being adam parrish was a complicated thing, a wonder of muscles and organs, synapses and nerves. he was a miracle of moving parts, a study in survival. the most important thing to adam parrish, though, had always been free will, the ability to be his own master. this was the important thing. it had always been the most important thing. this was what it was to be adam.


happy byulday! moonbyul, thank you for joining mamamoo and working so diligently; you’ve become such a talented, unique and strong rapper. thank you for that positive, caring, calming energy that always emanates from you. in the future, i hope you will be healthy (and rich), and that you will be able to see your family and friends more often! i love you moonbyul.


not to be That Person™ but do you see the arm? 

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)