E.N.D chapter 503

Attention: My friend has enlightened me

The reason Natsu leaves Lucy may not only be because he’s E.N.D, but also maybe because he is still partly himself and needs to get away from her to keep her safe, and realizes this.


I feel bad for the guy who constantly gets asks regarding Fairy Tail Spoilers, but who the fuck thinks that the more they ask, the more likely it’s gonna happen?

I think certain~ people got what was coming for them when he decided to stop with the FT spoilers, and it was a good thing that he did so, but I still wish the anons would’ve considered the rest of the fandom who’s been waiting patiently every day.

What Even FT Fandom

My phone has been broken all week and when i came back i see all my fellow fairy tail fandomers have been harassing Yonkou? I agree that i live for the spoilers too, but i have never sent anon hate to either Yonkou or Mashima. It always gets me mad when something happens in a chapter and i have no control over it. But i am a fan nonetheless. I know my place, and it could be too late for the spoiled part of this fandom to realize what they’re doing is wrong.