.his curls are so fluffy * *

Lead Role (Phan Smut)

Summary: Pastel!Dan get’s the role in the school’s production of Alice in Wonderland and Punk!Phil shows him just how proud he is.

Warnings: Smut, Daddy!Kink, no specified ages but Dan is younger and they’re in HS. 

A/N - Send in prompts guys! i enjoy smut on occasion but i definitely prefer to write fluff, idk why<3

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Cute sentences prompt: Cliché

“Would it be too cliché if we matched clothes a little?”

He wraps his arms around her waist, pressing her back against his hard chest.
“Hey beautiful,” he murmurs into her ear. He doesn’t care that they are in the middle of a fitting. If he feels like hugging his girl he’ll do so.
He can’t help himself.

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Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson photographed in 1863 // John Adams Elder’s portrait of Jackson (1876)

fell asleep

Fifth year.


How his face got from annoying and stupid to beautiful and attractive is a mystery to me. It’s like someone switched a metaphoric switch in my brain and it made me look at Snow in a whole different way. 

I am in bed, staring at the sealing. I’m too afraid to look to my side and watch Snow as he sleeps. I’m too afraid that I might think of kissing him instead of killing him. 


I know Baz is awake. For some reason I can feel it by the tension in the air. He’s awake and he’s brooding on something. 

He’s most definitely plotting. 

I’m curled up with my back to him as I hear shifting sheets and the crack of foil. It takes me only a few seconds to realize he’s grabbing his bag of crisps. 

“You really never bother to share some of that with me, don’t you?” It’s out of my mouth before I can even think about what I’m saying. 

I hear a gasp coming from Baz and I hear his bag of crisps land on the floor in between our beds. 

I turn around in my bed so I’m now facing him. I can barely just make out his silhouette in the dark but I can’t help but imagine him with shock on his face. For a moment I expect a snarky comment back from Baz but instead he speaks quietly, “I didn’t think you were still awake.”

“I assumed.”

I watch Baz’s silhouette picking up the crisps bag from the ground, most crisps still in the bag. Baz and I are quiet for a little. It felt weird to be like this; to acknowledge each other without there being any fighting. It felt strangely peaceful.

“You want some crisps?” Baz then asks and I think we’re both surprised by the question.

Though, even more surprised by my answer. “Yes.”


Snow is standing next to my bed before I’m ready for him to be there. I can hear the beat of my heart drumming in my ears. 

“Move over,” he whispers. I’m tempted to ask him why he’s whispering, but instead I just do as he says. I sit up and move over, Simon sitting down next to me. 

I stare at him. I don’t want to but I don’t seem to be the one in control anymore. So I stare. 

His curls are fluffy and messy and all over the place. I have to make fists of my hands to stop myself from brushing his hair out of his face.

Snow clears his throat and I snap back to reality, feeling a little panicky. Then I remember the bag op crisps (the damned crisps) and hold it out to him. “Here,” I say.

Snow grabs a big hand of crisps and starts stuffing himself. “Thank you,” he mumbles with his mouth full. Charming.

We adjust ourself on my bed, sitting with our backs against the wall and our sides aligned, shoulders and legs touching. 

“Is this weird?” Simon asks after a silence caused by us eating our crisps.  

“It’s not weird if you don’t make it weird, Snow.” 


But it was weird no matter what. Nice weird, but weird. 

The silence shifted from awkward to calming and I could feel my eyes starting to grow heavy. I could hear that Simon had stopped eating, I could feel he had stopped moving. And then I felt his body next to me slack, his head falling onto my shoulder. I freeze and hold my breath.

“Simon?” I dare to ask, but his answer is not spoken words, but a soft snoring sound.

He’s fallen asleep with his head resting on my shoulder.


As I wake that morning it takes me a moment to understand my surrounding and the unusual position I’m in. I want to lift my head but I realize something is leaning on it. 

Baz his head is leaning on mine. 

I had fallen asleep against Baz. 


“Uh. Baz?” I ask and the boy shoots up so quick it startles me. Baz gets of the bed and looks lost. I suddenly already miss the feeling of Baz next to me.

“Get out of my bed,” Baz snaps and I do as he says. Then he just grabs his clothes and disappears in the bathroom. 

When he comes out again he barely looks at me. Though, before he leaves our room he glances at me over his shoulder.

