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This leather sheath/sleeve keeps your classic Opinel no. 6 knife safe and protected. Whether you keep your knife in your pocket or your bag, this sleeve makes sure your knife doesn’t accidentally open (if you forget to lock it closed) and protects the rest of the contents of your pocket from scratches. The sleeve also prevents the wooden handle from getting mashed up from keys and stuff.



Spotlight: Urban EDC Supply

In an age where the number of items we call necessities increase, one would be hard-pressed to leave home without an abundance of what they regard as “essentials.”

These particular items that call pockets home can tell a lot about a person and Urban EDC Supply has lead the line in offering what the contemporary man or woman deems important enough to warrant a place on them each day.

With a huge focus on collaboration, supreme quality, and the art of Everyday Carry essentials, Urban EDC Supply releases a “Gear Drop” every Wednesday at noon Pacific Time with a limited edition selection of the latest and greatest in hand-made goods.

What makes Urban EDC Supply especially dope? It’s the ability to merge the lines of style and Everyday Carry supplies. No longer does tactical gear have to be an eye-sore. Peep the brand’s full range and get a pair of essentials for yourself now at urbanedcsupply.com



IWI US Tavor with RPM Tool hand guard, BCM accessories, Fab Defense Podium, Magpul Core D60, and EOTECH

H&K VP9 Tactical with spare mags in KYTEX Shooting Gear mag carriers

Warrior Culture Gear jacket and hat

RATS tourniquet, Leatherman Raptor & OHT

Streamlight Ultra Stinger

SOG Fasthawk

Hazard 4 California Plan B Sling Pack

Israeli Gas Mask

Gear Head Works CZ Stock adapter and Tailhook makes one of the best best Pistol brace set-ups available. Stock adapter shipping later this month.

No NFA Paperwork needed with this set-up, considered a pistol with stabilizing brace.