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Alex refuses to take Kara to any human bars because every time they go out Kara will go to the bathroom and never come back, and when Alex goes to investigate she’ll find Kara sitting on the counter surrounded by drunk girls and they’re all just complimenting and validating the shit out of each other and basically every drunk girl that Kara meets immediately clings to her like velcro and its just one big validation fest and honestly it becomes a fire hazard with all those girls in there

When it comes to sportswear, Laurent is a little tease. He wears shorts just that little bit too high up his thigh and tight t-shirts. At least when he’s in a good and devious mood. When he’s feeling a little shitty he prefers his sweatpants and a slightly looser shirt. Damen likes him both ways of course: the hot tease and the moody and cuddly Laurent. He always wears his hair up, but strands always end up falling into his face, curling slightly from his sweaty temples. He refuses to wear a head band though; Damen looks silly enough in them and Laurent will certainly not be embarrassing himself like that.

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Hello! Could I please have a headcannon with everyone (RFA+V+Saeran) finds out MC has eczema that makes big patches of red irritated skin that's bumpy and scars with spots everywhere? Eczema is generally caused by dry skin, irritating/uncomfortable clothing, and the weather. Lots of people with eczema had little pain unless they break the skin while scratching (Sorry I felt like explaining it might help)

A couple of my friends actually have eczema, but still, thank you for explaining! I did a skin condition headcanon here but since this is a bit different, I’ll still write this.

-He noticed sometimes you would rub on the red marks and then hiss in pain.
-That’s when he began getting concerned.
-He asks you about it and you tell him you have eczema, and he feels really bad for you.
-You assure him it’s usually painless, just at the moment your skin is really irritated so it stings.
-He’s actually heard of the condition before, but never known anybody with it, so he doesn’t know what it’s like.
-Whatever it’s like, he wants to help you out.
-He’ll research some remedies and ask around people he knows for any advice they may have.
-He just wants to be useful and help ease any discomfort :)

-He hates that it can be so uncomfortable for you.
-He knows what eczema is and has worked with some people with it. The only thing he really knows it that it can be irritating.
-The boy knows self-care and self-grooming like a professional.
-So, he’ll help find special skin care treatments to help you out.
-Lotions, ointment, foams, anything that he’s heard will help get rid of the red spots.
-He also doesn’t smoke around you because he’s been told that kind of thing can cause flare ups.
-He’s working on quitting anyway, and this is just another one of the many reasons he’d like to quit.
-Just for you~

-She’s known a few people with eczema, so she knows that it’s relatively painless.
-That doesn’t keep her from doting over you though.
-She’ll buy you lotions or ointments to help with your irritated areas.
-She wants to keep it from hurting as much as possible.
-Jaehee actually keeps lotion with her in her purse, both for herself and now also for you.
-Very considerate about the whole thing too. She’ll ask what kinds of things you’ve noticed can cause your eczema to flare up and makes mental notes to make sure to keep you away from those things as much as possible.
-She’ll keep any dietary triggers in mind while running the cafe with you and all.

-He assumed you had eczema because he saw it on your arms when he first met you.
-It wasn’t that he was upset by it, but he just saw it when you shook his hand.
-He’s concerned that it is uncomfortable for you and wants to make you feel better, so he’ll ask you if you’re arm is okay.
-You reply with “Oh, yeah, it’s just eczema.”
-He says “Yes, I thought so. But is it bothering you? I could have someone bring something to help you if it’s bothering you.”
-He’ll get you really effective and helpful lotions if you’d like him to.
-You won’t have to worry about dietary triggers because Jumin takes care of all of that.
-He’ll also make sure to keep the penthouse at the appropriate temperature and reduce any exposure to irritants like smoke and pollen that could cause flare ups.

