and began undressing himself. You nearly gasped as you saw him bend to take off his pants. No fucking way. You must be dreaming right now. This seems surreal. As he stood naked in front of your view you tried to shut your eyes. He walked towards the closet and your heart stopped. NO! You tried to move to the corner but it was too late when he opened it. FUCK.

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Hi there! I was so seeing if you could write a o e shot or fanfic of Mika/James (baestrao) while Mima was pregnant?? Of so that would be nice

(Hey! That’s no problem at all, I hope you enjoy!)

It was just morning when Mika decided to get breakfast for herself. She wondered if there were any left overs she could eat, or maybe she could make something, like pancakes. She rubbed her stomach gently and smiled down.

“What do you think we should eat, honey?”

She spoke to her stomach before naming off some of the food she found in the fridge. “Hm…how about we make some oatmeal and add fruits to it?” Just as Mika finished her sentence, she felt a small kick in her stomach and giggled. “Alright then, oatmeal with fruits it is.”

Yes, it’s all too true, Mika Anderson was 7 months pregnant. And the father….

“Talking to the baby again, love?”

James walked into the kitchen where Mika was getting ingredients for her food and wrapped his arms around her waist while whispering good morning to her. Mika chuckled and nodded, turning her body slightly to kiss his cheek.

Good morning, James. I was just having a bonding moment with our child. You know me by now.”

James chuckled and placed his head on top of hers before humming in agreement. “Yes, yes I do. No more mood swings or cravings?” Mika nodded and sighed in relief. Those few months dealing with mood swings and those weird food cravings were just plain awful. She wondered how the hell James managed to put up with her all this time.

“I’m just making some oatmeal for breakfast, would you like me to make some for you too?”

James shook his head before replying “Love, I think I should do the cooking for now, I don’t want you working too hard. Especially with the baby coming in a couple months, you’ve been stressed out a lot during the mood swings.” Mika whined a little before pouting at James. “But James, I’m okay now! I’ll be fine, don’t worry.” James sighed but chuckled softly before lifting Mika up bridal style.

“H-Hey! W-What are you doing!?”

James didn’t answer as he gently put her to lie down in the living room couch and kissed her cheek again. “As much as I love you, I really would like to help you out. Please? For your loving husband?” He pleaded softly and Mika sighed before rolling her eyes and smiling. “Alright, fine. Thank you, James.”

James smiled and kissed her forehead. Before he left, however, Mika grabbed onto his sleeve to signal that she still wanted to talk to him. James looked back at her, puzzled. “Mika? What is it?” Mika took a while before responding to James,

“Thank you….for everything, James. Not for just making breakfast, but for putting up with me at my worst. I know my mood swings and weird cravings probably drove you crazy, but I’m really glad you stayed with me after all that. After all these years, you’ve put up with me. My sadness, my anger…you were always there when I needed you. So, thank you. I love you so much.”

Mika took a deep breath before looking at James’s face, which had a huge smile on his face. He leaned down and gently kissed her lips, Mika holding his cheeks and kissing him back. After a few seconds, he broke the kiss and they both touched foreheads. “I did all of it because I love you, Mika. i did not mind doing anything as long as you were happy. Your happiness comes first before anything else, and that does not change. When our child is born, we’ll be taking care of him/her. Together. Like a family.”

Mika blushed and smiled lovingly at her husband before kissing his cheek.

“I love you, James.”

“I love you too, Mika.”

James kissed her forehead before standing up. “Now, I’ll be off to make you and our child that oatmeal~” Mika giggled at him before nodding in approval.

And with that, he went to make breakfast for his loving wife and soon-to-be child.

Handsome // Bobby

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This turned out much longer for a drabble than it should have and it’s super corny i don’t even know what i wrote tbh :-D 

new years drabble #2

w/c: ~1700 

#1 hanbin 

- moyo

You were dead tired when you finally dropped off your sister and made your way back home. This new years eve has been kind of crazy (well, you family was crazy in general so it shouldn’t have been a big surprise) but super fun at the same time. You never thought you’d see your grandma drunk once in your life but you could check that off your list now.

Your turned on the radio on full volume when you got on the highway. The day couldn’t have been any crazier with all the things you’ve witnessed so far and on top of it, it had been snowing since this morning. Thick snowflakes were falling down the sky and if it wasn’t blocking your view at some point, you would have thought they were quite pretty.

With every mile, it was harder to see and the layers of snow doubled. As if that wasn’t enough, your car started slipping and after the third time you decided to pull off at the nearest exit and entered a small diner. It looked like a snow storm was about to start.

