Bujo spread for Weeks 1 and 2 of January 🌻👄

Finally got around to setting up my new bujo! I figured a new layout was in order for efficient space usage. Since the journal I bought has really thick paper, I’ve been having lots of fun with watercolor pencils and really letting the creative juices flow lol

Here’s a relax drawing thing from a couple of weeks ago.

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Hey Emy, I don't think this is a popular opinion but I sometimes wish that Brian never said "I love you" to Justin because he has always shown his love through actions, which counts more than words. Maybe it could be their own unique way of saying "fuck you" to conventionality, and of celebrating their love for one another? That being said, I still love that scene and the proposal even though I wish they took a different direction with the execution of the final season.

I get it, I do. I think one of the things that makes the Brian/Justin relationship so special is we could feel how much they loved each other, even without saying them saying the words, which isn’t the case for a lot of fictional relationships. Their love for each other shown through in every look, touch, and action, and that’s something really special to get to witness.

But I still think it was important for Brian to say those words, for a couple of reasons. First of all, because it was important to Justin to hear them, which is entirely valid. But also because it’s really about more than just the words themselves. Everybody knows Brian loves Justin, including Justin. Everybody sees it. But so long as Brian doesn’t say the words, he has an escape. If something should happen – if Justin leaves, or if Brian fucks everything up, or their relationship somehow implodes and leads to the type of pain he always said love induces – he can continue to hide behind the “I never loved him” facade. He can pretend Justin never meant anything to him, that he’s entirely unaffected by their relationship, that he’s still the same man he always was. 

But by explicitly telling Justin he loves him, Brian is taking a huge step in his emotional growth. All his fears he’s had about love, all his anxieties about relationships… they don’t matter anymore. Neither does his need to always be the one in control nor his desire to smother any sign of weakness or vulnerability. Brian is completely, utterly, irrevocably in love with Justin, and he’s not allowing fear to force him to keep that emotion hidden any longer.

That’s why I personally think it’s super important Brian ultimately said the words. Not because romantic couples need to say “I love you,” because as we’ve already established, everybody and their mother (literally) knows Brian loves Justin more than anything. But because it showed that the last of Brian’s walls that prevented him from fully opening up to another person. Brian’s entire journey in QAF was about getting to this point, where he can truly drop the Brian Kinney Persona and just be Brian, a man with a huge heart who learns to trust people in ways he never has before and be emotionally vulnerable with them and not care about the consequences. 

I do totally get what you’re saying, even though I respectfully disagree. However, I have no doubt that even though the words have now been exchanged, Brian and Justin will continue showing each other just how very much they love each other every single day for the rest of their lives. <33

Carisi-centric thoughts on Ep 18x10

(Carisi-centric is a stretch, lol)

Overall Thoughts

For a milestone episode, this wasn’t very memorable. I was disappointed there weren’t many references to the show’s history. I’d like to think Liv talking about mothers was one such reference, and I appreciated the subtlety of it, but it wasn’t enough for me.

These big episodes usually include returning cast members, or callbacks to old cases (SVU itself has done that well in the past), or a few quiet moments between the characters, family moments, to show how far they’ve come and how their bond has grown stronger. Especially for a show in its 18th season, with so much to draw from, I felt it was a little strange to have the big 400 just be a random episode of the week.

That said, by that standard (a random SVU episode), it was pretty good. The case was predictable as always (it was obvious the mother was shady and there was no real twist, other than showing us just how manipulative she truly was ok and that part about the son masturbating, I totally didn’t see that coming) but the trial was at least entertaining. Which brings me to:

Format Thoughts

I keep saying it, if they want to show the trials at length, they need to find ways to make them interesting. In this episode, what with Barba’s sass and the woman’s powers of persuasion and the switch of defense, I think they succeeded. Plus, it’s always good to see Buchanan and Judge Jenna. And I always love it when perps try to"read" and manipulate the jury (remember that awesome episode with Chloe Sevigny? Now that was a twist!).

But lets get to Sonny.

Sonny and Continuity

It was nice to see Sonny dealing with all the teenage boys in this episode. Both because it was consistent with Sonny’s easy camaraderie with younger males (perps, suspects, witnesses or victims) and because it reminded us that he can be sensitive and careful when handling delicate individuals. We haven’t gotten a chance to see that this season, Sonny’s gentle nature or his empathy, and I’m glad we did see it in this episode.

I also liked the way Sonny changed his demeanor a little, depending on which kid he was talking to. When he was talking to the son, he was sweet and clearly trying to be soothing, because the kid was in shock. But when he was talking to that other kid (the one the mother was also sleeping with and how convenient was that), Sonny switched to a more jock-type of a persona, all “lol yeah that kid’s a nerd”, to get the kid to open up. That’s another thing I’ve been missing this season, Sonny’s perceptiveness and adaptability.

Oh, and I did love how he casually mentioned that kid’s scholarship. That subtle threat. That’s also classic Sonny, hittin’ them where it hurts. Being smart enough to identify pressure points.

The Barisi Corner/Sonny and the Law

They spoke to each other! Sonny called Barba ‘counselor’! Height difference! Rolled-up sleeves! They were sitting together, going over the case with their lil’ notepads all mixed together! Scribbling notes on top of each other’s notes, probably! Sonny’s jacket was casually draped over Barba’s leather armchair!


Seriously though, I did love how Sonny seemed to be working with Barba on an “extra”, deeper level. Notepad and all. Not like the other cops. Liv was there for support, and to talk about the case, maybe to vent or ask Barba about how they’d proceed, but Sonny was there as a legitimate source of assistance. He was there as a partner, there to go over the evidence alongside Barba, there to exchange theories and brainstorm and talk strategy. Sonny is a lawyer, and the show only remembers that rarely, but I think they did remember it last night.

I also liked that Sonny was the one to explain the specifics of Barba’s deal to the father. It was a nice touch, because it showed both that Sonny and Barba are in sync and that Sonny is the better option to explain a somewhat complicated legal issue to a non-lawyer (as opposed to Barba who might get too technical).

I always like seeing Sonny and Barba working together harmoniously, and now that the teasing jokes are a thing of the past, because jokes suggest an actual personality it’s nice to see Barba treating Sonny as an almost-equal, as a valuable collaborator.

me @ me:

Stray Thoughts

When that hot cop was like, “what do I know, I’m a cop, not a prosecutor,” you could just see Benson thinking “oh honey, you have so much to learn.”


MATT FROM 90210 oh crap i’m dating myself He did look great though (I’m talking about the kid’s father, for you tumblr youths), and he was one of the better actors in the episode.

“His mother is… complicated” lol I wonder who wrote that line.

So my friends and I had a last minute photoshoot, where I was supposed to be another character but ended up being casualish (really wavy hair) Luna lol. My friend became my substitute Noctis and because they were actually cosing modern/casual Hak from Yona, you don’t get to see their face lol. I actually can’t wait to finally finish Luna and have the entire group together.
Btw, this Hak is going to be my Ignis lol.  

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