.his curls are so fluffy * *


Pairing: Queenie/Fem!Reader


Hi ❤️ can you write an imagine where you have a crush on Queenie and she reads your mind so she sees it and you get embarrassed but it has a FLUFFY ending pretty please ❤️❤️❤️

Hi!! Could I request something for Queenie/female reader??☺️ Thanks so much!



God she was beautiful. Her hair was curled, she had light lip gloss on and a sheer dress wrapped around her form.

You had come to the Goldsteins house to get some sugar; you were trying to bake and don’t have enough.

Well now you didn’t want to leave.

“Hey doll, whats up?” Queenie sweet voice filled the air.


Don’t think about how pretty she is…don’t think about it

“Well…” queenie whispered, looking at you, “Didn’t know you felt that way”

A blush rose to your cheeks.

“Couldihavesomesugarplease” you rushed out.

Queenie stared at you for a while, as if trying to gather your thoughts.

“Course doll, come on in” Queenie grabbed your hand, pulling you into her and her sisters apartment.

You looked around the appartement, it didn’t seem that different from the last time you saw it.

Queenie stretched up to get the sugar, as her dress rose up.

You looked away, all you wanted was sugar and now you were getting an impromptu show.

You manicured hand grabbed the box, and strutted over to you.

“Here you go.”

“Thanks” you mumbled, fumbling your fingers though your hair.

“No problem Y/N….You should come over again sometime. Tina’s not home next week”


this is just a little fluffy Joe imagine that I thought of since my friend just had a baby. I hope you all enjoy!

Word Count: 1,250+

Rating: PG

You were curled up against Joe’s chest when you felt his phone vibrate. You had always been a light sleeper in comparison to Joe, so it didn’t surprise you that he barely even twitched. Reaching over him, you grabbed the phone, a bit worried to see Zoe’s picture on the screen, considering it was so late in the night. You swiped it open, answering her call.

“Hey Zoe, alright?” Your voice was low and groggy, but it was enough to make Joe stir. He peaked an eye open at you, confused.

“More than alright. My water broke, we’re headed to the hospital! Today’s the day!” She sounded wide awake and more excited than you’d ever heard her. You sat straight up in bed.

“You’re being serious? Oh my god! Oh my god. Okay, okay, um have Alf text us the room number when you get settled and we’ll be there as soon as we can! Hang in there!” You hung up the phone, practically jumping onto Joe. You almost over do it, and he catches your hips, his hands sliding under your- well, his- shirt onto your hips.

“Joe, we gotta get up, Zoe just went into labor!”

“So you wake me up and straddle me, and then you tell me to get out of bed. How is that fair?” Joe groaned.

“Joseph Graham!”

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anonymous asked:

14 and iwaoi, please ? (˘⌣˘)

Send me a ship and a number and I’ll write you a mini fic! (Ask box open) 

 14. things you said after you kissed me

Hajime has touched Tooru dozens of times, over the years.

As children, they go everywhere hand-in-hand. Tooru’s shy, and Hajime doesn’t like seeing him look scared; the touch serves to ground him, make him stronger. 

There’s hugs, after a week apart during summer vacation, or when Hajime confides in Tooru that his parents are fighting. Hajime likes it when Tooru ruffles his hair, and massages his scalp; Tooru loves cuddles, curled up together under his fluffy comforter during move marathons.

As they grow, the touches don’t stop altogether. They become more infrequent, and reserved, once they learn that regular friends don’t really do that.

It only takes so long for Tooru and Hajime to realize their feelings for each other aren’t that of regular friends - and even less time for them to do something about it.

Even though they’ve been near each other a thousand times and have mapped out each other’s skin extensively, there’s still something so special about them doing it now; something so new.

Hajime’s touch sends shivers down Tooru’s spine.

Hajime’s lying in Tooru’s bed, tired from practice. Tooru’s just changed into his pyjamas, a black top and plaid pyjama pants, and Hajime’s in his sweats. They’re lucky that their parents are understanding, and still let them have sleepovers without much complaint. Hajime doesn’t realize how much better he sleeps with Tooru curled up into him until it’s almost taken away from him. 

Tooru gulps down some water, putting his cup down on his dresser before climbing into bed. He lets out a soft breath, hands already reaching for Hajime. He takes the hint clearly, reaching out to connect their hands and pull Tooru on top of him. Tooru’s weight fits on top of him familiarly, comfortably; he lets out a sigh, fingers running through Tooru’s hair.

“Light?” He mumbles, because he’s tired and he really doesn’t want to have to get up to turn it off even later when they’re both too snuggled up to want to move.

“’Mkay,” Tooru nods, and slips off to turn the light off, coming right back to where he was. He lets his weight rest on Hajime’s chest, arms resting on his upper back.

