I want to see Blaine doing something. New York would be cool. You have to be economic with what stories you’re telling so people can’t just go off to other cities in the world. If he goes to New York, I wouldn’t see that as such a surprise. Blaine really would like to go to New York, he wants to be wherever Kurt is.
—  Darren Criss on whether he wants Blaine to head to New York

Sebastian needed needed for possible Kurtbastian!

Sebastian’s instinct has always been to “look out for Number One.” His own wishes, ambitions, and whims take precedence over anyone else’s. If a few white lies have to be told or a couple of rules broken along the way, well, that’s the cost of satisfaction. Sebastian was aware that he possessed the cunning and cleverness to get whatever and wherever he wanted. This created an almost insatiable desire for the next delight, a new sensation just forbidden enough to keep it interesting. 

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