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Sweet Pea x a north side girl who sees the good in people.

  • Okay so on the day of the drag race she tags along with some of the kids from school who are there to support Jughead and Archie.
  • Sweet Pea and Toni are there with the other Serpents, and Sweet Pea is boasting about his time on the inside.
    • He is being a bit extra about it, to be honest, to look tough in front of the other Serpents. Toni is lowkey rolling her eyes at him.
    • She can’t help but over hear and wanders over to listen in. She ends up interrupting like “wait they arrested you for what? being a Serpent?”
    • And Sweet Pea is like “who the fuck is this” but he’s also loving the attention? So he smirks and is essentially like “well they had plenty of reasons.”
    • And she’s like “okay what reasons” and he essentially is like “because I’m dangerous.” and she smiles at him like she doesn’t quite believe him and
      • h o l y s h i t, Sweet Pea is done for.
  • When the race starts she ends up standing next to Sweet Pea and he sneaks glances at her. She catches him every time, sending him a bright smile.
    • It makes him feel a little uncomfortable, if he’s honest.
    • She thinks he could be really sweet.
  • He was looking at her when Jughead and Archie came back with news about the cops. He witnessed her face fall and the beginning of panic set in.
    • “Come on,” he tells her gesturing to the back of his bike. Toni, rolls her eyes hitches a ride with another Serpent. “Hurry up before I change my mind. I’m not getting arrested again for some North side chick.”
  • She doesn’t hesitate, her relief on having an escape plan overriding her nerves for being on the back of some guy’s motorcycle.
    • He doesn’t know where she lives, he just knows that they have to get far far far away.
      • He ends up taking them out of Riverdale altogether and they end up spending the whole day together. He’s not sure how it happened. She’s so nice and sweet, it makes him feel sick to his stomach.
      • He keeps trying to be tough and she keeps disarming him by her earnestness.
      • It’s pissing him off.
    • He takes her home and before he leaves she calls him sweet.
      • He is N O T sweet.
      • And then she kisses his cheek and he B L U S H E S.
        • He scowls at her and she just SMILES.
  • They’re in a secret relationship with each other by the end of the week.

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All I Want For Christmas|P.Parker Imagine

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Countdown to Christmas:Day 5
Song(s):All I Want For Christmas by Michael Buble
Summary:Where all Peter wants for Christmas is for her to feel the same way.

The soft Christmas music made its way through their small apartment as May was waltzing around making sure everything was prepared. Peter stood besides the Christmas tree hanging up the last minute ornaments May had picked up earlier that week for this special night. He couldn’t really understand why she was so frantic on making everything perfect but he had to admit, she had outdone herself this year. The apartment was decorated to the nines in Christmas decoration. He was humming softly along to a random song not even notice that people had already started to arrive.

“Hey Peter.”

Turning around his face flushed as he took sight of the girl before him. She was wearing a tightly fitted red skater dress, with v neckline. She liked wonderful and he felt himself shut down as she smile brightly at him. Her newly braces free smile was sparkling bringing out the deep red lipstick she had picked for the night. Peter still till this day doesn’t understand how someone as pretty as her would ever talk to someone as dorky as him. Yet everyday he’s surprised more and more.

“Hey Y/N..” He breathed out as she giggled softly. He watched with wide eyes as she leaned forward stepping on het toes and placing a soft kiss onto his cheek. Puling back she couldn’t help the smirk that brought its way onto her lips as she took sight of his slightly red cheeks. “You-um you love lovely..” He breathed

“Thank you Peter, you look very handsome.”

He watched as she gave him a soft wink before bending down carefully and resting the neatly wrapped presents underneath the tree. It wasn’t long before Michelle had shown up whisking her away. He let out a deep sigh as he watched the two girls chat in the corner of the living room. Ned had been watching the interaction and couldn’t help but give his best friend a little advice.

“Hey man..”

“Hey Ned, when did you get here?”

“Around the same time you were giving Y/N heart eyes..” He teased as Peter’s cheeks flushed the same color red of Y/N’s dress.

“Um..” He stated as he chocked up a little causing Ned to laugh and wave it off. He knew how much Peter liked her and all he wanted was for his best friend to be happy. He wanted Peter to find someone who would be caring to him and treat him right, Ned had no doubts that Y/N would do anything short of what May and himself expected he just hope the holiday spirit would bring the two together quickly.