With the light off it’s dark, but Hajime can still make out Tooru’s face. There’s just enough light shining in through the window for him to get a good look at Tooru. He reaches out, pressing the palm of his hand to Tooru’s cheek, fingertips brushing his forehead, and watches while Tooru completely melts underneath his touch.

Tooru sighs, contentedly, lids of his eyes fluttering closed. He leans into the touch, pressing open-mouthed kisses to Hajime’s wrist as he gets the opportunity. He looks relaxed, pleased; so vulnerable.

Hajime’s free hand slides up Tooru’s back, tangling in his short brown hair; the sweet sigh Tooru lets out gives Hajime goosebumps, and he keeps massaging his scalp, wanting to hear more. Tooru gives it to him, biting his lip and letting out the softest, pleased little breath.

“Hajime,” Tooru breathes; Hajime watches him, eyes half-lidded and heavy. “Kiss me?”

A smirk crosses Hajime’s face. 

Does he even need to ask?

Rather than answer, Hajime just slides both his hands around the back of Tooru’s head, drawing him in nice and close, tilting his face to press their lips together.

God, Tooru tastes good, all the time; it doesn’t even matter that right now his mouth is cold still from the ice water, the minty flavour of his toothpaste still clinging to his teeth. There’s something just so inherently Tooru about his taste.

Hajime kisses slowly, lazily. Their lips move together familiarly. They’ve spent time learning how to best do this, but Hajime likes it best when they don’t think; when they just follow their instincts.

Tooru grips the sleeve of his shirt, folding against him and shivering. Hajime feels it, sliding an arm out to feel for the blanket and pull it up and over them to stay warm.

They don’t break the kiss; tongues pressing against each other, teeth nibbling. Hajime shifts, and Tooru falls even deeper into the cuddle, their noses brushing together. Tooru pulls away first, giggling softly, nuzzling Hajime’s cheek.

“You’re beautiful, you know that?” Hajime’s voice comes out without him even thinking about it; he’s not stating an opinion, but a fact. He doesn’t need to see Tooru to tell that he’s blushing, the skin on the back of his neck heats up under Hajime’s hands.

“Hajime?” Tooru squeaks out, burying his face against Hajime’s neck. “What are you talking about?” He’s used to showing off his confidence all the time, but Hajime’s honest tone takes him aback. He’s not used to Hajime being so openly affectionate and sweet.

“You’re beautiful,” Hajime smiles, and presses one final kiss to his forehead. “Now go to sleep. Goodnight.”

Tooru nods, still keeping his face hidden in Hajime’s neck, his body going slack and relaxing against Hajime. “Goodnight, Hajime.” He breathes in deep, “And thank you.”

Dating/Married to Finn Balor would Include

•Sami and Kevin having to convince him to finally ask you out
•When he does he talks so fast that you couldn’t understand him the first time
•Him always being a gentleman; opening doors, giving you his jacket
•Having Cute movie Dates at his house, making out in a blanket.
•Falling asleep curled up in his lap as he makes his lego Sets

•Him proposing using legos Spelt out ‘Will you marry me?’
•Having the wedding in Ireland and spending your honeymoon at his Cottage
•Romantic Love making sessions
•But he can also let out his inner Demon and be dominant and rough
•'I love you’s’ all the time, no matter what you’re doing
•Him liking to show you off and brag to the other Guys about you

concept: mike gets back late from a media broadcast on the upcoming all-star game. he’s tired, just wants to crawl into bed with his wife and sleep for a billion years. when he gets to his bedroom — he’s confronted with ginny, curled around his pillow, on his side and his twin daughters all spread out over the bed.

“they missed you,” ginny mutters sleepily, making room so mike can crawl in beside her. “so did i.”

mike presses a kiss to her hair. “here now. go back to sleep.”


Originally posted by clifforton

Pairing: Calum & Y/N

Words: 1500+

Warning: sfw

Mornings with Calum would be amazing, writing this made me so emotional, it’s so fluffy and playful i want to die. This is literally how i picture Calum being in love, all playful and teasing and wow i hate myself for writing this


(gif isn’t mine)

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Bodhi's skin is always really warm and Cassian delights in touching it, whether it's a passing brush or clasping his hand or grabbing those bare hips and ravishing him. Bodhi's always so warm and Cassian enjoys coming up behind Bodhi in the morning and wrapping his arms around him, letting the heat seep into him and relax him in the way only Bodhi can.

yes Cassian gets cold all the time (hence the excessively big jacket complete with fluffy hood) and Bodhi always complains when they’re lying in bed that Cassian is too cold to cuddle comfortably but when Bodhi is asleep Cassian curls up close to him and tucks his feet and hands between Bodhi and the mattress and uses him as his own personal space heater

Hey @gaysngreys this is your secret santa for @hqss2016 event! :) Some sleepy and fluffy iwaoi for you <3 I hope you have happy holidays and are warm and cozy like those two :3 Have a nice day! 

