*me shaking my girlfriend awake at 3am* isn’t it pretty fucked up how we all just immediately started voting on these lizards in that election? and like what were we electing them for? what are their politics? do we have a lizard president now? where do they stand on gun control? babe wake up. it’s messed up we don’t even know their last names. babe they’re lizards.

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No, she didn't see through the mask. Candy didn't like Deborah because of her appearance and that other people liked her very much. Same thing happened to the first time Candy saw Priya for the first time. Jealousy af. She doesn't like people that can be considered "competition".

*shrugs* Fine. If that’s how you see it. That’s how the characters saw it as too from their point of view while Candy was trying to get information on Deborah and figure out why she had returned to the school. Her curiosity gets her into trouble. But Candy also had a bad feeling about Deborah and didn’t trust her until she got opinions from others in the school. Even then she wasn’t thoroughly convinced until she heard from everyone, including Nathaniel who was still absent. Deborah scoffed at her wanting his opinion on anything and that didn’t sit well with Candy. And in the end, Candy called her on it and it was confirmed what Deborah’s true motives were. To get what she wanted/needed to continue her career, no matter who she hurt. The others saw Candy’s attitude as being jealous too when she was trying to get a recording of Deborah confessing her plans, was framed for dumping water on Deborah and so forth. All in an effort to make her friends realize Deborah is not the person they thought she was and to keep Castiel from being used again.

As for Priya, Candy was still on the fence from the last time a new girl came to school. I mean, last time they turned half the school against her, so she was more likely still recovering from Debroah’s aftermath. But in this episode, YOU can choose whether to be nice or to keep your distance. So Candy’s attitude in that scenario was completely up to you. Plus Priya had the misfortune of arriving just as Candy was FINALLY coming to terms with her feelings for one of the guys. It’s not Priya’s fault that she gets along with others so easily. But Candy was becoming afraid that if she didn’t make her feelings known soon, the guy she is interested in may end up falling for someone else because she never made a move. That episode pushed her to that realization and gave her the motive to invite them out on a date.

Have a good day dear. Hope you’re still enjoying the fandom in some way.


April 4th, 2017

thank you to all the friends that’ve met in these last two months and thank you to all of you for helping me find a place in this beautiful community, you could’t possibly know how much you all mean to me. 


Oh, ah, thanks for wearing a shirt and tie; looks great. Can’t talk you into a hair cut, can I?
The Negotiator - 3x15

*panicked and rowdy journalists at a press conference* Yes Ms Debra! Ms Debra! Now that you’re running for office, what is your foreign policy initiative for America going forward?

MC Debra: If I see Israel acting up again I’mma do this–

And how would you handle Republican dissent if you were to make executive decisions?
MC Debra: I’ll give you a teaser. Cameraman, tell me not to do something.

What’s your plan to revitalize the economy? How will you help the lower-middle class?
MC Debra: We goin’ to take–


Figured I might as well upload these together since I missed yesterday.

On the left we have Raven Oni, they’re the flying type gym leader in Ensai (the predecessor of Skye) and may or may not be a bird. They might be able to actually fly?? They’re also very sweet and caring, and will support those who need it.

And then on the right is Deborah, the gangly Kadabra. I imagine she probably cut her mustache herself. She’s like an honors student that’s always about to have a breakdown. She’s an orphan that was taken in by other wild Pokemon who are helping her regain stability (and she has a huge crush on the Aggron that helps her.) She tends to carry around her spoon in her mouth when she’s not using it.

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