It was two hours into the holiday party, the four teens found themselves sitting in the living room. Y/N was seated besides Peter with her head on his shoulders as a movie played softly, the mixer of the chattering, music and the movie made a beautiful atmosphere around them. Y/N looked up towards Peter to see him already looking back down at her. She smiled softly before looking back down and playing with playing with her hands.
“Everything alright?”

“Yeah, just thinking..”

It was silent between them for a while as they both turned their attention back to the movie on the screen. It wasn’t long before Y/N stood up pulling Peter along with her. He gave her a confused look as she led him to his bedroom. It was silent between them as they made their way through the door. Peter was feeling slightly anxious as millions of thoughts rounded through his head and each one making him more and more nervous.


Turning to look at her he smiled softly as he watched her shoulders drop before she started to speak again.

“I love you.”

He stared at her with wide eyes and a racing heart as she fiddled with her fingers. She knew she shouldn’t have said anything but she needed him to know the truth. She had so many conversations with Ned and Michelle and she knew she was ready to let him know how she felt, even if he didn’t return the feelings.

“I love you too.” He mumbled softly as he took her into his arms with a soft smile. “You have no idea how long I’ve waited to hear those words..”

“Think I might have an idea..” She giggled softly before pressing her lips lightly to his.  

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Supernatural Type!Seventeen as your Boyfriend

Request: HAPPY SUNDAY! I am sorry to hear you got no sleep! What anime are you watching? I have watched so many too! Your Sunday game seems hella fun! I know I have requested a bunch but could you do Seventeen with the supernatural type au’s since there are so many of them idk how to pick just one? I’m bad at understanding I’m sorry! 😩-good anon

I am still watching Haikyuu!! I’m finally starting Season three and decided to start in the manga where Season three takes place. After I finish this season I’m probably going to re-watch Ao Haru Ride. Because it’s such a cute anime :3

I decided to do a mixture of my Supernatural AU’s and usually if It’s a group, these are usually shorter. AND since it’s Seventeen, the whole thing is UNDER THE CUT

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Sweet Pea headcanon with an s/o that is really short and shy, maybe some nsfw too if you are comfortable

Aw height differences are adorable.

  • Sweet Pea enjoys swooping in and picking up his shorter significant other around the waist. He’s so strong that he nearly lifts her up onto his shoulder. 
    • He loves to hear her gasp in surprise and then her panicky voice demanding to put down.
      • There’s always this horrible moment for her where she’s not sure if it’s him. The fear has two parts: fear of a stranger putting their hands on her, fear for what Sweet Pea will do to them for it.
    • It always makes him laugh when she pushes her face into his chest and hides from the stares of their classmates in his Serpent jacket. It’s the whole reason he picks her up that way.
  • He loves how she looks when she’s blushing: the red in her cheeks, the brightness of her eyes, the way she ends up biting the inside of her lip and bunches her shoulders up to her ears like she’s trying to make herself smaller.
    • It’s impossible. She’s already tiny.
    • He’ll call her pet names in public to get her to blush.
    • Make subtle comments about their love life (“SWEET PEA!”).
    • Tell her she’s beautiful.
  • He doesn’t crane down to kiss her. 
    • He lifts her up, brings her legs around his waist and pushes her against a wall (or a door he’s not fussy) to help keep her at his level so he can focus all his attention on kissing her, freeing one of his hands up to touch whatever skin he can reach at the time: her cheek, her neck, her legs (god bless spring, summer, and late night/early morning rendezvous)
    • The other hand? Under her thighs or on her ass, obviously.
    • Alternatively he would sit her on a counter or a table to give her a bit of height so he doesn’t have to bend so low.
    • Or else he’ll lay her down on any flat surface and hover over her.
      • It always makes her nervous/excited, being trapped under him that way. There’s no escaping his scent, his warmth. It’s overwhelming. He’s E V E R Y W H E R E.
        • She hopes it always feels that exciting/overwhelming.
    • When they’re alone she’ll find something to stand on and wrap her arms around his neck to bring him into their softer kisses.
      • Sometimes she just holds him.
      •  He likes to push his face into the area where her neck meets her shoulder.

Not quite NSFW, but enough for your imagination to continue if you need it to! I just think Sweet Pea would love picking up his shorty to throw her off her game, you know?

