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Hello again guys!  Here are some tips about brushes- once again, I’m no expert, so explore these points on your own!  Some of these are a little more abstract, while others are to help deal with minor brush annoyances ;)

1.  PHOTOSHOP BRUSHES are based on a “stamp” system, not a brush system like some painting programs. That is why photoshop brushes are great for things like chains and repeated patterns, but you have to fiddle with them a bit to make them look natural.
2.  The first brush setting underneath the brush panel you must become familiar with is “transfer.” this tab plays with the opacity and flow of the brush.  
3.  As stated in previous tutorials, the essential hotkeys for brushwork are:
[/]= brush size larger and smaller
alt= eyedropper tool
Numbers= opacity of brush
Shift+Number= flow of brush
4.  Brush icon not showing up/ behaving correctly?  Usually one of four things: Caps Lock is on, Edit in Quick Mask Mode is on (which can be found on your left main tool panel), the brush blend mode is on a different setting (found next to opacity and flow), or you have something selected (crtl+d will do the trick). 
5.  DON’T knock the photoshop brush sets that come with the program.  Many artists I know use these brushes while tweaking the settings.  Consider utilizing settings such as dual brush and texture to make these ordinary brushes great.
6.  Brushes with large amounts of detailed texture tend to pixelate and not work correctly when scaled down too far. 
7.  Trying to create a natural brush tip? Brush settings>Shape Dynamics> Angle Jitter> Control: Direction. This will make the brush more natural and dependent on how you stroke your pen. 
8. Do you use a signature/watermark a lot? A certain shape or pattern? Make it a brush. 
9. When changing things like opacity and flow in both the brush settings and the layer settings, Photoshop will sort of get “stuck” there, and you will see the number highlighted.  Simply hit enter (don’t bother reaching for the mouse!) and it will go away.
10.  Rotating the canvas will help you with your brushstrokes. Shift+R rotates the canvas in nice equal increments, and is a easy way to set the rotation back to 0.
11. Texture brushes just don’t look right?  Make a selection, zoom out, and make the brush slightly bigger while you paint. Think of them as big sponges, not brushes.

Thanks again guys! I have a lot of tutorial requests from you, and I’ll be working through more soon! 


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Hi, Anea. I'm super excited about the upcoming BATB movie but very disappointed in Belle's iconic ball gown like many others. That said, I'm not a fashion person, other than realizing that yellow can be a hard color to pull off, so I don't know how the dress could have been made better. My question, then, would be what kind of alternative material/cut/etc. could have made the dress more like in the animation (better, iconic, gorgeous, flowing, all that stuff)? Thank you!

All I ask for is Belle’s golden dress as designed by Miguel Angel Huidor, for Stage Entertainment. Soft yellow sprinkled with gold, gorgeous drapes, a Rococo touch, always spectacular. 

Had the upcoming BATB movie shown this dress, it would have been an utter legend and copied to death. It offers so much for the eye to look at, without really stealing the focus from the Belle actress. Just complimenting her.

I think that’s the problem with the BATB movie dress - it doesn’t have any details or any oomph, nothing for the eye to look at. Which is nice enough for the actress, as it’s full focus on her. But it’s quite underwhelming for being *the* golden dress everyone had expectations for.

If I could choose I would have given the dress a more subtle yellow shade, maybe by adding a sequin overlay on the silk, or more ornamentation as that seen on the hem. I would also have given the bodice a more historical touch, by adding a sequinned or pleated “bertha” neckline.

Like this 1860s Emile Pingat dress:

( http://www.metmuseum.org/art/collection/search/82430 )

So yeah, a paler shade, more overlay details, more details in general, or a way more spectacular neckline at least. That’s stuff I would have added.

Today, state employees had the day off because of Pope Francis’ visit to Portugal. A columnist wrote an article complaining because he didn’t have anyone to babysit his children, he said something like “Prime Minister, I just want to know where should I drop my kids off for you to take care of them”. And I shit you not, the actual Prime Minister of Portugal babysat four kids this morning like it was nothing.

some less discussed hdm moments/elements/plots i’m super pumped to see in the tv show:

  • lyra being a little shit in jordan - lyra getting drunk off her ass, lyra being a little shit to the scholars, lyra fucking around in the catacombs only to have headless ghosts haunt her at night. give me my little shit of a child lyra
  • will parry and his cat moxie straight up killing a man
  • marisa coulter letting lord boreal believe she’s charmed by him and totally into him, then straight up poisoning him and leaving him in a tent to die when he stops being useful to her
  • marisa coulter leading an army of spectres?? marisa coulter being terrifying as fuck????
  • but then: marisa coulter in the cave with lyra; marisa, despite all of asriel’s caution, charming him and deceiving him and then escaping asriel’s captivity to spy for him
  • everything that marisa does between escaping asriel and then him saving her from the exploding power station tbh
  • then marisa lying with all her being to motherfucking right hand of god, ruler of heaven metatron??? marisa playing him???
  • people talk a lot about marisa in the golden compass but seriously. marisa in the amber spyglass. she’s terrifying and spectacular and i love her
  • anyway
  • mary motherfucking malone
  • mary being dragged into this weird world of parallel universes and angels and shit and being all “fuck it, i’m too tired to try and doubt this shit, i’ll just go with it”
  • cynic mary having this childlike excitement and wonder for all the things she encounters, yet still being scientific and analytical about it
  • mary and the mulefa. mary and atal
  • the mulefa!!!!! give me my alien elephants on wheels children who are so pure and good!!!!!! the real angels of this story tbh
  • okay now this is really niche but: ama, the himalayan girl who helped will wake up lyra in the cave? she’s pure and fierce and brave, i love that little girl
  • gallivespians. all gallivespians. then also tialys and salamakia in particular. hand-sized people who ride giant dragonflies and can kill you with a stab of their ankle spurs and take no shit from no one. how fucking metal is that
  • the knife breaking, the reforging of the knife, that’s some good intense shit
  • the world of the dead. will and lyra in the world of the dead. it’s gonna be fucked up. just fuck me up i’m ready
  • i’m gonna stop but this is still just a partial list really
  • no but listen???
  • this whole trilogy, this whole (multi) universe, it’s so fucking reach and beautiful and detailed and poetic and overwhelming and flowing with iconic moments and things that i love so dearly
  • fuck the daemons hype i’m dying to see all the other details, literally everything else
  • and with the team being so keen to stick to the source material?? i’m gonna die and i’m gonna love it

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And they can have human disguises. So little alien changing up their looks to fit their mood for the day. Looking like Adrien's clone one day to being the fashion icon with flowing hair in any color.

A little alien baby with disguise to look like their human family memberssssss I’m DYING



Nicknames:   Selkie.
Preferred pronouns:   HE/HIM/THEY/THEM
Are you a morning person?:   No, I mean my brain works partially but mornings aren’t my friends. 
When swimming, do you prefer to do it in the ocean, or in a lake?:  Ocean.


When did you first join? How old is your current account?:  Like in 2012 I think. Mako is turning one year in less than four months. : )
Any peeves?:   Many.


Do you easily get jealous?:   More or less.
Do you easily get angry?:   Unless you touch specific topics, nope.
Are you easy to cheer up?:   Yep. 
Are you good at hiding your emotions?:   Nope.


Favourite drink:   Soda Antarctica (although it’s not in Argentina yet), good coffee and… cold water when it’s hot.
Favourite food:  Gimme a good pizza and I’m a Happy Seal™
Most calming place?:   My bed, any nature-filled place, any observatory dome.

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Thoughts on “The Trial”

Ugh, I need to talk about Dib more, but I honestly have so much to say about Zim. Like how you know he’s afraid of something or slightly upset or disappointed just by looking at his face. A lot of people seem to think that Zim is too dumb to understand when things aren’t going his way, when really, he is actually pretty aware of what is going on. He just chooses to ignore any upsetting information for the sake of his morale and decides to think positive. The biggest example of this was in The Trial, which if the show had continued long enough, would definitely be in my top 10 favorite episodes of the show. This episode basically pushes Zim into a corner and crushes his defense mechanisms until he can’t deny the obvious anymore:

  • ZIM (CONCERNED) EXISTENCE EVALUATION? But..THOSE are for criminals…and space clowns.
  • ZIM (AGHAST) A world that does not remember ZIM??
  • ZIM looks around at the hateful eyes upon him. The Tallest LAUGH insanely, and the crowd soon follows suit. The BRAINS lift ZIM up, and even THEY are laughing now. Things do not look good, and ZIM knows it.
  • ZIM (UNCOMFORTABLE) No, she called me just last week. Yeah… she’s doin’ fine. Really.
  • ZIM’s looks up, shocked.
  • ZIM’s eyes widen with dread. He spits out food.
  • Now ZIM looks really sick, and actually scared for his life.
  • ZIM seems to shrink.
  • ZIM (HORRIFIED) But I can’t LIVE without my PAK
  • ZIM watches a monitor, horrified, as the data-stream is shown leaving a ZIM icon and flowing into a trashcan icon. His life is ending.
  • ZIM (PANICKING) No… THIS IS A MISTAKE!! Have I mentioned that I AM ZIM!!!??

What’s neat about this is how the situation deconstructs his character. We get to see Zim being forced to acknowledge some pretty harsh things about himself: that the Tallests hate him, his entire race hate’s him, he’s failed to prove himself to the empire, and the icing on the cake: he’s a defective. Not only that, he’s simultaneously being hit with the fact that he’s about to die! This episode is about Zim at his lowest point, and the extreme contrast that follows later is what makes it for me. This episode has Zim’s emotions going through extremes: from the sickening dread of being forced to watch his own impending death, to extreme relief and pride of being dubbed, “THE MOST INCREDIBLE IRKEN EVER!!!” and getting 10 free minutes of piloting the massive. With that in mind, imagine how this episode would’ve looked animated! Can you imagine what Zim fearing for his life would’ve looked like?

   ➤➤➤“what 4th wall?” 

        ㋡ which icon of them that mun has is their favorite?
                 which one do they never want to see mun use again or ever? 

   ❛ favourite. i look awesome. medieval england is truly the best place to kick up a rock concert. all that dust in the air! 

   ❛ least favourite. AND she had the gall to animate it!