Dutch designer Daan Roosegaarde has created a way to turn China’s smog into ‘diamonds’. The artist has developed 7m towers that suck in the air, turn the pollution into carbon, release the cleaner air, then heat and compress the carbon to make 'diamond jewellery’ - the sale of this jewellery will fund more towers! Excellent news for the people of Beijing. (Photo: weforum.org) #thejewelcollective @thejewelcollective #beijing #daanroosegaarde #inspiration #design #intellegentdesign #pollutionproblem #diamond #diamonds #diamondjewellery #smog #carbon #thinkoutsidethebox

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The blue-green crystals in this sample are dioptase, most likely sourced from the Tsumeb mine in Namibia. Dioptase is a mineral that contains copper, silicon, oxygen, and hydrogen, so it would be classified as a hydrated copper silicate. Chemically, it typically forms when fluids interact with copper bearing sulfide minerals – the reaction of sulfur with water gives off acid that allows metals like copper to dissolve. If the acidic fluid then finds something to neutralize the acid, such as the carbonate minerals found in this sample, the metal will precipitate to form new crystals at that spot.

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New record in materials research: One terapascals in a laboratory

An international team of researchers headed by Prof. Dr. Natalia Dubrovinskaia and Prof. Dr. Leonid Dubrovinsky of the University of Bayreuth has succeeded in creating a pressure of 1 trillion pascals in a laboratory. A study published in Science Advances is opening up new research prospects in physics, solid state chemistry, materials science, geophysics, and astrophysics.         

The extreme pressures and temperatures that can be achieved and controlled with great precision in a laboratory are ideal objects of investigation in physics, chemistry, and materials science. They allow the structures and properties of materials to be explained, new materials to be synthesized for industrial applications, new material states to be discovered, and a deeper understanding of materials to be achieved, thereby yielding insights into the structure and dynamics of Earth and other planets. For this reason, scientists around the world have a strong research interest in continuing to increase the amount of pressure generated in laboratories for purposes of material analysis.

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❝ Being a hero means fighting back even when it seems impossible. ❞ (Carbon)(an-opal-and-a-carbon)


You got Beerus and Mia.

“Well sometimes.” Beerus said.

“Father.” Mia retorted. “Being a hero is okay sometimes but….”


1992 Skyline GTR R32 Race car

NissanR34 N1 Engine (25,000 km on the engine)
Nismo1.2mm Metal Head Gasket
TomeiUpgraded Valve Springs
TomeiCamshaft x 2
NismoOil Pan Baffle Plates
Mine'sCamshaft Cover Plate
NismoRacing Sparkplugs
NismoStrengthened timing belt
TabataSpecial Order Radiator
ARCAir Removal Tank
NismoStrengthened Engine Mounts
Nismo555cc Injectors
NismoHigh Pressure Fuel Pump
Mine'sAirflow Meter
TrustIntercooler Piping
ARCFront mount intercooler
JUN1.2mm Metal Valve Cover Gasket
MsAir filter x 2
NismoExhaust Manifold Gasket
NismoExhaust manifold (internally custom polished)
NismoR580 turbo
Mine'sTurbo Outlet
MidoriFront Pipe
KakimotoN1 Exhaust
OSTwin Plate Clutch
Nismo2 Way LSD
OhlinsFlag R Adjustable Coilover Kit
NismoCircuit Link Set
EndlessBrake Kit (6 POT)
SparcoFlat Bottom Steering Wheel
-Carbon Fiber Racing Seat
-Extra gauges x 6
Ray'sTE37 wheels

(Photo: XL Catlin Seaview Survey)

Where did all the color go? This staghorn coral in National Marine Sanctuary of American Samoa has bleached. 

When corals experience stress, they release the photosynthetic algae that give them their bright colors, help remove metabolic wastes, and provide corals with food. 

So why are corals releasing these important algae? When we burn fossil fuels like oil and gas, we release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. This carbon dioxide builds up and acts like a heat-trapping blanket, warming the planet. This added warmth does help zooxanthellae photosynthesize – but the increased rate of photosynthesis can put these algae in a sort of “overdrive” that doesn’t give them time to repair their tissues. When they can’t repair, zooxanthellae start to release compounds toxic to corals. In response, corals expel algae from their tissues to avoid further damage. Without their algae, corals can die. 

How can we slow this process down and protect our oceans? By working with your community to reduce our fossil fuel usage, you can help protect the health of corals daily – no matter where you live! What will your community do to help support coral reefs?

Introducing: the #FoundryFiretower

The Firetower embodies everything we look for in a performance hardtail 29er. With a race-inspired cross-country geometry, it’s fully equipped to handle a lung-busting XC race, a post-work hour of power, or an epic singletrack session on the weekend. Its lightweight carbon frame is fast, nimble, and efficient — pedal hard up climbs, hug tight corners, and bomb descents with confidence.