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It’s Cold Outside|H.Holland Headcanon

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Countdown to Christmas:Day 6

It’s Snowing:

  • Okay so just imagine this
  • You were invited over to watch a movie with Harry 
  • It started to snow outside 
  • You having to leave but Harry trying everything to make you stay 
  • “Y/N, it’s cold outside..” 
  • “My mum’s getting worried Harry..” 
  • Him being a pouting mess as he watches you stand 
  • Quickly following you and looking out the window 
  • The fireplace was ablaze 
  • Finally you’d give in and call your parents 
  • Your mum agreeing its best if you stay over 
  • Harry being a grinning mess cause you’re gonna be staying the night 
  • Niki rushing him up the stairs to get his room settled for you 
  • You’d softly thank her as you went up the stairs to Harry’s room 
  • “I changed the sheets and stuff..” 
  • You blushing softly as you took the clothes from his hands 
  • Him being a blushing mess seeing you in his clothes 
  • “Wanna watch a movie?” 
  • You’d both cuddle up in his bed watching 
  • He’d look down at you with the biggest smile 
  • “What?” 
  • “Nothing, just happy to have you here is all..” 
  • You’d be a mess and cuddle closer to him resting her head on his chest 
  • He’d press a soft kiss to the top of your head 
  • “I’m happy to be here too..” 
  • He’d smile and look down with a soft look on his face
  • Your heart would be beating faster 
  • “Can I kiss you?” 
  • “I’d be slightly pissed if you don’t” 

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One quick question~ You write Kino? If so~ (still if not) May I request most to least to accept their s/o wants to adopt and adopting(and why or why not)? :3 Thanks and keep the good work!

Admin Sam : (▰˘◡˘▰) Sure! I’ll try my best.

Most To Least Likely 

  1. Azusa Mukami
  2. Laito Sakamaki
  3. Subaru Sakamaki 
  4. Kou Mukami 
  5. Shuu Sakamaki
  6. Yuma Mukami
  7. Kino
  8. Ruki Mukami
  9. Kanato Sakamaki
  10. Ayato Sakamaki
  11. Reiji Sakamaki

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How do you interpret ‘no control’ from louis’ perspective?

I stared at this for a long time trying to figure out what you meant because I obviously think No Control is from Louis’s perspective as he wrote it, and thought that was a given. 

Then I realized that you must be thinking that because I characterize Louis as a Dom, I must have a hard time reconciling the lyrics of that song, because he says, “powerless” and “I’m all yours I got no control.” Or maybe that’s not what you meant? I’m not sure. 

Anyway, that song is dommy as fuck. He’s like, waking up next to Harry with a hard on, mouth still tasting like him from the night before, and all he wants to do is fuck him into the mattress even though presumably they spent the whole night before doing that. He’s powerless against Harry’s charm, he has no control in that he wants him all the time, he can’t hold off. The pedal’s down, his eyes are closed, but he’s still driving the car lol. 

A fic I will never write:

Imagine the Sumeragi twins being all teeny and Hokuto is telling Subaru about Santa underneath a blanket after they’re supposed to be asleep. And Subaru is all wide eyed and *Really?* But he wouldn’t come *here* would he? He wouldn’t know how to find us…we don’t celebrate Christmas…And Hokuto is like HELL YES HE WILL COME HERE, HE IS MAGIC, YOU JUST WAIT AND SEE!

And, like they leave out their socks cause they don’t have stockings, and Subaru saved his anpan and snuck it into his room a little squashed to leave as a gift for Santa because he’s the sweetest. And Hokuto waits till he’s asleep and puts little origami toys she’s made into their socks.

Subaru is completely fooled and his absolute delight is the best Christmas gift she could ask for.

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could you do headcanons with sweet pea and a pure! + soft! s/o ?

  • Sweet Pea didn’t want to say he has a type, but he really does have a type: those pure, never been touched, pastel soft kind of girls always drew his eye.
    • But you were the first one to look back with a shy smile, an invitation if he ever saw one.
    • It was a Tuesday when he asked you out. You were wearing white. It seemed fitting for the moment.
  • It was a matter of pride for him to be the guy crossing things off of your list of firsts.
    • The first guy to hold your hand.
    • The first guy to give you flowers (they came from someone’s garden, but it’s the thought that counts).
    • The first guy to put his arms around you from behind.
    • The first guy to kiss you anywhere (forehead, cheek, nose, temple, neck, jaw, hand, shoulder, finger tips, mouth).
    • The first guy to know what you taste like.
    • The first guy to take you out on a date.
    • The first guy to take you to the drive-in (different date).
    • He hoped to be your first for a lot more things.
  • He was fascinated by your hands–so dainty and soft compared to his larger, rough (and often bruised) ones.
  • You were the first to say I love you, a soft whisper in his ear after he had pulled you into his lap.
    • It was a moment he played back often when things were too loud at his place.
    • If someone as soft and pure as you could love someone like him, then maybe he had a shot after all.

