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Astrology Fun Facts pt. 11

- Scorpio mercuries rarely speak with subtle words - words such as “hate” and “love”, those with strong feelings tied to them are more common than anything that has subtlety to it.

- Virgos tend to not look their age, usually having a more youthful look.

- Jupiter in 8th is likely to inherit lots of money from others.

- The 8th house is the house of support from others and, with that, is often prominent in the charts of (big) politicians.

- In an astrological chart, the directions are switched: The northern hemisphere is down, the southern hemisphere is up; the eastern side is left, the western side is right.

- People tend to fall for those who have (personal) planets, especially the luminaries fall in the house their venus sign corresponds to. E.g.: A Sagittarius venus person would often fall for someon who has personal planets, especially the luminaries, fall into the native’s 9th house.

- Pisces are just as likely to be overly talkative as Geminis and Sagittarians are. 

- Mars in 10th is very competitive, these are the type of people who want to be at the top, for everyone to see.

- Whereas the 5th house denotes the love and affection we offer and give to others, the 11th house shows the one we receive and get gifted by others.

- Planets that are inconjunct/quincunx to one another due to degree, but would form a trine by signs result in the native creating unnecessary mental struggles within themselves: They perceive themselves to be struggling with something where they believe they are supposed to be/act “different”, yet it’s just a distorted perception. Think of it like the smart kid that’s always the top of the class yet still deeply believes it’s not intellectual and lacks intelligence/knowledge.

- 4th house overlays in synastry can be tough due to the planet’s part being so strongly guarded and kept private from the other person, which can feel like a lack of trust or openness.

- The ruler of a planet should always be considered in the delineation of a chart. For example, a Libra sun shouldn’t be considered without looking at the position Venus, the ruler of Libra, is in. Along the same line of thought, one should also look at where the sign(s) the planet in question rules over is/are. E.g. considering what house cusp Leo falls on when considering a Libra sun due to the sun ruling over Leo.

- Moon opposite Saturn tends to wish for and desire recognition from others as well as significant success.

- The problems of any opposition start with imbalance. Where there’s an opposition, there’s a need to create harmony, equilibrium. If that equilibrium isn’t reached, oppositions start to manifest negatively.

- A stellium is more powerful if all the planets conjunct.

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i don’t normally upload pictures of my homework because i don’t tend to spend a lot of effort or time on them as i know i won’t be using it again, but for this biology homework i thought i would do it nicely and use it for my future notes! i need to work on my handlettering oh dear god ahhh i used a crayola supertip for it

‏لربما علينا ألاّ نعطي الأفكار أكبر من حجمها ولا حتى حجمها نفسه، وأعني بذلك الأفكار التي تهدم ولا تبني
—  مريم ڤايبز