Luckily it was warm and you ordered a coffee before sitting down at the counter. It was only you and the employee in the restaurant. Who else would be here on new years eve at 2 am in the morning.  

You sighed. Hopefully the storm would stop soon, all you wanted was to lie down on your bed and get a whole lot of sleep.  

“Your coffee” the worker placed a big mug in front of you along with a smile that was so blending that you had to almost close your eyes. “with extra sugar. Although I don’t think you would need that.” He winked and you raised your eyebrows at him.


“Because you’re already sweet enough!” He forced a laugh, hitting his lap and you tried your best to not let a smile slip your lips.  

“The was worse than all the jokes i’ve heard my entire life.” You replied after taking a sip of your coffee.  

The guy sat down in front of you, “Then why are you smiling?” you looked up, realizing how young he must have been. Probably your age. He looked pretty handsome for someone who was working here at this time of the day. “Hm, i don’t know but it surely wasn’t because of your lame joke.”

“You’re still the same.” The boy chuckled amusedly. This time you couldn’t really figure out what kind of lame joke he was about to tell.

“You’re Y/N, right?” You looked up immediately, wondering how he could have possibly known that. As you took a closer look at his features, he did seem pretty familiar– 

“Bobby?!” Your eyes widened and you finally remembered the boy from elementary school who used to tease you and crack all these stupid jokes. Back then he looked so… different or well, puberty did something really amazing to him. Your heart flipped. “You look so–”


Yeah, absolutely. “No… I mean a little I guess.” You stammered awkwardly. No way you would tell him the truth. Back then, even when he was not as good-looking, you had this horrible crush on him and he knew that. Thus all the teasing.  

“That’s too bad. I thought you would pinch my cheeks like back then and tell me how much you like me.” Bobby snickered and your entire face turned into a tomato. That was something you had suppressed almost your entire life and there he was bringing it up so easily.  

“Don’t even!” You threatened with your eyes.  

Bobby snickered, “Okay, okay. I will stop I swear. I know I was a meanie back then and I’m sincerely sorry about that.” He held out his hand and if it wasn’t for his face and the fact that you had liked him back then (and still kinda did), there was no way you’d forgive him. But he was lucky today.  

You took his apology and warmth washed over you when your hand connected with his. It was stupid, yet it made your body react and you felt your stomach feeling all fuzzy and weird. This was not good.  

There was suddenly a loud noise and darkness wrapped around the both of you. Surprised, you blinked a few times, realizing that the power had gone off.

“Shit,” Bobby murmured before taking your hand, “I think it’s better if we get out of here. Do you have a car?” You tried to ignore the fact that his hand was so soft and warm and that you were a freaking creep because it somehow made your heart feel all asdfghjkl but you managed to lead him to the car anyway.

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Mini Drama ~
Murasakibara & Himuro
Mini Drama ~

Translation :

[in the Yousen locker room]

Murasakibara: [eating potato chips] Yum! Nothing tastes better after chocolate than some salty potato chips.

[door opens]

Himuro: Atsushi! You’re still here?

Murasakibara: Oh, Murochin. Wait a sec. Did you stay behind to do extra practice again?

Himuro: [opens his locker] Yeah.

Murasakibara: You just can’t get enough, can you, Murochin?

Himuro: Atsushi, have you been eating snacks ever since practice ended?

Murasakibara: Yep. Moving around makes me really hungry. I wish I could eat during practice, too, but Masakochin would get angry.

Himuro: Heh. I’m sure Coach wouldn’t be the only one.

Murasakibara: Hey, don’t you think practice has been super intense lately? Everybody’s way too fired up.

Himuro: That goes to show just how committed they are to winning the Winter Cup.

Murasakibara: Same for you, Murochin?

Himuro: Yeah, pretty much. I didn’t make it back in time for the Inter-High, so I’m thrilled about finally being able to compete. Besides, there’s a guy I absolutely do not want to lose to.

Murasakibara: Hmmm? Oh! My potato chips are all gone.

Himuro: Alright, then why don’t we head home?

Murasakibara: I wanna buy more snacks, so I’m gonna stop by the convenience store.

Himuro: Haha! I’ll go with you.

– –

[leaving the convenience store]

Himuro: You practically cleaned them out again this time.

Murasakibara: [munching] I’ll be done with these before you know it. What’d you buy, Murochin?

Himuro: Just a drink and a magazine.

