.he and his lil hat so cute *u*


part ½ of my food au’s tonight lmao0 (this was also a really good request)

- was the only applicant so the restaurant had no choice but to hire him

- brings in people with his good looks, makes them leave with his server skills

- usually complains about the food, but then it’s lunch time & he fuckin orders everything

- was excited the first day he got his first tip & cook!jaebum was like, it’s only $1 bro, but Jackson ont care he look at it like its the only money he’ll ever have

- “Jackson don’t make me tell you again to stop offering yourself as an option on the menu, I will fire you”

- pushes for taco Tuesday but busboy!bambam reminds him that dude, we’re a fuckin Chinese restaurant

- probably nods that he understands what cook!jaebum is tellin him but is actually looking at his hair like, I wonder how many forks I can fit in there…..

- naps in the booths and customers have to wake him up and then he acts like a baby all day cause he was having a good dream

- steals appetizers from the racks and cook!jaebum is about to stab him until cashier!youngjae is like bro, not here, this is a professional workplace, but let’s beat him after tho

- got the music turned off for everyone because he wouldn’t stop dancing and knocked over the utensil stands

- makes bets with customers he knows he can’t win, like drinking a cup of hot sauce and has to call in sick the next day

- scares little kids by sticking his face onto the glass and all the moms call to complain n he act like he don’t know

- the type to complain about having no customers when right behind him there’s like 4 families waiting to be served like !!!

- again, doesn’t know when he’s too close to someone, takes their order with his cheek like right next to their nose and dishwasher!jinyoung is like dude back off you’re gonna make her pass out

- that’s how you meet him too, you were ordering food and his breath was like on your neck and you were mad like fuck this place

- but you still come back like twice a week

- Jackson acts like its the end of the world when you miss the specials on Tuesday, and when you remind him that you have work he still acts all hurt like “I saved soup, for u, u know how hard that was???”

- you’re one of the customers he makes bets with

- cook!jaebum always gives you extra helpings n jacksons all suspicious….like somethin ain’t right here

- doesn’t ever accept tips from you, gives them back with a serious look on his face like no, take this back

- Doesn’t ever know when to come back after a customers done eating so families sit there while he listens to music really intently in the dish room

- offers samples a lot, until cook!jaebum is like dude….we don’t give out samples what the hell

- the type to offer gum to all the customers when they order because he thinks their breath stinks and jaebum looks at him like, yo, youngjae, can we fire him yet?

- they could but they don’t, he kind of breathed life into the restaurant and even if he’s annoying as hell they can’t find it in their heart to fire him

- once burnt a piece of his hair off because he got to close to the burner and had just bleached it, you didn’t see him for like 2 weeks because he thought he was too hideous

- is either way too early, like he’s waiting at 5 am like hurry up guys! Or way too late and comes 1 hour after opening like hey guys, why u look mad jaebum?

- always sits you in a booth towards the door because he knows it’s your favorite seat

- you actually prefer tables and facing away from the door but don’t tell him because you don’t wanna hurt his feelings, it’s been like 5 months you’re in too deep

- wants to wear a chef hat but jaebum doesn’t even wear one so he just walks around all day with a soggy white hat that everyone thinks is a hazard

- you reasoned with youngjae that it probably wasn’t more of a hazard than Jackson himself and he was like you know what…you’re right

- he’s scatterbrained but he is very sweet and always tries his hardest to bring you the hottest and best food as quick as he can, offered you a massage once but you couldn’t tell if he was joking

- said he was totally joking

- was only half joking though, jaebum and yugyeom laughed at him in the back room after

- makes little bows on the napkin holder strips and it takes 50 years but he always does it

- volunteers you a lot to be cook!jaebums experimental food taster and at first you were like !!! No! But then you realized everything he makes is fucking good

- once you didn’t have a napkin so Jackson made you wipe your hands on his apron, it was wild, like he could’ve just got you a napkin it was 7 feet away

- sometimes sticks his tongue out when he has you receipt and it’s because hes drawing you a cute picture where the tip amount should go because he won’t even let you tip him with a card

- there’s a place a lot closer to your house and you went there once and turned around when you heard a knock on the window and Jackson is just staring at you through the glass looking like you just kicked his puppy

- but he asks if he can join you and you say yes and he still keeps up his waiter tendencies and even tried pulling your chair for you and you’re like, this is a sub shop, Jackson

- so you eat and you listen to his stories and it’s s little different because he’s not working

- but you like it surprisingly, and when he asks if you wanna go back to his restaurant and hang around with him and the boys, you go

- you watch him swirl around the place while he takes orders and you find yourself smiling and the boys r like….why aren’t you frowning at him????

