.head canon

But imagine what if diana lives some years, maybe hundreds or thousands years after present protecting the world, and then in a future year, she somehow meets this man, who looks like her first ever man, her first ever love, the one and only captain steve trevor,

and that man is captain james kirk.

Picture this

Miraculous Holders gain the ability to talk to their patron animal. Ladybugs don’t have a whole lot to say, so Marinette doesn’t really use it, but cats… Adrien spends SO MUCH TIME talking to cats, and they give him advice (not always good advice) and stuff. And then one day a teeny little calico comes to Chat Noir, shaky and hungry but says she has a human kitten at home who is scared and hurting and he needs a hero. Picture Chat Noir with a veritable army of feline spies around Paris, reporting things back to him and coming to him for help. “Chat Noir, help me find a safe place for my kittens.” “Chat Noir, my human’s mate strikes her.” “Chat Noir, my human is old and sad and alone, how can I help him?” And as Adrien or Chat Noir, he does what he can, because being a hero is about more than the big things. Picture this.

Head canon that Blue Diamond changed her appearance because of stress

Since the Wanted arc aired, I’ve been thinking about Blue Diamond a lot lately and after seeing this video, it made me want to draw her.

In this video, it brings up a very great point about Blue Diamond’s appearance change from her mural depiction in the moon base to what we’ve seen so far.

In the mural, she wears what looks like a long flowing dress that exposes her gem and arms. Her hair color is depicted as darker than that of her skin. So we all expected her to look somewhat similar to that. BUT she ended up like this.

Why is that? Because she’s been mourning the loss of Pink, of course. So because of this, I wanted to draw what she could have looked like before Pink’s shattering.

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love Blue’s design so much! I love the way she contrasts Yellow’s jagged and sharp design, but I don’t think Blue has always had the white flowing hair and mourning attire she has now.

Any Thoughts?

Headcanon that Coran, bless that man, had a husband back on Altea and one day while he finds Lance and is comforting him about missing earth and his family he off handedly mentions missing altea and his family, especially his husband and Lance is all “wait wait pull back there your husband?” And Corans super confused like “Yes my husband? I miss him??” And Lance has to stutteringly explain homophobia (all while stopping to clarify he had no problem with it but he knew it was around and saw it happen) and Coran just kind of nods at the end saying that Altea had a few people like that but he was lucky to not have come into contact with many of them. They’re quiet for a while before Lance pipes up all shy and quiet “what was he like?” And Coran thinks he’s being polite by asking until Lance keeps asking? How they met, what their wedding was like, how they spent their free time asking seemingly anything he could possibly think of with genuine curiosity? So it becomes a thing they do. Talking about Corans dead husband and Lance comes to know so much about this person he will never meet and Coran realizes how nice it is to talk to someone who knows just what/who he misses so much because sure Allura knows and would gladly talk with him but she’s also lost so much? He doesn’t want to pile his losses on her as well he wants to help her but Lance is genuine and he wants to know and it brings him genuine joy and comfort? A few months into this Lance confesses that despite his love of girls and women he also likes men? And things start to Click for Coran? He sees the looks, the awkward half flirting, teasing attempts and once he sees that he sees the reciprocation from Keith, realizes how Keith has been awkwardly attempting this for so long? But Lance is young and shy despite himself and might not do so well if Coran tries to help and ends up rushing him? But he resolves himself to try and help out where he can. Subtly. (He is not subtle- everyone but Lance and Keith see it.) things are progressing between those two but also between Lance and Coran? Who are closer than ever and Coran holds him so dear and basically considers him to be his son.
And up to this point the rest of team voltron just knows Lance and Coran are really close like family close and are happy for them and one day they’re sitting for dinner and Lance helped this time much to Hunk bewilderment (and curiosity and excitement) and as they’re starting to eat this more or less normal dish when Coran just like full stops and is looking at his spoon in wonder and then kinda wells up with tears? And everyone starts to panic, and Coran is just softly whispering “you cut it into little (altean house pet shape? Think like like cats but alien?)” and Lance just kinda smiles “Just how Hewbert(Husbands name) used to right?” And Coran is happy crying and Allura is happy that Coran has someone to remember his husband with him even if Lance never met him.