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Sam Winchester is the type of guy who’d adopt geriatric dogs. He’d make fluffy pallets for them, carry them outside to chill in the sun, make fresh food for their special diets, get one of those baby jogging stroller things for hikes and runs. He’d lay on the floor with them, and play with them, and be super patient with them. If they were sleeping on his bed, he’d crash on the couch or curl around them so as not to disturb them. He’d think their old boof-barks were cute. Feel free to add more.

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Japan Character Facts

🇯🇵He has erotic woodcuts in his home. He disguises them between his non pornographic books.

🇯🇵He prefers animated girls to real 3D girls

🇯🇵He has bought Shonen Jump before

🇯🇵He wants to touch the Italy’s curls because they look like vegetables

🇯🇵He hates cockroaches so much, he cries over them. 

🇯🇵He adores soft and fluffy animals

🇯🇵He draws manga and makes soba

🇯🇵He once stabbed China with a katana

🇯🇵Prussia comes to his house often

🇯🇵He once tried to harpoon Russia

🇯🇵Hima says if he had known Hetalia would be so popular, Japan’s design would be completely different.

🇯🇵He suffers from high blood pressure and has hip pains

🇯🇵He is ambidextrous, but was originally left handed

🇯🇵He can imitate others voices surprisingly well

🇯🇵Japan’s original design had more shaggier hair, soulless eyes, and a plain appearance. 

More Desus Headcanons:

Dedicated to @littlewolfy999 cause she’s got exams this week and wants some fluffy Desus.

-Daryl often wakes up first in the morning, so he makes a point to roll over and wrap his arms tightly around Paul and then go back to sleep, so that when Paul has to get up and go to work or do his yoga, he can’t get out of Daryl’s grasp. His struggles to get put of bed usually wake Daryl, who just curls up tighter, trapping Paul completely.

-They have cute nicknames for each other, they just don’t really use them in front of the group. Paul calls Daryl “my sunshine” (it’s semi-ironic) and Daryl calls Paul “peaches”.

-During their first fight, Daryl got too worked up and called Paul a lot of names and said lots of hurtful things before storming off. Ten minutes later, he was ringing the doorbell and when Paul opened the door, Daryl was crying and he headbutts Paul in the shoulder in the way that he does when he’s upset, and he just keeps apologizing.

-One day, Paul brought Daryl home a geode he found, and tried to show him why it was cool. So the next day when Daryl was out on a run, he brought Paul home a rock he thought “looked nice”. And it’s just a rock, and Daryl completely got confused about what Paul liked about the geode, but the rock is now their centerpiece for the dining room table.


What’s Next

Request: Could I maybe have a really cute, fluffy, and somewhat silly fic with Crowley where the reader is super oblivious to his advances/flirtations, like “why don’t you join me in bed” and she’s like “Okay! sure!” And just like hops into his bed in pjs and curls up on the side and little things like that?? I just think it would be so cute but at the same time I don’t want this to be taken as an age thing or like a lack of experience thing, either. Do you understand?? I;m sorry if it’s confusing :C

Pairing: Crowley x Reader

Warnings: Fluff, injuries, flirting

Word Count: 2809

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“Thanks for offering to help me, Crowley. This case is just really confusing, and the Winchesters and Cas came up with nothing.”

“Anytime, darling. You know Hell’s doors are always open if you need anything.”

A happy smile quirked up on your lips at the King of Hell’s words, your eyes flickering over to his to shoot him a grateful look as the two of you headed through Hell’s hallways. Crowley had become a close friend of yours over the years of you tagging along with the Winchesters on various hunts. He intrigued you and vice-versa, so when you weren’t with the Winchesters, you were probably with him. “I’ve brought some lore from the Bunker. It might help us,” you commented, passing by demons and ignoring their glares. They weren’t very supportive of you and Crowley’s friendship, mostly due to the fact that you had taken out a good number of demons. Crowley merely brushed the fact off and claimed you did him a favor.

“Don’t you ever get tired of researching?” Crowley questioned, hands tucked casually in the pockets of his slacks as he walked right by your side, the close proximity going unnoticed. It was natural for the two of you to be close.

“Don’t you ever get tired of babysitting all of these demons?” You replied, smirking openly at a demon as he scowled at you. You broke out into a small fit of laughter, giving your head an amused shake as you adjusted your messenger bag on your shoulder.

“Yes. Especially when they’re complaining about you. Maybe you should lay off my demons, love. I wouldn’t want you to get hurt,” Crowley commented as he stopped at a door at the end of the hallway.

“I think I can handle your demons, Crowley. The real question is can they handle me?” You smirked as you followed him inside, eyes dashing around the room to inspect it. You had never been in here before. “Is this … you have a bedroom?” You questioned, a confused look crossing your face as you gazed at a large king-size bed.

