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note: i love k anamari a lot, i’m totally up for the gay drama, i was totally slain, and my gay ass wants more but please hear me out. in view of ep9 and its revelation i’d like to say something about how they handled the whole thing in ep 9. protect ohara mari squad where to sign up.

pls read @xtreme-icecream‘s post, imo it is a v solid argument. 

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It’s a good thing I have Pokemon Go though because I’ve walked a collective 15k in the past 2 days which is good because I’ve also had like 3 of Wendy’s 50-cent chocolate frosties within that timespan.

I keep seeing posts about No Man’s Sky and the refund business and all the stuff going on, but what’s kind of baffling to me is that people are taking this pretty clear-cut issue and turning it into a muddy mess of “artsy experiences vs traditional games”. It seems like that’s been 2016′s whole gig, since this is the… shoot, the fifth, I think? The fifth big hubbub that was always a simple situation that folks here and on other websites decided to turn into a big unnecessary mess.

Like… that’s not what it’s about at all. I never had any interest in NMS, but this has always been about the fact that Sony’s marketing department basically promised and built hype and advertised a bunch of stuff that wasn’t in the final release (and never seemed to be in the cards in the first place) in order to rake in preorders, and then when all those advertisements turned out to be false, people were angry, and rightfully so. Watching a number of reviews clued me in on that in the first place, as well as telling me that said department basically used Sean Murray as a figurehead to try and keep that hype train going, since he was a likeable, friendly person and people seemed to trust him.

Say what you will about Hello Games themselves or whatever, but for a large majority of people, many of whom bought into a hype machine that made promises that were never going to be kept, this is pretty well-justified (and it still manages to be extremely generous that refunds are being done at all). If people want to defend the game as being “an experience” rather than “a game”, that’s fine, but tell that to the marketing department that said it was the latter.

If you’re interested in hearing a little more about NMS and all the business, I’d recommend checking out SuperBunnyhop’s video, which covers the game (and experience)’s issues quite well.

ok seriously though if you just started your first year on a college campus - CHERISH it!!! really try to make the most of it cuz it’s pretty amazing and there’s lots to do and so many new people to meet and it can be the best experience. I remember I even enjoyed studying and writing papers for hours at the library because it felt so authentic to the college experience. Now if you asked me to go to the library id be like “fuck that place. That place doesn’t own me!!!” because I’m old and angsty. But seriously. Enjoy it. It goes by way too fast.

anonymous asked:

The terms mlm and Achillean don't just refer to exclusively gay men though, they're terms referring to all men who like men, like gay men, bi men, pan men, etc. They aren't used to avoid saying gay, just to include all guys who aren't straight. The same goes for Sapphic and wlw, it's just easier than saying "not-straight-dudes" or "gals who like gals" or what have you, it's just more convenient.

Well the only men who love men are gay and bi, there is no pan or whatever etc. refers to. Theres only 2 sexes to be attracted to, male and female. If you are a man who is attracted to another man then you are gay. If you are also attracted to women, you are bi. 

Using terms like achillean or mlm just dilutes the pool, it allows for bending of the rules and then you get straight women with fetishes, or people with genderfeelz, to waltz in and claim our space as their own. Gay spaces are for Gay people, nobody else. Bi people have their spaces, why do we need to be lumped together.

And just saying lgb, or lb/gb depending on the situation, seems a lot more convenient than saying Achillean or Saphhic lmao

(Also achillean is stupid because in the Iliad Achilles and Patroclus aren’t even gay. Achilles is an asshole, but respects Patroclus, his COUSIN, so theyre basically a couple of dudebros against the world, and shipping them is incestuous. So thats a nice message to give to gay men. Like, even Alexandrian would be better than Achillean, at least Alexander was actually gay.)

When I see blarkes being their usual pathetic lesbophobic selves, I remember all the times Clexa was romantically canon, I remember Clarke told Lexa “I want you!”, I remember Lexa is Clarke’s soulmate, I remember Eliza loves Clexa as much as we do. I remember that Clarke and Lexa making love was one of the most beautiful moments on the show <3 Blarkes hate on Clexa because their boring ass generic ship will never be real. They’re just hateful, you can’t expect better from them. #wlwAreBeautiful #DontBeAshamedOfYourSexualAttraction

Brilliant portrait of film director David Lynch by contemporary artist Yuko Nasu for our Intoxication Issue, guest-edited by novelist Richard Milward. 

Yuko Nasu was born in Hiroshima, Japan. She studied visual design in Kyoto and Fine Art in London. She now lives and works in Hiroshima.

For more beautiful art pieces and back issue please visit our homepage.

Felt like watching Pacific Rim and it made me realize once again how angry I get over people saying it’s a bad movie because of the story.

I don’t think the story is bad. It’s old, yeah, and incredibly predictable, almost line by line. For what it’s worth, though, I think it handles itself very well. But that’s the not the point of the movie, is it?
When you watch a Godzilla movie, or a Transformers movie, you don’t do so to see character development and rich lore. You just want to see awesome-looking giant things beat the crap out of each other using amazing weapons and abilities, and boy does Pacific Rim deliver on that. Anyone who critiques the movie on anything but the action and Kaiju/Jaeger designs clearly doesn’t have the right mindset going in.
Sometimes it’s okay to just like a movie for the action alone.

So I noticed this has already been discussed plenty of times, and while this is not exactly a ‘pro-ship’ ramble, I always find it strange how some people are weirdly dismissive of Sans’ and Toriel’s relationship. Not romantically, but just their relationship to each other in general. Summing up their connection as just telling dumb jokes through a door really brushes aside how one affects the other – and what these ‘dumb jokes’ really mean to them.

This got long and I felt like putting this somewhere so;

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  • Dementors are the physical manifestations of death and badness
  • If a dementor puts its mouth on you you’re fucked
  • The best way to deal with dementors is to avoid them or put barriers between them and you, but if you have Mad Skillz you can kill them
  • Lots of water/humidity indicates a dementor breeding area

How do we know dementors aren’t just mosquitos in cloaks?