Murasakibara: Hey, Murochin, when you said there was a guy you absolutely didn’t want to lose to, were you talking about the guy we met at the streetball tournament this summer? The stifling one with the split eyebrows.

Himuro: That’s a pretty harsh description. But yeah, he’s the one.

Murasakibara: Okay, but didn’t you say you guys were like brothers or something?

Himuro: Exactly. An older brother can’t lose to his younger brother, now can he?

Murasakibara: Hmm?

Himuro: There’s a very good chance that we’ll get to play against Seirin, Taiga’s school, at the Winter Cup.

Murasakibara: Only if they manage to win their way through the tournament, though. Well, I hate that guy, so if we end up playing them, he’s all yours, Murochin.

Himuro: Yeah. We’re going to settle this once and for all. Speaking of which, Seirin has another really intriguing player, don’t they? He played in the streetball game, too.

Murasakibara: Oh, you mean Kurochin?

Himuro: Yeah. And there was one more—I think his name was Kiyoshi?

Murasakibara: Kiyoshi Teppei.

Himuro: It seems like he’s also really looking forward to playing against you, Atsushi.

Murasakibara: Like I care. I hate him, too. He’s so stifling and overbearing.

Himuro: Hm?

Murasakibara: Even though we destroyed them back in middle school, he’s still playing basketball or whatever. I don’t get it at all. He really pisses me off. Makes me wanna crush him.

Himuro: That makes this easy, then. If we end up facing Seirin, I’ll crush Taiga, so all you need to do is crush Kiyoshi.

Murasakibara: Huh? Says who? If you wanna crush Mr. Eyebrows, then you’re more than welcome to, Murochin. It’s got nothing to do with me.

Himuro: That’s not true. Even if I manage to beat Taiga on my own, it won’t mean anything if we lose the game.

Murasakibara: What’s that supposed to mean? There’s no way we’d lose to a team like Seirin! So what if they’ve got Kiyoshi and Kurochin? I can crush them both with one hand.

Himuro: Yeah? Then that means I can focus everything I have on my matchup with Taiga.

Murasakibara: Murochin, you’ve always got this calm look on your face, but you’re annoyingly hot-blooded on the inside.

Himuro: I wonder about that. All I want is to beat Taiga in a no-holds-barred matchup.

Murasakibara: [sighs] I’ve heard enough. So long as we win the game, I couldn’t care less. Give it your best shot, Murochin.

Himuro: Of course. I’ll defeat all of our opponents, Taiga included. For the sake of Yousen’s victory.

Murasakibara: Mmhmm. Hm? [rifling through the convenience store bag] Huh? I’m all out of snacks!

Himuro: What?! All the ones you just bought?!

Murasakibara: Yeah. I’m still hungry, so I’m gonna make another trip to the convenience store.

Himuro: Hey! Atsushi! … If only he could apply the same passion he has for snacks to our games, too… Heh.

[ Credits to Grimmfeather ]

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I need your advice, a girl is in love, with the boy I love. And I don't know what to do, she's much closer to him than I am. I'm extremely worried she'll win. This ongoing war between us is getting dangerous, she's lying about me, she's spreading rumours and worst of all, she is popular. If you could spare some time letting me know how you'd solve this, that'd be wonderful!!! Ps I love your account!!

Hm. Well.

Quite a predicament…

This is a bit long sorry~

Focus on the boy you love. While she’s over there sprouting shit left and right, you can lovingly stay by his side. She can say whatever she wants as long as it doesn’t effect your relationship with your love. 

If it is, however, you can do a few things.

1) Confront her.

Most people are absolute pusses when it comes to confrontation. Make sure you know the rumor comes from her, confront her, and call her out for being a cunt. Though she is popular, it shouldn’t matter what those other people think about you. Everyone hates bitches that spread shit for no reason.

2) Make sure your love knows what’s happening.

Never hurts to play the victim card, right? Tell him about how she’s hurting you with all of these rumors. About how you haven’t done anything to her.  Though they are close, it does make people…re-think a few things.

“Is she really doing this?” “Should i trust her?” “Is she doing this to me too?”


Confessing is the scariest thing known to man, i know, but if she does it first you’re going to be sitting there bitter for the entire relationship. Trust me. This happened to me about 3 times with the same person, and it turns out that he liked me all along too. 

If you feel that your feelings might be reciprocated… take the chance!!

If he says no, continue to grow close to him. Eventually his feelings will reverse! 

(though it would be a little healthier at that point for you to try and find someone else who’s worth your time.)

That’s all i can think of for now~

If anyone wants to jump in, just add onto the post~