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I’m insulted...I’m disgusted...


People picking this…

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And I can barely find this…

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I’m kinkshaming.  I must.  I’m hurt.

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flowsik livestream 9.1.17
  • if flow wasn’t a rapper he would be a vet bc he loves animals
  • i asked if he watches mic swagger and he says he wants to go on it!
  • he wouldnt go on smtm again unless it’s as a producer. 
  • he can’t name who is the best rapper in korea bc there are so many good people
  • he thinks it’s important that rappers have to show their own unique colors bc there are so many talented rappers in korea now. now it’s not about just talent, but also color and uniqueness and what they represent.
  • he thinks woo wonjae is very unique. 
  • his biggest fear is his parents witnessing something tragic happening to flowsik 
  • he did a charity flash mob where some ppl danced and he rapped and the proceeds went to building a playground at a school so he’s going to the school rn!!
  • he encourages other rappers to give back to the youth ;-; what a good man
  • “children deserve to play please help the youth” ;-;
  • he’s collabing with double k holy SHIT

You hear me calling, but still walkin’ away.

Familiar (Flowsik)

Prompt: I know something’s wrong.

A/N: This was supposed to be a short request, but I got really into it lol, so here it is as a full oneshot :)

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    You glanced around, wondering where Junseo was… He’d told you to meet him at the club at eleven, and here it was 11:45 and still there was no sign of him. You took another sip of the drink you’d ordered and grabbed your phone out of your purse, disappointed but not surprised to see you didn’t have any new texts. Then a familiar voice behind you said your name, unsure and hesitant, and you turned, your brow furrowing in confusion. Sure enough, it was him. “Jay? What are you doing back in Korea?”

   “Just a couple concerts and some recording,” he said. “What are you doing here all by yourself?”

    His tone was friendly, kind, and hearing it again and seeing his face was bringing back all your fond memories of your time as a couple.

    “I’m just waiting for someone,” you said, quickly scanning the club again. You knew if Junseo showed up and you were talking to another guy, let alone your ex, he would have a fit.

    “Oh,” Jay said. “Boyfriend?”

    You nodded, and though you were distracted, it didn’t escape your notice that his face fell very slightly. “Are you here with someone?”

    “Nah,” he said. “Just thought I’d check it out.”

    You nodded again. Things had been going so well with you and Jay, but then he’d been gone so long working in the States and you started to catch feelings for Junseo, who you worked with, and eventually you broke up with Jay, feeling miserable about yourself and how you felt but sure that ending it with Jay was the right thing to do. You hadn’t broken up with Jay specifically to date Junseo, but more because you felt you didn’t deserve Jay’s love anymore, and Junseo didn’t ask you out until months after. But there was still part of your heart that belonged only to Jay, and sometimes in your darkest, loneliest moments you couldn’t help but compare Junseo to him. Junseo always came up short.

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Eddie’s dating profile (based on facts)

Name: Eddie Shin (Eddie from the group Aziatix)

Age: 28

I’ve stared: at this Black interviewer in the entire interview, I didn’t even blink. Me and my group Aziatix are known for being very kind to our Black fangirls, even remembering their faces and coming up to them first. We are friends with Junsu…just saying.

I Like (HyunA Solo feat. Flowsik of Aziatix)
Trouble Maker
I Like (HyunA Solo feat. Flowsik of Aziatix)

K-Song Of The Day | TroubleMaker/Hyuna Solo Ft. Flowsik-I Like

I really like this song. Maybe it’s the charm of Hyuna’s “bubble gum” rap or Flowsik’s influence. The music is very current (american pop/something that could be played on american radio) and I like the whole style of it. I’m a fan of Flowsik’s rap and producing capabilities so that makes this song even more likable. Not sure if this is Hyuna’s best song but I really like this song. Especially when the music slows down…it’s good.