“Snow? Tonight didn’t happen. Okay? It didn’t,” he says and I expect to see anger on his face, but I see only pain. 

I almost call out for him as he leaves our room. I almost tell him it did happen, because it did and I liked this so much better than fighting. 

I almost run after him to make sure he wasn’t hurt. I want to make his pain go away.

I want to make it stop by kissing him. 

I’ve gone completely mad.

This must have been all part of his plan. The bastard.

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Could u do an ikon reaction to you having fluffy/curly hair thanq i luv ur blog so much😔💜

(Thank you so much sweetheart!! 💜 💜 )

Jinhwan: *hugs you and rests his head on yours* “It’s so fluffy ~”

Yunhyeong: “Do you think curls would look good on me too?

Bobby: *he would play with your curls every time you are on his lap or standing in front of him. He loves it so much!*

B.I: “Can I touch your hair, babe?

Y/N: “You just did…”

B.I: “I know but is so fluffy!!”

Donghyuk: “I don’t know how you complain about your hair sometimes. It’s beautiful.”

Junhoe: “Look at that luxurious hair of yours.”

Chanwoo: “So this is your natural hair? Waaaaaah I love it!”

(note: gifs are not mine)

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The hair >> everything.
But he’s honestly that hair is amazing.


Koda was hanging out under a nice shady tree in a park near his house. He was never a fan of crowded, public places but he loves getting outside and enjoying the nice fresh air. He was currently resting, sitting down at the base of the truck, sketching in his sketchbook and had his hood up to cover his ears from the curious eyes, however he couldn’t hide his fluffy tail so it was curled around him, flicking occasionally. When he finished his current sketch, he turned the page and looked around for something to draw. A girl caught his eyes and his ears perked up under the fabric as he started working, often looking up to glance at the girl.