-Since he’s such a self-proclaimed super genius, he knows what eczema is.
-When he sees the red on your skin, he knows what it is.
-He doesn’t really say anything about it because he doesn’t want to upset you. Plus it’s not like it bothered him. He just wanted to know if it hurt you, because if it was hurting you, he wanted to help.
-It’s mostly painless, and he knows that, but still.
-If you bring it up in conversation or complain about it, he’ll ask if you would like his help.
-When he met you and found out you had eczema, he researched different products and remedies that could help you.
-He’s prepared. He’s got so many bookmarked tabs on his computer just for you.
-You have significantly less flare ups because of him.

-He can’t see much,
-that’s how most of his hc start out I’m so sorry
-but he can feel bumps on your skin. Also, sometimes you wince when he brushes over them.
-Obviously, something is wrong.
-He’ll ask you about it, hoping that it isn’t a sensitive topic because he doesn’t want to offend you.
-You tell him it’s eczema and it makes total sense to him now.
-Since he lives to help others, he’ll buy or make you some things that could help like medicines.
-He tries his best to keep environmental triggers like temperature moderated so that you don’t have flare ups, but there’s only so much he can do.
-He kisses the red spots to make them better ^-^

-He’s noticed it but of course didn’t know what it was because his whole life has been so sheltered.
-He was hoping it wasn’t some sort of terminal disease or it wasn’t painful.
-You explain what eczema is and promise him that it is typically painless and not life threatening.
-Sometimes it bothers you and he can tell.
-He’ll ask him brother for help because he has only just learned what this condition is, he of course has no idea how to handle it.
-He follows his brother’s advice and buys you lotions and other medicine to help you out.
-Since sometimes food can be triggers, he’ll keep you away from those things.
-Really, he’s just glad it’s not as bad as he first thought it was.


“Along with ice skating, Edith also liked to spend her free time roller blading. Whilst the grounds at Allerdale were too uneven, the long hallways worked perfectly”

Imagine Source: @walzerjahrhundert


Dragon Age Origins is the first RPG video game I played. So, like an idiot, during character creation I was like “Oh! Let’s just make myself” but then it became really akward because of the romance and I can’t just change the name because in my head, this is my canon. I tried and it didn’t felt right. Never making that mistake again.            

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Do you have any tythan head canons cause I need life rn


-Tyler being super awkward when he and Ethan first met, before Ethan just starts talking about some random shit and Tyler warms up to him really fast

-Ethan being really scared of big man Tyler, before he sees Tyler playing with Chica and his heart just melts

-Amy being tired of their constant pinning and just walking up to Kathryn and going “if these idiots don’t kiss by the end of the night-”

-Mark being completely oblivious when they start dating, and one day Tyler just makes out with Ethan in front of Mark and he goes “woah wait, friend kissing is a thing??” Before Tyler just gives up hope

-Nights where Ethan is up super late editing, Tyler will just come and sit in the room with him, not talking just keeping company

-Date nights that end up as movie marathons bc both boys are too tired to go out and just cuddle on the couch the whole night

-Tyler loving Ethan’s hair so much, and just running his hands through it constantly 

-Ethan is an actual angel and Tyler can’t fucking stand it, HOW IS THAT MAN SO BEAUTIFUL

-Both boys confiding in Amy, bc supportive mom

-Ethan sometimes stresses himself too the point of breakdowns, and Tyler has to be there to remind him that its okay, he’s here

-Just holding hands and shit bc its so fucking cute i cANT

-Nicknames. All of the cheesy ones

(there u go, im so in love)

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Domestic bees head canons? If want more specific, moving in, who asks who? Who is nervous and who comforts? What is their first day together like? In general tho domestic bees are awesome

They move in together after graduation. Actually both of them thought about it, both hestitant to adress the topic. After all it makes sense, doesn’t it? Sharing an appartment, the rent, the chores. But Yang isn’t sure if Blake would really want to move in with her and Blake isn’t sure if Yang would even want to live anywhere for a while, if she wouldn’t rather travel the world, staying somewhere else every night. 

