Can I just say one thing? If the personal life of a celebrity affects you to the point of feeling physically or mentally ill in any way, it is absolutely not good for you nor healthy in any way. It breaks my heart to see people feel literally sick over one picture. I know nobody asked for my advice, but I’m giving it anyway. Don’t take everything so seriously and don’t ever let the personal lives of celebrities have such a big impact on your own personal lives.


1. I don’t care if you are in love with Harry and want him for yourself, or if you think Kendall is a bad person, but calling her names and tearing her down on a public domain is not going to change the fact that they are friends.

2. You cannot call yourself a feminist and simultaneously tear a woman down in ANY way, shape or form. So if you find that’s what you’re doing, check yourself and reevaluate your words.

Society already pits us against each other and makes money off of it.

Ladies, let’s empower one another.

i’m not surprised hearing the gunshot. i mean, we’ve heard it ever since bulletproof to skool luv affair teaser and then again in jimin’s teaser lie. although, i was very curious as to why jimin had gotten “shot” in his Wings teaser, but never really thought about it because i figured it was a part of the song. however, when the song released and there were no gunshots, i was like, “okaaaaaaayyy… wtf?” but thought nothing of it. 

and here we go, Not Today having two gunshots in the mv and all the boys going down except for jungkook, who had a vision like That’s So Raven. and i’m just… not fcking with theories anymore. lmao

Updated Redbubble Store + Life Update

Hey guys, I wanted to let you know I added more art to my store (Miraculous Ladybug & Mystic Messenger).
Once I get better at art I’ll eventually open up a private store and start prints/chains/etc., but for now I’m ONLY using Redbubble as a store. My margin isn’t large at all, so it’s mainly for you guys if you want stickers or something :).

LIFE UPDATE: I got accepted into LCAD for animation! Now just waiting to hear back from Sheridan. If I get accepted, I’m gonna have to decide between LCAD, Sheridan, and CSUF 😱😱. Thanks for being so patient with me guys! I’m gonna finish my commissions up & then draw some ACOMAF art :3c

anonymous asked:

I have a John related question and if you don't feel like discussing anything related to the show, I can understand. Do u think one of the reasons why John feels sidelined this season has to do with the way Mary is written? The writers not only gave his function within the show to her, they sort of implied that she is better at it. She can not only keep up with Sherlock but also has better chemistry with him. They wanted to boost her up and I feel in doing so seriously undermined John's position

I don’t want to bang on about the show too much anymore, no, but you have a fair question to ask :) Since the revelations about Mary’s character in HLV I was really concerned about how she was going to fit into the dynamic, with the way Moftiss have written their female characters in the past (mainly with her turning out to be one of those strong female characters™, as these guys have a tendency to do). But no, I didn’t see her as being ‘boosted’ or her qualities enhanced unduly–I think she was written fairly for someone who’s meant to be a ‘world class assassin’. The problem to me was more with how they incorporated Mary into the dynamic.

She could’ve been written as a world class assassin who genuinely wanted to walk away from that world and recognised that public showings of her skill set would cause danger to her and her family. So Sherlock couldn’t just call on her when it suited him, her abilities would have to be used judiciously. Having her be more of a behind the scenes ‘partner in crime’ when needed wouldn’t impact on Sherlock and John being the public front, yet she’d still have an important role in the team. It would also have created different and interesting dynamics for all the characters.

Moftiss don’t tend to think stuff like this through though, and fixate on maximising dramatics over character integrity. So we instead got a character who basically wanted to be involved just like John, no accounting for her background and the risks that posed to everyone to have her casually out and about with the ‘famous’ consulting detective. And when Sherlock is made to choose between them, it’s hard to blame him for picking Mary over John. Especially as John himself is woefully underwritten as a character. He’s a Captain, so in addition to his medical skills and training (which would’ve been forged and hardened in extremely challenging crisis situations), he would’ve led men on missions, had a hand in combat planning, strategy and tactics–a very capable, smart guy. We barely got this John Watson, the battle hardened survivor of Afghanistan, who could’ve complimented Sherlock’s abilities in a whole gamut of situations. We only got scant glimpses, such that from time to time, we’d need dialogue telling us that he was “Captain John Watson, of the Fifth Northumberland Fusiliers”, just in case we’d forgotten who he was in the show :p Across S1 and S2 John really seemed to be posited as a 'babysitter’ to Sherlock, guiding him through negotiating the social mores of the world. Once Sherlock matured and started to grow post S2 (without John’s help for most of the time) John’s character pretty much lost his way.

So it was a mix of how they positioned Mary in the show (which wasn’t credible at all given her situation), and underselling John to begin with. If John was written more soundly and that partnership more robust, equitable in showing how Sherlock and John continued to compliment each other as Sherlock 'matured’ over time (instead of mostly fighting over the past two seasons), incorporating Mary into the relationship and juggling them all probably wouldn’t have been such a problem.

at this point I genuinely do not believe that the Rogue POTUS staff twitter is real. 