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Imagine early mornings and Christmas decorating with Chris.

A/N: Part 3, woot! Links for the mini series will be added soon, there are two chapters to this series. (Baby Fever - Part 1/Part 2) and (Drunk Minds, Sober Hearts - Masterlist) Enjoy. :D

Dodger woke you up at 4:28AM because Phoebe was wide awake and Chris was fast asleep. You didn’t want to leave the comfort and warmth of your bed but you were a parent for the week and being a parent meant sacrifices; so you heard from your mom. Dodger jumped onto the bed and nudged you with his head, forcing you awake and out of bed. You sighed loudly; you were exhausted though you slept in your own bed at an appropriate time, you could only imagine how Chris was feeling.

You pulled your sweater over your head and slid your feet into your fluffy reindeer slippers before staggering down the hall to where your husband and niece were; Chris was curled up on the floor and Phoebe was in her cot, blabbering to herself. She saw you and smiled, holding up her arms as a gesture for you to pick her up. You smiled and let out a soft sigh, stepping around Chris to scoop her out of the cot and into your arms.

“At least one of us slept well.” You chuckled softly, tucking her soft locks behind her small ear. “I know you love Uncle Chris but I’m going to need you to sleep by yourself tonight. Do you think you can do that for me?” She giggled and cupped your face in her tiny hands. “I’m afraid that if you don’t-” you glanced down at Chris and chuckled softly. “Uncle Chris might change his mind about becoming a daddy and we don’t want that, do we?”

Phoebe didn’t know the words to tell you she understood but you knew she did, she was a lot smarter than people thought her to be. Look at how she emotionally manipulated Chris into keeping her company, and he wasn’t her only victim; her dad and her two grandfathers were constant victims. The men in her life were easy to trick, the women- not so much.

“Oh God,” you heard Chris groaned as he rolled onto his back. He looked up at you, wincing though there wasn’t any light. “What time is it?” He mumbled; his voice was laced with sleep. “Am I in Hell?” He asked and you chuckled, watching him hold his back as he sat up. “Why does everything hurt?”

“You slept on the floor, why doesn’t everything hurt?” You teased him, fighting the urge to smile. “I’m going to put you down, okay?” You told Phoebe and returned her to her cot; she laid back down and played with her own feet. “C'mon Cap,” you reached down to help him to his feet. “Let’s put you to bed.”

“Ugh,” he groaned, “what time is it?”

“Last I saw, it was four twenty-eight AM.” You told him and his face scrunched up. “Welcome to parenthood, sweetheart.” You teased, soothingly rubbing his back. “It’s okay, I can watch her while you catch up on some well-deserved sleep.”

“I’ll be fine,” he declined, “just get me some coffee.”

“It really wasn’t a suggestion.” You steered him towards the bedroom, drawing a soft chuckle from his throat; he was definitely grateful he had a wife as wonderful as you. “I know I’m not a child whisperer like you but I think I can survive a few hours with her.”

“I think you can do better than survive a few hours with her,” he smiled and kissed your cheek. “I just need a couple hours, I’ll be down as soon-” he yawned, “as possible. If you need anything-” he yawned again and you chuckled, “just come get me. I can-” another yawn, “always help.” He told you and you nodded, watching him climb into bed and curl up under the covers.

He was out in seconds.
• • • • • • • •
“What do you think?” You asked Phoebe, taking a step back from your mantel masterpiece.

You had cleared one of the shelves in the living room and created a Christmas feature that filled the whole room with the holiday spirit. It had the white Christmas feeling that you were so fond of and you couldn’t wait till the first fall of snow came over Boston. Christmas was one of your favorite holidays, people who knew you well knew you loved it a little too much. Each year you’d buy more decorations, in fact- majority of the boxes in the garage were marked ‘Christmas’. Things got to a point where Chris had to limit you to five new items each year, not that he could resist your puppy dog eyes when you found the sixth something that you just had to have.

“I think you started without me,” you heard Chris’ voice and turned around, smiling. He was wearing his black and white plaid shirt. “How the hell did you do all that while suffering from sleep deprivation?” He leaned over and kissed the top of Phoebe’s head. “It’s nice though, I’m glad you convinced me to let you buy that snowman.”

“Me too.” You hugged him from behind and he smiled, pouring himself a cup of coffee. “How’d you sleep?” You mumbled into his shoulder blade. “You look a little less tired.” You commented and he chuckled, turning around to face you when you released him from your grip. “But you could definitely use a few more hours,” you brushed his beard with your thumb.

“Is that a nice way of saying I look like hell?”

“You couldn’t look like hell if you wanted to,” you told him and pecked his smiling lips. “Do you want some breakfast?” You asked and he shook his head, wiping the drip from the side of his mug and licking it off his finger. “Are you sure? I can make you something.”

