did anyone listen to that BGA song??? WHY IS IT SO IRONICALLY LEGIT???


The final episode of Naruto was the most forced, unrealistic, and shitty episode of this anime I’ve ever seen.

fuk i luv.. all of u like so fuckin much u guys are honestly some of the realest and sweetest personalities i’ve ever met. Like i’ve met tons of different kids and shit and you guys and your type of people are the kindest and most respectful ever. U support the ppl u love w/o expecting anything in return and deadass i’m fucking tearing up rn ur the fuckin best people… Like i judge a lot of the shit communities on here do and some shit ppl like u guys say but in the end i genuinely do love you guys. I know i haven’t spoken to the majority of you but just knowing that ur there and like.. idk recognizing ur usernames from time to time is like  heartwarming i know it’s sounds so fuckin dumb but it is so so heartwarming.

gay knight au???

A/N: I’ve completed this AU as far as I can for now. It’s unfinished, but I hope to continue it someday. I’m just super busy and shit.

I’m going to be posting this on AO3 under the title “The Boy and the Knight.”

Anyway! I’m leaving my original commentary because tbh I’m fucking hilarious so please enjoy! Or not. Fuck you.


ok so im an idiot and suddenly had this idea for a yoi knight au because idk WHY NOT RIGHT??? fuk

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Call me old but...

Just thinking that in less than a week Season Two of Aot will come out makes me so nostalgic Aot got me into anime I was young…still in middle school..pretty awkward and not popular.. Anime brought so much joy into my life I can’t even explain how much I am grateful for it… I grew so much..craving each week a new up for months,years.

And now I’m here at the start again…

Im emotional fuk

sometimes I’m just having a normal day as I suddenly remember something from a stephen king novel that makes me halt a few seconds until I manage to continue with my life again. like I could be at the supermarket feeling avocados and suddenly a short vision of something I read when I was like 16 comes to my mind and I’m jus standing there like ‘what the fuk’

* ☾˙ ˖ heyo gals nd pals !! dis late but i’m j / jin (aka ur resident Mess™ nd minghao advocate) livin in gmt+8 :~) also ready 2 fuk shit up w my son jian .. who is also d worst .. i HATE him rip i have nothin up on his blog yet ( which color scheme is deadass inspired by tht stan smith green ) but im hella excite to write w everyone here so if u wna plot , like dis post nd i’ll slide right into ur im’s!!! but ok here’s sum more stuff abt him under d cut ( tw death ) ! 

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