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  • Phichits Instagram post: *cute picture of Yuuri and Phichit wearing matching hamster hats* Look what I found! 55555
  • Victor: excuse me, my Husband is a 10
  • Phichit: ???
They Keep Calling

So, like, I’m never going to finish this thingy? So *shrug* whatever. 

Scenario where the team find Shiro in a Galra Ship and they are going to rescue him but OFC Lance pushes Keith from a clear shot from the enemy and starts bleeding and bla bla bla. 

It’s tiny; I don’t really have much to say, lmao. It  was on my drafts. 

Disclaimer: Voltron doesn’t belong to me. 

Lance coughs up blood and Keith’s eyes widen in horror as some of it lands on his cheek.

“S-sorry.” Lance whispers, a thin fine line of blood on the corner of his lips as he tries to smile down at the black haired man below him.

“L-Lance.” Keith whispers in shock, eyes darting from the brunet’s blue eyes to the gapping bullet hole in his right side of his chest, wondering how a laser can be powerful enough to break through their paladin armor. “Lance.”

“It’s okay.” Lance whispers, wincing in pain, hand hovering over his wound, “It’s okay, go find Shiro. W-we’re so close, go to him.”

Keith shakes his head at him, “No, n-no, no! Lance!”

“Keith, it’s okay.” Lance rasps out, sweat mixing with the dirt on his face and yet his smile lights up his entire face, “I got your back, love. Go.”

“Keith, we have a visual on Shiro!” Pidge’s voice echoes in their coms, “Do you copy? We need you!”

“Go, Keith.” Lance urges softly, leaning heavily against the wall, “Go.”

“Keith, where are you? KEITH!”




“No!” Keith snaps harshly, angry tears falling from his eyes as he shakes his head, “No, no, no, no! HUNK!” He yells into the comm, “Help Pidge with Shiro, forget the data of this damn ship. Follow her directions and get them out, now!”

“Where are you going? Keith!” Pidge fumes through their coms.

“I’m saving Lance, that’s what I’m doing,”

Ignoring Pidge and Hunk’s shouts of alarm and questions, Keith continues talking.“Stick to the new plan and let’s get out of here, now.” He fumes, turning around and gathering Lance in his arms, “All of us. Alive.” He stresses out strongly, his eyes lingering in Lance’s misty ones.

“Okay.” Lance whispers softly, letting himself to be carried by Keith, “Okay.”


Even more townie makeovers!

Dina Caliente & Johnny Zest / Zoe Patel & J Huntington III


By request, here is the full romance. Spoilers, obviously.

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GRIMM | 5.03

Isn’t it the baby that’s supposed to keep the parents awake?

Kelly’s got a lot less to worry about.

For now at least.

If like klance doesnt happen and people start saying shit like “the censors wouldnt let them have a same gender couple!!” or whatever im gonna raise hell! Voltron is being aired on netflix and even tho its a dreamworks show the only reason for not making klance canon would be that they just didnt want to write about a “gross gay couple” not that they couldnt