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Heyyy Daisy! 💕 Just wondering, do you know any places to get cute slightly dressier shoes? I need some because my feet grew and now I only have 1 pair :'(

i don’t know any exact places but some stores i’ve bought shoes from are novo, country road, zara, hannahs, kmart, warehouse, number 1 shoes; it is better to try on shoes in store. i’ll recommend some cute styles of dressier shoes instead:

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Imagine Ellen and Brian embarrassing Jamie and Claire about how obviously newlyweds they are.

Brian and Ellen AU

“I’m so mortified.”

Jamie turned back to face his wife.

“It’s no’ like she’s never seen me nekkid, or a nekkid woman before, Sassenach. Dinna fash.”

Claire stopped, tugging his hand to face her. Over his shoulder, she could see someone lighting candles in the windows of the main house.

“I know she’s your mother, but I still don’t really *know* her, Jamie. And I *knew* we should have tried to find more privacy – ”

“The shady trees behind the broch is about as private as ye’ll get here,” he said softly, thumb tracing her knuckles. “God knows I was so happy to find ye, what with ye leaving so early this morning to gather yer wee herbs.”

She pursed her lips. “I felt – overcome with need, Jamie.” Her voice was quiet, and her eyes downcast. She always had such trouble expressing her feelings – and the depth of her feelings – and that she would so boldly state them now did not go unnoticed.

He stepped closer, took her basket from her free hand, set it down, and touched his forehead with hers. Quietly they breathed each other in.

“I did too, Claire. There’s no shame in it. And it’s grown deeper since last night, aye?”

Last night – they night they had finally said those three magic words to each other. Words that were long felt, but long overdue to be spoken.

She nodded, swallowing. “It’s like I told you – once I start, I’ll never be able to stop.”

He kissed her eyelids. “Tell me, once more.”

She touched her lips to his, whispering, “I love you.”

He stole her breath – and then, after a long moment, breathed those same words against her lips.

And they would have remained there, right outside the dooryard, for hours – whispering, caressing, just ecstatic to be alive and married to each other – had Claire’s stomach not voiced its emptiness.

They broke apart, laughing. Jamie bent to retrieve Claire’s basket, twined his fingers through hers, and walked beside her through the dooryard and into the house.

Turning the corner to the sitting room – hoping for a few private moments in their bedroom before supper – they were stopped cold.

“Ah, I was just about to send Murtagh out after ye!”

Brian was on the setee, a tumbler of whisky beside him, massaging the salve Claire had made him into his aching joints.

“There’s no need to be so worrit, Da,” Jamie said softly, shifting from foot to foot, impatient to be alone with Claire. “I ken weel when it’s suppertime. Dinna want to disappoint Mrs. Crook.”

“Those are wise words. And a wiser man will pick a more private spot next time.”

Claire flushed scarlet – but said nothing, knowing it was not her place.

“I am the laird of this estate, Da. I should be able to have some privacy on my own lands.” Jamie squeezed Claire’s fingers in apology – steel hardening his voice.

Brian cocked his dark head. “Ye are no’ the laird yet, lad. But I’ll ask ye to act like one. I dinna begrudge yer love for yer wife – but remember her honor. And remember where ye are, every second of every day – ye never know when a tenant may walk by. And some of the tenants have their eye on Claire – future laird’s wife or no.”

“Jamie?” Ellen rounded the corner from the kitchen, wiping her hands on a grubby apron. She slipped beside Brian on the setee and helped herself to his tumbler of whisky.

“Did ye really have to tell Da, Mam? It could have stayed between us.”

Claire glared at her husband – but he ignored her.

Ellen laughed. “Of course I did – and no’ for the reason ye’d expect.”

“Oh, aye? And what’s that, then? Are ye saying ye didna want to shame me in front of my own wife?”

“Shame has nothing to do wi’ it. If yer Claire is anything like yer Mam, Jamie – I’d wager she’s the reason why ye were out there flat on yer back in the first place.”

Ellen smiled. “Aye - it’s a bonny spot, behind the broch. We ken it weel.”

Jamie’s mouth gaped – and Claire shook her head, so happy to be a part of this strange but loving family. “Come on, Jamie. Let’s freshen up before supper? Want to make sure you get all the twigs out of your hair.”

She tugged Jamie up the stairs. Brian and Ellen’s laughter followed them all the way to the third floor.

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Do you have some outfit ideas for people with an hourglass shape ;-;? My bust is huge and my waist tiny and I don't know how to dress! Everything either looks baggy or just not fitting + I look larger than I am! Please help if you've got the time ;w;

dang gurl you got them curves! tbh you’d look good it everything so I think maybe you are just struggling to find the correct size(?) ofc, there are items that fit the bust but doesn’t necessarily satisfy your waist vice versa. however, it is a little difficult for me to suggest you particular clothes because I don’t know the style you are after ;; 

  • body hugging pieces are great for showcasing the +ve’s of your body shape. (1 2 3)
  • cropped items are wonderful for showcasing your waist! (1 2 3)
  • i think off the shoulders tops look nice on everyone ; u ; (1 2 3)
  • the classic tee tucked in + high waisted shorts combo

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hey daisy, what would u recommend to wear with tribal shorts? :~)

are those the ones with really gorgeous patterns ; u ;? i would recommend wearing something simple/plain on the top to bring out the shorts!

you can also wear a shawl to keep you safe from the summer sun.

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While you're talking about Scots, I just had a realisation! Do you think fash, as in dinna fash yersel, comes from French fâcher? Interesting that it's a French loanword only in Scots, rather than coming through English.

very possibly! that sounds quite likely to me :) 

dinna fash yersel = don’t get yourself worked up

se fâcher (contre) = to get cross with, to get irritated

Scotland and France actually have a very long-lasting alliance and cultural exchange that was place into official legislation in 1295 with an alliance treaty known as The Auld Alliance. France and Scotland shared troops, food, art and architecture, language and general culture for the centuries to come (mostly they agreed to back each other up against England). Although the Alliance has technically ended, there are still many ties between Scotland and France that don’t involve England at all, and of course many Scots words have come from French, for example ‘ashet’ from ‘assiette’. 

In Scotland, a well-known phrase is ‘san ferry ann’ which is actually just an alteration of the phrase ‘ça ne fait rien’, and there are lots of links in courtroom jargon because the French and Scots shared laws and legal systems. It’s actually crazy the amount of links we have if you start spotting them!