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anonymous asked:

hey!! im absolutely in love with your bounty hunter au and i really want to draw a nalu thing for it haha. so i was just wondering, what would natsu look like in his human form? if you don't feel like drawing it could you just give a description? if you dont have time that's fine. thanks for the rad au!!

omg thank youuuu so much ;___;

i actually didnt draw him in human form before but he would look like this i guess :D

yes in my au natsu has creepy sharp teeth 

kittyichooseyou  asked:

In the bounty hunter Au doodles, I noticed that natsu drinks Lucy ' s blood from her finger. Is that a usual thing, or would the wearers have different preferences of where their outfits drank blood from? (if so, what would be Juvia's? )

yes it is, he drinks his blood like this 

and Juvia wants it like this

 but gray drinks like natsu XD

and Erza is like this 

btw nice to meet you kitty :D so you are the anon huh :D? 


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