- sometimes you let Jackson just bring you whatever because for some reason he always picks exactly what you needed that day

- the type to not sit across from you in the booth, but right next to you, lmao

- smiles whenever he knows u ate good because he care about ya health

- cook!jaebum rushing past y'all while you and Jackson are laughing together and he kinda clears his throat and mumbles “why don’t you guys just date already”

- jackson side eyeing you whenever another customer comes up and flirts with you, but then he goes and “accidentally” spills soup on their shirts evrytime

- you offering him hand sanitizer because you know that boy sneezed into his hand and probably scratched his armpit

- one time Jackson invited you to their special closed dinners, one where it’s just the workers and you never had more fun than that night

- Jackson probably kisses you for the first time when he’s feeding you some new soup and you’re like omg this is good! But then he swoops in and tastes like the soup too but you like it

- busboys!bambam and yugyeom hooting in the background and your cheeks go red but Jackson just stared at you because he can’t tell your embarrassed he just thinks it’s the steam from the hot soup

- telling him you’re happy you kept coming in, even if he messed up your order the very first day you are there but jacksons adamant like no, I just knew what your heart really wanted that day

- probably helping him deal with rude customers cause he takes it to the heart and you n jaebum sit there rubbing his shoulders while he stares at the potatoes like he’s boutta cry

- Jackson bringing you take out from there when you least expect it, and it’s so sweet, but they don’t deliver, and when you realize that you’re like, didn’t u get in trouble Jackson? And he’s like gtg!!!

- holding his hand after he delivers food because his is warm and yours is cold

- his little floppy chef hat hanging on the dresser in your room as a lil token

- smiling when you sit there and read texts from jaebum about how whiny Jackson is being and if you could please come immediately, and laughing when you go drive to him because yeah he’s a scatterbrained little waiter, but he’s your cute, thoughtful boyfriend who u love (◕‿◕✿)  

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Can u make a Tyler Seguin imagine where u have a lil girl and her and Tyler have a cute moment together

You can barely hear yourself think, it’s so loud in here. The Stars are up 5-2, they’re going to clinch a playoff spot, and Tyler Seguin just picked up the hat trick for his 57th goal of the season. Jesus Christ, Rocket Richard Trophy, here he comes. 

You think you’re probably the most excited excited person in the arena, but then you look to your right, at that little face—there’s so much joy in her eyes, she can’t stop jumping up and down. I mean, she threw her favorite hat down there for him, the one with the 91 on each side. 

You pick her up in your arms so she can see the ice more clearly. “Wooooo, go Tyler!” She screams. “Can we meet him, mommy? Please?” She asks, turning her attention to you, looking at you with those big, blue eyes that are genuinely impossible to say no to. 

“Of course we can, sweetie,” You say, noncommittally. 

“But now! I want to meet him, please! To say ‘congratulations!’” She whines, and you’re at a loss because you know how expensive those meet and greets are, and you already spent more than you probably should have on these tickets. 

Before you can think of anything to say, someone in black and green, Dallas Stars attire taps your shoulder. “Hi, we couldn’t help but notice how enthusiastic this little angel is!” The lady says, gesturing to Avery, who’s thankfully back to cheering as loud as she possibly can for Segs. 

You smile. “Yeah, she’s really excited for Tyler. She’s his biggest fan!” I say, jostling her a little in my arms to get her attention. 

Avery turns to the lady and adds, with a huge smile, “He’s my favorite! Can I meet him? Please?!” 

You’re about to interject and say something about how this lady probably has no control over that, but she cuts in, “Why, yes, yes you can! We know Tyler would love to meet his biggest fan! I’ll be back here after the game to take you back to the locker room. All good with you, mom?” 

Your heart is racing. Avery aside, you love the Stars. They got you into hockey. And yeah, maybe you’re freaking out a little bit because you’re going to meet Tyler Seguin. You. A random twenty-something just trying to make end’s meet in the middle of Dallas. Are going to meet NHL superstar Tyler Seguin. 

“Yes, that’s definitely good with me,” you say breathlessly. The lady smiles at you and then says something about how she’ll be back soon before disappearing into the crowd.


You’re holding Avery’s hand as the lady, Natalie, leads you through the underground tunnels of the American Airlines Center. Both of your palms are clammy now, and like, you really don’t want to shake Seguin’s hand like this, so you wipe them on the back of your jeans. 

Avery looks like she’s about to explode with jubilance. This is what you love about her so much. You’re halfway to running back to the car and pretending this never happened, you’re that nervous. She looks completely at ease with the fact that she’s about to meet her favorite athlete. The only thing keeping you from saying that this is probably a bad idea is that huge grin on her face, her toothy smile that’s practically illuminating the dim hallway. 

She and Natalie are talking about the game, Aves telling her how she particularly liked Tyler’s second goal of the game because “Jamie assisted on it!!! Did you see?!?!?” 

“You’ve got quite the knowledgable hockey fan for a daughter,” Natalie says to you, and you laugh. 

“You should hear her scold the refs when there’s a bad penalty call. Savage.” 

Natalie leads you and Avery around one last corner, and then there’s the door to the locker room, and wow, this is actually happening. “Wait here,” she says and then slips past the door. 