Choose from a complete bike with a Shimano XT 1x11 drivetrain for $3,695 or a frame for $1,395. Available in mid-September at your local Foundry dealer.

Follow the link in our bio for more info.

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What 5' to 3' in dna means?

It’s the direction of the stand, based on the structure of the DNA molecule. 

All the carbon atoms in the central ring of the DNA (the ribose molecule) are numbered. When the O on the 3′ position is bond to another DNA molecules, it does so by bonding to the C at position 5′, which is how the strand goes twist-y. 

Now the enzymes that ‘walk’ along the DNA to read it can do so in two directions. Either 3′-5′ or 5′-3′.

Sense strands (that’s be the one currently being read) are written down 5′ to 3′ because that’s the way Ribosomes ‘read’ when they translate the strands to actual proteins. 

I know it can be complicated to remember so back when I was in university i helped myself out like that: it basically works like water flowing downhill: from the higher number to the lower one. 

On 25 July 1843 Charles Macintosh, inventor of the plastic mac, died.

Macintosh discovered the first rainproof cloth in 1818, by joining two sheets of fabric together with dissolved indiarubber. Although Macintosh is best known for his eponymously titled coats, he made significant advances in many fields of chemistry.

As well as inventing a revolutionary bleaching powder with Charles Tennant, he also discovered a fast method of using carbon gases to convert iron to steel, and devised a hot-blast process which produced high quality cast iron.
Macintosh was honored for his contributions to chemistry by his election in 1823 as a fellow of the Royal Society.

He died still close to his native hometown, at Dunchattan, near Glasgow

shining like the stars p29

There was still no response from the blue lion. It spun slowly, streaks of red and orange around it as it made awkward entry into the large planet’s atmosphere. It was growing larger on Keith’s viewscreen quickly, and he had to make a decision fast. If he had the red lion just grab on, he ran the risk of destroying the blue lion; a limb or tail could come off at this rate of speed.

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Près de toi, repue d’amour, de frictions acides, je nous sais désespérément réelles. Nues de béatitude, avec pour seul vêtement que cet amour elliptique, pourquoi ne pas abandonner nos corps, fuir vers les harmoniques ?

Dans ce lit charnel où tu bus mes songes, je crie. Trop de carbone, trop d’hydrogène, trop d’ordre, je ne peux plus supporter ma masse atomique stable ! Il faut vite briser, dénoyauter les ponts, désaxer la covalence absurde, éclater les liaisons, foncer pour fondre le temps pour rejoindre nos sœurs de poussière, pour atteindre l’entropie infinie de nos rêves sans sommeil.

Marque-moi. Fragmente ce que je ne suis pas. Délie tes mots infinis, ton essence, laisse-moi pénétrer ton cosmos, saoule-moi de tes peut-être, arrache ma matérialité et confonds mes structures. Oublie les lois cadenassées, ces amarres trop tangibles, et entraîne moi vers les niveaux aveuglants, si loin, avant que mes yeux ne s’évadent, que ma peau ne me perde, que la ciguë ne s’osmose, que la nuit se sublime, unissons nos éternités pour quelques secondes.
—  Anne Archet - Union nucléaire

today i was eating some chips and salsa and everything was fine, like, there was some stuff going on but it wasn’t painful or anything, and then i was like “alright i’m a little thirsty now i guess i’ll go for some… root beer” so i drank like a huge mouthful of root beer not knowing that carbonated beverages increase the burning sensation associated with spicy food. so i uhhhh set my mouth on fire.


Renee Elise Goldsberry to Exit ‘Hamilton’ for Netflix’s 'Altered Carbon’ (Exclusive) (Hollywood Reporter) [x x]:

The Tony winner who originated the role of Angelica Schuyler is exiting the hit Broadway musical this fall, The Hollywood Reporter has learned exclusively.

Goldsberry — known for her TV roles on The Good Wife and One Life to Live, the latter earning her two Daytime Emmy nominations — will move on to Altered Carbon, Netflix’s 10-episode sci-fi drama from Skydance Television starring Joel Kinnaman.

Set in the 25th century and based on Richard Morgan’s 2002 novel of the same name, the series explores what happens when the human mind becomes digitized and the soul is transferable from one body to another. Kinnaman plays Takeshi Kovacs, an ex-elite interstellar warrior known as an Envoy who has been imprisoned for 500 years and is downloaded into a future he had tried to stop. If he can solve a single murder in a world where technology has made death nearly obsolete, he will get a chance at a new life on Earth.

Goldsberry will play the role of Quellcrist Falconer, a revolutionary and leader of the rebellion against the Protectorate. She is a master strategist, as well as the love of Kovacs’ life.


woooooo pride dresses for the youngins on the voltron team

im working on the adults’s but it might take awhile 

please do not tag this is as g//enderbend 

my reasoning for each one’s dresses below the cut :> 

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