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[ See you in August.]

V ROUTE CONFIRMED PEOPLE! I can’t help but ditch my responsibilities for a while to doodle this bae :’)) I’m too happy right now I can’t wait for August to come! Thank you @cheritzteam for the surprise! Ahh I’m overwhelmed;;

Let’s make MM fandom great again \(*  7 * )/


So its july 20 again-

Lol this is me on every single one of my birthdays

So yea
Its mah bday
I was supposed to do a raffle buuutttttt im really busy and I cant rn
Maybe on saturday-


Endless list of favourite female characters: Catelyn Tully Stark (A Song of Ice and Fire / Game of Thrones)

I have always done my duty, she thought. Perhaps that was why her lord father had always cherished her best of all his children. Her two older brothers had both died in infancy, so she had been son as well as daughter to Lord Hoster until Edmure was born. Then her mother had died and her father had told her that she must be the lady of Riverrun now, and she had done that too. And when Lord Hoster promised her to Brandon Stark, she had thanked him for making her such a splendid match. ― Catelyn VI, A Clash of Kings.