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Can you recommend me some good anime/ mangas to watch/ read? But not popular ones. Thanks

ohoho you are in the right blog my love


Toshokan sensō

Ikoku meiro no croisée

3-gatsu no Lion

Natsume Yuujinchou (This is so good yet so underwatched)

Akatsuki no yona (The anime is like the best thing sp has ever done and yet it is so underated)

91 days

Aoi Bungaku Series


Donten ni Warau


Gugure! Kokkuri-san

Higashi no Eden

Houkago no Pleiades

Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha.


Kanojo to Kanojo no Neko: Everything Flows

Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu

Kuzu no honkai

I will post the manga list later

Why you find Rolling Stones-labeled audio cassettes in the Stasi archives

Telephones in the GDR had as standard an extra wire that was not connected. Stasi officers disguised as telephone workers could connect this wire, and the telephone would transmit everything said in the room to the Stasi central even if the phone was cradled. The audio would be taped on standard audio cassettes, written down, and the tapes were re-used. As there was a shortage of cassettes (domestic production never kept up with demands), the Stasi stole every cassette they could find in postal parcels from the west, so in the Stasi archive one can find cassettes on which for instance Rolling Stones albums were originally recorded, but which now contain wiretapped conversations of random citizens.


Where I Want To Be - Chess

Let’s be honest this is completely just me venting on paper and for some reason I chose Darkiplier cuz why not


I’m glad JK Rowling has wrote about some other wizarding schools, but there needs to be more. Here are my suggestions.

-Indian/Middle Eastern Wizarding School. India has one of the highest populations in the world, and they can’t all go to Mahoutokoro/Uagadou. 

- Chinese Wizarding School. China has the highest population, and a very unique culture of it’s own, so it should have it’s own school to reflect that

-Canadian Wizarding School. We need a school made out of Hufflepuffs! 

-Australian/New Zealand/Pacific Islands Wizarding School. They are so far away from every confirmed school. Right now, Australian wizards persuing magical education are screwed

-Mexican Wizarding School. Where are Mexican Wizards supposed to go? With America’s crappy immigration laws, it would be hard to go Ilvermorny, or they can go all the way down to Brazil! I think not. 


LA Devotee - Panic! At the Disco
Supernatural AU - @purrtlepuff - Light Blue
Against All Odds - @royalflushstories - Dark Green

Sorry if this is confusing! I tried to make it relatively intuitive with the colors and such but I understand it might be tricky to understand what’s going on if you aren’t familiar with both stories, especially since there’s not really much in the way of chronology to this. TBH I mostly did this for my sis and myself and I’m really happy it’s turned out well :D I hope you enjoy watching it and I hope you are having a great day 

To the Government, Saudi Arabia is 'The Kingdom Whose Name We Dare Not Speak At All'
Theresa May has oddly declined to comment on the reported arrest of the mini-skirted lass who was videotaped cavorting through an ancient Najd village this week, provoking unexpected roars of animalistic male fury in a kingdom known for its judicial leniency, political moderation, gender

Revolutionary Eye:- Spell it out:profit to them always outweighs human life