Setting up shop

WTX Antifa writes: Trying to network and set up a region. Anything you can do to help me would be appreciated.

We’ve already pointed out our post about how to find and reach out to local antifa and/or set up your own antifa crew.  Once you’ve got that going, it’s only natural to want to reach out to other antifa crews nearby.

There is a long & fruitful history of antifa setting up networks like this, from The Syndicate in the U.S. Midwest in the 1980s/90s to the Anti-Racist Action Network in the U.S. and Anti-Fascist Action in the UK in the 90s and early 00s to modern networks like The Torch (US), the Anti-Fascist Network (UK) or La Horde (France).  

Of course, there are huge advantages to having a network of fellow antifa - like having people to bounce ideas off of, share intel. with, track the fash across the region, and have people you know and trust that can be there to have your back when you need people to have your back.   

Some things that will help you get off to the right start here:

1) Is there an existing network that you’re able to connect with and join?  Do some googling and see what you can see!

2) You should start with antifa in other areas that you already know or trust, especially people you know IRL.  Face-to-face, personal connections are always more reliable than peeps you only know on the ‘nets.

3) If you’re meeting with other anti-fascists you haven’t met in-person before, you should take some common-sense security precautions.  

4) Once it looks like you’re going to have a regional network set up, it’s a good idea to establish some points of unity that all the network chapters agree with like Anti-Racist Action’s Points Of Unity.  This lets everyone in the network know that you’re on the same page and have the same ideas and principles regarding your anti-fascist/anti-racist work.  You can then use this as a prerequisite for new members and new chapters to join the network.

We are totally looking forward to the blossoming of antifa networks all over the place!

when i see ppl talkin about bashing fash on here like… ur obviously not going 2 bcuz if u were u wouldnt b postin ya ass out on here 2 asio 

if u wanna act tough good on u but whatever just sayin ur gonna smash fash without actually doin anything does jack shit…. go 2 rallies…. organise….