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Who are the main characters in the .hack/ anime? What were their goals in the show?

well, there’s 3 anime series.

.hack//SIGN- focuses on a player named Tsukasa. They’re the person who’s trapped inside the game while their body is in a Coma. Together with other characters they search for something called “The Key of the Twilight” because it might help with the situation? There’s also these guys known as the “Crimson Knights” who chase Tsukasa down because Tsukasa keeps using “hacks” to bend the rules of the game. (In hindsight I’m surprised that the Crimson Knights aren’t banned or suspended from the game? In some internet spaces “Rule Lawyering” is in fact against the rules. I can’t remember if they actually touch on this subject or not.) If you wanna get into .hack at all, it’s best to start from here.

.hack//Legend of the Twilight- It takes place after the original games and is about a Brother and Sister pair who log onto the world after one of the siblings wins two special characters in a contest. Whacky anime hijinks ensue but a character also falls into a coma at some point. I think they’re implying that the comas happen because of the power of suggestion? I’m sure other .hack media touched up on this before. It’s the “cute-sier” anime that some people actually liked more than .hack//sign. It’s a fun romp but it feels very “mid 2000’s”-ish.

.hack//Roots- is basically a dot hack version of Star Trek: The Next Generation. It’s also a prequel to the .hack//G.U games. A dude named Haseo joins “The World: R2” (a revamped version of the MMO thing), gets invited into a small guild, and at some point becomes a powerful “Player Killer, Killer”. I actually don’t remember a whole lot other than it ends on a cliffhanger. Like with most .hack media, you’re better off just playing the PS2 games.

There are other .hack anime too, but most of those are either OVA’s or movies. Some are actually quite good, (.hack//Quantum is at least the best looking one, but I haven’t seen it) but you don’t really gotta watch all of ‘em!

The meeting place was the Hulle Granz Cathedral, which wasn’t the typical place for meetings. The Arche Koeln Waterfall was typically where Ovan would make people wait for almost half an hour until he showed up with apologies and excuses about how he’d gotten busy with something related to his work. He never elaborated, of course, and so when Haseo pushed open the doors to the cathedral proper he hadn’t expected to see the enigmatic man sitting on one of the pews.

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Man I am getting hit with the nostalgia bug, .hack was the series that got me into anime.

Also this song is boss.

this fic is a sequel to this one.


Ovan never talked about what he was like in the real world, and that never really sat well with Haseo, for whatever reason. It had even gotten to the point where he’d ask Shino about it when they were alone, although the only answer he ever got was a slight smile and “He’s exactly what you’d think he’s like.” It was like everyone who could have possibly known him in real life (which there was only one of, as far as Haseo knew) just refused to talk about him—of course, he always could have asked the man himself, but that’d just be embarrassing in the end. What if he was one of those people that didn’t like talking about themselves, anyway? It’d all just be useless in the end.

This was why Ryou felt completely justified when he found himself doodling notes about a real-life Ovan—er, Masato Indou on his school notes.

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