☆One Punch Man Autumn Festival Event Detailed Report☆

The One Punch Man Autumn Festival Event ワンパン秋祭り was nothing short of amazing. I was able to attend both the Afternoon and Evening sessions, and here is a super super long and detailed report of what happened during the event! Enjoy~

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everywhere i go ppl ask “how did this cursed mr potato head doll grow such luxurious, opulent hair.”

and i just smile, shake my head, and sagely answer “your mom gave me some magic beans after i ruined her life sexually.”


I can’t describe myself in three characters, but I can describe myself in three BIRDS

1. Dunnock: small, round, brunette, boring-looking, yet somehow manages to be frickin adorable and have multiple sexual partners

2. Blue and yellow macaw: doesn’t really belong in human society, despite often being taken into human homes, high-maintenance and will scream and mutilate myself if I am lonely, but can be a great companion to people capable of the extensive stuff I need. Capable of a surprising degree of intelligence, although this has little practical use. A mixture of Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff colours, can look almost completely yellow from some angles and almost completely blue from others.

3. Pigeon: obsessed with food, will gladly eat food discarded by humans, very round