“Coffee’s good for now,” he nodded. “So tell me, my beautiful elf.” He raised his eyebrows with a playful smirk, making you laugh which drew a giggle from Phoebe. “What else is there to do to turn this normal everyday home into Santa’s Workshop?”

“We still haven’t put up the tree.” You reminded him and he dramatically gasped because it was unusual for you; you’d usually put it up at the start of December. “Okay, cut that out.” You fought the urge to start laughing when he did. “I’ve been busy with work and my husband doesn’t have the initiative to do things himself.”

“Excuse you,” he scoffed and chuckled simultaneously. “My initiative to do things has been ruined by you,” he said and you laughed because you knew exactly what he was talking about. “Do you remember the first Christmas we had together as a married couple? You were out of town for work and I thought I’d surprise you by decorating-”

“You don’t have to finish the story ‘cause we both know what happened and I don’t need a reminder of how bitchy I was,” you told him with a roll of your eyes.

“And you said I did it wrong and did it all again yourself,” he ignored you and finished the story anyway. You winced and he chuckled, grabbing your cheeks and squeezing your face. “But it’s alright, I knew you were a raging perfectionist before I married you.”

“And yet you still married me,” you teased him.

“What can I say?” He shrugged nonchalantly with a small smirk on his lips. “I’m a sucker for the crazies,” he winked with a click of his tongue. You laughed and playfully shoved him, causing him to lose his grip on your face. “Are we going to decorate this tree or what?” He asked, laughing. “Christmas is like- eight days away.”

“Trust me, I know.” You pointed at the countdown calendar on the fridge; Chris bit back his smile and shook his head. “Yes,” you nodded, rubbing your hands together. “Let’s get down to business. The tree’s in the backyard, I’m glad we got that sorted otherwise we would’ve been stuck with a stinky faux one.”

“For a person who hates bugs, I thought you wouldn’t mind a stinky faux one.”

“Not for the most wonderful time of the year,” you shook your head with a wide grin.

Phoebe clapped her hands together, giggling excitedly and drawing the attention of you and Chris. Chris put his mug down on the table and picked Phoebe up, bouncing her with a wide smile on his face. “Are you a Christmas nut like your aunt?” He chuckled when he saw you roll your eyes. “It’s okay if you are, just be cute with your crazy and you’ll have any guy fall at your feet. Look at your aunt, she’s insane and she got me didn’t she?”

“You’re lucky I don’t swear around children,” you told him and he laughed. “Just go get the tree, you jerk.” You tossed a plush Olaf ornament at him and he swiftly caught it, laughing even harder than before; Phoebe grabbed it from him as he lowered her back into her high chair.

“You know I love you,” he smiled.

“You’re lucky I love you,” you teased, pulling away before he could peck you on the cheek. He smiled one of his heart fluttering smiles and nodded in agreement; you melted on the inside and met his lips for a tender kiss. You were definitely lucky to be married to him, and eventually the mother of his children.

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Yoongi complaining about being cold so that Jungkook will cuddle with him pt 2 

What gets on Yoongi’s nerves isn’t coming home at god forsaken hours from the studio to find Taehyung and Jungkook curled up on the couch, fast asleep. It doesn’t even bother him when he wakes up around noon and finds them in the same exact position, arms and legs tangled under a mountain of blankets.  

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Prompt #55. “I Just Wanna Play With Your Hair.” (Peter Parker x Reader)


A/N: Hey guys! So I figured for most of my prompts they’re just gonna be drabbles unless I want to write them longer. Just letting you guys know!

Requested: Yes! (55) “I just wanna play with your hair.” Tom Holland spider-man)

Warnings: Fluffy 

Word Count: 300


You were so focused on him. The way he concentrated, and how his brows furrowed as he would stare longingly at a problem. He would tap his pencil and bit his lip, and then sigh when he just couldn’t figure it out. You watched as his brown hair curled slightly at the ends, desperately wanting to put your finger through it.

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Rainy Weather

Request: can you do a hayes imagine? right now it’s really rainy in NC so maybe have it be fluffy and you guys just hang and watch movies and cuddle?? i love your imagines they are truly the best

a/n; I love rainy weather, unless I’m going out because I hate driving in it lol

Word Count: 504

Pairing: Hayes Grier X Reader

Y/N’s P.O.V

I looked up from my phone as the rain suddenly stated pouring outside, “ha! Hayes won’t be able to go ride his dirt bike.” I mumbled to myself as I sat curled up on his bed, waiting for him to come back from taking a shower. I took a picture of the window, putting the temperature filter on Snapchat and posted it, trying to find anything that will waste my time. 