I’ve seen that the head canon is that Trini is in detention because of what she did to Kim’s locker. Can we just imagine how that would play out for a second.
Obviously nobody saw Trini do it cause they were alone in the hallway when it happened. Imagine Kim getting called in to the office and being told that she will get more detention for destruction of school property cause it’s her locker so they assumed she did it. And Kim is just like yeah sure whatever.
And then in the pit she casually mentions that she has a few more weeks in detention. And Trini is just like “uh uh no way”
So the next school day she marches into the office and is just like “Kim didn’t rip the door off her locker I did” and they are like “ but you’re so smol” and so she does something ridiculous like break a chair or something and they’re kinda scared but like “yeah okay you have detention.” And she just smiles and walks out.

Yousef walks into the nursery every day and gets tackle hugged by kids bc he is their absolute favourite and 

one day he brings Sana to the nursery bc “it’s impossible not to like these kids, honestly” and Sana is like “I do like kids!!” and Yousef is like “don’t worry, you will” and he smirks and

they walk through the nursery doors and the kids run up to Yousef and hug his legs and one kid grabs his hand and pulls him over to the colouring table and Yousef grins at Sana and signals to her to come over and

they sit on tiny plastic chairs and Yousef gets everyone at the colouring table to be quiet and goes “we have a very special guest today, this is my friend Sana” and the kids look up to her like she’s the sun and 

Yousef says “Sana has a special talent, would you like to see??” and the kids all shout YES! and they go outside and Yousef passes Sana a small squishy ball and points at the tiny kid-sized basketball hoop and grins and all the kids watch expectantly and she instantly shoots a basket from further away than the kids could imagine is possible and they all cheer and tackle hug Sana and 

after the kids have worn themselves out outside they come back in and all sit down on the cushions in the reading corner and Yousef is about to start reading but one of the kids requests that Sana reads and grabs her hand and pulls her over to where Yousef is sitting and Yousef pretends to be offended but sits down on the floor in front of her with the rest of the kids and one of the children instantly clambers onto his lap and 

Sana reads and all the children are deadly quiet, hanging onto her every word like they’ve never heard anyone read so beautifully and 

Sana sees the kid sitting on Yousef’s lap whisper something into his ear and she watches as he blushes and smiles and whispers back “maybe one day” 

and the kid replies with “I hope so” 

and Yousef answers “me too” 

Okay so to be completely honest, I feel like at the end of Civil War Sam will get to Wakanda at some point (after stopping to tell his ma he’s okay or somethink idk) and be like “Where’s Bucky?”

And Steve will haltingly explain with his manpain face of American woe that Bucky has gone back into cryo for everybody’s safety and Sam will just be like “Oh hell no.”

Then he’ll march himself up to the cryo chamber where there’s a very obvious pile of blankets where Steve has been sleeping and crying probably, with Steve and T’Challa following after and Steve will be asking T’Challa to seal the doors or stop him or something, and T’Challa will just lean against the wall with arms folded and say very dryly “The bird man is too powerful, I cannot stop him.”

So of course there’s a big green button that just says ‘DEFROST’ and Sam hits it while Steve makes sad noises about his promise to Bucky but doesn’t actually make any move to stop Sam, and there’s a big venting of vapour and then the glass cover slides away and Bucky wakes up all groggy and shit to Sam’s mad as hell face and starts to try and say something, and Sam just smacks him over the head.

“Wanda is here now. Wanda will fuck you up if you go all White Boy Soldier again. You are safe as fucking houses here with the goddamn KING of Wakanda protecting you, and you are making Steve sad.”

And that’s how Bucky gets out of cryo and how Wanda and Vision (he’s doing purple-man-pining, which looks a lot like Steve but purple, so Tony sends him to find Wanda) figure out how to break down Bucky’s programming.

And any time Sam does something that Bucky doesn’t like, Sam just mutters, “At least I didn’t get myself damn well frozen and make Steve sad.” 

