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Dinna Fash

Dear Mistress Wretched,

T’ celebrate two months o’ marrit bliss, I surprised me new wife wit’ a wifi-free romantic getaway in early March. T'other day she managed a wee peek at her email when we hiked t’ the village for supplies, but didna get int’ any social media before all hell broke loose, and we made a quick escape. Ye’d think some lads had never seen such a bonnie bride before, never mind her being marrit to a jealous Highlander.

Thank ye kindly for your message of concern. I’m back t’ the village on my own this time, and want t’ tell ye me Sweetknees is enjoying me and our vacation verra much. I’m sure she’ll check int’ the Tumblring when we return to Inverness. Or Winnipeg. Or t’ the village, if the locals have their way.

Please thank her other friends for their expressions of concern. It comforts me t’ ken me wife spends her computer time wit’ such kind wummen.

Best wishes,

Murtagh FitzGibbbons Fraser ⚔️

Copies: Mistress Hildegard, Mistress Jem, Mistress 87, who also emailed me wife

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I’m not trying to get validation, nor do I need it anymore. All I can say is from the bottom of my heart is, I’m so grateful that I have the opportunity to be able to share what I love every single day with people that I love. And I have to say thank you so much to my fans, because you guys are so damn loyal, and I don’t know what I did to deserve you. But if you are broken, you do not have to stay broken. And if that’s anything, whether you respect me or not, that’s one thing you should know about me is, I care about people. And thank you so much for this, this is for you. Thank you.