I looked up when I heard footsteps, Hayes walked in, a pair of shorts on and his hair still slightly damp. “That came out of no where.” He mumbled as the rain came down in a big rush again, I laughed under my breath, “babe.” I whined, dragging it out as I held my hands out to him. “I’m dating a child.” He joked, coming over to his bed and plopping down next to me. 

I smiled when I felt him kiss my forehead, I looked up from my phone to see him watching me. “What should we do?” He asked, glancing back at the window, the rain coming down a little lighter but not showing any signs of stopping soon. “Movie marathon?” I asked sitting up, we haven’t just stayed in and done that in so long, he’s been so busy whenever we’re in LA, so when we come here it’s like a break from the crazy schedules. 

“Sounds good.” He answered, laughing as I climbed over him to get either my laptop or a stack of DVD’s. “Netflix or actual DVD’s?” I asked, not even turning to look at him, “Netflix.” He answered, most likely on his phone while he waits for me. I grabbed my charger and plugged it in, sighing in relief when my laptop was still able to reach the bed. 

“Ohh!” I cheered when I saw one of my favorite movies on Netflix. “What?” Hayes asked, slightly startled by my sudden enthusiasm, “Goosebumps!” I replied in a duh tone, “please.” I mumbled pouting my lips at him, he sighed but agreed. “You’ll like it.” I assured him, pressing play on the movie I’ve seen a hundred times. 

“How did you do that?” Champ looked at her in shock, surprised that she would even look at him, “oh, I have silver fillings, I had a lot of cavities when I was ten, I didn’t brush my teeth for a whole year.” He rushed his words making me laugh. “Oh my gosh, I love him.” I chuckled, Hayes looked at me raising his eyebrows. “What?” I asked confused, “you love him.” He remarked, I rolled my eyes in good nature and smacked his arm lightly. “Sorry, but you’re no Champ.” I motioned to the screen that still had the movie playing. 

“Oh, I see how it is.” He faked hurt, not looking at me anymore. “Stop it, you know I love you.” I murmured, kissing him on the cheek since he was facing away from me, he turned and kissed me, I laughed when he moved back. “You’re forgiven.”


First Times
Changkyun scenario requested by Anon
Genre: Fluffy smut thing?
Word count: 1151

Author’s note: Hi again~ I’m back with another smut, although you can hardly call it that. I passed my entrance exams! I hope you can find this enjoyable. I’m not too familiar with smut so I tried by best. Please enjoy!

His fingers were trembling.

