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could you post the isabela drawing that you did for the step by step tutorial?

here you go, anon! (i couldn’t resist painting over the eyes a bit)  

Here you go sweet anon! 

Jin: A 99 liner! So young…

Suga: Why do I like someone so young? I’m gonna sleep on this.

Jimin: Finally! I’m an oppa!

V: We’re only a few years apart. Doesn’t stop me~

J-Hope: You make me feel so old!

Rap Monster: It’s okay. You’re very smart for your age. Plus I’m not that much older than you

Jungkook: For once, I’m glad I’m the maknae~

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I've seen many people ask about assassinau jimin's well being if he lost tae but what if tae was the one who lost jimin? I mean jimin said he at least expects to be killed every day bc it's a dangerous job so I assume that the 95z have at least talked about the possibility of jimin not coming home one night. I know tae would be just as lost but idk j feel like there'd be a slight difference in coping. jm would be self destructive w/o anyone holding him back and tae would be...just lost idk

i feel like jimin would actively seek his own death to cope by just like doing a lot of reckless shit like just going crazy with the bloodlust and massacring people and not really caring about consequences of being caught or killed. like he’d most likely seek death by someone else killing him and if couldn’t do that, then he’d probably just knife himself or smth.

taehyung would sort of just…waste away. like he’d go through a period where they’d all try to cheer him up but he’s just kinda like ‘no…’ and he’ll spend his days sitting by jimin’s grave, not crying or anything but just kinda like dead inside. and maybe one day they’ll go into his room or smth to wake him up for breakfast (even though he hasn’t been eating much and only when seokjin forces him to) and he’ll have committed suicide through pills or smth. 

i think that’s why tae does what he does. like he could choose to keep his hands clean and just be kind of the housewife like when jimin comes home just hug him and stuff but he chooses to actively participate in jimin’s assassinations (albeit he isn’t the one holding the knife) to give jimin even an edge on death and being caught. taehyung works hard to get jimin information he doesn’t need honestly (like 99/100 times jimin could waltz in whenever he wanted and get an assassination over and done with) but if taehyung can get jimin the information for the best and safest opening then he’ll do it through any means necessary.  


i received some asks for a higher quality version of the maskedshipping art i uploaded a while ago, so here you go dear anon’s.

extra close ups (im pretty proud of their expressions).

even thoufh they are really crazy they really look cute to me… they look like they really enjoy their time together   ✧ ・゚ :* 〜( ̄▽ ̄〜)(〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜 *:・゚✧

link to the post about this shipping

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I was going through the klaine fanfiction tag, and I noticed that one of your Anons had recently asked about a certain fic. The one where Kurt and Santana give up a baby, and Blaine adopts her? It's called: I Hope You Dance, By: lovemesomecrazy. (You can find it on FF NET.) It's a lovely fic and I strongly recommend it to all. :) (disregard all the above, if someone has already answered this...)

Thank you!  Here ya go, anon!


There’s a sequel to it (but it’s a WIP and never completed) I DON’T WANT TO MISS A THING

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do you know the live stream for superman return ? I want to see the episode where there are baek and channie :'((

here you go anon ^^ i’m not sure if they work but i found some heh ~ i’m sorry i’m on mobile so here’s the full links!