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This is my entry into the 2016 Breyerfest Customs Contest. It took an incredible amount of work. They are extreme resculpts of Marwari and Phar Lap mounted into a splash base that was sculpted, molded, and cast by me. Coloring is in pastels, acrylics, and pastel pencil. Although they’re extreme customs, I was torn over whether to submit them into the Most Creative or Most Extreme divisions, and in the end I left it to a friend to decide and he chose Most Creative. I’m glad he did, because they won their division! I have two big-ass ribbons that I’m going to keep forever!

It is up for auction now: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Breyerfest-2016-Best-Customs-Contest-WINNER-Fighting-Breyer-Horses-LSQ-CM-Custom-/162147769739?hash=item25c0c29d8b:g:Bs8AAOSwRgJXlepR

I’m SO humbled that they won because the competition was absolutely stunning. It included a wonderful little zebra, a massive and incredible Alborozo pegasus, a really clever light-up demon horse, an incredibly creative lying foal transformed into a baby giraffe, and the tiniest and most adorable sea-dragon horse you ever saw. The competition was so amazing that I actually gave up any hope of winning and to my great eternal shame, was asleep outside in my car at the time the prizes were awarded (I’d just had a medical procedure and was exhausted.) I woke up at 11pm (the time you need to collect your work lest it forever become the property of Breyer.) So I ran in to find everyone packing up and my horse witting alone in the middle of the table with not one, but TWO ribbons. I stood in confusion for a moment until an organizer approached and told me I’d won! It took a while to process that! 

I regret not spending more time meeting people, but I did meet and speak to so many amazing artists and customizers and learned so much. Breyerfest was wonderful and though I probably won’t enter the customs contest next year, I will definitely be attending again!