Some of the national park ones seem real (in the sense that they were started by genuine staffers and then handed over to scientists/environmentalists in other countries who can be trusted to keep the secrets of who founded the accounts while still continuing in the spirit of them and sending out real info), but the POTUS staff one has too many tells of a troll account. 

the #triggered tag is a troll tag, and they aren’t providing any externally verifiable info, unlike other alt/rogue accounts. 

after episode 6 im 99% convinced that yuuri and victor are already in a relationship.

no seriously hear me out. this is just a theory but im v passionate about it

like we’ve already mentioned before, time is going by in the series. like, its skips a lot. victor first arrived in april and we’re already by at least september (last weeks episode was certainly september, i cant remember when china’s competition took place in this episode). 

so what if yuuri and victor started dating somewhere between all those months (or fairly recently, after months of knowing each other) and we’re just supposed to know it?? (which, imho, would be better if they straight up mentioned it but. censorship i guess)) 

these are no longer hints of them liking each other (like in the first few episodes), these are hints that they’re already in a relationship.

first off, and we’re starting off p tame, the hugs. since last episode, weve noticed that theyre… pretty physical (specially victor). and its NOT made out to be a big deal (except for certain scenes in particular, where the hugs/contact was relevant to the situation e.g. when yuuri got nervous and victor hugged him from behind to help him calm down). victor will walk up behind yuuri and hug him and they stay like that and thats it. no biggie. but it says a lot about how close and comfortable they are at this point. when they were in the plane? victor was sleeping leaning on yuuri. when victor got drunk, yuuri was p chill til he started to strip.

second, when phichit publishes the picture of naked victor clinging to yuuri, what’s yuuri’s first concern?

yup that’s what worries him

usually when gimmicks like these are used on anime, the character reacts like “OH NO NOW EVERYONES GONNA THINK WE’RE GAY!! THIS IS NOT WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE” WHICH IS NOWHERE NEAR HOW YUURI REACTED


do i even need to get into thi s scene. do i really

(also please note victor wasnt flustered, but slightly surprised. not because yuuri was being affectionate, but because yuuri was being the one taking iniciative.)

and now the final blow

boom goes the dynamite

whats that????? hes not talking about his love for victor, but victor’s love for him???? OH???? SO HE KNOWS IT’S NOT ONE-SIDED??

SO YEAH i mean at the end of it all take this w a grain of salt but. what this could be is not the buildup to a romantic relationship but the flourishing of one

Of course "queer" is a slur. That's why we reclaimed it in the first place.

We started to use “queer” to describe ourselves because to the people who hated us, any word that meant us meant “bad.” Didn’t matter if they said “queer” or “faggot” or “homosexual,” or “like THAT, you know,”– it was a bad thing to be. There was no room in the language for us to be us and proud of it.

So we said, “the hell with that,” and we took ground that did not belong to us, and we made it our own. They can’t insult you by calling you something if you call yourself that first. We said “queer” out loud and proud, and we stood up and marched under banners with “queer” written on them, and there were too many of us to stop when we came out in the daylight and shouted our names.

And there are still people who hate us, and whatever we call ourselves, they still think that word means “bad.” “Gay” can be an insult– “that shirt’s so gay.” And all you have to do is hear a conservative politician sneer the word “transgender” in talking about bathrooms to know that even our own words can turn to venom in the mouth of someone who hates what we mean by them.

But we worked our asses off to say that what we mean by them isn’t bad, and we could call ourselves those things, and be proud. And it worked. We took “queer.” We took it so well that it’s a technical term in academic institutions which sixty years ago would have fired someone just for the suspicion that they were one of us. We fought, and we won.

And when you tell me, “queer is a slur, don’t use it,” you’re telling me that that victory means nothing. That we did nothing to change what the word means. That we have to give back the ground we took, that our fight isn’t worth remembering.

I won’t call someone “queer” if they don’t like it, if they don’t claim the name for themself, if it makes them uncomfortable or brings back bad memories– that’s just rude. But I resent and bristle at someone telling me I can’t use the word for myself. It means what I mean, as “gay” or “lesbian” or “LGBT” doesn’t. And more than that– it means, we won this word. We fought, and a lot of us died, and we are still fighting, and some of us are still dying, though not nearly as many. We’re fighting for the meaning– that we can live the way that suits us, and love the people we love– much more than the word. But the word is a symbol, and I’m not willing to give it up.

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: we allowed 50 Cent to single-handedly ruin Ja Rule's music career. Sure their beef started long before the diss tracks came out because Ja Rule got robbed by 50 Cent's friend and he associated him with the act of theft, but would you be mad at people who associate with known thieves? and half the times the jabs at his musical style were so low-- people went on and on about how Ja Rule was weak because he sang, but now rappers like Drake as well as many local rap artists have careers predicated on half-hearted singing along with rapping. Ja Rule was ahead of his time, if you ask me.