“I’m really glad you’re taking her, Harry, she’s so excited.” And she moved on down the table to sit with Dean. Harry tried to feel pleased that Ginny was glad he was taking Luna to the party but could not quite manage it. | Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

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Could you do a headcanon for Sweet Pea falling in love with a girl who is already dating with someone (maybe another Serpent?)

Oh my G O S H the D R A M A!!! I’m going to kick this up a notch. Y’all ready to meet Toni’s girlfriend? LET’S DO THIS!!!

  • Sweet Pea lowkey wasn’t sold on Toni’s preference for girls. It’s not that he didn’t believe her, he just never got to meet any of her girlfriend’s before.
  • Which was probably for the best, because apparently he and Toni had very similar tastes in girls.
    • Curvy girl? Yes please.
    • Clever? Hell yes, give them that witty girl!!! Let that sarcasm fly!!!
    • Hilarious? Keep them laughs coming, baby.
    • Soft? P L E A S E!!!
    • Looks great in leather pants? HOT D A M N..
  • His gaze lingered at first because it was so strange to see Toni so relaxed and intimate with someone?
    • Toni sitting on the couch with her girl, legs thrown over her lap? Toni’s fingers dancing along the inside of her wrist? Her girlfriend massaging her legs?
    • Toni’s girlfriend modelling for her wearing ridiculous outfits? Sexy outfits (one time he came over and she was wearing a red and black lingerie set and Toni’s Serpent jacket… he nearly D I E D).
      • Toni definitely made both Sweet Pea and her girlfriend model for her. It’s just a fact.
  • And how was he supposed to look away when they kissed goodbye at the end of the night?
    • At first he thought it was a typical teen boy girlxgirl fascination.
    • Then he thought maybe he was into Toni. They’d been friends for years and she was hot. They’d hooked up before, so maybe he caught feelings?
  • Then it hit him one day when Toni was developing photos from their most recent photo shoot and they were left alone together. She had just made him laugh until he was crying. He looked up at her while wiping his eyes and it hit him.
    • She was beautiful.
    • She was funny.
    • She had become his best friend.
    • He was in love with her.
  • Sweet Pea is a loyal Serpent, loyal to Toni, loyal to his family. So he never acts on these feelings.
    • He kind of starts to like the way it hurts after a while.
    • It fuels his anger.
    • Makes him tougher.
    • Brings out a viciousness that wasn’t there before.

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mike gets a video camera

some cute headcanons involving mike recording the losers!! also this is kind of got hella long so sorry haha

  • oKAY so let’s get started…

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head canon: King Dice CHOSE to work in the Devil’s Casino ( no contract needed, guess he liked working at casinos - he’s a god damn dice for fucks sake what do you expect)       he looks up to the devil and brags about being the devil’s right hand man ( he even included it in his theme song)   

the devil and him also like doing evil but goofy ass stuff to other people like pranks and stuff uwu                                                                                                