Fred Weasley dating a shy girl would include…

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- The first steps would’ve been quite difficult

- He would try to get your attention by openly flirting with you, such as winking at you or just loudly telling you how cute you were

- You however would feel quite uncomfortable with this kind of attention, getting more and more distant towards him

- After talking to some of your friends, not really realizing what the problem was, he would suddenly see what made you so uncomfortable

- Knowing how you felt now, he would do his best to let you know how much you mean to him with more subtle matters

- He’d take you to library dates, knowing how much you enjoyed to read and guessing that you’d most certainly also like the quiet atmosphere 

- On rainy days, he’d suggest a walk on the lake. Barely anyone would be outside in the rain, giving you two some space from the crowded common rooms

- Him leaving you tiny notes instead of openly telling you how gorgeous you look, figuring you’d appreciate it a bit more subtle 

- You thanking him as you realized how much he got out of his usual behavior to make you more comfortable

- Which kind of made you want to show him that you were thankful to have him

- You’d gather all your strengh and after some weeks of dating, you would walk up to him after a Quidditch game and kiss his cheek

- He’d look at you stunned by your sudden display of affection, having to take a moment to process what was going on at first

- When he catched on however, he couldn’t hold back a grin before pulling you into a short, yet incredibly loving kiss

okay but imagine: 

  • Even and The Balloon Squad become reunited as Best Buddies™
  • Mikael is like “so is it right you have a boyfriend now?” and Even’s like yeah you guys would like him and he smiles so fondly and 
  • one day Even brings Isak along with him to meet up with the guys and Isak is nervous af because oh shit Even and Mikael have been friends for a while and he really really hopes they all like him and 
  • at first the guys are a little confused as to why Even has brought this nervous kid along with him to their meet up but they say hi and introduce themselves politely and Isak replies by telling them his name and
  • Even sees how nervous Isak is so pulls him into his side and kisses his forehead and the guys look at him like wait…
  • and Even looks back and goes “oh yeah, he’s my boyfriend”
  • the squad’s eyes fucking LIGHT UP because oh my god they were not expecting Even’s boyf to be so fucking smol and fluffy haired and soft but they try not to freak out and Isak just gives them a little nod and a nervous smile
  • The boys kind of stand there grinning for a second before Elias rolls his eyes at them because they look so silly and awestruck and he just goes ahead and bear hugs Isak
  • and when Elias finds out he’s friends with Sana he’s like “just remember I’m the cool sibling” and Isak nods and laughs a little but finds it p hard to believe considering Sana is like the coolest person he knows and 
  • When Isak finally breaks off from the squad they group hug Even and are like damn that kid was adorable nice one Even and Even is just sosososo happy but he knew they’d love Isak anyway but then
  • the squad gets a little too fond of Isak and begin to refer to him as “baby Issy” and the first time they do it in front of Isak he blushes so hard and gives Even a look like why is this happening to me and Isak protests like “I’m only two years younger than you!!” and Even’s like “I know baby” and Isak huffs but he is so glad the Bakka squad are super cool people who care about Even a lot

Continued from the possible game ending where Josh gets possessed 

while considering these points below:
- There are no clean cut rules to the lore of Wendigo other than the fact that it is often believed to be some sort of curse or spirit possession.
- I found some vague writings on both successful and failed exorcism of Wendio.   

So I think there is a great room for survival scenarios like this while
keeping it relevant to the official cannon.

I imagine that Josh’s parents would do everything in their power to salvage the last child they have left. They probably won’t tell Josh the whole truth
but I think he is smart enough to put things together and have a vague
idea about Wendigos and his cannibalism.

As for whether Josh is completely free of Wendigo or not and occurrence of occasional violent fits is yet to be imagined.

If any of you creative peeps have interesting ideas, please jot them down in the re-blog comment section :) I’d love to read them!  
**message is cool too! I tend to miss out on the tagged comments ‘~’

so yes.. this is my head-cannon and the longer comic post I promised.. 
Because he deserves better.

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