“Do you think he’ll like me?” Avery asks me quietly, genuine concern filling up her irises. 

“Of course he will, baby,” You say, placing a kiss to her forehead. “You’re his biggest fan, he’ll love you.” 

The door creaks open, someone comes out, and yep, that’s Tyler Seguin. 

“Hi, Avery!” He says enthusiastically, immediately kneeling down so he’s at her eye level. “I heard you were my biggest fan, so I had to meet you.” 

Avery’s face splits into this five billion watt smile, and your heart is hurting because everything about this situation is unbearably cute. “Yeah! How’d you know?!” 

“Your mom told me!” Tyler explains, and you raise your eyebrows at him. He stands up to greet you. “Hi, it’s nice to finally meet you. I’m Tyler. Thanks for letting me know about Avery.” 

“No problem, Tyler,” you reply, halfway to laughing. “I’m (Y/N).” 

“That’s a really pretty name,” Tyler says through a grin, and what is even happening right now? “So, Avery, how would you like to go for a skate with me?” 

“Yes!” Avery’s jumping up and down again, and you get it. He’s definitely the kind of guy you want to jump up and down for. “Mommy, can I please?” 

“Of course, baby, as long as you’re careful!” 

“Of course your mom has to come too, right, Avery? She can play goalie, eh?” 

“Yes! Yes! Mommy can be goalie!” Avery exclaims, tugging on my arm, and okay, as long as Tyler doesn’t use his slapshot, you can get on board with this. 

You squint at him. “No one-timers, okay? From either of you.” 

Tyler winks at me. “No promises!” He says and that makes Avery crack up. He takes her hand and starts walking toward, you assume, ice-level. They’re talking about the game, Avery offering him her analysis on what she thinks he can do better. 

“That’s a great point, Avery,” he says, all genuine and interested. “I think Jamie should pass to me more often as well. He should know I’ve got a better shot, eh?” 

When you get to the ice, Natalie is waiting there with a few different pairs of skates in hand. Tyler lets Avery pick whichever pair she wants, saying she can keep them, and then ties her skates for her, her little foot resting on his knee. You can’t help but smile like an idiot at what your life is like right now. Like, who’d have thought?

Later, while Natalie is teaching Avery how to skate backwards, Tyler slides up next to you and asks how you’re doing, how you’re liking everything. 

“It’s great,” you say earnestly. “Thank you so much for doing this, Tyler. It’s been a rough couple of months, and honestly, you just made her year. I can’t really thank you enough.” 

“It’s no problem,” he replies, smiling softly. “Really, I’m happy to do this. She’s adorable, and she’s got so much enthusiasm for the game. Have you ever thought about her joining a team or getting lessons?” 

You shrug, looking on as Natalie and Avery are laughing as they give an imaginary goalie a snow shower. “I wish I could, but hockey is expensive, you know? I mean, not for you, of course, but like…” You trail off embarrassedly, and Tyler nods at you. 

“Don’t worry, I completely understand.” He looks down and casually plays with a puck for a few moments. “But how about me? I mean, I could give her lessons?”

Your eyes widen. “What? You’d really do that?” 

“Yeah,” he goes on, shaking his head enthusiastically. “I mean, she just reminds me of what it’s all about. That’s cheesy as fuck, I’m sorry. But that’s why I love this game,” he says, gesturing to Avery as she fumbles with a stick that’s definitely way too big for her. “And, I mean, aside from hockey, I’d love to see you…you guys again.” 

You smile. That would definitely be good with you. “Yeah, I’d— we’d love to see you again too.”

someone give me an “animal features” AU where everyone is born with animal traits, whether they be ears/tails/wings/claws/tentacles, whatever

in which dean is embarrassed because he has bunny features. a cute lil fluffy tail and floppy ears!!!! he hides them under a hat and wears loose pants and plays ignorant when people point out the way his nose twitches when he’s concentrating ;u;

and cas can be the sly fox who’s head over heels in love with his bunny boyfriend

or maybe benny is dean’s big bad wolf who’s really not so bad and is actually the most gentle

idc just give me bunny!dean!!!

I wonder if Skam’s actors ever rewatch their acting and just feel impressed? Like how could Tarjei or Henrik rewatch a scene and not think they are so good when they act, so real, so impressive, so in it? And I also mean… does Tarjei ever watch a scene and thinks “omg look how cute I am in here and the snapback tho really fits me!! I get when ppl say how can you not fall in love with this lil bean …and wow I’m so small around Henrik? How fucking tall he is ….that lil shit… yes yes I also get when people do screenshots while watching the clips I’m such a cutie” I mean DOESN’T HE THINK HE IS SO CUTE?????? Because he’s so fucking cute and adorable with those lil curls that leak from his snapback and that fluffy wisp when he’s not wearing any hat though… how can they not fall in love with themselves I love them