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my favorite thing about shiro wearing eyeliner is the first time we see him clearly wearing winged eyeliner… he's on kerberos… like he woke up that morning at the edge of the solar system… literally the farthest humanity has ever gone… and was like… matt hand me my liquid brush

Shiro has his goddamn #priorities straight!

Fake Dating

i decided to make another list and what better trope. i know there are tons of fics about it and i’ve only listed the ones at the top of head, but you can add your favourites too. there is never too much fake dating

one shots




||God dammit kookie||

He might of been your best-friend but at times….. he was just……yeah

“Your lucky I’m not there to slap you jeon”

“You love me 😜

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How To Drown In The Desert

Summary: Conducting a diplomatic mission on a nearby planet, Shiro and Allura have to pretend to be married to build rapport with the locals. Easier said than done―especially when they just happen to be secretly in love with each other. Fake relationship AU
Rating: High T for possible sexual scenes later on, possible language, etc.
Timeline: post-season 1 finale, about a year later. Disregards all of future season 2, obviously.
Pairings: Shallura, very mild Klance

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                                                for @rolierose,
                                  who’s comic inspired this story.

                                       CHAPTER ONE: Knockout

Allura, like most Alteans, respected privacy. It was an important component of any relationship, having sturdy boundaries. One would never walk in on another Altean cleaning their ears, after all, and many acts like changing and bathing that were commonplace among many species―but now being one of two Alteans left, she couldn’t help but wonder how Earthlings could be so incredibly comfortable with each other in those private acts.

Lance and Hunk kept the bathroom door open when it was the two of them, and Keith would wear Lance’s baggy shirts whenever they were doing laundry and had none of his own. And the whole team, Shiro included, would carry Pidge back to bed when they fell asleep, the blue glow of their tablet illuminating their face. It was a kind of intimacy, a show of vulnerability, that was nearly foreign to her by now. She couldn’t always let her guard down around Coran, even, when he looked to her for leadership the way he did, even though he was technically her advisor. How was it that the Paladins did so with ease around one another?

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