But Yang wants to have a home. With Blake. So one night, cuddling in their dorm room, she asks Blake if she thought about where to live and where to go after graduation, because you can’t always be on a mission. She says well, it would be pratical if they just had to look for one appartment, not two. And Blake says yes. 

They have a small appartment and they’re both eager to make this not only a place to live in but a home. The plants that remind Blake of Menagerie, Ruby’s red bedspread from back home which she gave to Yang as a house warming present, big bookshelves and a bright yellow sofa, a tea set they got from Blake’s mum and the scratched old desk on which Summer used to work on her weapon. 

Blake’s most nervous about this not working out. She doesn’t want to lose this home she’s trying to build with Yang, she doesn’t want to lose Yang. When moving in she stresses herself out so damn much to make every tiny detail perfect, to get it all done right away, and when it’s way past midnight and Yang asks her to finally come to bed and unpack tomorrow she almost cries, because how is this supposed to feel like home when everything’s such a mess? 

But Yang tells her that her home is wherever Blake is. They go to bed, their first night in their own shared bed, they cuddle, they kiss and they talk about everything they want to do in their new home. Having their friends over of course, but also cuddling on the sofa while not doing anything, having breakfast together in the morning and coming home together after a night out with friends. Walking around naked without having to be afraid of someone seeing them, well, that’s what Yang says, and Blake just laughs. 

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Matsun and Makki cuddle head canons with their s/o. Just for you fam~

thank you my dude, it is well appreciated <3


• lOOOVES playing with your hair when cuddling and occasionally nuzzle your hair bc shampoo smell good

• get ready to get sPOILED- he lives to make u feel comfy and safe whatever u want he will give you. 

• also really loves resting his head against your chest and just listen as your heart beats. so calming 


• "One, two, three, four, I declare a thumb war" silly silly loves playing with your hands

• to achieve the ultimate comf- he will let you wear one of his shirts. boyfriend material literally

• tells u bad puns while cuddling and if u try to get away he tickles you while still continuing saying bad puns

Fanfic: Late Night Scare, Timeless | FanFiction

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Throne of Blood & Iron headcanon please or anything fae headcanon ;)

I hope you don’t mind, but I went with a different fae head canon. I’m not entirely sure where my head canon for Throne of Bone and Iron would go.

1) Caroline Forbes is a sickly toddler, with wheezing lungs and a bad heart. When Bill comes home from one of his business trips with a promise for a new treatment, Liz is too exhausted to question it. She will agree to almost anything if it means her daughter will live. When Bill brings back a happy, bouncing baby with rose in her cheeks, Liz cries. Years later, she remember those months like a hazy dream.

2) Caroline hates Stefan. She hates that he twists Elena’s head so easily, that Bonnie starts to ignore her. These are her friends, not his. Anger pushes her to be petty, and when she introduces herself to Stefan’s brother, she does so with the intent to harm. She digs his grave with steady hands and cold eyes, neck still seeping blood where Damon had bitten her. She doesn’t cover the marks the next day, plays dumb when Stefan tries to question her. She has learned this: vampire exist and they are weak.

3) Caroline meets Klaus the night he breaks his curse. Her father’s words, the truth of her origins, are too loud in her ears so she heads to her favorite spot in the woods to think. Pacing above the rotting bones of the brother Stefan still hunted for, she finds herself face to face with a giant wolf. He doesn’t sit like iron in her gut, but like fire, and so she doesn’t move as he circles her. Reckless perhaps, and possible stupid, she brushes her hand along his spine as he stalks her and tells him he’s beautiful.

4) Klaus in human form is beautiful, and everything inside her covets him. She also hates him, because he took something that belonged to her without permission and killed it. It didn’t matter that it had come back. Klaus laughs, calls her changeling, and leaves her presents. She leaves him pieces of his hybrids, disemboweled wolves on his front porch. He kisses her in the moonlight and smiles with bloody teeth when she bites through his lip.