Honestly, you weren’t even sure if he had noticed it, although it was a bit hard to miss. You laid your hand over Changkyun’s instinctively, curling your fingers around his in a comforting gesture. Chocolate brown eyes shifted to meet yours, his lips twitching with blatant curiosity.
“What’s on your mind?” You murmured, resting your chin on his shoulder delicately. The two of you were sat side by side on his bed, having turned on a movie about an hour ago. You weren’t really sure what it was about at this point, your eyes continuously falling on your boyfriend instead of the computer screen.
“Did you catch me?” Changkyun chuckled softly, leaning his head against yours. In the months you had been together, it was your first time seeing this side of him. He was acting out of the ordinary, trying not to make eye contact for too long, and his shoulders tensing at your touch.
“You didn’t cheat on me or anything, right?” You murmured playfully into the shell of his ear, a smile pulling at the corners of your mouth as he began to squirm.
“Of course not, you know I wouldn’t do that kind of thing. There’s just been something on my mind lately, but I don’t know how you would feel about it.” He said, the curve of his lips meeting your cheek for a fleeting moment.
“You’ll never know if you don’t ask.” You answered him, trying to keep your voice low as to not shatter the tension hanging in the air. His window was open this afternoon, as it was when the weather was a little warmer, and the sunlight was spread across the walls like margarine. You could hear his every breath, coming and going with the slight breeze. It was a moment that you couldn’t capture in mere sight, the sort of thing that would bring on heavy nostalgia in the years following. The audio of the film was drowned out in your soft voices, Changkyun’s eyes scanning yours for a sort of cue.
“Have you ever thought about making love to me?” He asked cautiously, sunlight reflecting off of dilated pupils. The seconds that followed there were no words, your body reacting before your mind could. Your lungs burned as if you had just run a mile when your lips met, hands melting against each other’s skin. Before you could register it, your back had met the mattress. Changkyun’s arms were shaking as he looked down at you. If anyone saw the way he looked at you, they would know how in love he was within seconds. Sex is something that is seared into our instinct, typically animalistic and fast and hot. Somehow, this was quite the opposite. When Changkyun’s lips met the expanse of skin where your neck meets your collarbone, it felt more similar to being submerged in a warm bath. His hair was a little out of place and his breathing was a little uneven, but looking at him in this moment, you realized there was nothing else quite so beautiful as Im Changkyun. Your hands slid along his neck, tugging him closer until your foreheads were flush. Heat was spreading through you slowly, building his each passing second. The two of you were bare-faced, with disheveled hair, and dressed in clothes that weren’t particularly flattering. You didn’t feel necessarily sexy, but you felt beautiful. The kind of beautiful that comes with being human, with raw and unfiltered emotion for the person in front of you. The kind of beautiful that comes with the wind shaking the trees. It is something unexplainable, this awe for the world right in front of yours eyes, but it was unparalleled. Changkyun’s eyes were still searching your own, the both of you wanting to drown in the other.
“Im Changkyun, I love you.” You whispered, your throat tightening as the words escaped, and your tongue running over your chapped lips. Changkyun’s shirt was off soon after that and your own was shed fairly quickly. Your lips were all over one another, with Changkyun nibbling lightly at your collarbones and your chest. Soon enough, there was no more fabric separating you from him, bare skin kissing bare skin as your tongues danced. Firm hands and long fingers had prepped you well, his grip tightening around your thighs as own of your legs was adjusted over his shoulder.
“I love you.” He whispered, pressing his length into you and allowing you time to adjust with each inch. You nodded in return, the newfound pressure below being something you had never felt before. It didn’t hurt in the slightest, but the fact that Changkyun was inside you, was making you squirm. He thrusted languidly into you, sending an incomparable chill through your bones when your hips were flush together. Your back would bow with the building pressure, your neck thrown back as Changkyun moaned into the crook of it. Small sounds were eliciting, but nothing like the stuff you had seen in porn. It was gentle, the onsetting pleasure more similar to boiling water than anything else. Changkyun was sweating, the ends of his hair slightly damp from the intensity, making him glow. The sex the world had prepared you for was rough and painful and noisy, but you supposed that making love was quite different. There was the awkward stumbling of lips and gaps of silence that came with everyone’s first time, but Changkyun had obviously done a lot of work into making sure he could make the most enjoyable experience for you. Being young and in love was a blessing, you realized. Each thrust sent your mind reeling, the feeling reminding you of oceanic waves crashing against a rocky shore. Everything but Changkyun was nothing now, your eyes only seeing him, your ears only hearing him, your body only feeling him.
As his orgasm approached, his hips bucked a bit faster, his fingers fisting the fabric of the sheets below you in desperation for something to hold him together. He came first, your orgasm following soon after as he drew his own out. It was a rush of heat, causing your toes to curl and your thighs to tremble. It was like a flower blooming, your entirety opening up in front of Changkyun shamelessly and unapologetic. It was a tender moment for the two of you, your chests heaving, and your eyes never leaving each other. There was no second guessing.
He collapsed on top of you after he pulled out, arms wrapping around you protectively. Small kisses were littered over your face, causing laughter to bubble up from your stomach. Lips were now on the shell of your ear, tickling as Changkyun whispered to you, despite the lack of an audience.

“What was that movie about?”

kinky!taehyung headcanons

[because we all know he’s as kinky as it gets, come on / masterlist with the other versions (jimin ; jungkook ; yoongi ; namjoon under /tagged/masterlist]

- switch taehyung with a thing for all things soft and fluffy, materials that slip and slide over his skin and leave him tingling underneath you

- so, yes, inevitably - kitty ears, handmade to fit him in delicate shades of ash grey (yoongi’s hair colour, specifically, and it wasn’t weird that you’d used that for reference), the insides in white. they glow against his skin, offsetting the pink in his cheeks when you slide a hand under his chin and ask who’s a good little kitty?

- anal play, for him - your fingers, curling to find that really good place taeyhung didn’t stop talking about for a full day once he found it on his own in the shower

- watching him writhe and grind up against your palm, fingers clawing at whatever you’ve found to bend him over, fuck himself back with his mouth hanging open, practically panting with pleasure, wanton and lovely

- the same for you, accompanied by his that ever curious, ever present tongue, because to taehyung it isn’t simply a kinky treat - he overheard namjoon discussing its merits with yoongi and seokjin over soju and dinner on a night off (a horrified, fascinated and slightly aroused jeongguk hovered in the background, according to tae)

-he likes to spread your ass with both hands, flicking his tongue in little circles, pushing it in with no warning and his fingers digging into your thighs, keeping you exactly where he wants you

- butt plugs with long, luxurious tails attached that he says send goosebumps over his skin when they brush over his thighs; you’re certain that the sight of him, ass pushed up into the air, back arched, waiting for your move, is one of the hottest things you’ve ever had the pleasure of witnessing

- wet, wet fucking, because of massage oils that smell like aphrodisiac-laced candy, splashed over your chest, his cock, rubbed over five-hours-of-practice sore muscles, working it over his cock and that sweet place just under his balls that has him gasping out your name

- sloppy oral, taehyung near suffocating under the weight of your body on top of him sucking and gasping between licks, leaving bruises littered across the insides of your thighs