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Daddy Loves You

Written in Y/n’s P.O.V

Rubbing my fists against my eyes, I fluttered my eyelashes open and stared at the white ceiling of Cam’s huge house. Our huge house. His strong arms weren’t wrapped around me like usually, and I missed the feeling of warmness and safety when I wake up with my back against his strong chest and his warm breath on my neck. But despite that, I smiled, because my man was holding someone else this morning. Someone much important than me or him.
Moving my head to the right side, I grinned at the sight of Cameron sleeping on his back, lips parted and eyelashes curled perfectly. His hair looked so messy and fluffy.
With his huge hands resting protectively yet carefully on the back of our baby girl, he slept peacefully with his chest moving up and down, along with the small body of the one month old baby. Her small, barely noticeable light brown curls were stuck against her small forehead, hands curled in tiny fists against Cam’s chest and her cheek puffy and chubby as she faced me. Jasmine’s pink lips were making a fish face as she slept just like her father; calmly. I loved the way her already long eyelashes rested against her rosy cheeks, and how perfect and kissable her skin looked. She was so small. Her diapers were securely wrapped around her little butt, and her delicate body was covered with cotton, baby pink bodysuit. She looked so adorable.
Motherhood was amazing, especially because of this. I loved waking up to my man holding our little daughter on his chest, sleeping and protecting her from everything. At first, I insisted on her sleeping in a crib, but she cried a lot and it hurt me to see how sad Cameron looked whenever he saw her crying. He would run immediately to her room and pick her up in his hands, hold her little body against his chest and let her head rest on his shoulder as he hushed her and patted her back. He would sing to her the most beautiful songs, the songs we loved to listen the most. And she would be calm in his strong arms. She would mumble faintly and chew on her chubby fist until she fell asleep again. Cam would kiss the top of her head and hold her for more than one hour.
I’d never be able to forget that perfect picture. He would stand in front of a window, sway her gently in his arms and sing the first song that popped up in his mind. I’d laugh when he’d start singing Drake songs in a gentle, slow voice. And our daughter would fall asleep. She would clutch his long, index finger in her fist and close her beautiful eyes as he held her and kissed her. He loved her so much. Sometimes, I’d wake up in the middle of night to find the bed empty. I’d search the house until I saw him in our daughter’s room, sitting in front of her crib and holding her small hand in his. He was so protective over her.
Sitting up in the bed, I looked down at my family sleeping and breathing together. Cameron started snoring, silently at first, but then it grew louder and louder until Jasmine woke up. She grunted quietly and squeezed her eyes shut, yawning softly and blinking her eyes open. Looking up at her father, she stared at his open mouth wide eyed, her tiny lips parted and hands pressed against his chest. I bit my lip to stifle my giggle as she climbed closer to his face until her face was right in front of his. She didn’t even notice me sitting there.
Grabbing my phone from the night drawer, I started recording them. Jasmine blinked at me before she leaned down and grunted when Cam’s breath hit her face. He snored louder. Jasmine whined and smacked her tiny palm against his cheek. He grew quiet and closed his mouth, still asleep. But I knew he’d start snoring again.
Just how I expected, Cam parted his lips wider and started snoring again. Jasmine’s eyes were so wide as she stared at her father, probably scared from the loud noises coming from him. She pressed her tiny finger against his chin and poked him, but of course, he didn’t feel anything. She was just a baby.
“Jasmine,” I whispered and she gaped at me, “Wake him up. Wake daddy up.”
She gasped quietly and turned her attention back to Cameron. Leaning over his mouth, Jasmine grabbed the tip of his nose and tugged hard. She squealed in amusement and slapped his cheek again. I started laughing so hard that the phone started to shake in my hands.
“Ugh,” Cam groaned, “What was that for?”
Jasmine pressed her forehead against his and supported her weak body with her palms on his cheeks. She was almost lying on his face.
His annoyed face turned into a happy one as he grinned up at his baby girl. He pressed his big palms against her back and held her so she wouldn’t fall. I couldn’t help myself but notice how his hands covered her whole little body.
“Good morning, darling,” Cameron smiled and blew kisses all over her chubby face. She closed her eyes and grunted in annoyance as he continued kissing her.
“Mhh!” she whined and slapped her palm against his mouth to stop him from kissing her anymore. I giggled and sat on my knees as I recorded them.
“Oh, don’t hit daddy…it hurts…” Cam pouted and started faking sobs and tears. As he sobbed, Jasmine sat back on his chest with her short legs hanging around his neck, her hands on his chin. She looked at him then at me, then back at her father. She was confused, that was for sure.
“Aww, Daddy’s crying, Jasmine!” I gasped and recorded her face. She stared at the camera then reached up to poke it with her tiny finger. I giggled and leaned back, out of her reach.
“Come on, Jazzy. Make daddy stop crying. Aww, look how sad he is.”
Jasmine pressed her palms against His eyelids and whined softly, pressing her cheek against his and sliding her hands across his temples because she still didn’t know how to give a kiss. Cam didn’t stop faking that he was crying.
Sitting back, she looked down at her daddy crying and soft sobs shook her body. She probably felt so helpless because she didn’t know what to do to stop her daddy from crying. So she cried along with him.
Whining loudly, Jasmine grimaced and her face flushed hard as the big tears rolled down her cheeks. She waved her arms up and down like a chicken, and I knew that it was from hysteria.
Cam stopped faking immediately and he looked up at her to see her small fists rubbing against her swollen eyes as she cried because she didn’t know how to comfort him.
“Oh baby, shhh…shhh baby, I love you, don’t cry… Daddy is okay now,” Cameron cooed and picked her up, sitting in the bed and leaning against the headboard. He pressed her body against his chest and hugged her gently, hiding her face in the crook of his neck as she sobbed loudly. Her small feet thrashed against his thigh as he held her. I stopped recording and left my phone on the nightstand when I saw how actually worried Cam was.
“I really thought it’d be fun…but this isn’t fun…” Cam sighed and frowned hard as his little daughter cried.
“It’s okay,” I hushed her and rubbed my hand against her back, causing her to stop with crying. She hiccupped a few times and moved her face away from Cameron’s neck, rubbing her fists against her wet eyes and looking up at Cam. He took her chubby hands in his and kissed each of her fingers. She watched in awe.
“I love you baby. Don’t cry. Daddy loves you,” he murmured in such a husky voice, pressing his lips against her forehead and calming her immediately.
Cameron looked at me with bright, sparkling eyes, smiling warmly and grabbing my hand in his.
“And good morning, love.”
Chuckling, I shook my head and curled up against him, one of his arms wrapped around Jasmine and another one around me.
“Good morning, babe,” I smiled and arched my neck up to kiss the man I love, causing Jasmine to giggle and jump in his lap.
“And no matter how much she loves you, your snoring scares the hell out of her.”
“Heeeey!” Cam pouted but kissed the top of my head, wrapping his arms tighter around the two girls he loved the most.