5) The night of her eighteenth birthday, the hunt comes for her. Racing through the forest she knows so intimately, she tries to outrun the hounds sent to drag her back home. Her father’s bargain had ran out. Just as teeth snapped at her heels, a wolf barreled into the fray, large and terrible. When dawn starts to streak across the horizon she is sweat damp and filthy, blood and ash streaking across her skin and clothes. When Klaus is naked and human again, she watches the dawn catch in his eyes and returns his smile with teeth.

send me an au and i’ll give you 5+ headcanons about it

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do you have any head canons/prompts for being Allison Argent's adoptive/bio sister?? THANK YOU!!x

Headcanons for being Allison’s twin sister

  • She’s really protective over you but she knows you can protect yourself so only steps in if you want her to.
  • Spending evenings on her bed gossiping and talking about life in general
  • She tells you about her and Scott and you keep quiet when your dad bans them from being together. You just want to see her happy.
  • Fighting and falling out because she ate your food or you ate hers.

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I don't know if you could correct me but I think I have heard that Innistradi werewolves exist becouse an spirit of the forest(as an entity) "posses" full time, mostly fuse with, an human. And at night when it's stronger it makes the transformation.

Outside of what @flavoracle posted, any head canon is fine. We just don’t know. Even my theory about the Kessig Expansion is just that: a theory. Personally, I think they awoke something in the wilds that has been cursing people, or partially possessing them. Without more information it’s really hard to say. The fact that even Avacyn could do more about it tells me it’s probably something ancient and powerful.

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Yeah because tanned white people isn't a thing? How many pale cowboys are there in New Mexico? Having visited the place I'd say relatively few. By all means have your head canon if it makes you happy, but don't accuse people who don't share it of "racism".

boi!! mccree is heavily mexican coded!! not just his skin color, but his fashion (the serape?? mexican) and his entire theme of being a cowboy (most real cowboys were mexican, native american, and/or black!). like, the whole cowboy thing was started by mexicans–we get the word “buckaroo” from vaquero because white americans couldnt (wouldnt?) pronounce spanish properly. he’s also FROM new mexico, which, guess what, once was actually mexico! america took the territory from mexico during the mexican american war. today nm has the highest percentage population of hispanic people out of all the other states. “ The U.S. Census Bureau estimated that 48% of the total 2015 population was Hispanic or Latino of any race, the highest of any state.” literally quoted there, for you. 

i could just as easily for navajo mccree, or mixed mccree! new mexico has the highest population of native americans in the continental US at just under 10%, and 4% of the population of nm speaks navajo. mccree has more hispanic coding than navajo, but why couldn’t he be mixed? it’s the fuckin’ future. he could be navajo and mexican. 

i called that person racist for saying /mccree is white/ when he is HEAVILY coded to be NOT WHITE and doesnt even LOOK like a white guy outside of his legendary skins (but we all know how blizzard is with the whitewashing so)

sure, tanned white people exist. mccree’s not one of ‘em, though. at the VERY LEAST, he’s coded to be hispanic. and why would it be a big deal if he IS not white? if he is mexican or navajo or both? that’s more representation! why would that be bad, ever????

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Idk if you've done this before but head canons about the first time James and Maggie like the same girl when they're in highschool or random headcanons about when they're in college

