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Meet Sarah Manning (2nd pic, resident badass) and Allison Hendrix (4th pic, Typical Suburban Soccer Mom). The other two, of course, are Alex Drake.

The bangs, sweater and the ponytail. The British accent, bar, troubled childhood, and even the same hairstyle (on the same side, no less). They’re very similar, don’t you think?

Well, Sarah and Allison are from a show called Orphan Black, an indie tv show about clones from Canada. Oh, and fun fact! Patrick, Troian’s husband! Has been on that show!! Hilarious, right!!

So I have a theory.

Obviously, most actors watch at least a little of the show they act on to get a feel for their role. So naturally, we can assume that Patrick watched Orphan Black before appearing on it, and Troian most likely did too.

So word gets around, and Marlene begins watching this (awesome!) show. And Marlene likes it. And Marlene has an idea. And we all know what happens when she gets those…

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Iwaoi and 113?

Thank you!

113: “Where did all these puppies come from?” (5/5)

It had been a long day at work, and Iwaizumi was practically dead on his feet. He almost dozed off twice on the train home. Unfortunately for him, the busy season is just starting, so late nights like these will become a regular part of his routine. It never ceases to annoy Oikawa, but he never complains when the paychecks start coming in.

Iwaizumi glances as his watch as he climbs the stairs to their third floor apartment. Half passed eleven. He was looking forward to shedding his confining suit and collapsing into bed, preferably with warm body for him to spoon.

He’s fishing for his keys in his backpack when he hears the most curious noise on the other side of the door. It almost sounded like… a bark? Of course it couldn’t have been, he must be more tired than he thought. After a moments pause, he unlocks the door and pulls it open.

After over ten years with Oikawa, he shouldn’t be surprised by anything anymore. But the seven wiggling Labrador puppies that come barreling across the apartment to throw themselves at Iwaizumi’s legs definitely come as a shock. Oikawa had been sitting on the floor with the puppies, and when they all leave him, he jumps to his feet. Iwaizumi slowly looks up to meet Oikawa’s wide, panicking eyes.

“I can explain!” Oikawa blurts, hands raised as if to protect himself from an attack. It’s not an entirely unnecessary gesture, with the thoughts running through Iwaizumi’s head.

“Where did all these puppies come from?” Iwaizumi asks. The puppies are still fumbling around his legs, desperate for his attention. When they don’t get it, they all go galloping back to Oikawa, who is still staring at Iwaizumi like a deer in headlights. Iwaizumi only notices then the fully grown Lab behind him, head on her paws, watching the puppies scurry around.

“Listen,” Oikawa starts, taking a step forward, careful not to step on any wriggling bodies.

“I’m listening.”

“Just listen….”

Iwaizumi raises an eyebrow at his floundering partner.

“Koushi-kun’s dog had her babies,” Oikawa starts.

“Yes, I know. That was four weeks ago.”

“Yeah, but Koushi-kun and Dai-chan had to go out of town. It was really last minute. Dai-chan’s mother is sick. They asked if I could look after the dogs.”

“And you said yes,” Iwaizumi says. It’s not a question of whether he said yes or no, but rather ‘why’.

“I couldn’t say no!” Oikawa whines, dropping back down on the floor with the puppies. They all go crazy, jumping up onto his face and chest. Iwaizumi can no longer meet Oikawa’s eyes and the intensity of his stare is cut in half. “You know how much time I’ve been spending with Koushi-kun and the puppies since they were born. I couldn’t turn them away.”

“We live in an apartment,” Iwaizumi starts to argue. It’s a weak argument though. He knows he’s already lost.

“I know I know! They’ll just be here at night so we can keep an eye on them. During the day they’ll stay at Koushi-kun’s house.”

Iwaizumi sighs, rubbing at his eyes. “It’s too late for this. I’m going to bed and I’d really like for you to join me.”

Oikawa’s head lifts up out of the pile of puppies, his panicked expression immediately transforming into excitement. He works his way out of the pile, hurrying after Iwaizumi on his way to the bedroom. The puppies bound eagerly after him.

“The dogs stay out of the bedroom.”

“Aw, Iwa-chaaan!”

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You must stay focused. Remember who you are Tenzin. You are the son of Avatar Aang. You are the hope for future generations of airbenders. The fate of the world rests on your shoulders. But what if I fail? [Looks around.] Then your father’s hopes of the future dies with you. I can’t fail. You will. [Covering his ears, while sagging to the ground, arguing with himself.] Ah, stop it! I am the son of Avatar Aang. I am the hope for future generations of airbenders. I am the son of Avatar Aang!
—  Tenzin, “Darkness Falls”

ira faust md (he wishes)

thirty-five / royale meadows

happily married and happily working (sort of) at the hospital, saving lives and generally giving a shit. his wife makes way more money than he does and no, that’s not an issue, thanks for asking. he’s jewish, grew up in a ridiculous family that he loves to bits and thinks, more often than not, that ghosts are following him around. bad at confrontation good at hugs, semi-proficient at mixed martial arts, pretty poor at painting, absolutely horrible at singing. lives in a three-bedroom house in royale meadows with his wife and their five month old daughter, lillie. caring’s a disease and ira is real sick.

needs: his wife, of course, who i’ll be requesting soon (but ideally priyanka chopra if anyone fancies!!!!!!!!! for high-powered, high-achieving surgeon omg), doctors, nurses and surgeons that work at the hospital, other dads pls!!!!!!!!!, faust fam babes, generally just buds, he needs lots of buds.


ive already had 2.5 cups of coffee today and it’s not even 10:30…

work is kicking my ass and i’m kind of unhappy with my (unedited, not-yet-posted) legacy screenshots, but i’ll try and get a few up by friday :)

hang in there x

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hi! were you previously hermionegoals?? i just saw your master post about conquering the school year, but none of the links work bc of the username change :( would there be any other way for me to access the links? thank you so much ! :) (sorry if i was a bother!)

hi!! yep that was me :-) to make the links work all you have to do is open the masterpost in a different tab (here, just click on this!) and then all the links should redirect to my new blog! lmk if it still doesn’t work :))

hello !! this is my newest child sean, hes a trainee and dancer with radioactive entertainment and somehow my first radioactive kid ?? anyway, under the cut is more about him, he’s typically just a pretty easygoing and supportive bro when he interacts with people (and then is now just super nervous and doubts himself when hes alone)

i’d love to plot for him (or any of the charas that i’ll be posting intros for soon) so feel free to like this and i’ll shoot you a message !!

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