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Edgedancer Chapter 19

“I failed weeks ago,” Nale said. “I knew it then. Oh, God. God the Almighty. It has returned!”
“I’m sorry,” Lift said.
He looked to her, face lit red by the continuous lightning, tears mixing with the rain.
“You actually are,” he said, then felt at his face. “I wasn’t always like this. I am getting worse, aren’t I? It’s true.”
“I don’t know,” Lift said. And then, by instinct, she did something she would never have thought possible.
She hugged Darkness.
He clung to her, this monster, this callous thing that had once been a Herald. He clung to her and wept in the storm.

That scene! Actually this is for the emoji challenge, but it turns out to be far more emotional than I once expected. So there =)


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Archive Moodboards

Because I am bored and I have a need to make moodboards lately, but I am also procrastinating the mountain of personal aesthetics that I still owe, as well as all the unfinished series I have going on. These seem like a nice in-between to make it seem like I’m productive while also not exhausting my ability to aesthetic.

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- you have to be at least semi-aesthetic / as in you need to have a sizable amount of pictures reblogged, since I can’t make anything for you if you only reblog edits or moodboards other people have already created
- send me your favorite quote, a line from your favorite song, whatever you want really so I can have a theme to go with when I make your moodboard, and I’ll include it in the final post / or you can just let me do what I want and see what I end up making

For examples of what my moodboards look like: see here.


John Frusciante

I suggest listening to this with headphones, the guitar solo is transcendent. 

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I just saw a post that said this "Isn’t it funny that heroine + villain shipping was non-existent in Star Wars fandom from 1977-2015, " .... and they really seemed to mean it?? Are they lost? Do they know where they are?

I’ve seen it too! That’s what @rhodanum and I were talking about the other day—these sweeping generalizations that seem based on total ignorance of the actual history of the actual fandom. It’s like everything that came before is just background noise for TFA, not earlier parts of the same ongoing series and pop culture phenomena in their own right.

It’s also wilfully disingenuous by using ‘heroine,’ frankly. Antagonistic ships are wildly popular regardless of gender, with hero/villain a classic one. Not just any heroic character/any villainous character, but heroic protagonist/villainous antagonist. Since there literally were no female protagonists in the movies until 2015, it artificially excludes the cases that would be mostly directly analogous anyway.