(not so) subtle hints peter drops when he has a crush on you

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  • although we all know peter is a gentleman, he goes out of his way to be the ultra gentleman for you
    • actually running in front of you to grab the door for you
      • pouting when you get there first 
    • making sure to always have a hoodie on hand for you when you’d get cold 
    • always insisting on buying your coffee
      • often bringing you coffee before classes that he just knows you’re way too tired to handle at the early hours of the day 
      • he has your orders memorized for each coffee shop and bakery within queens 
      • always remembering to put a little coffee sleeve on your drink so it doesn’t burn your fingertips 
    • “wow your hair looks great today” 
      • “thanks..didn’t even have time to brush it” 
    • “that shirt looks great, y/n” 
      • “it’s yours” 
    • “your eyes are really pretty wOW” 
    • “y-you have really nice lips, is that a weird thing to say? yeah it probably is, i should stop talking, i’m still talking, ned make me shut uP” 
    • “if my parents were alive i’m sure they’d love you-wait that’s a horrible thing to say” 
      • “pETER” 
  • he absolutely LOVES spending time with you and finding excuses to do so 
      • peter is your go-to man for all school subjects and he knows it
      • so homeboy uses that to his advantage 
      • “hey, y/n, i could totally tutor you” 
        • “peter, you’re literally spider-man, you have other responsibilities” 
        • “but i’d rather help you, best friend duties of course” 
    • exhibit b: mOVIE MarATHONS WEEKLY 
      • ned at first begging peter to come, but peter begging him to make up an excuse as to why he couldn’t go 
      • every week 
      • “peter, why is ned never here anymore???”
      • “uhm…great question?” 
      • he one time actually LOWERED the thermostat so you would be cold and his hopes were you’d cuddle with him 
      • “jesus, your apartment is freezing today” 
      • “darn..cuddle?” 
    • exhibit c: always lab partners 
      • you replaced ned really quick 
      • but ned didn’t mind, he liked playing the wingman so he’d go chill with michelle
        • don’t @ me but i ship that 
      • peter making sure to save you a spot before class and you happily sitting next to him 
      • he’s lowkey making web fluid in between experiments 
      • “hey, pete, can i watch you do that? it’s actually really fascinating” 
      • you totally find it adorable cool how into it peter gets and he thoroughly explains everything 
      • tbh not getting much of the labs done 
    • “hey, y/n, why don’t you go to homecoming with peter?”
      • “he never asked me?”
      • “right, he’s just scared, so i of course am left with all the heavy lifting” 
        • “neD sHUT Up!!” 
    • he loves doing the cliche thing where he physically pushes peter into you often 
    • ned loves to drop not so subtle winks at peter in between conversations amongst the three of you
    • often “whispering” too loudly 
      • “peTER THERE’S Y/N” 
      • “THANKS NED, I GOT  IT” 
    • “please ask her out, this wingman thing is exhausting” 
      • “all you do is embarrass me ??” 
  • eventually catching on and peter is very !!?!?!?!?!?!? 
    • “hey peter, do you like me?”
      • him practically choking on air 
      • “w-what , w-who told you? what????”
    • “it’s fine if you don’t, i mean i like you, but if you don’t it’s totally cool maybe i just misread-” 
      • “waIT YOU LIKE ME?”
        • “what do you mean by ‘misread’???”
      • “peter you’re not that subtle” 
      • “it was ned wasn’t it” 
  • moral of the story: you got peter head over heels and it’s the cutest thing in the whole world 

I feel like we often forget this through the punk!richie au and the portrayal of richie as a suave flirty bad boy (which is fun and i love it) but id like to remind you all, RICHIE TOZIER IS A FUCKING GEEK. He wears 4 inch thick glasses, does stupid voices, can’t tell a joke that doesn’t involve an insult, and talks about dicks a lot. he’s a fucking nerd. you think he’d be able to pull off a punk look in the canon book/movie? HA that bitch would be looking like a dog in a halloween costume. He wears his dumb tee shirts and old jeans and dirty converse and keds and we should romanticize that a little more cause i think thats fucking cute. Two dorks fuckking falling for each other. yes please. 

Richie glasses bumping eddies forehead when they kiss, but that stubborn bitch not wanting to taken them off cause then he won’t be able to see eddie. richie doing a lame ass english accent and stumbling over his words trying to flirt with eddie. Richie having acne and braces when he’s like 15 and getting shit for it but eddie still swoons for him.  richie giving up with flirting because he’s just so bad at it and literally just pining and being a shy nerd. richie being gangly and clumsy because he’s so tall an skinny and he shot up too fast. richie loving star wars and star trek and comic books because! he is a nerd! richie being shocked when eddie likes him because????? he is such a fucking nerd???? and cute ass eddie can do so much better??? than his acne plastered ass??? but eddie being like??? i too am a nerd richie, we are, by definition, losers, but ur my dork. I just wanted to share my love for canonically geeky Richie thx for tuning in folks.

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Can I have a sweet pea head canon where she is the daughter of someone important in the serpents, and they start dating but for some reason the dad doesn’t like him so they have to sneak around?

  • Tall Boy doesn’t want you dating at all.
    • Especially not a Serpent.
      • It’s not that he doesn’t like the younger Serpents. He’s just heard the way they’ve talked about girls and he would have to cut out their tongues if they talked about you like that.
  • Sweet Pea had been given his warning, but he didn’t listen.
    • It was one of the things you found appealing about him.
    • Since he was the only boy willing to thwart your father’s authority.
  • Sneaking around with Sweet Pea was challenging:
    • You could be close to him at school, but you couldn’t hold each other or put your arms around each other
    • Your hands could brush against each other’s, but your fingers couldn’t interlock.
    • You could talk to each other, laugh together and nudge each other, but you couldn’t kiss.
      • And god you wanted to kiss him, like all the time.
  • All you had were the nights where Tall Boy would be out and Sweet Pea could sneak through the shadows and crawl through her window.
    • You both just hoped that those nights would be enough to sustain the relationship.
      • Because even though you won’t say it out loud, both of you know it’s getting serious.