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This is one of my FAVORITE Harlequin Historicals of all time. It’s set (so far as I can tell) in England under King Edward (the first one) and it starts out with the heroine Aisley de Laci being married off to the:



DEVIL CURSED terror of the realm, that monstrous figure, the Red Knight… His name is Piers.

Oh. Oh this book, okay?

I need to re-read it, because it’s been years, but STAY TUNED for a heck of a review when the time comes. 

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(Purple Guy!Dean) Dean whimpered as he looked at the bodies shaking in fear trying to think of what to do he had two choices. Hide the bodies or go out and tell about what he had just done to his employer, a man who he looked up to as a father figure. Taking a few deep breathes he knew what he had to do and stood up looking at the bodies sadly "I-I'm sorry" he tells them before leaving the room.

“What do you MEAN you don’t know where they are?!” A woman’s voice was heard yelling in the hall. It was Deborah Greene, Tricia and Travis’ mom. 

“Deborah, please calm down.” Mr. Fazbirch said. 


Ahn Hye-Jin, more commonly known by her stage name of ‘Hwasa’ is the lead vocalist, lead rapper, and youngest member of the girl group MAMAMOO. The KPOP side of Tumblr loves to rave about her gorgeous body, but she’s much more than a beautiful shape. Hwasa has a vibrant personality, a beautiful voice, and very striking features that make her stand out amongst her group members.

  • Ethnicity: Korean
  • Playable Ages: 21 - 26
  • Could Replace: Holland Roden, Megan Fox, Molly Quinn, Dianna Agron, & Deborah Ann Woll
  • Playable Personalities: The bitch/mean girl, the workaholic, the vixen, the rebel/bad girl, the maternal one, the heiress, the activist, and much more!


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Jewish groups mobilize in Baton Rouge to aid flood victims
Tight-knit Jewish community faces devastation, looks for ways to help some 300,000 people, many of whom lost nearly all their belongings

The city’s small Jewish community, numbering about 1,500, has turned its focus to helping flood victims. The local federation is raising money to help victims and has received an emergency donation of $25,000 from the Jewish Federation of Greater New Orleans.

Two social workers have volunteered with the federation to help victims cope with the disaster’s psychological effects, and the federation is hoping to hire a full-time social worker to that end. Once it has assessed the overall need, the federation hopes to assist non-Jewish victims, too.

Meanwhile, the city’s two synagogues and Chabad have worked to help Jewish victims, pairing each affected family with another Jewish “buddy” family that checks in with them daily. Families who have lost their homes have taken up residence with family and friends.

“While we are small, we are a very tight-knit Jewish community,” said Deborah Sternberg, president of the Reform Congregation B’nai Israel. “Everyone knows everyone. We stick together and support each other. It has been very tough for the families that experienced loss. What has been so amazing is how quickly the community has stepped up in Baton Rouge.”

Nechama, a Minnesota-based Jewish disaster relief organization, has mobilized 100 volunteers to work on damaged houses since last week. The group has assessed the damage at 25 houses, and is clearing them out one by one in a process called “muck and gut.”


Collages by Deborah Stevenson

Deborah Stevenson was born in Washington, DC. She grew up in Tokyo, went to high school in Baltimore, and got her BA from Sarah Lawrence College in NY.  

I began working in paper collage in 2010. I mix classical with commercial/quotidian imagery, with the intent of creating provocative juxtapositions exploring concepts of power, the Feminine, and the mysterious. The collage pieces arise in an “automatic” way, presenting themselves spontaneously as I mix and move the pictures around on the table in front of me.  There is no specific “goal” or intent when I begin - it’s more as though I am letting the images find each other, and facilitating their communion when they “speak” to each other.  

Stay updated follow her work on Facebook or buy prints.

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Look how tiny Deobrah Ann Woll (Karen Page) looks compared to Mike Colter (Luke Cage). I always thought she was tall. 

Okay I just googled it and she is 5′10″ the same height as Charlie Cox. But Mike Colter is 6′3″. So now I can’t wait for a scene in the Defenders where Luke Cage picks up Daredevil and carries him around in his pocket.