- him begging for you to slap him (harder, please, fucking slap me, I’m yours, I’m your bitch, baby, please)

- shaking in makeshift restraints (if you’d been in a rush just to see him strapped down), sometimes done up with meticulous care in soft ropes; the lead of his leather collar looped around the headboard or your hand

- squeezing his neck as tight as you can while you fuck his mouth open with two fingers, delighting in the sight of his eyes fluttering, chanting thank you, thank you, thank you

- exhibitionism (are you really surprised?): slipping his hand over your ass as you hunt for good street food, squeezing in appreciation no matter who’s looking - especially if someone is looking

- pulling you into crooked alleyways at the side of busy streets, with whispered supplications, dressed up demands: gonna fuck my face baby, let me taste you out here like a good little girl?

- always tempting you to go that little bit further

- further is never enough, of course - he wants you in the back of darkened cinemas, against a tree on secluded paths, underwear around your ankles and the sleeve of your jacket balled up against your mouth while he fucks you wide open

- in the shower at the dorms, something dark and dirty catching in his eyes when he slaps a hand down over your mouth, scissoring you with in leisurely twisting motions. The slant of his mouth, concentrated and serious as he slams into you with the desperation only a lonely night full of errant boners and no privacy can bring - it’s almost bored

- pleasure is taken in overwhelming amounts, from telling his hyungs that he’s fine, he’ll be out in just a minute, relying only on the rush of water to mask the lewd slap of his skin on yours, rocking his hips up hard, eyes on yours, then on the sight of his cock sliding in and out of you, water cascading over your thighs

- eating his cum when it leaks out of your hole, swallowing it down, a gentle hum of contentment and arousal as the tastes of you both mix on his tongue

- alternatively, he’s sometimes eager to keep you filled up with it and that’s when the plugs come out - silicone or glass, plain or finely crafted dusky-rose, small or large, you name it and taehyung has ordered it, picked it up as soon its arrived and ripped open the packaging, like the kinkiest kid at christmas

- countless dinners, brunches, impromptu nights in comfy, worn-down cafes with the boys spinning their storm of light-hearted chaos around you - so many of them spent trying to keep taehyung’s hands searching hands on his food and phone instead of tugging you towards the restroom so he can inspect the plug in your asshole

- and if you can’t count the amount of times that jimin has caught you both emerging from a unisex stall with your shirt askew and taehyung’s mouth oddly…pink, and glistening, when he was sure tae had said you were feeling a little sick; then so be it, that’s the hazards of fucking someone with as little self-awareness as tae

- he walks well in heels, and looks good in them too - even better in soft thigh highs and pastel heels, frilled suspended belt on his hips, hands splayed over his face as you work him throuth endless loops of dry orgasms because, as he never fails to remind you, he’s a greedy shit and the pain of it can keep him going for hours

he’s always loud, because sound is one of the little things that has him hardest the fastest - that, and the nerve-wrecking knowledge that you’re sucking the head of his cock, prettily and neatly, with the door open so he has to be quiet

- every slurp and slight pop, the damp tap of his dick’s tip on your tongue has him taut with the effort of keeping his groans and whines at a complete minimum (there’s only so much his phone, playing some drama neither of you care about, can hide)

- possessiveness manifesting in him practically attacking you on movie nights, pulling your mouth to his at every lull in the storyline - and it’s weird, you think, that the complaints are so half hearted when his hand dips between your legs, tugs so blatantly on your underwear with insistent fingers

- so, yes, your circle of your closest friends may or may not be full of voyeuristic perverts and this may or may not have been what lead up the first incident that was as close to a threesome as you’ve ever gotten

- specifically, jeongukk trying his hardest to keep both eyes on a battered manga - held upside down and with the pages half closed - and then on the television, blaring into the dimly lit room - when tae wrapped his fingers loosely round the base of your throat and murmured sweet, filthy nothings into your mouth

- sitting on the sofa in the dorm’s living room, no less, with the hyungs occupied somewhere you couldn’t care about when taehyung’s fingers found their way to your nipples
- “he’s gonna get off to this later,” taehyung had mumbled, “that’s so fucking hot, jesus, I should fuck you right here, let him see you take it”

- you didn’t, because it was unethical, gross, invasive - and everyone had come back early, so there’d only been enough time for jungkook to wall himself into the bathroom, wailing that he was “busy, really busy so just leave me alone and get a life while I just - do - stuff, please, oh my god.”

- It’s the next thing on taehyung’s list, though: entice jeongguk with the promise of wicked and depraved delights, fuck him into submission and servitude, and maybe, finally, show him who the actual hyung is

- (a nice dream, but it’s hard to take seriously when he’s on his knees, begging for orgasms, grinding against nothingness with a masterpiece made up of bruises on his ass.)