- her name is sophia, she’s a year older than the both of them, she runs the high school’s main community service club, and she’s one of the most gentle people either of them have ever met, it’s no wonder why she has the both of them pining.
- she’s very sweet. one of the few somewhat popular girls at their school that doesn’t take pleasure in presenting herself as visibly uncomfortable by maggie’s presence, even going so far as staying with her when the rest of the girls’ in the locker room demand she change separately before gym class, regardless of the rumors it causes. it’s what esteemed her to them both. james admired the courage something like that took, and always has a soft spot for those that take the time to care for his dearest friend in the world. maggie was simply unused to being treated like someone that deserved to be stuck up for by a stranger, it would have been near impossible not to fall for a girl like that.
- it doesn’t take very long for them to realize that they’re crushing on the same girl. that they seemed to be hanging out as a trio more than they did just the two of them, without complaint from either at the sudden lack of one on one quality time was enough for them to realize that something was going on.
- it’s awkward, and they try not to talk about it until it’s nearly impossible for them to withhold their surprisingly strong feelings for this girl from their best friend. it’s… a little strange when they begin gushing over the same girl, together. but the feelings of jealousy don’t really ever sink in because they care too much for each other to let something like that happen.
- eventually maggie starts to recognize something different about the way sophia begins to respond to james, as if at some point during the time they’ve spent together her feelings towards him shifted. it’d be a lie to say maggie wasn’t a little heartbroken by it. but she also couldn’t say she was surprised. and, realistically, she knew she wasn’t necessarily ready to risk the daily public ridicule of being in an open relationship should the girl have actually liked her back anyways.
- james, however, remains hesitant to make a move despite sophia’s apparently mutual feelings for him out of respect for maggie’s feelings. the last thing he wanted to do was hurt maggie by pursuing his own happiness. it takes multual assurances and moments of encouragement like “she’s exactly the kind of girl you deserve, james” from maggie for him to actually ask sophia on a date, and even more of it for him to officially ask her to be his girlfriend a few weeks later.
- they date for just under a year, things ending when she graduated. maggie is happy for him, and supportive. and it doesn’t take her too long to get over the crush once she sees how happy they are together. if anything, the experience makes her more dedicated to getting out of that town as soon as possible, to experience things like that for herself in place she feels safe.

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If Zane and Aphmau had a kid. (I DONT SHIP IT IM JUST CURIOUS)

send me a pair name and I’ll tell you what I think it would be like if they had a child.

  • Name: Irena
  • Gender: Female
  • General Appearance: Long black hair that is always styled, freckles, orange eyes, always wears something pink
  • Personality: goofy and cheerful
  • Special Talents: great with animals
  • Who they like better: both
  • Who they take after more: Aphmau
  • Personal Head canon: Makes cupcakes so sweet Zane could die
  • Face Claim:

     ( ‘ello everyone !! guess who ‘ s entered a joey rp blog
       into the mid of the BATINM fandom
?? ah yes , tis I !!
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omfg i agree with the tumblr sunny fandom getting a lot less chill but i have to ask..was that in reference to the anti deedennis shippers dkflshdsal

No, it’a not about that. I think it’s perfectly legit for people to be anti deedennis and to post that it makes them uncomfortable and they wouldn’t like it on their dash, block people, blacklist etc.  like tumblr is about having fun and not feeling uncomfortable, at least I hope? People should , mostly, be having a nice time on here.

 It’s more about people on here posting their head canons but acting as though they are fact. Your head canon can be whatever you like but that doesn’t mean I have agree with it or that it’s actual fact. I actually put that in the tags on my post? It’s just annoyed me more lately because there has been a fair amount of it. Particularly with macdennis, this is probably an unpopular, but I never thought macdennis would properly happen and I was fine with that. I’m not a hardcore shipper, but I’m not against it either, I saw a bunch of  “ it will happen for real in the finale and if it doesnt FUCK rcg” and it was like Dennis doesn’t hate Mac but I don’t believe he’s going to marry him and adopt a cat either? Fandom goggles make things more intense then they are at times. But it kinda feels like this fandom may be heading towards “If you disagree with me you’re WRONG and fuck you!!” which is tiring and annoying. I know because I was in the supernatural fandom back in the day, and countless others that went that way. It can get really frustrating, like me not being down with macdennis the same way you are, doesn’t mean I hate macdennis or would be angry it it were to happen, it just means i see things differently?

 It’s also off putting when fans start being weird and over the top with the actors. Like replying to Kaitlin when she tweets something serious with “shut up bird!” is embarrassing and quite rude. Same with people calling Mary Elizabeth “The waitress” or hassling her on twitter with questions about charlie… like shes an actress and her own person? It just rubs me the wrong way.