surprise…. if you accuse someone of something with a statement like, for example “isnt homojabi hacksign? who said sex workers who knowingly provide service for married men are bad? + found out theyre different, hacksign is zamaron now“, you have to provide proof (as in, receipts of said offense along with proving the author’s identity). otherwise no one’s obligated to give a fuck since there’s tons of accusations with no truth to them flying around and being sent on anon and the absolute majority of people have better things to do than go try and hunt down proof of something that may never have happened

What is Descending Bloom?

Descending Bloom is a webcomic series centered around six main characters and their journey traversing their magical world.  The comic itself is a work in progress.

What do you use to model your characters?

Since I can not draw at all I’ve been relying on various avatar creator such as Gaiaonline and more recently the Black Desert Character creator. As this project develops and an artist joins the team this will of course change.

Who else is working with you on this?

At the moment all of the footwork is being done by myself, however I have had many people inform me on the various cultures and disorders that will be included in this comic.

Cultures and disorders? What do you mean?

This comic will be extremely diverse and with that will have characters of many racial, ethnic and cultural backgrounds although based on real cultures although the world of the comic itself is completely separate from our own. (An example of this would be Avatar The Last Airbender) Some of the characters have physical and mental disorders and will be represented in this comic

What was your inspiration to do this?

As a black trans person there’s not a lot of a representation for people like myself and others who don’t fit the mold. This project came to birth after an argument over the lack of representation in various television shows and this will hopefully act as an antithesis to the idea that only people that have a certain look are deserving of positive and well rounded representation.

How long have you been working on this?

I’ve been working off and on for about a year now. With the amount of research that is necessary for me to portray these various groups of people progress has been a bit slow. However this is my goal to ensure that I do not make an unintentional mockery of any group. If you see something off and you are part of the groups or just happen to know please send me an ask correcting me.

Can we draw art of your characters?

Of course! Feel free to either submit them directly to this blog or my main blog. If need you can post them and tag either my main block (hacksign) and/or this one and I will be sure to reblog them! I love getting art of these characters. If you have any questions regarding the body type, height, age etc of a character feel free to ask or interpret it how you see fit until I have everything set in stone!

How often will you deliver updates?

I will try and do them at least weekly however I am a full time student with a few disorders so the updates may be sporadic. Again the goal is at least weekly if not more.

Who made your sidebar art?

My friend Tomi killbenedictcumberbatch

What’s your main blog?

It’s http://zamaron.tumblr.com


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anonymous asked:

isnt homojabi hacksign? who said sex workers who knowingly provide service for married men are bad?

that’s the first time im hearing anything about that, ive followed her for a while and only ever known her as homojabi