busy. little. bee.

INFJ: (quietly, hunched over a clipboard with mysterious lists and numbers) What the…Oh, okay. (keeps tallying mysterious figures)

INFJ: (walking around grocery store, stops to stare at ceiling) But then, what if…Oh, I see. (walks on)

INFJ: (shooting off email after email to unknown online friends) Okay, that’s taken care of…Wait! (keeps typing)




My best friend Shasta passed away tonight. She was the most beautiful and happiest golden retriever in the world. She was the first dog I ever met, who accepted me for me. We hung out every single day ever since I was a puppy. I loved her so much and my heart is so heavy tonight. For all the dog owners out there who are reading this … please hold your fur babies a little tighter today.

RIP Shasta 💕🐶 You will be forever loved and forever missed. You’ll always be my big sister.


I wonder about the golden glowing eyes.The Nephilim in Kelly Kline has restored Cas’ power to fight Dagon.

Normally, angel’s eyes, better said Cas’ are shining blue, when he uses his power. This you can see in the first gif of the scene.

But then, the color changed from a blue to a golden color.

What does this exactly say about his strength now? Was it just to show us, that the Nephilim gave Cas the power? (Like Kelly Klines eyes glowed when she received the vision)

Or is it a sign of an upgrade of angelic power?

What color does arcangel eyes have, when the angel uses his grace? I know that Lucifer is still red, with a hint of gold.