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Concept: Tony having a human baby and the baby growing up with the bots as their siblings and the bots being like “This is one of us but they are squishy and fragile we love them anyway” and the baby being like “These are my brothers they’re robots but they’re still family” and just


            ☆ ・゚:╰ °       AHLO,   IT’S DIMI’S BIRTHDAY TOMORROW   !! 🎉   &   bc he is such a dork,   he spends every birthday going out  &   treating other people,   bc there is no greater gift than other people’s happiness   !!   
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Actually I think the worst is the children these women are going to raise: the girls are going to live in a constant fear of patriarchy/evil men and the boys will be singled out and constantly belittled because they're boys, so they're inherently Bad. And by the way, want to know the example of someone who was raised in a egalitarist home (yes, I say egalitarist, because feminism has lost its right to call itself in favour of everyone's rights). Buckle up, it's going to be long. (1)

My brother is the example of what Tumblr hates, a white cis heterosexual man. And guess what, even if he’s not feminine in the latest, he’s the sweetest guy ever. He cooks, he cleans, he takes care of his son (actually he even takes care of him every week evening because his wife comes back). I don’t know if he would call himself “feminist” or not, but he would never even a woman can be inferior to a man just because she’s a woman. And at the same time, he won’t beat himself up because he’s a man or whatever the radfems sprout on a daily basis.I’m a cis woman, I was raised knowing I could do whatever I wanted (and by the way, when I was 7-8 years old, my mom had actually had to explain to me that no, women weren’t inherently better than men. Tumblr adults’ behavior in a 8 years old who has since outgrown it unlike them). And now, I’m working a STEM job surrounded by mainly men and I don’t feel the least bit afraid or despised or whatnot. I’ll be damned if I don’t sit at the highest place at some point. (Glass ceiling, what glass ceiling. I don’t give a fuck about glass ceiling.) I also came close to losing my job because I argued with my male boss for a whole year about a theoretical point (because I was right and he was wrong) and when another professor actually backed me up on this, my boss publicy apologised to me. So that’s what a egalitarist home is, not the tumblr bullshit where women will be so scared of men and so sure the world is out to get them they won’t even try. At least, since no woman will get a good job, the “feminists” will still have fodder, so they’ll be happy no? (5 and finally end)

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no but like the thing is, I’m not gonna argue that sexism against women doesn’t exist and that there aren’t inherently sexist patterns in society - as stated, I could write a book about my bad experience with men (and ngl the fact that the first time I ran into a character I identified with 100% it was a non-attractive woman *in the middle ages* says a lot…) but like…… you should fight that without actually demeaning men or assume that men are out to get you or feed this ridiculous paranoia that men are out to get you while incensing yourself and thinking that hey, you have a vagina and XX chromosomes, you’re some kind of mythical pure 100% creature that can do no wrong because that’s false and misleading and feeds a toxic environment. and tbh I really hope these people never have children because as you said I wouldn’t wanna be their kids, ever - if you think that one gender is automatically better than the other you’re completely unfit to raise children. like. no. you can’t fuck people up for life on account of your ridiculous conceptions. also your brother sounds like an a+++++ guy props to him u__u 

and like…. exactly, raise your kids up to do everything (ie cooking and cleaning for guys and let girls know they can do whatever a man does and so on) and like… realize that on paper in the western world we do have fucking parity. work to make sure it’s implemented irl too and not just on paper instead of going after chimeras like OMG ALL MEN ARE OUT TO HURT US AND WOMEN CAN’T HURT YOU EVER because again my great-grandmother was basically irl cersei lannister without the incest tendencies from what I gather and she managed to fuck up two subsequent generations in a lot of different ways, men and women alike and as much as that person likes to belittle personal experience that don’t fit their fairytale construct you can’t seriously push a view where all women can do nothing wrong and all men are shit. it’s false, it’s intellectually dishonest and it accomplishes nothing, and then it’s the same people who say they’re for equality?? well equality =/= putting the other half down to prop yourself up, equality is also admitting you are as bad as the other half and address real problems, not your chimeras. because this pseudo fake-activism helps exactly no one.

I SWEAR if y’all don’t start letting the stranger things kids enjoy their childhood and let them make mistakes and learn from them and have fun and be successful and live their best lives I’m going to RIOT 

One of the things I hate most about growing up is how you lose touch with fandoms and bands and stuff that you used to obsess over. Like you don’t necessarily stop liking the things you used to, you just lose the capacity and energy to care about something so wholeheartedly.